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Clean up!
9 kun oldin
Worst Day EVER!
12 kun oldin
She's Dead!
14 kun oldin
Tensions are Running High
Guess Who Has Covid?!
Youtube Retirement
18 kun oldin
That's Ruined!
22 kun oldin
This is Frustrating
22 kun oldin
Tillage in the Snow!
Something Kinda Neat!
Harvest Circus
Brain Fart
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It’s raining corn!!
Isla Broke Her Arm!
The X9 Harvests Corn!
Grain Bin Entrapment
That's Cute
2 oy oldin
Adding To The Lineup!
Am I Talented Enough?!
Iowa Farm Damage
3 oy oldin
Sprayer Oil Leaks
Busy Day on The Farm
Baling Hay
4 oy oldin
Big Problem!
4 oy oldin
Oil Leaks and Flat Tires
Useless Millennial
This Is It!
6 oy oldin
Today's The Day!!
6 oy oldin
2020 Equipment ROLLOUT!
Will it FIT?!
7 oy oldin
Bigger Brain
7 oy oldin
World's Cutest Farm Hand
8 oy oldin
Harvesting Sugarcane
John Deere 8370RX!!
NY Farm Girls
9 oy oldin
Hauling Corn on Bad Roads
11 oy oldin
Clean Up and a Bad Back
Extra Harvest Stuff
Back to Tilling
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einzeller85 3 soat oldin
i'm not a farmer, wondering, where all those rocks come from xD i mean surely at some point, you got all of them right?
chiefgecko 3 soat oldin
www.cnn.com/2020/11/21/us/iowa-boy-sells-baseball-bats-derecho-tommy-trnd/index.html ... buy a bat folks
StraightSLAV 193
StraightSLAV 193 3 soat oldin
So Mrs Millennial Farmer, do you heart the comments or does Zach get on his UZpost account and do it, I would like to know as you edit the videos so I’d think you manage the channel aswell
Sterling Stage
Sterling Stage 4 soat oldin
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Somerset
John Somerset 4 soat oldin
Great video and shows the good deep soil in the area. Funny to find a big rock on its own in the middle of nowhere. Maybe its a meteorite? Should check it with a magnet.
ggfffg 4 soat oldin
U killed it with that ending. :) awesome 👍
Justin Noonan
Justin Noonan 4 soat oldin
Tony Mattera
Tony Mattera 5 soat oldin
So are there no kind of sensors or anything to install in the grain bins to tell you how much is inside?
Rudolf Benner
Rudolf Benner 5 soat oldin
In the winter, snow plows own the road, in the summer, the farmers get first dibs. Take a break, look for a bathroom.
Jordan Cardona
Jordan Cardona 5 soat oldin
BEST way to transport corn right there a t1.00.
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 5 soat oldin
cole the corn star shopping for combine do you have one for sale?
Hugh Stephenson
Hugh Stephenson 6 soat oldin
Holy tater pickers!! If that isn't a Irish brogue I dunno what is!!!!!
Nicholas Mowrey
Nicholas Mowrey 6 soat oldin
If you want I can come work for you for free I’m twelve and I’m a natural at driving
Arne ConCarne
Arne ConCarne 6 soat oldin
i wish we showed the same reverence for the flag here in Sweden as you Americans do,
Aaron Monroe
Aaron Monroe 6 soat oldin
Were you able to see the buildup of corn on the empty weight load tickets or does the fuel level and number of lunchbox sandwiches hide that pretty well? 😂
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns 6 soat oldin
I really love Pheasant hunting.
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns 6 soat oldin
I love this
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 6 soat oldin
Zach your knowledge of different machinery is very sharp, but my take on that is if I paid over a million dollars for a combine I wouldn't care if it was pink with yellow stripes around it, I would though expect the highest performance out of the machine no matter the make, do you feel the same...? Love your show you are a blessed man from God walk the narrow path and all will be fine, hope to run up on ya on isle three in Wal Mart one day, take care and stay safe...
Torben Thomsen Ingwardsen
Torben Thomsen Ingwardsen 7 soat oldin
Totaly Funny
John Yoder
John Yoder 7 soat oldin
I'm 13 I started working for a farm this year so far I've just ran the 9520t and 2700 chisel but I'll be running an auger cart next year harvest!
Charles Beasley
Charles Beasley 7 soat oldin
I call them "annoying part of Harvesting"
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 7 soat oldin
Now you're ISO 9000 Lift Master Garage door controlled certified.
jules booth
jules booth 7 soat oldin
how much of a " loss " is selling to the ethanol plant compared to your preferred market.
Logan Seals
Logan Seals 7 soat oldin
9:20 I see that the mud makes the tracks turn blue- the mud makes our tires turn blue and I never have known what it was. Good to know it isn't just us!
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar 8 soat oldin
What about the 🐀
Crtomir Rozman
Crtomir Rozman 8 soat oldin
This is great stuff. I love the shot where the soil horizons are clearly visible.
Trevor Shaw
Trevor Shaw 9 soat oldin
Have you ever considered putting a level measuring system onto your bins? You would be able to know how much is in the bins without that climb to the top or hitting on the sides.
David Rock
David Rock 9 soat oldin
I believe WD 40 was invited for the military for the sole purpose of lubricating and protecting their firearms from moisture while in the trenches. WD is the chemistry and the 40 is how many times it took them to find the chemical components. Have a great day!
Jackie Dannenberg
Jackie Dannenberg 10 soat oldin
I actually didn’t know there was a contact cleaner. I have a one ton pick up truck and a 4 horse trailer. At night the trailer lights blink sometimes when going over bumps and such. I’m going to get that ! You probably aren’t crazy about product endorsement but in this case, one of the VERY rare times I’ve watched a video like this, I’m actually going to get some ! Thanks !
