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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
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Joshua Vallender
Joshua Vallender 5 kun oldin
@Brandon Neisen No issues with mine.
Kenneth Pauli
Kenneth Pauli 8 kun oldin
3 new combines this year. to start 2021
Kenneth Pauli
Kenneth Pauli 8 kun oldin
hey wanna know somethin cool, john deere had their christmas party with us at the farm were their biggest customer 40 sq mile of irrigated and 5500 acres of dryland.
Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham 20 kun oldin
Hi I'm the person for the machine my name is Garbriel
Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham 20 kun oldin
Millennial I love fame I'm 8 years old and I won't to come from time use to your fame
John Hartman
John Hartman 2 kun oldin
The John Deere Has a Spring in Govender That Means Less Fuel Used But if Remove Spring Give More Lugging Power,
Wyatt Lambrecht
Wyatt Lambrecht 2 kun oldin
Mozkari 3 kun oldin
Wow. That is just like every add needs to be..
Farming Things Levi Baggenstoss
Farming Things Levi Baggenstoss 6 kun oldin
First time I watched this video and heard he was saying “Let’s head into” I was guessing he was gonna say cockpit. I was wrong. I like that though mobile command center! But I am definitely gonna stick with cockpit I like it better.
Kenneth Pauli
Kenneth Pauli 8 kun oldin
hey wanna know somethin cool, john deere had their christmas party with us at the farm were their biggest customer 40 sq mile of irrigated and 5500 acres of dryland.
Kenneth Pauli
Kenneth Pauli 8 kun oldin
3 new combines this year. to start 2021
Isaac Meissner
Isaac Meissner 13 kun oldin
where was that john deer located
Joseph Cockroft
Joseph Cockroft 15 kun oldin
Love how when Zach said “which is fine” Becky added “it’s not fine”😂
Vlad Țepeș
Vlad Țepeș 17 kun oldin
This guy just buying harvesters and has like 5 4x4 tractors and im sitting here with a Fend Farmer 108s Turbomatik with 2WD and 80HP Not flexing but I'm a classic boy👌🏻
Adam Houge
Adam Houge 17 kun oldin
John Derose
John Derose 17 kun oldin
Its okay to make money 💰 , like farmers 🚜 feed cities and towns and all that why can't they just admit they make good money. Like your living comfortably there is no need for you to say ur not making money. We all appreciate you and what you do no need to lie and try to gain sympathy from us. Stop the " we lost money" clearly ur doing good.
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 19 kun oldin
bloody adverts!!!!
HALE BURNSIDE MD 20 kun oldin
i was reading on a minn farm page the corn for ethanol is not needed due to less miles driven because of covid.. what else can you plant in minn ?? wheat soybeans ?? love yore flag . trump said he was taxing china to get $25 billion for farmers.. is this true ?? did minn see any of that money ?? and how do you keep the crows deer and varmits out of yore corn ? thanxs
marcth37 20 kun oldin
Some facts about DEF:it freezes at -11C(12,2F) so if you if you have a diesel engine you got to plug a blockheater on it at -10C(14F) When you start your diesel engine you have 30 minutes to warm it up;if it s not warm enough the engine will go in ''derate''mode and your maximum speed will be 8km an hour or 5 miles per hour!It had happened a lot of times on my truck!
Cindy Chard
Cindy Chard 21 kun oldin
Nice video
Jac Wilson
Jac Wilson 23 kun oldin
would you ever get a fendt, class, new holland, or a case combine
jj sassman
jj sassman 23 kun oldin
i must say you are sure still amazing for taking time to get to comments!
BW Colbert
BW Colbert 24 kun oldin
Great report.
J. Scott Smith
J. Scott Smith 24 kun oldin
I do that, seems appropriate.
Milton Chapman
Milton Chapman 26 kun oldin
Really enjoy your feed and hope you still had some of these high priced beans left to sell.
Ruxin smith
Ruxin smith 26 kun oldin
hahaha welker farms
Henry Hunt
Henry Hunt 26 kun oldin
dont get adblue
krvnjrcbs 27 kun oldin
I gotta say, I wouldn't buy that combine. Those tires look like they were swapped for another much more used machine. Two seasons? Eh... if their two seasons were 8000 acres maybe. Then the auger being dinged up, you have no idea how much those bearings will last. It might run ok now but might be a nightmare later. Just too much "off" about it for my taste.
Scott Family Farms
Scott Family Farms 28 kun oldin
uh, but its green...
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 29 kun oldin
"Listen for any wrenches going through." Makes me lol Zach, but a guy would hope there aren't any!
