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Adding To The Lineup! We got a new to us John Deere 8320RT. Dad's been away recovering from knee surgery while Jim and I finish up the last of the harvest prep and maintenance.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Bcanvids C
Bcanvids C Oy oldin
Zach I Subscribed to Over 40 Channels Here on youtube but watch maybe 3 of them and yours is at the top i'm no farmer thats for sure was a Custom Cabinet Maker For 15yrs Know i Run my own Handyman Small Engine Repair thing LOL But Just wanted to say Thank you for all you do so many people have no idea how much farmers impact there lifes.. Thank you!
Lea Shufelt
Lea Shufelt 5 kun oldin
Millennial Farmer l
Rick Barrows
Rick Barrows 29 kun oldin
Same here I'm not a farmer but I enjoy your show and am glad I found you : )
Ed Flynn
Ed Flynn Oy oldin
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
Thank you!!
Ryan McEnaney
Ryan McEnaney 2 kun oldin
Imagine your son driving it by himself
michael albanese
michael albanese 3 kun oldin
I love the face he makes when he starts White Lightning ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Joe Kostynuik
Joe Kostynuik 5 kun oldin
When you have techs watching and giving you professional advice, that's outstanding. Good on that John Deere guy from Cali. Keep up the great videos.
Eric Steinmetz
Eric Steinmetz 7 kun oldin
I made that chain your dumping your shoe out on
Michael Wood
Michael Wood 8 kun oldin
Zack , I watched you & Randy when they were putting in tile. You were talking about waterways, when I was a kid I asked Grandpaw about why the waterways were so wide. He said son it will not take any kind of a farmer to make a ditch, but it takes a real farmer to farm one that was 60 yrs ago & I still remember it.
Wayne Holden
Wayne Holden 8 kun oldin
Doesn't that truck have fuel injection? No amount of pumping the accelerator will help it start..... Doesn't have a carburetor so no accelerator pump attached to the accelerator pedal!
Joe Dennison
Joe Dennison 9 kun oldin
Thanks for speaking about crop status, what to look for, and how the business end of farming goes
Scott Creighton
Scott Creighton 11 kun oldin
I always wanted to be a farmer live in Utah
Kasen Miller
Kasen Miller 13 kun oldin
Can i come work for you
Abram J Sobon
Abram J Sobon 13 kun oldin
My farm has 2 8rts 2 7rs and one 8r there all 2020s
Chase Rikard
Chase Rikard 16 kun oldin
I thought yall had 3 deers with tracks
Scout BMX
Scout BMX 17 kun oldin
I swear to god,millennial farmer should get a articulating tractor.
Matthew Mason
Matthew Mason 18 kun oldin
Looks fun to watch but that is some legit work😂
Kwazi Sphesihle
Kwazi Sphesihle 19 kun oldin
When he said hey dwight I thought of dwight from the office
Jon Hoskins
Jon Hoskins 21 kun oldin
The only thing missing from your farm shop's new bulk oil setup is a tote top mega funnel.
KrypT Hero
KrypT Hero 22 kun oldin
Zack you gotta do another equipment Tour it’s been two years already 😂
KrypT Hero
KrypT Hero 22 kun oldin
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen 23 kun oldin
Great video Zach u have a great looking newer track tractor
Trew Evenson
Trew Evenson 25 kun oldin
Hey I cleaned that 8320 up for the auction. Things in great shape.
Bradley Childs
Bradley Childs 25 kun oldin
My grandpa worked on tractors.
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson 25 kun oldin
Danny Rocha
Danny Rocha 26 kun oldin
I like welker farms, but this guys got green. I like it.
Ashok Meena
Ashok Meena 26 kun oldin
Do you contract farming?
boomerang379 28 kun oldin
Naw the bad news is that you’re running Deere equipment.
BrainDead Oy oldin
haven't watched a video for a few months feels great to be back. love the content
Chael Lichte
Chael Lichte Oy oldin
You got the exact same tractor as my grandpas except for the tracks
Milos jenic
Milos jenic Oy oldin
Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp Oy oldin
I would like to see you guys demo a x9 series
Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant Oy oldin
Did you sell the challenger
Nate Olson
Nate Olson Oy oldin
Halt the press, a millennial doing manual work with a push broom and a scoop shovel! And only mildly complaining about it while he films it! Someone call Guinness! I would have thought by now that someone would have come up with a less labor intensive way of cleaning out what the sweeper misses at the very bottom of a silo, but sometimes I guess you just can’t beat a good push broom and a scoop shovel.
Aaron LaVoy
Aaron LaVoy Oy oldin
Hope your dad has a speedy recovery! I've had a knee reconstruction and it's no fun I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a fork then go through that again... although I've never poked myself in the eye with a fork so I really don't know how that compares LOL
Scott DeMers
Scott DeMers Oy oldin
Should be some grease zerts in the operator manual holder
Baz Oy oldin
dentist is always bad nice tractor
S L Oy oldin
nickm 835
nickm 835 Oy oldin
We just had a rear seal on that fly wheel go out on our 8420. Managed to take the flywheel out and change the seal without taking the whole thing apart or splitting the tractor. It was a pain but wasn’t bad!
