Cleaning Up After Harvest

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Millennial Farmer

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Harvest Clean Up- It's time to get itchy! Today we blow the dust off everything, tomorrow we clean the grain dryer. No Giraffes were harmed in the making of this video. Special Thanks going out to my stunt double Zach Johnson.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Lingred006 7 oy oldin
I'm an ignorant elder millennial myself, also not a farmer, but I was wondering why or why you don't use a grain vacuum to clean up the crap around and in the grain dryer instead of shoveling it? Love the channel btw, I've always been fascinated with farming because I grew up basically all around farm fields and loved watching them do their work.
Field Rows
Field Rows 7 oy oldin
Love it! Mom where's the MEATLOAF!!!!! Gonna plant corn for the first time if the weather drys up next week in north florida. Thinking of planting Dekalb 6869 or 7027
Northern Redneck
Northern Redneck 8 oy oldin
Awesome video 🚜🚜🚜🇺🇸
Parker Russell
Parker Russell 8 oy oldin
1:!5 don't try to church it up boy, don't you mean Joe dirt?!
Tr33tIPPeR 9 oy oldin
hahaha "Combines can get a little dirte", I said dirte at the same time lol Don't try to pretty it up dirt! :D Only a select few will understand this
koop kat
koop kat 9 oy oldin
Would it be possible to build some slanted sheet iron pieces that angle to the outside under the grain dryer so you won't have to shovel underneath? Maybe a vacume trailer to vac it up. Just saying
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan 9 oy oldin
I totally love your vids ❤️🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joseph Wassman
Joseph Wassman 9 oy oldin
Will Ferrell references never get old 😆
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair 9 oy oldin
You do good on narrating on your videos. I couldn't do it but anything to keep videos going, the farm needs to be as clean as you can get it for spring
thomas bee
thomas bee 9 oy oldin
CHECK OUT this UZpost dude - SaskDutch Kid - big Canadian modern dairy farm - OUTSTANDING videos - great information.......
Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon 9 oy oldin
I think you need to get one of these for cleaning under the grain dryer!
Daniel Townsend
Daniel Townsend 9 oy oldin
Love the vids just you need a Case
Tiempo Nuevo
Tiempo Nuevo 9 oy oldin
Why don't you just till the harvest waste under to help your soil compact less and to add nutrients to the soil. Also the reason weeds grow is because it is not fertile soils. Check out some of the Food Forest videos. You might want to experiment with some of the ideas. Don't know how many acres you have or what you plant besides Corn and Soy.. Mono culture is one of the most labor intensive and damaging form of farming techniques. Rotation of Crops, and letting sections of land just lay fallow is a good practice to help your extend your soil. It works. Plants work together to benefit each other and so do real need for GMO, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
curt anderson
curt anderson 10 oy oldin
Don't get mad but shouldn't you be wearing safety glasses to help keep things out of your eyes and ear plugs so you don't loose your hearing? I wear them when I'm mowing to running a chainsaw to driving my little sub compact tractor. Just don't want you to loose what you can never get back, thanks
George Connor
George Connor 10 oy oldin
Great video
Dave Petrovich
Dave Petrovich 10 oy oldin
Zach. Did or do you ever work 96 hours in a week?
david o leary
david o leary 10 oy oldin
my man cut a piece of drain pipe and make an extension for the blower thats how we clean our machines least your away from the dust
Acres of Clay Homestead
Acres of Clay Homestead 10 oy oldin
New to your channel! Clean up in the cold is the Worst! Thanks for sharing!!
Ellis Railfanning Forever
Ellis Railfanning Forever 10 oy oldin
Mom!!! I need gas for my husqavarna!!!!! Lol
Debbie L
Debbie L 10 oy oldin
what do you think of trump using money raised for vets ?