RFernandes 10 soat oldin
Seriously, who the hell dislikes this kind of videos?! It's so satisfying!!
Lee Ashworth
Lee Ashworth 10 soat oldin
Your dad is great
Harry Keel
Harry Keel 11 soat oldin
Rock! That's a boulder!
Abbey Picketts
Abbey Picketts 12 soat oldin
awsome gopro shot
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 12 soat oldin
Sorry to disagree with you on the rock issue Zach but that ain't no rock that my friend is what we here in South Carolina call a bolder in other words a full grown rock so I guess in a way we are both right...love to watch your videos, keep em coming, please stay safe, finally a vaccine is at hand lets all pray for better times for all real soon...
Automan 13
Automan 13 12 soat oldin
6:52 that’s a nice large sack on the tile plow😂, I guess Randy just wanted a reminder of yours on his handle.
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 13 soat oldin
See if you can try out a Stalford 5200 for your tillage needs it might be just what you need...
Midas De Keyser
Midas De Keyser 13 soat oldin
9:29 this face had me dying😂🤣
Bill Bloggs
Bill Bloggs 15 soat oldin
Living in a sub tropical clime I could think of nothing worse than getting all rugged up and still freezing to death lol! As for the product promotion, if it saves just one farmer from a burglary (or worse) then no complaint here. Always enjoy the vids.
AFM OILPOWER 16 soat oldin
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JEFFERY Thornton
JEFFERY Thornton 18 soat oldin
Breaken up is hard 2 DOOO
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage 18 soat oldin
Great Vlog, snow again, well done, thanks
Коля Мищенко
Коля Мищенко 19 soat oldin
Можно Украінською
gone rydin
gone rydin 20 soat oldin
I broke my arm in three places on the school playground... 58 years ago. If Ila is accident prone like me. Many trips to the ER are in your future. Could be worse.
luke saylor
luke saylor 20 soat oldin
Its been 70 years and theyre finally catching up with the rest of the market. Original WD40 can do everything, but not very well. Its good theyre finally making other chemicals.
joyce worman
joyce worman 20 soat oldin
I grew up on a 180 acre farm in Indiana. We worked it for about 20 yrs before dad rented it out to an area farmer with more, better, bigger equipment. I'm 70 now, retired diemaker. Found the Big Bud tractors and followed them to yalls place. Just reliving my youth through yall. Enjoy your youth young man, it goes faster than you think. steve
Xavier Cortez
Xavier Cortez 20 soat oldin
Awesome bra awesome, keep up the good work 👍
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy 21 soat oldin
Awesome trac shot!!!
javasoccernut 22 soat oldin
I LoLd when he said you wear that hat once a year.
javasoccernut 22 soat oldin
Totally missed a thats what she said
Brady Baker
Brady Baker 22 soat oldin
Don't feel bad about taking the payment. Government roll is to protect the citizens and their businesses. Ita called socialism by anyone who doesn't want you to get the money because they are jealous
Ed Young
Ed Young 22 soat oldin
I would think after awhile, that the tile would get filled up with silt?
aydenwenta2020 22 soat oldin
Have any tips to becoming a first gen farmer?
D'l33t C0dr
D'l33t C0dr 22 soat oldin
Thank you for this very high quality video. I actually learned a few things. I loved the track cam. It's amazing how electronics have transformed every-day farming as well as support services such as tiling.
01AceAlpha 22 soat oldin
In our vineyards we have a tile every 9 feet. Grapes don’t like wet feet!
stainless0521 23 soat oldin
confusing - you use the word 'grain' and 'corn cob' interchangeably. It's either one or the other. So I don't understand what that corkscrew does or how the KERNELS get removed from the COB!!! Not clear at al!!!
Andrew Kelsey
Andrew Kelsey 23 soat oldin
That's alien technology as far as I'm concerned.
Rodney Bolser
Rodney Bolser 23 soat oldin
You don’t seem to have a lot of trust in your bins🤣
steve Bruce
steve Bruce 23 soat oldin
Really enjoy your UZpost chanel,landscaper in Arizona, born and raised in Tennessee, thanks for the fresh air
Sittinhere Productions
Sittinhere Productions 23 soat oldin
Sad to hear your farm isn’t going to be in fs19 anymore
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 23 soat oldin
Lets do epic farm equipment mega oil changes!!!
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 23 soat oldin
generac. . . generac. . . .
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 23 soat oldin
Corn tortillas!!!! Coming up America like a zillion of them !!!
Denny Stine
Denny Stine 23 soat oldin
We us 2 Wilson Paysetters on our farm good reliable trailers
Rob Parham
Rob Parham 23 soat oldin
From just down the river in Missouri. I’m not a farmer but a farm ground owner. I stumbled across the sight a few months ago and was hooked. Now starting at the beginning and working forward. It has been fun to see the evolution of the videos and your personality start to come out. Keep up the great work and Off the Husk is fantastic!!
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson Kun oldin
Great video!
Jason Sampson
Jason Sampson Kun oldin
Great Video. Really enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks
Caprice 1988
Caprice 1988 Kun oldin
go pro on track was cool
Kelly Giesbrecht
Kelly Giesbrecht Kun oldin
I don't want to sound crazy but won't the perforations fill with dirt? This is almost the same as weeping tile and they always cover it with crushed rock!
Winnie Hutsler
Winnie Hutsler Kun oldin
I subscribed and liked