Busy Day on The Farm

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Millennial Farmer

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Busy Day on The Farm-We're hauling corn to the ethanol plant, soybeans are being hauled out, and May Wes is here to help us with some truck upgrades.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 5 oy oldin
Please enjoy the extra random outro near the end! You're welcome 🤣🤣
Terri Ulch
Terri Ulch 14 kun oldin
Sell corn the crops
Terri Ulch
Terri Ulch 14 kun oldin
Sell corn the crops
Evan Dumont
Evan Dumont 5 oy oldin
Update on momma and her kittens?
ljfinger 5 oy oldin
Would snow-shoes help with preventing sinking into a grain bin?
Turbo Diesel
Turbo Diesel 5 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer : @17:02 Gladhands... Lube man, lube!!! Spray those rubber seals with some silicone spray periodically. It helps them to slide together & seal. Keep a can of spray silicone in the truck. Also, the steel "cam locking plate" on the sticky gladhand may be bent slightly or rusted/pitted which can cause binding when coupling 2 gladhands together. Also, some gladhands have detent balls in them that get frozen up from corrosion. Penetrating oil & tapping on the detent ball(s) with a hammer will sometimes free them up. But, since time is money, sometimes you're better off just replacing the sticky gladhand & move on. It's good to keep a spare pair of new gladhands in the truck, or at least on the parts shelf in your shop.
Terri Ulch
Terri Ulch 14 kun oldin
Sell corn while crops
Nikolai Townsend
Nikolai Townsend 14 kun oldin
MF: "You know if this wasn't me it would be hilarious" Us Viewers: "It's hilarious to us"
Matej Lomjanski
Matej Lomjanski 26 kun oldin
Is there any specific reason, why grain carts have reverse threading on tires?
PdrMarc 2 oy oldin
I will play the devils advocate... Ethanol burns cleaner for sure... The environment is really where it fails, believe it or not, according to scientists... Their claim is, acres of corn that are now being grown for ethanol leaves a gap in corn , & other crops being grown for food . And these crops are now being imported from cental/south America.. And so, the transport of these crops back to the U.S. leaves a bigger carbon footprint, than whats being saved burning ethanol... Now this is a simple explanation of why "ethanol" has become less popular... There are other reasons...! I can tell you, in Texas , gas stations who do Not have ethanol in their fuels are gaining in popularity by the day.... Its been a boom for farming states , & I doubt you can buy gas in these states without @ least 10% ethanol going into your tank... Im not taking sides, & I do not work in the oil industry. I only know , in part, why some do not want it. On a personal note, I think its done more good maybe than harm . For some yrs now, any vehicle bought in the U.S. is fully equiped to burn ethanol ... And if it helps the farmers, that helps America. Farmers feed the world & thats getting harder to do by the minute... And that is the other big debate in our future... Should we be growing crops to make ethanol , or crops that can feed the human race..
Simon Tallboy
Simon Tallboy 2 oy oldin
I haul fuel for a living in a super b. We tried something similar on the 5th wheel on my truck, it lasted 3 months. I go into a lot of small stations and the truck a trailer end up at odd angles. The shear with the angle and weight chewed the disc up. The manufacturer had never seen it happen. Would be interested in how it works out on your rigs.
Tony Harrell
Tony Harrell 3 oy oldin
I hate what ethanol does to small engine fuel systems.
petegirl67 3 oy oldin
Its always something 😆
Templar Dane
Templar Dane 3 oy oldin
lol the case guy's getting-dirty shirt is a john deere and then you accuse him of stealing a tool omg so good
JoshW_16 3 oy oldin
DDG is good stuff for cattle i use it everyday to feed our cattle
kitkat 3 oy oldin
Ads suck
kitkat 3 oy oldin
Whats cooler? Clean burning cheaper oil from the US? Crazy
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 3 oy oldin
You boys should wear a lanyard attached to a belt around your waist, when you go into those grain bins. This comes from my experience as a lineman going down into manholes , or going up poles.
AST trucker jack
AST trucker jack 4 oy oldin
What make are your sun glasses
David Miller
David Miller 4 oy oldin
I wonder if one of those companies that wraps cars in vinyl would be interested in doing a Millennial Farmer / Agricultural theme wrap for that sprayer trailer? Just a thought
YK Mini
YK Mini 4 oy oldin
great as always Zach
Derek Cullin
Derek Cullin 4 oy oldin
9:45 You got the right color tractors That's for sure but you got the wrong color power tools! Milwaukee power!!
