A New Claas Combine Harvesting!

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Harvesting Corn With a New Claas Combine. Ziegler CAT brought out a new Claas 760 combine for us to try out over the weekend for our corn harvest. My buddy Jon and I spent some time setting it up and then the next day we went wide open with it. So far it's been good but there have been a couple of hiccups along the way. I give you my thoughts on the machine so far and let you come with me while we harvest. Thank you to everyone for the opportunity!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Brian Barnes
Brian Barnes 11 oy oldin
New Merch idea! T-Shirt "I survived #grow2019!" and pic of you at 15:26. Another great video! Good job, editor Becky.
LMD Productions
LMD Productions 3 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer I survived 2020 with that face XD
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 11 oy oldin
WaxingRadiance Kun oldin
14:16 Just wait until 2020 !!
Ivan Kinsman
Ivan Kinsman 2 kun oldin
Check out carbon cowboys. The farmer/author Wendell Berry in 'The Unsettling of America' states that industrial agriculture is going down the wrong path with farming based on more and more technology where it is a race to the bottom in terms of producing the most monocrops at the cheapest prices: uzpost.info/vision/video/hqqnuKaAlZdwqZc.html&feature=emb_logo​​
Jacob POLICE 5 kun oldin
At 14:15 when he said “2019 man 2019” Man wait till 2020
George W.
George W. 5 kun oldin
That combine is too buggy. It needs work.
Bill Beck
Bill Beck 8 kun oldin
Love you guys, great video-Educational
William T Finnegan
William T Finnegan 9 kun oldin
Looks like a Ford-vs-Chevy argument....
Pivot Tech
Pivot Tech 9 kun oldin
Why so it so satisfying watching corn get pulled in
F1 Rocket Engine
F1 Rocket Engine 11 kun oldin
CLAAS has got to use some more senior engineers instead of these green horn graduates that think "new" is always better along with the CEOs... Stick with Deer
F1 Rocket Engine
F1 Rocket Engine 10 kun oldin
@Sir Luke Von Osna Yes, Germany never goes with 'something new' as a selling point over function. ...VW not included!
Sir Luke Von Osna
Sir Luke Von Osna 10 kun oldin
If it was a Lexion made in Germany, it'd be better than any other Deere
Hoserfishing 15 kun oldin
Claas combines are solid machines I have been told by some former John Deere guys that switched to Lexions that the fuel savings are amazing compared to their old Deeres. True, not True?
B Bainbridge
B Bainbridge 15 kun oldin
You would never see anything like that in the usa🇺🇸
Monkey9742 •
Monkey9742 • 23 kun oldin
you think 2019 is bad just wait
Alan Kuckuck
Alan Kuckuck 25 kun oldin
Have you guys ever tryout a Drago corn head.
Toaster Chicken
Toaster Chicken Oy oldin
That thing is as impressive as the Case machines. Nothing particularly impressive with certain other machines I won't name, I think they're green with envy.
John Cone
John Cone Oy oldin
Hi Zac, I have worked on Claas Combines and live within 5 miles of Claases UK headquarters and all Claas products from Germany are the traditional green and red, how come in the USA they are New Hollands colours?
Julie Lockey
Julie Lockey Oy oldin
You got the whole skittle farm
En conclusión cuál combine crees que es mejor?
Greg Herrick
Greg Herrick Oy oldin
Just watching this and at 14:30 Zach says 2019,2019. the next statement now would be what a great year. cause 2020 sucks
Dick Weaver
Dick Weaver Oy oldin
ALWAYS ENJOY your Millennial Farmer videos!!! Great to see how intelligent and hard working you are and how much you are capable of!!! THANKS!!!!!
Paul Powell
Paul Powell Oy oldin
1:45 that looked very satisfying
S Merlo
S Merlo Oy oldin
i love your videos
Matthias Schulz
Matthias Schulz Oy oldin
What’s wrong with green and red? Those are original colours and finally the cat is out of there. Time to go to town 😀
It’s Ya Boi Dan
It’s Ya Boi Dan Oy oldin
He’s saying it’s 2019 but he should wait till 2020
HmsSulaco Oy oldin
Paid JD man ahhh
Ben Docherty
Ben Docherty Oy oldin
Pronunciation is bit wrong but great video. You need to say it like it is spelt Claaz. The Green and red are the original colours and if they painted John Deeres red because they have a different engine you wouldn't be happy!
John Banks Walkers Farm
John Banks Walkers Farm 2 oy oldin
Hi Zach Johnson I would like to ride in the combine cab with you in the future.
Rapture Bound
Rapture Bound 2 oy oldin
15:22 the first signs of corn madness appear!
TallSomeone 2 oy oldin
180 bushels per acre?