UncleAcker 10 oy oldin
Hey Zack, where could a guy find that black rubber pad you kneel on and lay on under your equipment? I need something like that. Thanks
Henry Hensel
Henry Hensel 10 oy oldin
CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!! U.S. corn, wheat and soybean futures rose on Thursday on fresh export demand and renewed hopes for a trade agreement with China after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that a deal with Beijing was "very close," analysts told Reuters. Your comment would be appreciated.
Will Gwinn
Will Gwinn 10 oy oldin
You should start saying ok boomer to your dad
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
Big Dreams on Small Acres
Big Dreams on Small Acres 10 oy oldin
‘MOM! MEATLOAF!’ -Will Ferrell
The Wolf
The Wolf 10 oy oldin
Y el español?
D Hibbitt
D Hibbitt 10 oy oldin
Soooooo haven’t seen a video for awhile....are ya just sitting in your easy chair now?😂😂😂😂
Gary Withun
Gary Withun 10 oy oldin
That's a lot of work and investment for cattle feed and ethanol.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
People like their steak, pork chops, and transportation!
O P 10 oy oldin
Are you okay, are you okay????????
Jeff Thole
Jeff Thole 10 oy oldin
Where’s the videos guy
Mike Kahl
Mike Kahl 10 oy oldin
It was nice to see you telling your story on Ag Day today.
BZJBoss 30
BZJBoss 30 10 oy oldin
You were FaceTiming my school today
Bogdan Mihaiu
Bogdan Mihaiu 10 oy oldin
Broo I am waiting for the next vlog what is happening I hope you are ok.
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 10 oy oldin
Hey u got any job openings at ur farm
Lyle Raustadt
Lyle Raustadt 10 oy oldin
Just caught you on AgDay subscribed. Son of a farm gal from Ottertail County. That was awhile ago when farm was in family. My Ma had old farm pic s of a ox pulling a plow before they got a horse. But she carried that greenthumb with her for life. I live in North Minneapolis and retired from semi driver 42 years. Also a share holder in Highwater plant so follow corn market.Peace out.
Lộc Nguyễn Đức
Lộc Nguyễn Đức 10 oy oldin
Hi from Vietnam, i know this interested channal via a post in a local magazine in my country, your job is awesome!
Dzung RV
Dzung RV 10 oy oldin
Hello Johnson I know You in a News from Our Country-VietNam. I am here for say hello and a good day. Your Successfuly is my motivation for grow up channel
Dan Tomlinson
Dan Tomlinson 10 oy oldin
What cha doin'?????????????
Mike wynne
Mike wynne 10 oy oldin
Greetings from the east ....what’s up with off the husk ? Anymore episodes in the future ? Love the channel ,
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
More coming soon!!
Harry Moore
Harry Moore 10 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing your life with us. As a kid I spent some time on a few farms. As a 20 yr old spent more time on a ranch in the sandhill in Nebraska. I loved both. As a 70 yr old I really enjoy your videos . You're bright ,humble loving, and seriously funny. Merry Christmas.....Harry
Jim Sessions
Jim Sessions 10 oy oldin
how does this year's harvest compare to previous years?
Brad Cayton
Brad Cayton 10 oy oldin
Who watching now
Brad Cayton
Brad Cayton 10 oy oldin
Ненад Драгојевић
Ненад Драгојевић 10 oy oldin
Hey, are you ok?
André Gonçalves
André Gonçalves 10 oy oldin
why not use air compressor and long hose to clean the machines?
Hunt Gaming/Productions
Hunt Gaming/Productions 10 oy oldin
“Mom i need gas for my Husqvarna” “MOM i got diesel on my go pro”
carl97ta1 10 oy oldin
Are you using non-ethanol fuel in your 2-cylce equipment.? Just wondering.
Joanne Slee
Joanne Slee 10 oy oldin
More videos
Templar Chaplain
Templar Chaplain 10 oy oldin
6:14 modern problems require modern solutions
Jeff Meacham
Jeff Meacham 10 oy oldin
You modern day farmers have no clue what a REAL day's work is, period.