Michael Surratt
Michael Surratt 4 oy oldin
Thank you for replacing the flag.
Todd C
Todd C 4 oy oldin
Zach can you find out what brand flag pole at is?
elio Antonelli
elio Antonelli 5 oy oldin
thank you
Bannister Waller
Bannister Waller 5 oy oldin
I will give $90 000 thousands dollars for it
Commissar0617 5 oy oldin
she wants a fifth wheel camper? just get an old box trailer and put some stairs and furniture in it
scott 5 oy oldin
2:41 I think the public is more concerned about the subsidies giving straight to farmers. Farming has become a very socialized industry, for people on the right who don't want to admit it. My hand is up as one of those.
Kyle Albrecht
Kyle Albrecht 5 oy oldin
Your truck with the slow cranking engine start is probably junk battery cables.
htdriggers 5 oy oldin
Thanks for the comments about being careful in those bins. In a small town called Lake City, SC we have lost 2 men in the last 25 years to them. Always have a spotter when you go in .
Willie Kerns
Willie Kerns 5 oy oldin
Ethanol's low Btu's make for crappy gas mileage. Not sure how "clean" it is since all corn has to be harvested and trucked by fuel burning vehicles. But keep talking trash about oil.
Brian Scidmore
Brian Scidmore 5 oy oldin
at first I thought you drove the semi just to change the Flag. Big jobs require big trucks
Crandall FixinStuff
Crandall FixinStuff 5 oy oldin
Put an amp clamp on your positive cable with the key off and see if there is a draw
Tom Pleas
Tom Pleas 5 oy oldin
thanks for explaining ethanol. I was worried about Fritos running out...:)
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 5 oy oldin
I was not expecting that 5th wheel to be that easy to drill through. Figured that was gonna be a job there
Carson Weber
Carson Weber 5 oy oldin
Did you buy the J&M grain cart?
Sam Turberville
Sam Turberville 5 oy oldin
I buy new flags every 2 years and at the end they still look new
Todd Millard
Todd Millard 5 oy oldin
Those Teflon plates work great but from my experience try and keep your 5th wheel plate as level as possible when pinning up to reduce the impact of when the trailer makes contact with the plate
Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant 5 oy oldin
New to the channel. Did I see a racing kart in one of your previous videos? I enjoy your videos.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 5 oy oldin
Love those slick plates, they seem to work great and no greasy mess!
Isaac Sothern
Isaac Sothern 23 kun oldin
They're sick!
Kim Graver
Kim Graver 5 oy oldin
You’re the best person in the world😀✌️
Stoned Mountain Unicorn
Stoned Mountain Unicorn 5 oy oldin
Funny how even American's have trouble with the imperial system sometimes
che rose
che rose 5 oy oldin
have you seen he NEVER wears a seatbelt
MrBlueDevil93 5 oy oldin
Batteries? Do they have a corrosion problem? Bad ground somewhere most likely. Burnish ground attachment points and the lugs on the wires. Check to see if both batteries are to same specs. Don't put two different capacity batteries together. Have to replace both at once. Possibly sticky relay if first two don't solve it.
fpoasec 5 oy oldin
Thank you for your ethanol explanation. Also, thank you for reminding us that the American Farmer has to know economics as well as he knows ag. #AmericanEnergy #FamilyFarm #FingerSnap
david cornforth
david cornforth 5 oy oldin
thats maybe animal food Zac thing is ruminants should be eating grass not your" roundup" contaminated rubbish
Shawn Snyder
Shawn Snyder 5 oy oldin
I love the fact you have all red trucks but your a John deer guy lol
William Neale
William Neale 5 oy oldin
haha you should get a milwaukee drill, scares the holes into it
Scott Symons
Scott Symons 5 oy oldin
Check out the new Eby grain trailers. Really nice and sharp looking.
tnalp4og 5 oy oldin
Zachary you missed an opportunity to give those trailer legs a shot of WD40
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh 5 oy oldin
I agree, the water spraying you was indeed hilarious because it wasn't me
Joel Hershberger
Joel Hershberger 5 oy oldin
You say that ethanol isn't subsidized. I say you are wrong. Even if the industry isn't getting money directly from the government, the oil industry is FORCED/MANDATED to put a certain percentage of ethanol into the oil. If that isn't being subsidized then what is? Ethanol blended fuel... good for corn farmers, BAD for everyone else. Ethanol isn't even as clean burning as oil. It also ruins engines, especially the older ones. You really need to stop LYING to people about ethanol.