Jack Oy oldin
Any comments turn out profitable?
Brandon Sadana
Brandon Sadana Oy oldin
Can you do another tour of your equipment
jason Mccarthy
jason Mccarthy Oy oldin
If the women don’t find ya handsome they should at least find ya handy. Red Green reference! Right up your ally Enjoy your channel and content. Old Minnesota farm boy moved south about 20 years ago. Farmed when a 4440 was a big tractor. Enjoy watching and catching up on how much things have changed. Spent a lot of time in an 8630 JD in southern Minnesota back in the early 90 s.
John C. Pepper
John C. Pepper Oy oldin
Zach I downloaded the map of your farm for Farm simulator 19 I know you don't have anything to do with it but I have one complaint the silo at the main farm doesn't work
slawo Oy oldin
What kind of surgery your dad had ? Wishing speedy recovery !
Rou ven
Rou ven Oy oldin
Steven Sault
Steven Sault Oy oldin
man i love the trade mark poke and asking if something completely dead or broken is alright. lol also whyyyyy! are the shops not in your map on FS19? i doubt you have time to read all of these comments but i hope you see this one lol
Johan van Heerden
Johan van Heerden Oy oldin
Farmers? All of you on You Tube are diesel mechanics who happen to plant crops!
timothy winters
timothy winters Oy oldin
I used to watch your channel . Minnesota voting for Biden WOW ! Farmers complaining about not getting treated fairly. President Trump has done more for farmers then any other President . Keep voting Democratic you won’t have a farm or your Freedom. Then who will blame ???
cobie moore
cobie moore Oy oldin
When is the next video zach
Stuff by Daniel
Stuff by Daniel Oy oldin
Can you do another equipment tour of what you own and what you don’t along with what each item is used for? Only if your not harvesting. Harvesting videos come first!!!!
Bruce Hobbs
Bruce Hobbs Oy oldin
What are the differences between the two tractors?
Kevin Benecke
Kevin Benecke Oy oldin
I was just curious. If one of those sweeps was to run into you without you knowing, would it knock you off your feet? Or would it just stop and tear the back of your foot up?
farm.central. ohio
farm.central. ohio Oy oldin
It would twist you into a pretzel and spit you out into the center sump for another fun ride around an auger under the floor and out into the next one.
Cade Kunugi
Cade Kunugi Oy oldin
Zach, if you don’t mind me asking what are the dimensions on your main shop? We’re looking to plan for a new one, and I really like how well your implements fit in.
iBelieve Oy oldin
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Oy oldin
The hard working American taxpayer's say, you're welcome.
RB E&D Oy oldin
Hey read this article from AG news... It's abrasive and interesting. CHEERS from Colorado. Evil Grain: The Wild Tale of History’s Biggest Crop Insurance Scam - AgWeb
single decker jack
single decker jack Oy oldin
What make are your sun glasses
Billy Butler
Billy Butler Oy oldin
How does one who is not a farmer get a job working in agriculture as a farm hand? Just curious I'm a marine vet with heavy equipment experience and wouldn't mind finding a job in Ag but have no idea where to start looking.
Jeremiah Rath
Jeremiah Rath Oy oldin
Bro how many tracked John Deere’s u got I counted three in this video. Also u should bring back the challenger I liked it a lot. I know u guys were just demoing it maybe see if they would let do it again. Love the video. Byeee
Kyle Crum
Kyle Crum Oy oldin
Hey Zach those dampeners on the tractors have a product improvement on them. Worked on an 8320R with the same situation. Check with your local Deere dealer.
Roger Pattee
Roger Pattee Oy oldin
Zack, Old retired (Baby boomer) Police Sergeant here. Raised in Minnesota, live in Georgia now. Was from Buffalo, my wife and daughter are interred in Rockford. Daughter passed due to a Pulmonary Embolism, wife passed due to Colon cancer. Their ashes are interred next to wife’s parents. Enjoy this channel, been catching up on the videos. Thanks for posting them.
DERRON WILLIAMS Oy oldin farmer girl jess from jamaica 🇯🇲
Jonathan OTinger
Jonathan OTinger Oy oldin
Input shaft seal. Not too bad of a job but with it being an IVT, its a little different process than a regular 16 speed powershift. Have to remove the engine coupler on the back of the engine which can sometimes be a pain. While you are there, check the coupler and make sure its in good shape. You should be able to borrow a seal puller and a driver from a dealer if they are like the dealer that i work for. If its still under warranty, let the dealer do it.
Brendan Hayes
Brendan Hayes Oy oldin
Great channel, my wife grew up on a farm in North Dakota. Loved the beans from your shoe going into the hopper!
Justin Defontes
Justin Defontes Oy oldin
Hey Zach I love watching all you’re videos on UZpost and Facebook and I love hearing you on your podcasts,keep the American dream running brother
gerald harbin
gerald harbin Oy oldin
Zack u letting Larson beat u lol
Jr Tadpole
Jr Tadpole Oy oldin
Poking the bag and asking, hey are you ok? Hahahahha.
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton Oy oldin
Everyone in the worlds metric know who.