Connor Stokes
Connor Stokes 10 oy oldin
Farming Simulator map coming out
M C 10 oy oldin
Sorry bout your Vikings
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 10 oy oldin
Thank you for the videos And I enjoy your guises podcast the husk off it’s great to hear your wife’s behind the scenes all the work that she does on the videos and stuff that’s pretty cool it’s great to keep it in the family thank you very much
Danny Sowell
Danny Sowell 10 oy oldin
Man you need a mouth & nose mask to shield you from the dust.
stephen cornwell
stephen cornwell 5 oy oldin
That's permanent life changing lung damage
jason bankert
jason bankert 10 oy oldin
u should buy a john deer baby shirt for welker farms new baby as a joke.
Think Trucking / Mike Jones
Think Trucking / Mike Jones 10 oy oldin
Just curios, How to you heat your shop. We have recycled oil furnaces in our shops.
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson 10 oy oldin
we have a farm in Nebraska we have 10,000 acres of corn and soybeans. you are very lucky that you don't have to irrigate most of are groud has center pivot and some of our stuff is flooded and I am very jealous of your bin set up.
Eric Moen
Eric Moen 10 oy oldin
Iv been watching for a couple weeks now. Great content, thanks for posting. I know you’ll be listening or watching today so... GO HAWKS 🏈
Levi Nestegard
Levi Nestegard 10 oy oldin
Love ya buddy but my Seahawks r gonna have to beat your Vikings today lol
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 10 oy oldin
Zach - Hoping you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday....Ok... enough niceties.....Let's get down to am retired and found your channel about four months ago. This is a great channel, and you do a terrific job. You are obviously a well-informed farmer, and enjoy sharing your life. I am hooked, and your videos have become my daily routine. Coffee and "Millennial Farmer is how I like to start my days! Now,.... enough time off - my mornings have become boring and empty. I have the shakes, and my wife is complaining that I have become crabby. I evidently need more from you and your family farm. Two or three videos a day during the week....two a day on the week ends....Seriously, you are a great ambassador for the farming industry. That has obviously been recognized by the farming community. I think many of us would enjoy "accompanying you" on one of your speaking engagements. We would love it if you could sometime share one of your speaking engagements on you tube! I think your knowledge, "hosting abilities" go a long way to increase the interest in the farming ....and you have a great sense of humor. I hope we'll be seeing more of you on " THE YOU TUBE". I subscribe to a number of channels. "Millennial Farmer". Solid #2... Let me speak for you're fans. We'd love to follow your Dad for a day (seems like a terrific guy) and my wife would Like to see a day following Becky. Get on these suggestions, will! With Great Respect, ….a very appreciative fan....
Marc Sharpe
Marc Sharpe 10 oy oldin
Still knocking them out!
Northern Living
Northern Living 10 oy oldin
Thanks Zac
Martin Carranza Lopez
Martin Carranza Lopez 10 oy oldin
Que interesantes tus videos saludos desde Mexicali
Jose Dude
Jose Dude 10 oy oldin
Please Please wear respiratory protection while blowing all that dust if you don’t want to be a wheezing old man at your kids wedding!
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 10 oy oldin
Nice 40:1 😂 gotta love measuring technology I’ve used that a lot
JohnDeere8430Ralle 10 oy oldin
Hello from Germany I have now looked at some of your videos and find them very interesting as you work there, even if I do not understand everything about what you are talking about .... my english is not so good but much arises in context with the images. I myself am an employed farmer at a big farm (3500ha / ~ 8.648acre) in eastern Germany We also have various JD technology for example 9460RT So 8R 7R and many 6R but also a few other manufacturers such as Claas tractors and combines I drive a 200Hp Deutz-Fahr tractor and a Krone BigM 420 most of the time
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle 10 oy oldin
I was in South Dakota a few months ago for a pheasant hunt and the guys that run the place, also farm. They mentioned farming being nearly impossible without the hunting as additional income due to tariffs. Are you guys experiencing the same problems or has a couple of generations of farmers reduced the effects of tariffs? Not a politically driven question, just curious how the economy really affects y’all. I really enjoy your videos and it gives those of us without a clue, just how hard y’all work. Thanks brother!