TheSRBgamer63 5 oy oldin
That plastic sheet on fifth wheel can hold whole weight of front end of trailer ?,i mean what ?.Will it even last one month ?.
Business Store
Business Store 5 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/cMqQ16aegpOId4E.html cow as a mother of goat baby
axel larsen
axel larsen 5 oy oldin
Minnesota seems like a place that is capable of being cold, how is you flag pole not frost blown?
waterskiingfool 5 oy oldin
Does that new plate keep the trailer from tipping into the ground? To soon?
Bolt_ Boomer
Bolt_ Boomer 5 oy oldin
What happening with the fs map
Billings Family Farms - The real first gen farmer
Billings Family Farms - The real first gen farmer 5 oy oldin
Paint it red and ill send you 40k in bitcoin???
Chris L
Chris L 5 oy oldin
There would be no market for ethanol without government mandates.
Jadon Gassaway
Jadon Gassaway 5 oy oldin
I would of died if you would of grabbed the adjustable wrench and used it for a hammer Most multi tool we have on our farm
elaine hildebrand
elaine hildebrand 5 oy oldin
I feel so sorry for that garden.😭😭😭😭😭
Plattipus 5 oy oldin
Low test weight corn from the 2019 crop has definitely been a scary deal in the bins.
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen 5 oy oldin
I also seen the spray trailer on it's nose. Easiest fix for that, get some big wide front semi bumpers, that are damaged, and use them to put under the trailer dollies when unhooking on soft surfaces. They are a lot lighter to move around than railroad ties.
Ian Swanbeck
Ian Swanbeck 5 oy oldin
First, I really appreciated the insight into your financial operations. I don’t know why, but I find farm finances to be tremendously interesting. Ethanol is mandated by the Federal Government. While a mandate may not be a direct subsidy, it is certainly not the free market. I agree that the Oil and Gas industry should not be subsidized (and I am in the Oil and Gas industry), but Ethanol is not what the free market would choose even with fuel blending mandates.
JHNielson4851 5 oy oldin
Would have be nice to give a ballpark cost for the poly plate, especially for the RV ones.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 5 oy oldin
We are forced to buy the shit fuel therefore they are being subsidized. Tell the truth man, your bullshit is obvious.
yo boi johney
yo boi johney 5 oy oldin
Zack is it a good investment to install on sight storage for pricing and things like that?
Mason Lund
Mason Lund 5 oy oldin
What is the best food plot crop for deer in a semi swampy area
ADEN MONTAG 5 oy oldin
You should do a equipment to tour
Kelsey Heinz
Kelsey Heinz 5 oy oldin
ckg009 5 oy oldin
Grain bin got a guy somewhat near the Hutchinson area here a day or so ago. Getting in grain bins, not a good idea.
Gameknight01 5 oy oldin
hey zack do you think its possible to change the trailer supports from a manual turn to an adapter for one of your impacts?
Nathan Rosendahl
Nathan Rosendahl 5 oy oldin
The Government mandates the use of ethanol. That is a subsidy.
Z all around Farmer
Z all around Farmer 5 oy oldin
For a second, I thought he was goin for the pipe wrench 😂
Exile 84
Exile 84 5 oy oldin
Apparently the military way or disposing old flags is to cut the stars away from the strips and burn it
Midwest muscle saws
Midwest muscle saws 5 oy oldin
Hey Zach spit on the seals of the gladhands it helps them turn a bit easier
Prairie Sunset Ranch
Prairie Sunset Ranch 5 oy oldin
Ethanol! The reason my snowmobile blows up every second year! LOL Cheers 🍻from Prairie Sunset Ranch☀️
Brackon corbridge
Brackon corbridge 5 oy oldin
Check the contract points and clean them/change them. Just don't use lead connections use copper and cable ends and also brass connection. Better power transfer.
