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Silly Ashbud
Silly Ashbud 9 soat oldin
guys you can now play on his map in fs19
Courtney Shoemaker
Courtney Shoemaker 9 soat oldin
David Firth
David Firth 10 soat oldin
Try milwaukee Zack alot more power
Marks_Jeep 10 soat oldin
Gonna shoot buckets?
Chris Restall
Chris Restall 10 soat oldin
Friday March 5th Millennial Farmer Map is 🗺 out on All Platforms for Farming Simulator 19! Let’s Go Farming 🚜
Cody Greer
Cody Greer 10 soat oldin
“I need a picture. Not directions just a picture”😂😂😂
Matthew Hassing Jr.
Matthew Hassing Jr. 10 soat oldin
I love the ending. My grandpa and I learn a lot from you and watch all your videos.
Josh Bouwers
Josh Bouwers 11 soat oldin
2 glow plug cycles and that 6175 should start on the coldest morning every time! Block heater plug could be below the door in the steps area. Or it doesn’t have one haha
J. VanDenBerg
J. VanDenBerg 12 soat oldin
"I need a picture, not directions, just a picture" Epic ROTFLMMFAO
The Rahul
The Rahul 12 soat oldin
So cute
Niclas Jacob
Niclas Jacob 12 soat oldin
What is your opinion on the e18 PowerShift? Is the acceleration really that slow and is it really that bad compared to the e23 in a 8R?
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) 12 soat oldin
Welcome to Chemtrails
Kinimi Phelix
Kinimi Phelix 12 soat oldin
I'm loving this, every video I watch entice me to watch the next one. Beautiful farm and machines
CuriousEarthMan 12 soat oldin
well, it looks like at least the actor they hired to play Millennial Farmer has had his contact renewed for a new season! They also kept on the other younger supporting actors too. Good to see! Glad there's money in the budget to keep everybody on, and the full cast of animals too! Thank you :)
Mark Simonar
Mark Simonar 13 soat oldin
I sure as hell you folks don't force your kid's into sports.. I was raised if you don't like it then do it! Not like today's kid's ! Your gonna do it and like it !
Kinimi Phelix
Kinimi Phelix 13 soat oldin
Greater video, so cool with all these amazing equipments . great job
Mark Simonar
Mark Simonar 13 soat oldin
Sunday funday ! Wabble pop time !!
Mark Simonar
Mark Simonar 13 soat oldin
Looks like y'all got more snow in Minnesota then we had in eastern Wisconsin. Trails here were only open for maybe 3 weeks.. SMH. I don't know. Help a guy understand.. Guess we'll just put our sleds away for another yr.. I Don't know !!
Walk_In_ Solo
Walk_In_ Solo 13 soat oldin
I make that pipe. Along with various other types and sizes, but I make that pipe.
Kurt Dold
Kurt Dold 14 soat oldin
We shot 200 free throws every night
Kurt Dold
Kurt Dold 14 soat oldin
I taught my kids to dribble around chairs and move ball to outside hand to simulate a defender. Keep low but heads up. They were all state players. Ball handling, free throws, scoring is crucial. In 1980, i won our state Championship by making 1/1 with 13 seconds left. Won by 1 point.
Russ Meredith
Russ Meredith 14 soat oldin
Way too much money!!!!
Mel Fallen
Mel Fallen 15 soat oldin
PERRY C 16 soat oldin
You need to try a air hammer there are amazing on tight bolts like that and I didn't notice you putting any anti seize on the Bolt when you put it back in.
andban92 16 soat oldin
Is your camera angle purposely set like this so you don't show alot around your area?
Adi Badugu
Adi Badugu 16 soat oldin
Bet that tractor is worth more than my whole house
Bernhard Herbers
Bernhard Herbers 16 soat oldin
Lovely kids Hallo from Germany
Wesley Spruill
Wesley Spruill 17 soat oldin
I like how he backed the new chevy out when he was beating the bolt out in its direction.... Lol
Jaco Botha
Jaco Botha 17 soat oldin
You should make a snow track around the farm and get Polaris (or John Deere) to sponsor a race day. Get all the locals to do a timed race around the track. Winner gets to be in your video for a day (or some other price). It will be awesome... . .
Eric Utley
Eric Utley 18 soat oldin
When you're riding alone, try out the GoPro chest mount. At the start of this video, the camera was pointed more toward the ground. Also use 24 frames per second (fps) on the camera setting, under advanced settings I believe. Don't use 60 fps.
Caleb Dorn
Caleb Dorn 18 soat oldin
What dose the 120 look like?
JDK2019 18 soat oldin
What can are you running on your sled ?
