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Buffalo Ranch-We had a blast visiting a Buffalo/Bison Ranch in SD! These animals are BIG,BEAUTIFUL and TASTY! Two South Dakota ranch families coming together to provide consumers with the highest quality bison meat possible. Locally raised bison from SD pasture to your plate. Everyone should be able to enjoy Bison Meat.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
Link for our new Channel Between The Rows uzpost.info/down/oNTNCJAdIVA1O6K46kT52Q
Matt Derr
Matt Derr Oy oldin
Zach that was a great video. You guys do a great job.
John Oy oldin
This has got to be said in an Australian accent ..... what’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison ? Answer ... you can’t wash your hands in a buffalo , but you can in a bison 😂😂
Garrett Burgess
Garrett Burgess Oy oldin
@Rocke Rinker me too
Garrett Burgess
Garrett Burgess Oy oldin
i subscribed to the chanel too
Rocke Rinker
Rocke Rinker Oy oldin
Just subscribed to the new channel.
Kamryn Meek
Kamryn Meek 16 soat oldin
Omg i live like 30 minutes away from that
Kamryn Meek
Kamryn Meek 16 soat oldin
I know him
Ivan Kinsman
Ivan Kinsman 2 kun oldin
Would I prefer to be raising bison or beef cattle? I would go for bison every time. For more information on bison ranching, visit rainwaterrunoff.com/is-there-a-role-for-bison-in-regenerative-agriculture/
Ikaika44 3 kun oldin
Yes sir. We have bison on Kauai here in Hawaii. We actually had a flood that washed away a few of them all the way to the beach. Then we had to have some paniolo's (Hawaiian Cowboys) go down and get them.
Guy Vossen
Guy Vossen 4 kun oldin
When you have enough buffs , give the land and the buffs back to the indians.
David Rasch
David Rasch 6 kun oldin
Since we came to Minnesota in '92 we've had bison, bought at the store and bought in burger form. Different but tastier than beef.
South side garage
South side garage 7 kun oldin
Wish they ad a UZpost channel
Dion Farm
Dion Farm 8 kun oldin
Enjoyed very much. Alot of great information. Thank you so much for sharing.
gom jabber
gom jabber 8 kun oldin
Ted is a riot!
Judith LeSueur
Judith LeSueur 8 kun oldin
There Bison not Buffalo. Thank you.
Larry Becker
Larry Becker 8 kun oldin
There is a Buffalo Ranch in Kansas that you can drive on it is free Range so you better not get out of your car because they can come right up too your Car I like going out there and take pictures of them. it holds 200 of them it has been there for many years.
Mitch Lecapoy
Mitch Lecapoy 8 kun oldin
Great episode! Its suprising tye difference between cattle and bison especially the feeding. Cattle just eat to stay warm in the winter keep the metabolism up, where bison just cuddle...
Энтони Хопкинс
Энтони Хопкинс 11 kun oldin
Very nice video 👍
Энтони Хопкинс
Энтони Хопкинс 11 kun oldin
Because together 😁
Dan 11 kun oldin
I was waiting for one piece of info that never came. If you stepped out of the truck would the bull guys (or even the ladies) have charged at you like they do to the tourists in Yellowstone? Great video! Loved it. P.S. Also loved the way "pure" is pronounced, as in "pier".
Dave P.
Dave P. 12 kun oldin
Bison Bill riding in a heated Ford truck. Buffalo Bill well lets say he did not use gates.
Larry Parry
Larry Parry 15 kun oldin
Becky sure puts up with a lot of crap from you.
don medford
don medford 16 kun oldin
You make fun of people who wear vests so I can tell you have never tried them. I used to work construction as well as farm and they give you much more freedom of movement with almost as much warmth as a coat.
Jim Wecowski
Jim Wecowski 18 kun oldin
Casually drives through a herd of huge bison without even flinching. Respect
Joshua Luis Saldivar
Joshua Luis Saldivar 18 kun oldin
cool video, now I know "Bison " Hello from Corpus Christi, Tx
Raynona Bohrer
Raynona Bohrer 20 kun oldin
Great video, God bless you all. Happy New Year.
Lennis Sytsma
Lennis Sytsma 21 kun oldin
This one is a GREAT one, MMF. Thanks to you and your wife and the staff/employees of the BISON RANCH in SD.
Basscaster 22 kun oldin
Great Video > More Commercials than a halftime during a NFL game.
ryan 24 kun oldin
A very informative video Zach. I learned a lot from this, I never knew the Bison were turned into steaks, just thought they were close to being extinct and not farmed. Even though I don't eat red meat I sure would like to try the market in my country to see if our red meat eaters would like Bison steaks and burgers!
Yeg Mtb
Yeg Mtb 25 kun oldin
Instead of Cattle drive its a Bison drive. eh
Paul Tanner
Paul Tanner 26 kun oldin
Very interesting video and I have watched a few others. Just subscribed.