Major Mekhi TV
Major Mekhi TV 2 oy oldin
Did anyone catch what he said on 15:49
R F 2 oy oldin
Those Combines are expensive Machines easily over 100000 i think maybe more i do not know . Man you have a big Farm
Local Rebel Reenactor
Local Rebel Reenactor 2 oy oldin
That combine was hauling ass tho
CaptainDuckman 2 oy oldin
I must say, I actually prefer the white and green on a Claas. Guess it's what you're used to, been seeing them like that here for decades.
Well that’s Fantastic
Well that’s Fantastic 2 oy oldin
1:45 that’s satisfying
Tod Craig
Tod Craig 2 oy oldin
Sally Foutch
Sally Foutch 2 oy oldin
Joel Hake
Joel Hake 2 oy oldin
"2019 man 2019" now look at 2020
The Cheekiest Alien
The Cheekiest Alien 2 oy oldin
Zach: You guys can't just show up and start harvesting a guy's corn! Also Zach: *Hijacks Welker Farms' harvester*
Lars 2 oy oldin
Bleach 2 oy oldin
Farming simulator 19 real life
amanda rowe
amanda rowe 2 oy oldin
Take a guess of how many snakes were harmed in the making of this video lol Btw amazing content
A.J. Leonard
A.J. Leonard 2 oy oldin
Well they say nothing runs like a deere lol
Cody Springer
Cody Springer 2 oy oldin
Hey 👋 how
XxFluffyRobloxX Cute
XxFluffyRobloxX Cute 3 oy oldin
Ijjjh umm
Joey Haney 911 REUPLOUD
Joey Haney 911 REUPLOUD 3 oy oldin
Awesome combien
Aaron Powers
Aaron Powers 3 oy oldin
That’s why John Deere is better
Chad Beverly
Chad Beverly 3 oy oldin
"Hey! You cant just show up and harvests another mans corn !"
Joe Kuiper
Joe Kuiper 3 oy oldin
it's got a cat engine so that means at least you will not have to worrie about the engine for at least 30 years of sitting not ever being run
Napalm182 Napier
Napalm182 Napier 3 oy oldin
Awesome unloading to grain cart pics
SuP3r_hAzE69 3 oy oldin
12:07 those sunshades REALLY improve our view to the outside world... thats a HUGE difference. Love your content 👌👋
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 3 oy oldin
you are over thrashing remember this is a conventional cylinder not a rotary they function slightly different
SuperGoldnut 3 oy oldin
Nothing Runs Like A Deere. And it's a damn good thing they don't
SuperGoldnut 3 oy oldin
OMG what a millennial. 'Oh poor me I have to lean forward to see the chute' Just be lucky you don't have to spend 3 hours firing up the boiler or feeding the oxen before you plough /harvest. You farmers are becoming lazy. Next he'll be complaining that there's no wireless charging or ventilated seats Isn't that Claas a smaller machine to began with? Wouldn't the 8600 be more of a comparison? Pretty much everything the Deere has on it Claas had years prior to Deere implementing it
Legend Hunter
Legend Hunter 3 oy oldin
This aint good advertising for claas
jack Blanke
jack Blanke 4 oy oldin
Jaxen Watson
Jaxen Watson 4 oy oldin
who thinks that claas is better than John Deere
ROOTS OF TRUTH 4 oy oldin
Them are green and white now
Fat Fella
Fat Fella 4 oy oldin
him picking ur corn would be a claas action lawsuit
Robert Renehan
Robert Renehan 5 oy oldin
New Hollands are better than John deeres
edward toner
edward toner 5 oy oldin
Forget the old Deer for a few hours ..
joni miller
joni miller 5 oy oldin
So you doing claas
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 5 oy oldin
Technology, can be great but also a real pain in the butt. The old days where you knew what the machine is up to cause you drove by the 'seat of your pants' Very soon you will sit in an office and the machines will do as they see fit.
Kumar Biswas
Kumar Biswas 5 oy oldin
Use vaccum tripod or stand
Braxton Brisbin
Braxton Brisbin 5 oy oldin
Your going to fast
George Booker
George Booker 5 oy oldin
If u love farming like this comment
Simming FTW
Simming FTW 5 oy oldin
Class are the most popular combine in the U.K. but they are green and white so much nicer
SpectreNRO411 6 oy oldin
That's a brand I've never heard of!! Interesting!
Martin Žuravljov
Martin Žuravljov 6 oy oldin
Is it too much, if I watch these videos on my phone while doing fieldwork myself at the same time? 😄
Peter C
Peter C 6 oy oldin
Lol... German engineering...
