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Millennial Farmer

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Loading Trucks, Grain Bin Dangers, Yard Work, Planter Problems, Chemical Pick up, Got The Semi Stuck, Frost Heaves, and New Equipment On The Farm!!! This video has a little of everything and something for EVERYONE!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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South Jersey Rail Productions
South Jersey Rail Productions Kun oldin
Smaller umm... 😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Callum Pelser
Callum Pelser 5 kun oldin
5 more views till 420,420
Darold Criswell
Darold Criswell 24 kun oldin
Maybe fuel up emty??? Lol
Mike Formichelli
Mike Formichelli 29 kun oldin
Thank you.
UptownCheese773 Oy oldin
I get it you only have so much shed space but I love how you're putting in a lawn storage shed when you have 3 barns 😂
Jacob Hura
Jacob Hura Oy oldin
16:14 I see thunder!
gerald harbin
gerald harbin 2 oy oldin
I used to work for a farmer back in the day before anybody ever heard of no til just wonder why u never turn over ur soul we did ever spring then plowed
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk 2 oy oldin
I would like to see a plastic flap hang down over your switches. These switches are exposed to the elements and there is no reason for that. Put in a plastic flap on the top of the control outside panel. I have noticed that you have put protective covers over the exposed belt drives. I have seen the legs and arm severed by exposed belts and augers . I know you don't like what I say. But I will say it. The word is worn not wor.
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 oy oldin
5.56 2 oy oldin
My mother is a nurse in a ER
Akkoul family Farms
Akkoul family Farms 2 oy oldin
Was that a Everglades farm equipment shirt ya had on
Gary Duvardo
Gary Duvardo 2 oy oldin
Not a farmer, but I stumbled across your videos and have enjoyed them. Thanks for all you guys do!! I do make bourbon so we use a lot of grain everyday.
Keima Hane
Keima Hane 2 oy oldin
You are so right about Farmers being essential. I am not one, but I thank God and pray for those who continue to work so hard to feed us.
magyar127 3 oy oldin
You need a larger series of rock with less silica
Daniel Spicer
Daniel Spicer 3 oy oldin
Why don't you install vibration on your grain bins?
tuunmaster 3 oy oldin
I thought you put electronic sensors and controls on the ripper so you could control from the cab a bunch of vids back? Did the new one come with it?
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 3 oy oldin
Zach, get a safety harness and a tie off lanyard for when you need to climb a) up the bin ladders and b) need to crawl around in the bin on top of the grain stored. As kids we used to play in the bins in the stored barley / wheat, never realizing the danger present. Until one of my brothers almost got swallowed in the grain. Harnesses and lanyards are a BIG issue in the oilpatch and I've learned that they're cheap compared to a lost life.
Nicholas Carpenter
Nicholas Carpenter 4 oy oldin
A bit late to this video, but shout out from a lowly firefighter to all the farmers continuing to feed me and mine!
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson 4 oy oldin
6:48 let me guess, you're switching from corn to pineapples?
Andy Hoffman
Andy Hoffman 5 oy oldin
From the police to the farmers, you guys are every bit as important as we are. Keep up the good work!
Jason Beers
Jason Beers 5 oy oldin
How do you still have green
John Fleming
John Fleming 5 oy oldin
Hi Guys like ya video
Luke Sheppard
Luke Sheppard 5 oy oldin
love the name of the video. Keep it up man you have all my respect for what you are doing and a lot of people thank you!
7rixee 5 oy oldin
For ruts in the yard ill use filter fabric. Just lay down and cover with 3 inches of gravel and forget it forever.
Cindy Connour
Cindy Connour 6 oy oldin
“I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in”. 😂
Cindy Connour
Cindy Connour 6 oy oldin
You mentioned Freedom Farm; where is it located?