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 27 kun oldin
bison or Buffalo it the same thing feel free arguing. With Native Americans they will agree with me all that's right I have a sister-in-law that's Native American including a nephew that's Native American so I know what I'm talking about
Timmy2Fingerz 29 kun oldin
Livin the Dream.
Comfortable 29 kun oldin
1:50 It always amazes me how the USA people know their 'county thing'. In Australia, well, we're just Australia. We do the GAFA and the MAMOFA. I also admire the way that USA people can say "we're heading North on East Street, oh, he just taken a turn from South Street and is heading North on West Street.
Jordan Woodcock
Jordan Woodcock Oy oldin
My uncle owns bison and let me tell you they are a different kind of creature they can be nice one second and then try to kill the next I ended up with broken ribs because of the alpha male
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Oy oldin
WOW....There is good money in Bison meat..High dollar meat....Thanks very much...
Sergey Sudnik
Sergey Sudnik Oy oldin
Colton Blumhagen
Colton Blumhagen Oy oldin
I mean I get it they're trying to rebrand their animals, but they are still Buffalo and always will be.
tom einstein
tom einstein Oy oldin
just curious, why no mask?
Harvey Peever
Harvey Peever Oy oldin
Those are bison. Not buffaloes.
49testsamiam49 Oy oldin
love these bison
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
Dakotapurebison.com got it.... I will order some
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
Its beautiful country
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
You make this look easy but I know it's not
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
Forget that question you answered it.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
What's the big difference between Bisen and a Buffalo?
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Oy oldin
They when it's time for treats two toots
walter mattson
walter mattson Oy oldin
Great story.
Byson means buffalo 🐃🐃🐃🐃?
aregua1 Oy oldin
They should at least know that there are no buffalo species native to America. Only bison are native to America. Buffalo are common in Asia and Africa. And bison and buffalo look very different. The Europeans/white man incorrectly thought the bison were buffalos and therefore labelled them incorrectly.
Keano Titus
Keano Titus Oy oldin
You are the best farmer
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard Oy oldin
So I guess you can’t touch them or pet them or even hand feed them for fun...I guess too dangerous
Ashley Supik
Ashley Supik Oy oldin
I live in colome SD
Bob D
Bob D Oy oldin
Love Bison meat! I pick up a double pack every trip to Costco!
Eric Will
Eric Will Oy oldin
Awesome video of another great American Farm family! Going to try bison! Thanks!
Vincent W
Vincent W Oy oldin
Hi Zach, nice documentary. Very informative and interesting. Showing the process up to the patty could be the next episode. Keep up the nice work Mr & Mrs Assman ! Greetings from Belgium.
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan Oy oldin
Yum buffalo ranch
Jadyn Ishmael
Jadyn Ishmael Oy oldin
You were 35 miles from us Ishmael farms
Tony Harrell
Tony Harrell Oy oldin
My granny made meatloaf in a pie plate, it looked just like a cowpie! 🤢
Agro Marius
Agro Marius Oy oldin
Eu am bivolițe
Larry Freeman
Larry Freeman Oy oldin
Hello from Alberta Canada, Best informative video Ive watched in quite some time. Used to have a fellow who worked for me and also raised great bison. Got to where my kids only wanted Bison burgers. been thru SD many times, love your great state.
Steffanie Ropicky
Steffanie Ropicky Oy oldin
I loved the ride along! Thankyou!
John O'Connor
John O'Connor Oy oldin
I love to see the knowledge that these farmers have for their industry. Please include more farmers like these. And include more Becky!
StarRobin Oy oldin
One of the best informative episodes
Tom Hill
Tom Hill Oy oldin
I gotta say you know how to produce a UZpost video. Great job, and very informative. I saw bison fenced in a pasture in North Dakota and wondered how they ranched, farmed, or managed them. Now I know. Thanks.
rich0732 Oy oldin
After watching,I had to purchase a bundle from them. Came yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try. The ribeye was fantastic. You cattle ranchers have some competition!
13daniel1974 Oy oldin
Do you do anything with the herd around Custer, for blood lines?
13daniel1974 Oy oldin
Home sweet home. I know where this is...
Rick S .
Rick S . Oy oldin
Glad I watched this. I love Bison....and usually my wife gets our from Cow Crowd (online). As for beef, we raise our own cows for us and our extended family. So around 4-6 cows. We're on 207 acres in TN in between Nashville, and Knoxville. Going to order a bunch of Bison when I'm done viewing the video.
Ken l
Ken l Oy oldin
good episode
Dave Miller
Dave Miller Oy oldin
Miller Time!!!!!!!!
The Valley Boys
The Valley Boys Oy oldin
Can u shout me out
purple bunny
purple bunny Oy oldin
Awesome is right. Beautiful and crazy cool too!