Hay Zach that black car needs a carwash you should go take it and get it a carwash
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 29 kun oldin
Merry Christmas to you and all of your family
Patrick Heine
Patrick Heine Oy oldin
I like watching your videos but dude, A DING IN THE UNLOADING AUGER!?!?!??? AND MINOR STUBBLE WEAR ON THE TIRES!?!??!!!! You need spend a couple of days in in an old 9600 with 4000 hours on it and be happy with what you have...
Patrick Heine
Patrick Heine Oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer I suppose you're right, but even my two year old house isn't "perfect". Everything starts showing age less than a year old. How much will a dealer really dock you for that ding? I kind of thought that amount of tire wear was about normal for the age and hours. Still like watching your videos, keep up the good work and stay safe in 2021!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
I have hundreds of hours in a 9600. When I'm paying big money for an upgraded machine, should I not be picky with what I'm buying? If I was buying a 9600 for considerably cheaper I'd expect some tire wear and dings.
boop sam
boop sam Oy oldin
The exciting exclusive home marginally spell because spring findingsinitially present until a entertaining taxi. staking, meaty network
newholland t7
newholland t7 Oy oldin
Did he buy the quadtrack
Rob Hakeman
Rob Hakeman Oy oldin
Zach or Becky would Zach be interested in doing something for between the rows show like visiting a truck museum and seeing model A and T's to todays trucks on the road ?
LA Delta Farmer
LA Delta Farmer Oy oldin
I’m waiting to see that new pickup I just know it’s gonna be snazzy!!
Zack Bellew
Zack Bellew Oy oldin
700k unreal 👍👍
Ellie Sanders
Ellie Sanders Oy oldin
9:52 from the crocs I was like naaah 911 where you at?
William Hays
William Hays Oy oldin
" Jimmy Junk" trucks? Italian FIAT IH-Case tractors? 2021 is coming. Time to change your ways Merry Christmas! Bill, in Shelberia, MT
Oscar 82
Oscar 82 Oy oldin
Its the door to door mattress salesman....that was awesome!
AllMuscle1 Oy oldin
Top-rated promo Zach! Great job!
Lindsey Tyre
Lindsey Tyre Oy oldin
Cars Mack parity music gggggggg aaaaa
HazePhantom Oy oldin
Dang, This almost became age restricted by UZpost during the simply Safe promo
iBelieve Oy oldin
Heine Vendelbo
Heine Vendelbo Oy oldin
If the hat is rocking, don’t come knocking
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
Sam klien
Sam klien Oy oldin
I still can't get over the fact fans even remotely think that it's ok for them to ever show up to someone's house just because they watch them online. It seems like it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem now days with a lot of UZpostrs I watch especially the farmers having the same problem. I think the internet has really messed up alot of peoples perception on respect and they think just because you share a slim portion of your life online they automatically think they can invade it. It's kinds scary that these people don't see anything wrong with it.
Ted Justen
Ted Justen Oy oldin
Hey Zac, you might check the disk. It looked like a flat tire on the left wing wheel.
Vipr Media Productions
Vipr Media Productions Oy oldin
That security system is pretty slick! Really like your videos
Korbin Simdon
Korbin Simdon Oy oldin
I love the Napoleon dynamite reference in the beginning. I’m laughing my a** off
Chris Wussow
Chris Wussow Oy oldin
Not a fan of the Haige sprayers....pain in the ass to work on and their fair share of boom issues!
Chris Darting
Chris Darting Oy oldin
That music was kind of a mix between elevator music and adult entertainment music!
Andrew Halvorson
Andrew Halvorson Oy oldin
To end the debate: you plant the endrows on the headlands. It's a Scandinavian thing. Skol!!
kenneth connors
kenneth connors Oy oldin
hadn't thought about a security system before ,,Now Thinking this might be the time this looks easy to do
Heather Ming
Heather Ming Oy oldin
when i get older i wont to have a farm just like yours
Lingred006 Oy oldin
I think I just witnessed a "role play" with the door bell scene. haha
Zander Comanescu
Zander Comanescu Oy oldin
i have the exact same crocs lol
Daniel Millican
Daniel Millican Oy oldin
The 2nd and 3rd "Thunder" that is just said normally makes me crack up😂😂😂😂
Brian Cotten
Brian Cotten Oy oldin
Anybody else catch the feeder house chain comment?
James H
James H Oy oldin
Good ole government juice...
REM Heavy Equipment Repair
REM Heavy Equipment Repair Oy oldin
We’re snapping fingers work for me
Catherine Lemmons
Catherine Lemmons Oy oldin
The envious mitten gradually tick because tent analytically waste at a gifted cormorant. volatile, wasteful test
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman Oy oldin
Zach you made a crucial security breach by allowing your license tag on your pickup to be shown while hooking up to thunder people can trace you down that way, no big deal just thought you might want to know, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you and you entire family, stay safe...
