10 Year Old Grain Cart Driver

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Millennial Farmer

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10 Year Old Grain Cart Driver- 10 year old Onyx is promoted to grain cart driver while Grandpa Nate is out with another knee surgery! #Harvest2020
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Nominate Your Local First Responders: Best point of contact at your department? What equipment does your department/responders need? Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments? Any other information you think we might find useful? Please send request to givingback@mnmillennialfarmer.com
Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
Funds raised will be distributed to rural first responders to purchase grain bin rescue systems and training.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Yeeyee Hatfield
Yeeyee Hatfield 2 soat oldin
Raising him right
Ken Day
Ken Day 4 soat oldin
great family!
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor 6 soat oldin
Your father said that you would need some Emery cloth, (sandcloth).He is right. That is the correct way to remove a bad bearing from a rusted shaft. Not a file! The next thing you want is a multi meter. You would know what the problem is before you even start looking for a fuse. Get a meter with a clamp on amp tester included. Then you will know if the motors are drawing the right amount of current. Spend one day learning how to do basic electrical troubleshooting and you will save money and time. You can do it. Always treat electric circuits like they are live!!!
Martin Mungai
Martin Mungai 7 soat oldin
man your kid is so awesome.
Kerry Dahl
Kerry Dahl 9 soat oldin
I am Kerry Dahl with Clayton Fire Department in Clayton WI we just got some grain bin equipment but we could use more.
DENİZ DORA KARAKAŞ 13 soat oldin
You must be rich af
C PG 14 soat oldin
Dog 1 Squirrel 0
John Williams
John Williams 15 soat oldin
I would love to do that but I live miles away from my gramps farm
Grant Bruner
Grant Bruner Kun oldin
That kid has more brains than most of existing people in the white house
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor 5 soat oldin
Let me guess, you want a career politician who has never signed the front of a paycheck to run our precious country. Quit smoking your own stuff! Brainwashed people are going to destroy their own life and never wake up to understand what they did.
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor 5 soat oldin
The billionaire businessman that has rescued the country from the corrupt government and globalist, is so much smarter than you. If success is measured in dollars, and in this country, it is. The president of the United states is successful and smart!
uvbew Lastbedtrfb
uvbew Lastbedtrfb Kun oldin
What is a stone boat
neville hines
neville hines Kun oldin
me and my dad work on a farm
Quinn Odenthal
Quinn Odenthal Kun oldin
Eagle Bend or small fire department like that. I know the small towns in MN have suffered a couple losses this year.
Katie123 Kun oldin
That kid is amazing
Archie Byfield
Archie Byfield Kun oldin
wish i could do that
Trevor Jackman
Trevor Jackman Kun oldin
What is the name of the organizer with the pullout drawers? This is where you got the fuse from? Thank you for your time.
Jaco Janzen
Jaco Janzen Kun oldin
I drive my dad's grain cart and harvester
Dani Kun oldin
I am so happy to see him thrive that tractor just like me wen I learn how to drive a tractor and used by the way I learn on a utb 651 m a Romania old tractor
Raymond J
Raymond J 2 kun oldin
That is so cool watching your boy working great job Dad !
DarkVoidIII 2 kun oldin
How did Onyx react to his first paycheck? Driving a grain cart is serious business, forget the allowance, give him a paycheck and a ride to town with his mom to spend it! Watch his eyes light up every chance he gets to drive the grain cart again! :D
Tom Collins
Tom Collins 2 kun oldin
Hire a european, and he will be a green cart driver.
SocialDistanceNoob 2 kun oldin
That Feels nice......Thats what she said
CorkyThrone6621 YT
CorkyThrone6621 YT 2 kun oldin
Where in MN are you? I'm from central MN too!
MacGyver at large
MacGyver at large 2 kun oldin
I hope he doesn't ever tangle with the Canadian Sheriff's Department.
Jerry Korman
Jerry Korman 6 soat oldin
@MacGyver at large i sure hope so
MacGyver at large
MacGyver at large 6 soat oldin
@Jerry Korman I'll bet good money that the courts up there pray fervently that nobody ever finds this out, and then invokes the Magna Carta. The Crown would be in serious trouble.
Jerry Korman
Jerry Korman 7 soat oldin
@MacGyver at large in theory, yes. In practice .... well, you see the results
MacGyver at large
MacGyver at large 7 soat oldin
@Jerry Korman I know the law is different under the Crown, but if memory serves me correctly, Common Law is still in force, yes?