Allisen Carlson
Allisen Carlson Oy oldin
I worked pretty darn hard on that! Thank you!!
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Oy oldin
Equipment tour
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Oy oldin
Do a farm tour
Ramp Tower
Ramp Tower Oy oldin
Millennial Farmer must be loaded $$$, all this new stuff.
Ryan Don
Ryan Don Oy oldin
Have you thought of making a MF Podcast channel to post videos of the podcast? Everyone has a great personality on and off the camera. Could possibly develop a bigger following-make extra $. I know the additional editing work wouldn’t be fun but a guy can dream ya know.. God bless
Aaron Pettit
Aaron Pettit Oy oldin
so is that new 2017 8rt you tractor you bought or your dads. Kinda comfused . Great video though and hope you guys are save out their in the fields. Your kids are sure a growing. caint wait to see them driving the tractors and combines soon lol.
John Muir
John Muir Oy oldin
Congratulations on the new tractor Zach!
Daniel Godin
Daniel Godin Oy oldin
Tell your dad I say get well soon I'm getting knee surgery too
James Reynolds
James Reynolds Oy oldin
The best to your Dad! Hoping for a speedy recovery.
sn99cobra Oy oldin
Go fix those zipties!
78Goody Oy oldin
i been a follower for a few year and love ur content. i’m a console player and just wondering what’s going on with the video game map for consoles keep up the great work
BA Maverick
BA Maverick Oy oldin
Just like a millennial farm kid, stop work to do a podcast!! 😁
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber Oy oldin
Awesome Video!!
Sand Farms
Sand Farms Oy oldin
Do you still have the 8260R
LazyDogsRanch Oy oldin
Zip ties are one f the best inventions n the history of the world.
Kol Brown
Kol Brown Oy oldin
We the citizens of Minneapolis are the news now! WWG1WGA💪😇☝ .. ... ..
MJ City Farmers
MJ City Farmers Oy oldin
How does Becky cope with you buying new tractors and equipment??
Diederik van de Dijk
Diederik van de Dijk Oy oldin
Who's the podguest?
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
Levi LaVallee! Go live this afternoon!
Zach W.
Zach W. Oy oldin
I could use Jim's shirt to give to a few of the girls in my school. They don't ride motorcycles though.
Saint Louis
Saint Louis Oy oldin
I'm relieved to find out that I'm not the only one that eats chips off the ground. LOL
James Mandeville
James Mandeville Oy oldin
We have an 8320 identical to that...2018 I think. Somehow the DEF tank disappeared and it gained 50 HP....weird.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
That is so bizarre.... sometimes tractors do the strangest things.
Brett Adams
Brett Adams Oy oldin
Do you charge extra for the shoe bean load?
Kenneth Friedrichsen
Kenneth Friedrichsen Oy oldin
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler Oy oldin
I can’t believe how many people think your from Canada ! Wow ! Man your loyal to Jim , if I got equipment stuck as much as him I’d be down the road ! Lmao. Nice new to you tractor ! Can I borrow it someday ? Lol
gm Zach im Ronny and I'm new here I'm from the Larson farms videos, awesome video, love the dogs
Mark Sinn
Mark Sinn Oy oldin
Zach you had an awesome run last night at River cities. I was wearing my mn farmer hat and hoodie at the races,meant to talk to you afterwards. I run into your family below the grandstands. I hear someone say nice hoodie realize who it is and say I know who you are lol. Are you running the i94 king of dirt?
Edward Schwenk
Edward Schwenk Oy oldin
Hi Zach. Why not try taking a 26" snow shovel with a plastic blade inside those bins for following up the bin sweep? I've done that before, and found that it worked real well with all cereal crops, and especially peas. Canola is quite fine, and the shovel can tend to ride over it. Aluminum, and steel blades vibrate too much on the screen floor, and make too much noise. Perhaps give it a try, and if you find it sucks, don't bother with it again. Just a suggestion for you to try if you're interested.
Brandon Killion
Brandon Killion Oy oldin
Go Pack Go
Its Kaidin
Its Kaidin Oy oldin
What’s the one video name of where he was working on the ripper and hit his hand on the shank
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen Oy oldin
Hey Zack how you doing buddy I am also a true blue Minnesotan👍👍
Luke Kohler
Luke Kohler Oy oldin
Do a update to your dads lawn
Richard McElligott
Richard McElligott Oy oldin
Zip ties, duct tape/gorilla tape And vise grips. The only fasteners for farm fixes
George Davidson
George Davidson Oy oldin
I read today that US farmers grow too much corn and ethanol is actually a waste .of energy . It costs more energy to grow the corn than it can produce in gas . Why not grow something else that is needed in the world like soybeans or Canola Corn is a high energy crop to grow and it is late harvested so you pack the land and you depend on subsidies to make it all work . Does that make sense ??
Timothy Welch
Timothy Welch Oy oldin
The case quad tracks are better and don’t disturb the land as much when turning
Jeff Pratt
Jeff Pratt Oy oldin
zach what was the coupon for may west looking at replacing baler pickup spacers thanks keep up the good work and keep that boy in the seat he is a natural
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