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 6 oy oldin
Yea I’ve been there done that start something in the morning and think it will only be 1/2 day but takes about 2 day’s that’s with the cooks light backup pack. Love the videos Zack as well the pod cast
mcZED38 6 oy oldin
#electronical. 🙃🙃😎
Mark Blackwood
Mark Blackwood 6 oy oldin
Love the kids being involved👍👍👍
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra 6 oy oldin
Why don't you just install a webcam in each grain bin plus a strong LED which you can turn on by flipping a switch? And just buy some USB webcams plus a USB over Fiber adapter, much better than running ethernet cables, since you just need a USB hub and an old laptop at the bottom - and they don't crash/freeze, etc like those "cheap" webcams tend to do. And then just run "sighthound video" which lets you do all kinds of stuff with them :)
Cj 6 oy oldin
Yes I'm smarter I have more things
Shannan Mcconachy
Shannan Mcconachy 6 oy oldin
Zac: Ila, don't push any buttons Ila:Pushes all the buttons and the truck starts rolling
mikemerrill175 6 oy oldin
Don’t push buttons..........we all remember hearing that
mikemerrill175 6 oy oldin
New iron = farmers Christmas present to self
claterpillar1 6 oy oldin
Minnesota. 4 beers deap, or lips frozen? View, biew. Lol
Ryan Gehrke
Ryan Gehrke 6 oy oldin
Here comes the 8RX, way to subtle hint at this 😊
Farmer Tyler
Farmer Tyler 6 oy oldin
Fruits vegetables and livestock 🚜💪
Niels Henrik Hansen
Niels Henrik Hansen 6 oy oldin
Hi Zach. I understand You are dealing with covid-19. Homeschooling and all. Here in Denmark we are loosening up a bit and the schools are opening a little. Most of seeding is done exept of course for corn and the beans that we grow in order NOT to import soybeans. Sorry. But small grain, sugarbeets are all seeded. After a very wet Fall and winter it is now quite dry and still rather cold. We need some rain and warmth. Good luck for the season. Niels
Dewayne Smith
Dewayne Smith 6 oy oldin
I spied an 8RX hooked up to a new planter at the dealership when Zac was looking at the ripper.....could it be
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 oy oldin
Dahlmasen 6 oy oldin
”Didnt it use to be 2 tractors here?”
27 PETE VAN ADRICHEM 6 oy oldin
Just was watching one of your dairy videos after this crazy thing is done can u come to Texas and see my dairy because we got 5000 head and got Deere
danni wurtz
danni wurtz 6 oy oldin
5:40 Check out Coyote Machining in Hamlet NE. They are a machine shop that specializes in fixing up JD gauge arms. We installed their arms that have bearings in them instead of a grease able bushing this year, and we r excited to see how they will perform. They are definitely worth checking into!!
dustin stanaitis
dustin stanaitis 6 oy oldin
We are not Essential. We are the Suicide squad. 😂 lol
Shane Scott
Shane Scott 6 oy oldin
Shout out to the farmers and food processing plant workers and grocery store workers
John Williams
John Williams 6 oy oldin
Whybdont u just concrete your yard bit by bit ? Or tramca it ?
Tim Mokry
Tim Mokry 6 oy oldin
Put down a layer of heavy geo-textile fabric down over the soft spot before putting down more rock.
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson 6 oy oldin
You forgot vendors
edmond fin
edmond fin 6 oy oldin
Wow U.S machinery is so bigger and different to us here in Ireland
mastadriver 6 oy oldin
how much weight can you put on that trailer?
Combine Tractor
Combine Tractor 6 oy oldin
Zach make more videos please
Cambell Wilbur
Cambell Wilbur 6 oy oldin
i know its weird
Nada -V3R
Nada -V3R 6 oy oldin
New video about JOHN DEERE X9??..
J FO 6 oy oldin
As a fellow millennial (technically), I'm surprised you haven't installed remote cameras in your grain bins. Smarter not harder. Take care.
msnpassjan2004 6 oy oldin
What do you think about U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie calling for complete collapse of our food supply by mid May 2020? This is because beef prices are going up at the grocery stores, but the prices ranchers are receiving for cattle is going down while processing plants are being closed. Same for dairy. He implies that crops are not being planted in the U.S.? Checkout the interviews linked on his twitter page.