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger Oy oldin
I live un Ohio and they have a heard up just out side centerburg that's mid state
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger Oy oldin
Our people were calling them Buffalo long before the white man got here and label them bison well actually Tatanka which translates roughly to Buffalo
Greg James
Greg James Oy oldin
Immediately ordered after watching on 11-30-2020 come Friday still hadn’t got a shipping notification or tracking number. Sent an email checking status of order no response. Comment on their Facebook page and got an immediate response on messenger saying the ship on Monday mornings. Ok wait until Monday night 12/7 and no shipping notification or tracking. Sent an email asking to cancel order and refund my money. Got an immediate email saying that my money had been refunded. Was looking forward to trying their product and supporting what looked like an amazing operation and people. 🤷
David Davey
David Davey 2 kun oldin
Well then, order again!
Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon Oy oldin
I live in Pierre just north of here. Ever back close by I’d love to buy you a drink!
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Cleas Berg
Cleas Berg Oy oldin
the bison man have youtube channel ????????
las347 Oy oldin
1871 I think when they were hunted down for fur and since the government was dealing with the Indian problem the hunters were told to make the bison extinct since it was the main food source for the Indians. Pretty f up historical fact if you ask me.
Cole Tedder
Cole Tedder Oy oldin
my end of the ogala aquafer is empty somtimes i can see for 20 miles where i live
Korey Kinstler
Korey Kinstler Oy oldin
Yep you can chase them anywhere they want to go... LOL
Myers Tree Farm
Myers Tree Farm Oy oldin
great video.
iBelieve Oy oldin
Jamie C
Jamie C Oy oldin
Best video ever on your channel!!
Woxineau Crows
Woxineau Crows Oy oldin
So important to see the Bison looked after and not massacred like in my day it was a sad time, farmers are much wiser now thank God...GB yall stay safe folks.We get our Bison from a huge Timmins farm for winter meat it is amazing.
Tom t
Tom t Oy oldin
Super informative great video
Jeff Puetz
Jeff Puetz Oy oldin
Very interesting video. Thanks for this.
linda peach
linda peach Oy oldin
Any any of them buffalo come from kentucky
JEFFERY Thornton
JEFFERY Thornton Oy oldin
We had a bison ranch close to town but it didn't make it said he was losing too much money lost in ILLINOI
bush master
bush master Oy oldin
Read your title and clicked on here to tell you that they are Bison, not Buffalo....LOL, wasn't I surprised ! Great video and lots of good info as well.
Tim jorden
Tim jorden Oy oldin
Interesting. You see a lot more Bison in stores around here in Nova Scotia. It’s really good
Johan Runfeldt
Johan Runfeldt Oy oldin
Funny thing: Before the video started I got an ad for vegan food. LMAO
Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior
Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior Oy oldin
What dose the tribe get from the Bison? We could use some Bison on Soboba Lusieno Reservation San Jacinto Ca
Michael Snell
Michael Snell Oy oldin
Really like these “field trips” you do. Keep up the work show casing other farmer ranchers.
Geoff Blank
Geoff Blank Oy oldin
Another great video. I am not a farmer or rancher, but I have a great deal of respect for those who are. If more of the American people understood what your family as well as others go through on a daily basis to keep the rest of us fed I think there would be more respect for the industry, especially in these trying times we are all going through. My hats off to you. Farmers and Ranchers will always have my support and respect. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas.
Ashley Supik
Ashley Supik Oy oldin
Colome SD
RV Free
RV Free Oy oldin
Excellent informative and entertaining thanks
Dean Raugust
Dean Raugust Oy oldin
Wow! This guy is absolutely in tune and knowledge filled for a young guy. Very impressive! I am Gen x and have faith in you “participation 🏆 “ Gen , just by what you are doing Zack. You and this guy help me have faith in passing down a 5th generation farm/ranch to the 6th. They are younger than you guys but they are watching you and with that alone I have confidence they will do fine when I can let them take over. What you do is bigger than you know with regard to agriculture as a whole WORLDWIDE. Thank you
Donald Hyde
Donald Hyde Oy oldin
I like watching your repair videos.
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee Oy oldin
EPIC!!! Your are my spirit animal!!!
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton Oy oldin
Can one imagine thousands upon thousands of these north American bison roaming the Midwest in large herds unobstructed must have been an impressive sight. Then for the white men to shot them all to near extinction for their tongues is hard to imagine. There are also European bison don't forget. They spread the hay to distribute grass seeds helps to replant grass and to stop the bison from trampling the hay into the ground and to insure they all get their share.
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton Oy oldin
Water + 25 % methylated spirits with a capful of Handy Andy floor cleaner in your window washer fluid works better than you can imagine. Ok on paint.
Larry Chambers
Larry Chambers Oy oldin
Really fun video, please do more. Thank you.
Larry Ruemmele
Larry Ruemmele Oy oldin
isn't that what you say when Onyx leaves for college? Bye, son
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