EZIO AUDITORE 5 oy oldin
Over a half mil sub count. Pretty sure give it by spring you will be over 1mil, dont forget us under 1mil plebs.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 5 oy oldin
I think the gravel will shred the sliding plate.
Seb Westy
Seb Westy 5 oy oldin
You should do a review of the farming simulator map of your farm
Elvin Berndt
Elvin Berndt 5 oy oldin
He was a lucky man😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Summers Farms channel
Summers Farms channel 5 oy oldin
I just Hurd an ad on our radar with you in it
chopper sieh
chopper sieh 5 oy oldin
great and informative
directech111 5 oy oldin
The fact that his little town has a flag disposal receptacle, says it all. Love it, and I'm jealous - we need one.
john O
john O 5 oy oldin
Check with your local fire department that’s where ours is here
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 5 oy oldin
I enjoy that you drink water with the state of Wisconsin on it!!!
Tersi 5 oy oldin
16:20 - so you own a red tractor :) Well it's good to know. Truck or Tractor it's the same thing :) Just kidding. Not sure if it is because of translation to my own language but it made me laugh. (In my language Tractor means only Tractor thats why ... but english have two ... what more can someone learn from watching farming videos)
fowletm1992 5 oy oldin
We get those plastic plates from our local truck shop $30 but they clip onto your trailer around the king pin rather than the plate Take about 30sec to install and no drilling They're actually a CNH part With a special clip I don't think they'd let you drill the fith wheel plate in Aus But super handy regardless how you go about it Same as you the gravel dust turns the grease to grinding compound and wears everything out super fast
camper tv
camper tv 5 oy oldin
I call it the joys of owning your own equipment.
camper tv
camper tv 5 oy oldin
How is the ground connection with the trailer for lights and such? Any issues with the teflon?
Kevin O' Toole
Kevin O' Toole 5 oy oldin
You should get 2 BIG stacks for your trucks
Terry Davis
Terry Davis 5 oy oldin
Where your remote for your tarp??
Lets_PlaywithJerry 5 oy oldin
how is Jim doing i didt see him in a while?
G *O
G *O 5 oy oldin
Two endings on this video. You started to talk about your neighbor in the grain bin and the ending started......Ooooooo then you came back to finish the story then the real ending...
Joanne Slee
Joanne Slee 5 oy oldin
Hi mr millennial farmer can you please do more crop scouting please
6Diego1Diego9 5 oy oldin
Nationalism is dead
polytaz 5 oy oldin
Stay safe !! Remember DANGER !!! NEVER TAKES A DAY OFF !!!
BluesyBor 5 oy oldin
4:37 - before touching the starter check the voltage drop on the battery (check for both in series if you have two 12V in your truck) when cranking, and also check the cables going to the alternator and to the starter. Check for corrosion on the terminals (especially contact surfaces) and for the voltage drop between the ends. Those are pretty fast and easy to check and If they prove to be good (clean terminals and voltage drop below 0,1V for the cables, battery voltage above 19V for the battery when cranking), it's time to get to the starter itself.
Doug Berry
Doug Berry 5 oy oldin
Should have steam cleaned the trailer plate around the king pin. It looked pretty dirty and greasy. Whole idea of the Teflon plate.
Damion Grasz
Damion Grasz 5 oy oldin
I like how you added in the bit about the grain bin accidents. Even if you use safety equipment you can still be killed in a grain bin. Just had someone not to long ago and not to far away have safety equipment on and still got trapped and passed away. Stay safe guys. We don't need to lose anyone else from these terrible incidents.
Its_ Bum
Its_ Bum 5 oy oldin
Do you ever play the fence and extend contracts or do just lock in for a solid numbers when planning? I know I’ve fallen on my face trading contracts
Ram4 Life
Ram4 Life 5 oy oldin
Nice racing in Willmar tonight
Thomas kroes
Thomas kroes 5 oy oldin
Just watched challenger vs deere and you talked about how you fidget with the joy stick on the challenger if you just tap back it slows down great
Tyler Obodean
Tyler Obodean 5 oy oldin
Just curious why you guys run sleeper cabs instead of day cabs. Just a better deal? Love the videos.
shop shop
shop shop 5 oy oldin
I like that you've kept the famous trailer eating hole. Is it going to get a name?
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