Justin Lake
Justin Lake 18 soat oldin
The millennial farmer map is pending release for console players
David Analyst
David Analyst 18 soat oldin
I like the microphone being muffled when you turn away on the old camera. It sounds more like a conversation when you turn around, it sounds different, right? The focus on that camera was difficult tho
Panhead49EL 18 soat oldin
06:15. A funny edit would have been to have said "Are you ready?" And as you turn forward cut to a clip of you making a fast solo launch.
carl marr
carl marr 18 soat oldin
you need to raise your cam a little so we can see in front of you and not just down
Tony Curtiss
Tony Curtiss 18 soat oldin
Post teaser😅
Ty Loganbill
Ty Loganbill 18 soat oldin
4:30 See Texas, snow isn’t all that bad
abq boda49
abq boda49 18 soat oldin
Doesn't matter how many times we see it, your content is always good. Thanks Zach....John S.
Ethan Bannerman
Ethan Bannerman 18 soat oldin
Zach I think you need another boy
Robby Bachmann
Robby Bachmann 18 soat oldin
Not a Mistake just wants to ske twice the money.
tjn9 19 soat oldin
Looks like you may need some more air in that basketball.
Kevin Ganje
Kevin Ganje 19 soat oldin
Like the farming stuff, hope you will continue separating the kids getting all the toys they want on your other channel.
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler 19 soat oldin
A day in the life of a young farming family ! My kids are grown and have kids of there own and it went sooooo fast ! Enjoy them when they are young and innocent 😇 because when they get older they don’t hang around !
John MacGregor
John MacGregor 19 soat oldin
Oops 😅
Jeff 19 soat oldin
Sorry Zack but you lost me...I’m out!!
SPFRFF 19 soat oldin
Dad goals. Good for you.
Bohemian Ford
Bohemian Ford 20 soat oldin
I’m telling you Milwaukee is the way to go
Tink Wilkinson
Tink Wilkinson 20 soat oldin
Did that goal much faster and easier than we did! My 7 yo granddaughter loves it.
Ed Mikula
Ed Mikula 20 soat oldin
Try Liquid Wrench or PB Blaster, WD40 only works on easy stuff.
Turner Truck and Tractor
Turner Truck and Tractor 20 soat oldin
I would love for you to be in Cletus McFarland's Freedom 500 this round or next.
The Traveler
The Traveler 20 soat oldin
Do you think Jim gets stuck in the winter too lol
Daryl Watson
Daryl Watson 20 soat oldin
The Wyoming Continental Divide snow machine trail should be in your future, what’s one more Minnesota license plate at the unload spot to us... 😃
HOUSE OF CARDS 20 soat oldin
Hey Zach is the exhaust supposed to have the gap between the header and pipe? Just seems odd but never been around a sled 😆 from Kansas Ranger country here
NEPA Outdoors
NEPA Outdoors 20 soat oldin
So where's that S790 hmmmmm?
Tom Krause
Tom Krause 20 soat oldin
Carbides, Phhhtt!!! We used electric fence posts to replace the skis rails. 70s technology.
Mitchell M. Keithley
Mitchell M. Keithley 21 soat oldin
Lovin' that family time dad does the heart lots of good! Thanks for the content!!
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 21 soat oldin
at 4-00 always known them as grease nipples here in uk.
C W 21 soat oldin
Millennial Father...
Jakob Neels
Jakob Neels 21 soat oldin
How good does that 440 fan run ? I had the same sled and it would run for 20 to 30 minutes then just die. After a couple hundred dollars at the Polaris dealership. I found out polaris made a bad motor and the exhaust ports where off timing or something.
Christopher Kraemer
Christopher Kraemer 21 soat oldin
I guess this was on “Between the rows” WELL GUESS WHAT KAREN, I HAVENT SEEN IT. Chill
B W 21 soat oldin
Dad time is everything!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 21 soat oldin
Ah, this one was posted yesterday lol.
Not_Rippz 21 soat oldin
You guys got snow in Minnesota and here in Indiana we got 60 degrees LOL!
Kenneth M
Kenneth M 21 soat oldin
I don't drink,But I need a beer just watching that fun.
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 21 soat oldin
That is so cool to give your kids a ride on the tobogon
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 21 soat oldin
Your days are getting numbered to ride the sled zach
Chris 21 soat oldin
Deja vu...
John w
John w 21 soat oldin
Shoulda bought a skidoo. 😀
Edward Fritz
Edward Fritz 21 soat oldin
The camera is much better
Chad Odom
Chad Odom 22 soat oldin
Not directions just a picture 🤣🤣🤣
David Alexander
David Alexander 22 soat oldin
dads job is never done
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez 22 soat oldin
Little butter fingers action there hahaha poor impact gun
Billy Scruggs
Billy Scruggs 22 soat oldin
Randall Hawes
Randall Hawes 22 soat oldin
That's just amazing. Looking forward to seeing that rig in the field!
Custom 47
Custom 47 22 soat oldin
Nice vid