Ghost Oy oldin
Evryone geta heart on coment exapt me :(
Matthew s
Matthew s Oy oldin
Yea them new Silverado's are nice
c h
c h Oy oldin
If anybody is coming to your house that found you on UZpost is definitely someone you don’t want to be there lol
Mary Fenske
Mary Fenske Oy oldin
That combine looks pretty beat up and has alot of hours for only 2 seasons, when it comes to used let the buyer beware good luck.
7rixee Oy oldin
@9:39 Some serious typing going on there 😂
Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton Oy oldin
I've stopped watching ...these videos are put up purely for the MONEY.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
In the last 8 months my wife and I have personally given over $20,000 back to support family farms. Every penny went to either the Farm Rescue Organization or safety equipment and training for volunteer fire fighters and fire responders in rural areas. We were able to use the platform to earn an additional $55,000 towards those same causes. That's because of the dollars and views this channel is able to bring in now. Also, my wife quit her job to be the full time editor, etc for this whole Millennial Farmer gig. Because of that, there are 5 times the amount of videos we could make otherwise. Do you work for free?
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard Oy oldin
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard Oy oldin
k beierling
k beierling Oy oldin
Following your other channel I love your content I’m 100% gonna watch anything you post no matter what it is !!!
Fast Ag Montana
Fast Ag Montana Oy oldin
Nice Napoleon Dynamite reference!
Rob Warihay
Rob Warihay Oy oldin
Tilt a must!!!
Vincent Menard
Vincent Menard Oy oldin
I love how becky seems to be interested in the farm if not involved
Savage101 Gaming
Savage101 Gaming Oy oldin
That’s a lot of green🚜
Thundderrrrr !!!!!! AC/DC
Mr Skyler
Mr Skyler Oy oldin
I was expecting wow it must be forty degrees out
Luca Dametto
Luca Dametto Oy oldin
Kent Hanson
Kent Hanson Oy oldin
I'm trying to send you pictures i found a nice s780 at great plains implement in hillsboro nd
Jack Niefergold
Jack Niefergold Oy oldin
The same thing happened to my phone but i couldn't use the top either but i could still see the top
shaneo Oy oldin
Haha!😂 The best SimpliSafe commercial I've seen! Give these two an award!! Love it!!
Joshua Elzinga
Joshua Elzinga Oy oldin
We call DEF weasel piss 😂
Emry Thompson
Emry Thompson Oy oldin
Remember, the people wanting to shut down our Economy, Haven’t missed a paycheck since it started!
jimW133 Oy oldin
Cheesy but fun. :-)
Big Dreams on Small Acres
Big Dreams on Small Acres Oy oldin
Your phone broke because gods telling you a millennial should have an IPhone 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
Jeremy Riniker
Jeremy Riniker Oy oldin
No lie, whenever the fuel trailer comes on screen, I start to laugh a little in anticipation of hearing it......"Thunder"
Brandon Gustafson
Brandon Gustafson Oy oldin
I’m going to miss that truck! I love it!
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Oy oldin
That’s a awesome looking combine u r looking at
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Oy oldin
Great video Zach
dale thompson
dale thompson Oy oldin
What is the red hammer looking tool in the cab of the combine ?
gjonnyringo12 Oy oldin
Thunder.... 😀
Irene Silvers
Irene Silvers Oy oldin
Nice video, thank you.
FishingWithNightTrain Oy oldin
20:09 hulk hogan
Marcel W
Marcel W Oy oldin
Only one year, my doorbell hasn't worked since we bought this house five years ago! And it's actually really nice because only the people we know also know this and they knock. The people we don't know just leave. So I don't have any plans on fixing it. 😂
Greg Rhoades
Greg Rhoades Oy oldin
Def is government juice
Lincoln McCready
Lincoln McCready Oy oldin
What do farmers do in the winter just curious
waterskiingfool Oy oldin
That was some cheesy acting for simply safe. Lol might be there next commercial
Max's channel 1645 Max
Max's channel 1645 Max Oy oldin
Free tractor nice deal I’m sold
I have a female German Shepard named letti they both like alike
Lucas O
Lucas O Oy oldin
Anyone notice the welker farms magnet isn’t on the quadtrac
Slow Down Move over Share the road with cyclist
Slow Down Move over Share the road with cyclist Oy oldin
Just get a ring video doorbell its top of the line and its better then probably what your installing.
Thomas Wesson
Thomas Wesson Oy oldin
Please also post on RUMBLE. UZpost is censoring some important news. They have no right. I am not going to use youtube any more than I possibly can. That is why I am DE-subscribing from your channel. Good luck - I will miss you if you don't also post on RUMBLE.
Steve Brazee
Steve Brazee Oy oldin
Take them duals off that S780 and put on a set of LSW 1250 you wouldn't be sorry
AncientSalt Oy oldin
"Sure wish it didnt have this." Agreed. @3:20
The Hypocrisy!!
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