RandyT Wilson
RandyT Wilson 6 oy oldin
This guy just love green
Mr Dig
Mr Dig 6 oy oldin
I had a similar problem in a snowcat this season. Worked for a few hours, stopped for lunch, came back out to start the machine, turned the key and the lights flicked off and on and made the “dead battery” ticking sound instead of turning over. Switched the key off and on to reboot the computer and everything went black. Turns out the battery actually exploded...
karl randow
karl randow 6 oy oldin
Come on down to new braunfels Texas area late July bring family float rivers play at schlitterbahn go to sa Antonio and mostly come on and have fun picking corn in 100 degrees
Ben Schmitke
Ben Schmitke 6 oy oldin
“2019 man... 2019...” oh mr Johnson, just wait for 2020
Jacob Friessen Peters
Jacob Friessen Peters 6 oy oldin
Te quiero fn
FlashFMA 6 oy oldin
Ha Zach I love John derr.
Chris Visser
Chris Visser 6 oy oldin
Hey buddy... Can you maybe put a episode number in your video discriptions?? I watch all your videos now from the beginning but it's difficult for me to watch them in order... Not telling you how to post ykur videos but just consider it... From South Africa, big fan, keep up the great Millenial farming!!!
The Cheekiest Alien
The Cheekiest Alien 6 oy oldin
Why are Claas machines in the US different to in Europe?
George Chapman
George Chapman 6 oy oldin
Claas over Deere all day long
Emily Joecken
Emily Joecken 6 oy oldin
I love class
Josiah Dixon
Josiah Dixon 7 oy oldin
Who believes in big foot? Answer honestly please because I need this for a report.
Micah Dixon
Micah Dixon 7 oy oldin
Not me brother
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Not me
Koby Grimsrud
Koby Grimsrud 7 oy oldin
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore 7 oy oldin
I think the Claas claim to fame is faster ground speed while Harvesting..
Tyler Greenwalt
Tyler Greenwalt 6 oy oldin
Cleaner, faster, just pure efficiency
chloe kaftan
chloe kaftan 7 oy oldin
why not just get someone to prefab a rounded strip of 304 stainless steel and use double sided tape to fix the plate onto the corner post? i have something similar for my phone in my car which came from logitech.
Joesph Best
Joesph Best 7 oy oldin
Lets just say your a green man.
Shelley Shelley
Shelley Shelley 7 oy oldin
I like farmung
Noah Arleth
Noah Arleth 7 oy oldin
Yo. Millenial have you had anyone trying to steal your equipment?
Ernest- No-Till
Ernest- No-Till 7 oy oldin
Blackstone Investments LLC
Blackstone Investments LLC 7 oy oldin
That machine hauls !@#, however I do like the color green over yellow and black. :-)
Thure Björck
Thure Björck 7 oy oldin
Is it yours
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 7 oy oldin
Did you throw Jim out of the combine when that camera hit the floor? I only ask because the next frame has Jim standing outside.
Graham Sobieski
Graham Sobieski 7 oy oldin
Did you guys buy that grain cart on tracks
Billybob 7 oy oldin
IDEA! When your in the cab of a machine get a GoPro and attach it to the ceiling. Then you can use both your hands
Gabis Lont
Gabis Lont 8 oy oldin
We have 3 claas combines and we love them. We dont use them for corn so i dont know if its better at that but for soybeans and wheat they are the best because alot less grain losses compared to a case or a john deer because of its hybrid aps threshing system insted of only using the rotary system. The only thing is that it costs alot more than a john deer. But still we love them.
Gabis Lont
Gabis Lont 8 oy oldin
Oh and we have 2 770 lexions (one is 2018 and the other is 2019) and 580 lexion (its probably a 2013 i belleve im not sure) before the 770 we had a lexion 550. Now we are thinking of changing in the 580 lexion to a new combine and because of the price we are considering a john deer but we dont know yet
ROBBY DARIN 8 oy oldin
raul gtz
raul gtz 8 oy oldin
VERY NICE !!!! 🤙uzpost.info/vision/video/ephv18Sue5t-Yqc.html
Justin O
Justin O 8 oy oldin
Man whatd I'd give to do this for a living.. used to have bought 100 head of cattle but I always wanted to do this instead. If your looking to hire help lemme know 😂
Kaiden’s Pfab
Kaiden’s Pfab 8 oy oldin
Do you like that class because we had a John Deere forfive years and now we have a clause we just got it last year and we run both of them and you got a hurry with 12,000 bushel grain cart
vulcan1429 8 oy oldin
The big bosses of this company need to see this video
Damon Ens
Damon Ens 8 oy oldin
That steering code that beeped at you means that you are going too slow to active auto steer. Or your auto steer is off
MrAJWorks 8 oy oldin
D and F Garage
D and F Garage 8 oy oldin
It should’ve been a case
West Tennessee Railfan
West Tennessee Railfan 8 oy oldin
Saw this puppy over in West Tennessee today
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 8 oy oldin
10:52 can not see
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