Midwestdoug36 6 oy oldin
Making extra room for the 8RX 410 that is coming???😉
Adam Scott
Adam Scott 6 oy oldin
Great vid mate. Just found you podcast a couple of days ago. Love it. The “how big is a unit” is my favourite so far. “When he dug in just the tip” 😂 I’m dairy farming in NZ. 👍
Greg Dore
Greg Dore 6 oy oldin
Did you see this on farm simulator
Austin Henke
Austin Henke 6 oy oldin
You are getting an challenger
James Meador
James Meador 6 oy oldin
For reasons we won’t get into Like track tractors turn sharp enough to tear out the big electrical connections on the front of the planter....I’ve never done it myself but I know a guy
Gtrain254 Gaming
Gtrain254 Gaming 6 oy oldin
I just saw your commercial about the cameras good job on the commercial and I hope you have a wonderful day
Austin Shutt
Austin Shutt 6 oy oldin
You should put a American flag any rebel flag together that would be so freaking awesome you could also take a metal drill pipe and use it
Dorothys Hobby Farm
Dorothys Hobby Farm 6 oy oldin
I cannot wait to get closer to back home and living the life, right now I have to do it through your videos. Thank you so much!!!
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold 6 oy oldin
One more question. You mentioned the 2019 crop and the covid-19 and to be careful crawling in the grain bins. What did you mean and what can you tell us?
Sam Voelkel
Sam Voelkel 5 oy oldin
Grain bins are dangerous in that some grains are slippery enough, that if a man steps into the bin and tries to walk on the grain, he may get swallowed up by the grain and drown. Once he starts getting swallowed by the grain, it is very difficult to get out, and he will suffocate under the grain. There is also a danger that as a bin is emptied from the bottom that a cavity will form within the bin. When a man steps into the grain, the cavity collapses and the man gets swallowed up by the grain, and again drowns.
Sukhman Singh
Sukhman Singh 6 oy oldin
Can i get a job in your farm
Anthony French
Anthony French 6 oy oldin
Nothing like watching Zack in an ad before his own video
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold 6 oy oldin
Have you had to plow anything under? Our farmers here in Florida have had to plow under green beans and corn.
Ticdaniel 6 oy oldin
What do you mean with ""issues with 2019 crops and be careful climbing Into bins"" dont get it.. im no farmer. //SWEDEN
Travis Luther
Travis Luther 6 oy oldin
I can share some of the general knowledge, a grain farmer may need to correct me. In general grain bins can be dangerous when unloading for several reasons. I'll list a couple that come to mind. First, flowing grain is a bit like quick sand and you can be pulled under and buried. In the context of this video though, if the grain gets wet (it could start out the way, but also could be from a leak in the bin) it can crust over. When you start to unload, a false ceiling can form when the crusty moldy grain is rigid enough to support itself. If you get in and stand or crawl on top of this, the crust can break and you will fall. This could bury you in the grain etc. People do live through both of these kinds of farm accidents, but generally to do so you need someone around, aware of where you went, and quick to act. It is smart to always check a bin before you start unloading. Seasons are wrong and you may not remember how full a bin was last fall. If you know where the grain level started you know where it shouldn't be when you look inside after the truck is full. I presume Zack's warning is that the grain is crusting over a lot. There are likely other concerns from the grain crusting over, I just know that one can be life threatening.
Bruce Rogers
Bruce Rogers 6 oy oldin
I was wondering the same, i,m thinking of 2 possibly, maybe drowning and sinking into the corn accidentally or maybe worse of farmer's committing suicide being pushed over the edge of financial stress.
The Incredible Edgar
The Incredible Edgar 6 oy oldin
Like the name "Freedom Farms"
ajakarr 6 oy oldin
No worries.. sh** will buff
Ethan Overshon
Ethan Overshon 6 oy oldin
From when you talked about Freedom farms I live 20 minutes away from Fort Leonard Wood I live in Missouri
Corwine Farms
Corwine Farms 6 oy oldin
You are the best you inspired me to start my own youtube channel😁
Mr. Mat1
Mr. Mat1 6 oy oldin
Instantly liked the video when he started talking about the bigger brain and smaller...