Jerry Korman
Jerry Korman 7 soat oldin
@MacGyver at large no worries, anytime. You might be stunned to know this, but in Canada the law is quite different. No 2A, no Miranda. Your attorney may NOT be with you during police questioning, unless you are a minor. Here in Canada, cops and bylaw enforcement can break down your door and compel a breathalyzer WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT OR PROBABLE CAUSE globalnews.ca/news/4832762/impaired-driving-canada-breath-samples/ www.mtlblog.com/news/canada/the-police-in-canada-can-now-force-you-to-take-a-breathalyzer-test-at-home www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/canadians-could-now-be-charged-with-drunk-driving-even-if-not-drunk-lawyers-warn-1.4975008 fee.org/articles/canada-s-crazy-new-drunk-driving-law-will-make-you-thankful-for-the-4th-amendment/ www.ctvnews.ca/canada/how-the-rules-for-breath-tests-in-canada-have-changed-1.4248469 It gets worse. In the province of Alberta, a civilian can’t sue cops. However, cops can sue civilians! edmonton.ctvnews.ca/lawyers-call-for-overhaul-of-alberta-policing-policy-1.4981622 Quite frankly, I’m stunned that Americans want to throw out the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and copy Canada.
Allen Mason
Allen Mason 2 kun oldin
Way to go Onyx "WITH DAD'S PERMISSION" A Little trick when backing up, put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it gently the way you want to go and then follow the trailer and straiten out. Try moving 1 or 2 rows at a time. A little practice in the field and you will be better than the OG'S in no time. My son loved to hide one of his socks in-between the couch cushions and the other was under it. Then I caught him sitting in the corner of the couch playing on his Tablet using the cushion to take his socks off. I waited a few minutes and asked Hey! Little Shit (yes that is his nickname) what happened to your socks? He looked at his feet and shrugged with the tilted head (like the confused dog). Said you took them. He had no idea that HE took them off. I cried lmao P.S you can guess mom's nickname for me ;-)
Armando Hernández
Armando Hernández 3 kun oldin
I new how to drive a tractor since i was 9 years old.
Gurman Sran
Gurman Sran 3 kun oldin
Your are making fs 20 in real life
slime central
slime central 3 kun oldin
I grew up on a farm and I was 10 when I first drove the grain cart
Wyatt 123
Wyatt 123 3 kun oldin
I mean so I’m 11 and I run a 1860 grain cart and been running since I was 9
Sarkis Utas
Sarkis Utas 3 kun oldin
Farming simulator in real life be like
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith 3 kun oldin
Kavish Salvi
Kavish Salvi 3 kun oldin
You taught a awesome thing to youth how to kill those who are troubling you but not too find a solution... Worst video ever seen on youtube...
Carter Joseph
Carter Joseph 3 kun oldin
you go
smol might
smol might 3 kun oldin
you get a like for the “that’s what she said”
Thebadkid Tyty
Thebadkid Tyty 3 kun oldin
Your son is soo handsome 😻😻😻
Bartek lipowiecki
Bartek lipowiecki 3 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure every old farm would be lost without a pair of them yellow gloves
chance keeny
chance keeny 3 kun oldin
wow im proud
chance keeny
chance keeny 3 kun oldin
and your a good dad
فيديوهات مختلفه N
فيديوهات مختلفه N 3 kun oldin
Hello, can we talk private?
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 3 kun oldin
The taxpayers say, you're welcome!
Kellen Becker
Kellen Becker 4 kun oldin
Farming simulator has some realistic graphics Ps. Good video.
voiceofintelligence 4 kun oldin
When my father was 10 years old he was responsible for driving a combine pulled by 12 head of Clydesdales. The next year his father bought a new combine with a motor on it.. it only took 8 head of clydesdales to pull.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 4 kun oldin
The smile on his face says it all,they grow up too quick enjoy all the little moments.
SSunny FB
SSunny FB 4 kun oldin
imagine that kid recks his dad grain cart. oof
Clint Wald
Clint Wald 4 kun oldin
You are doing it right, he will be running the big machines very soon.
00UncommonSense00 4 kun oldin
Growing up in rural Indiana I was pulling a 400 bushel grain cart with a John Deere 4440 at 12. Not 10. The farmer didn't trust me enough at 10. You got a winner there. 10 years old today is like 13 years old back in the 70's.
Jongeelay 4 kun oldin
Thanks for sneezing on us lol 😆
Gkramos Ps4 name
Gkramos Ps4 name 4 kun oldin
Now i know we’re the shed came from
AgainstAll Odds
AgainstAll Odds 4 kun oldin
Onyx you're the Man, great job!
Staffy Named Sookie
Staffy Named Sookie 4 kun oldin
He is so much more proud of his son then my parents are of me
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 4 kun oldin
I wish my 9 yr could rude his bike without me being scared of him crashing 😂🤣
รถตัดอ้อย Wut Sugarcane Harvester
รถตัดอ้อย Wut Sugarcane Harvester 5 kun oldin
Good video 👍
wisper 42
wisper 42 5 kun oldin
He's a lucky kid being able to do that growing up
Matthew Playz2837
Matthew Playz2837 5 soat oldin
@BonGo Cat lol they trust us enough
BonGo Cat
BonGo Cat 5 soat oldin
@Matthew Playz2837 yea I drive my parents car to
Matthew Playz2837
Matthew Playz2837 10 soat oldin
While he drives a combine, while I drive my mom and my step dad's vehicles everytime he mow the lawn, because we park our vehicles in the grass (2020 Chevy Silverado and and 2015 Ram). I agree tho he is lucky that half a mil dollars worth of vehicles
BonGo Cat
BonGo Cat 10 soat oldin
@wytama gamez no it’s not it’s fun to get out the house and go work and u get paid for that I do it I go hunting a lot and it’s not all the same way of farming
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 Kun oldin
Yeah I wanna become a farmer but being a first generation farmer is hard...
Tyler Bernstein
Tyler Bernstein 5 kun oldin
I started graincart at 9. Good for him
Luke Young
Luke Young 5 kun oldin
No joke I started driving tractors and skid steers when I was 3.
Valentin Lebrun
Valentin Lebrun 5 kun oldin
Wsh pépé
Chaun McGuire
Chaun McGuire 5 kun oldin
Looking like you need to buy stock in bearings. That's most likely why that fan is shutting off too lol
Jami Mills
Jami Mills 5 kun oldin
Awesome job young man!
resisantcube gaming
resisantcube gaming 5 kun oldin
That's what she said 🤪🤣🤣
The Gaming Kid
The Gaming Kid 5 kun oldin
Josiah Lightfoot
Josiah Lightfoot 6 kun oldin
Benjamin Kunkle
Benjamin Kunkle 6 kun oldin
Cheezits is a struggle man.😔❤️
DOhman Ohman
DOhman Ohman 6 kun oldin
Taught my 13 year old how to operate a genie telehandler. Took about 15 minutes and he operated it pretty flawlessly for a week while working on my house. I was in the man cage. Great job Onyx!
Dustin McKinney
Dustin McKinney 6 kun oldin
soon 10
Dustin McKinney
Dustin McKinney 6 kun oldin
me next im only 9 years old
Justin Hommel
Justin Hommel 6 kun oldin
Do you lose much yield/product from the transferring process? Do the augers eat any of your yield is what i was thinking.
Irvin Vega
Irvin Vega 6 kun oldin
You are probably one of the best dads and My dad would never trust me with a tractor
Logan Allman
Logan Allman 6 kun oldin
when is onyx going to be in the combine? he does a good job with the tractor and listens to directions. i think he can do a great job in the combine.
Hunter 747
Hunter 747 6 kun oldin
Nice not every kid can drive tractors like we can
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 6 kun oldin
I’m sorry that your days are so Boring, to bat you can’t find a THING to do 🤔🤭🤷🏻‍♂️
Terry Russel
Terry Russel 6 kun oldin
To those who can't fathom why kids raised on farms get preferential treatment when they apply for just about ANY job . . . wow . . . you have my sympathy. ;-D
Gergő Balogh
Gergő Balogh 6 kun oldin
Kíváncsi vagyok hogy egy 82 es MTZ ét hogyan vezetne
real madrid scania 4 ever
real madrid scania 4 ever 6 kun oldin
The person who is reading this comment i wish you great success health love and happiness i am from morocco have a good life for everyone here God bless United States of America ^^💟🕇
Alfie Whittle
Alfie Whittle 6 kun oldin
Do a live
CC 6 kun oldin
Time lapse Farming simulator 19
Time lapse Farming simulator 19 6 kun oldin
Farming simulator time lapse
Aidan Hearne
Aidan Hearne 6 kun oldin
I was baling at age 9
Ben Segalla
Ben Segalla 6 kun oldin
I catched in to the excavator easy dad still doesn’t know how to use it but a skid steer is easier dad still had no idea but I teached him
VerxcyFlicky ._.