Jay L
Jay L 6 oy oldin
…. And here I thought farming was easy! (sarc). Didn't some guy running for President say that? HE should see your YOU TUBE channel!
Ben Gamblin
Ben Gamblin 6 oy oldin
Hey man love you videos I come from a family farm in central il love the vids but most importantly I appreciate the thanks and the good thoughts for us first responders good to see people showing support for once thanks man!
jbr496 6 oy oldin
I kinda want to see Matt's Off-Road Recovery come out with the yellow banana to pull that trailer out. Wouldn't that make a great cross-channel video?
im hungry
im hungry 6 oy oldin
"dont push buttons" and all i heard was patrick star saying "touch" lol
Christian White
Christian White 6 oy oldin
Should put a security camera system in each bin so you can check bin ststus without having to climb up and down every time.
JACK HILL 6 oy oldin
Ron Chappel
Ron Chappel 6 oy oldin
@13:13 I dont understand how grain bin deaths keep happening.WTF farmers? It's not hard to make a simple sliding rail setup under the bin roof.Every time you're in the bin,clip onto to it.Even a crude homebuild rail and harness are a 1000x better than nothing Am i missing something here?
Sawdust and Sweat
Sawdust and Sweat 6 oy oldin
My son is at leanordwood right now!! What a coincidence
Phil Dehli
Phil Dehli 6 oy oldin
Iam not much of an election eaither, I can put batteries in a flashlight, but that’s about it.
Cameron Early
Cameron Early 6 oy oldin
Check out our channel. Just started!
kbc74747 6 oy oldin
On your soft spot get a load of crushed concrete, that will solve it.
Wyatt Vos
Wyatt Vos 6 oy oldin
Don’t set the trailer brakes all the time, then there won’t be as many freezing issues
Johndeere5065 6 oy oldin
Why don't you guys haul your own beans. Thanks
Quinn Odenthal
Quinn Odenthal 6 oy oldin
We had frost heaves on our farm and lots of low spot ruts in our yard. We got red gravel granite. Helped a lot even after 15 years it’s still pretty solid ground.
kim beattie
kim beattie 6 oy oldin
When will all food production be done by one or two huge company farms, it seems like only a matter of time. This operation is one of the last few family farms and it seems huge compared to farms 60 years ago when i would stook grain .
Jordan Person
Jordan Person 6 oy oldin
Thank you Zack for farming. And keeping us fed.
Farmer John
Farmer John 6 oy oldin
That's a nice looking 8RX and possibly a DB60 in the background. I sure hope we get to see that in the field.
Eric Harter
Eric Harter 6 oy oldin
He is too predictable when he drops hints
G Livingston
G Livingston 6 oy oldin
I was watching your video and Igor your ad
Variss 6 oy oldin
How far away is your land from Glenwood
SomeFarmGuy 6 oy oldin
With a 12 row planter, I sure am impressed with myself. Planted 650 acres of corn and got done in a week. Bring on the soybeans!
Farmnorway 6 oy oldin
I really thought you were getting a new planter
Alex L
Alex L 6 oy oldin
Where do your beans go? To mankato?
Chief 3
Chief 3 6 oy oldin
I have been watching more of your channel I learning a lot about farming. Like I said I work on tugboat or king crab boats for the last 30 years. P.S you said you said coming to Alaska I live in Juneau born and raised
Michael King
Michael King 6 oy oldin
Do you have a "safe place"
spirit 6 oy oldin
My land and trees in south texas are dead. Collect soil samples and send to a biohazard lab.
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 6 oy oldin
Do you need a hgv license, or are u ok on them back roads.? Great speech, god bless em.
colin holman
colin holman 6 oy oldin
Wonder when the farm is getting that new 8rx Zack points out all the time...........🤔
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