VerxcyFlicky ._. 7 kun oldin
Now we need to teach him how to drive the truckload to the front near the bins
A Girl And Her Cows
A Girl And Her Cows 7 kun oldin
looks like a great helper
rob peters
rob peters 7 kun oldin
I’ve just started watching your videos not too long now and I’m really enjoying them. You have great content. Definitely going to subscribe. This is a proud moment for sure. Watching them grow up so fast and bringing them into the business. You know you raised them right when you have a day like this. Makes you feel good inside when you see them taking on a responsibility running big iron. Mama wanted to just hug him up. Her little boy is now a little man. There is an old saying. Hire them when they are young before the teenage years. Because when they become teens, they know everything. Lol! I really like watching you and your dad together. He is laid back and really chill. I can see by how you treat your own kids.
Chanda Garner
Chanda Garner 7 kun oldin
I’m only eight years old and I can Drive everything on my daddy’s forms
Chanda Garner
Chanda Garner 5 kun oldin
Excuse the typo...I meant farms!! I can drive and spell farm. Thank you though!🤣🤣
magical optuz
magical optuz 7 kun oldin
You can drive but u cant spell farm😂
Brenda Flynn
Brenda Flynn 7 kun oldin
Same but im ten i I'm boy
Gregory Svitavsky
Gregory Svitavsky 7 kun oldin
if you ever need a mobile welder to work on your mill hit me up man i love mill work
William sweeney
William sweeney 7 kun oldin
Kyle 7 kun oldin
Onyx is a beast. Goals
Fishing Day
Fishing Day 7 kun oldin
That boy is your right hand man now.!
Gage Raub
Gage Raub 7 kun oldin
You have a nice farm family
Native Afro-Ευrasion
Native Afro-Ευrasion 7 kun oldin
6:00 😂😂 first thought he's calling a doc for the squirrel
JDPower 55
JDPower 55 7 kun oldin
Can’t imagine how much fun Onyx will have growing up on this farm, lucky young man!
N3UR0 T0XX1N69
N3UR0 T0XX1N69 5 kun oldin
I wish I had grew up on a farm.
Wayne 1234
Wayne 1234 7 kun oldin
Thank you for the streams. Can you stream the paper work master without getting to personal? Thank You I enjoy so much.
W M 8 kun oldin
I am 13 and I started driving the tractor when I was 8 and our tractor is 36 years old. Your son has the luxury of a powershift and a new tractor so it’s really not that hard. And it’s not that hard when there’s no clutch and he just has a switch to shift gears. #daddysmoney
Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982
Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982 8 kun oldin
I’m 12 and I have a 580D case backhoe. For 30 minutes straight I was just rubbing the bucket on the ground acting like I was digging than I’m gonna get a field to actually dig.
Cdunham2978 8 kun oldin
Quick observation. I’m a fan of Australian shepherds and cattle dogs. They’re intelligence is amazing. Look how Didge not once, but twice works in cooperation with Anna. She knows the other dog has the inside corner, and twice she goes to the outside to cut off any possible escape. Those dogs are so smart.
James Stafford
James Stafford 8 kun oldin
I am so glad that grandpa is going to be okay. Onyx, I am so jealous, but so proud of you helping your dad. I always wanted to be a farmer. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all of you at Millennium Farms and God Bless you all!!!!
Evan Bathon
Evan Bathon 8 kun oldin
I’m 10 to and I’m a farmer 10
Peter Honig
Peter Honig 8 kun oldin
Boy am I glad I am a dairy goat farmer. I would not be able to take the stress of changing weather affecting crops as well as the rise and fall of grain/bean prices. By the way, Onyx did an awesome job; something to be very proud of. I'm eagerly waiting until my grandson is old enough to drive our tractor and mow the pastures.
bigfatboyfarms 21
bigfatboyfarms 21 8 kun oldin
You should put your dogs chasing the squirrel as a new intro 😂 that was cute
Dan Bednarz
Dan Bednarz 8 kun oldin
Bet that kiddo cant drive a manual! I drove my first manual when I was 8.
Dan Bednarz
Dan Bednarz 7 kun oldin
I was just jokin around
Tastic Basic
Tastic Basic 8 kun oldin
Bro cut it out, he's only 10
slo motion
slo motion 8 kun oldin
In Texas we start' em at six lol
Anderson 204
Anderson 204 8 kun oldin
When you were making that phone call,I thought you were calling the vet about a injured squirrel 🐿 😆
Joe Irmen
Joe Irmen 13 soat oldin
Fuggin Mint
Fuggin Mint 2 kun oldin
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin 5 kun oldin
Adrian Rimann
Adrian Rimann 8 kun oldin
great job kid keep up the great work.
iBelieve 8 kun oldin
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