buck slayer
buck slayer 10 oy oldin
buck slayer
buck slayer 10 oy oldin
I saw your post an face book how to confuse a millennial
Jeff Thole
Jeff Thole 10 oy oldin
This doesn’t have many videos come on man other UZpostrs r sending out a video every day
Brock Sikkink
Brock Sikkink 10 oy oldin
When is your farm coming out on fs 19
HungryCow212 10 oy oldin
John Mercury
John Mercury 10 oy oldin
Hahaha, I'm so hooked on these now and for a non farmer, that's pretty much something, Zach I've been using ""Mmmmmmmmmmoist" and "are you ok?" to my friends over in the UK with great amusement, along with "so she said" but we have a different version, it's "according to the Vicar" or "so said the vicar" vicar being what you would call a parson, anyway good luck with your farm and take care.
Andreas 515C
Andreas 515C 10 oy oldin
Hi Zach, harvest finished. Are you happy with the yields? All bins filled up? Farm on, Andreas
carson Saurdiff
carson Saurdiff 10 oy oldin
love it glad you got done. we still have 200 acers of wheat in field. keep up the good work.
J Hammond
J Hammond 10 oy oldin
Non farmer here. So could you give us non farmers a lesson in how much is in a bushel? I have watched about 80% of your videos and finally dawned on me.... how much is a bushel? Thanks. Great videos !
Hayden Oler
Hayden Oler 10 oy oldin
So I dont know if you will see this but j love the Seahawks and the Vikings are going to loose
Randy Allen
Randy Allen 10 oy oldin
way to cold there
cody hedtke
cody hedtke 10 oy oldin
It's nice seeing a channel from Minnesota! I'm from paynesville, I'm not a farmer but your stuff is fun to watch!
Joseph Street
Joseph Street 10 oy oldin
You know they make small shovels for small boys too! Shoveling is good hockey training!
Roger Quarton
Roger Quarton 10 oy oldin
Every time you climb the grain bin, I think of the Wizard of Oz tune, "Somewhere, Over The Grain Bin, blue birds fly. . . " You've gotta do something about that LP tank! ;-)
Cole Lester
Cole Lester 10 oy oldin
Hey zach are you going to the Kentucky farm toy show. Because I am and I hope your there.
Pete Dohmen
Pete Dohmen 10 oy oldin
Nice MM/Oliver good to see it again
4 gauge
4 gauge 10 oy oldin
Excellent video once again Zach. There has to be a better way then using a shovel to get that corn off the ground.Maybe a gas powered vacuum system??.
MIKK Rommel
MIKK Rommel 10 oy oldin
So, a kerosene heater walks into a bar...
Cameron Kuhn
Cameron Kuhn 10 oy oldin
When is your farm sim map coming out?
Travis Steinkraus
Travis Steinkraus 10 oy oldin
Well call that using the cab extension
Klug Farms Klug
Klug Farms Klug 10 oy oldin
Got my hair cut this morning, the 29th.
This Farm Wife - Meredith Bernard
This Farm Wife - Meredith Bernard 10 oy oldin
You measure gas and oil like I measure things when I cook. Perfect! :D
This Farm Wife - Meredith Bernard
This Farm Wife - Meredith Bernard 10 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer cooking is definitely more art than science, and trust me a lot of it is because I'm lazy, too!😅
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
But you are an artist, I'm just being lazy!
grgsrvc 10 oy oldin
You should straighten out the rock trap door. Get rid of a wrinkle on the wrinkly old 9870...
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
I did that in that downed corn a couple weeks ago.... that was a big nasty rock. Scared the crap out of me!
Donald Britt
Donald Britt 10 oy oldin
How many acres do you farm
memphis650 10 oy oldin
Thank you for the produce you provide for all us millennials. I hate they included the year 84 in the millenial group, but hey, i do my part in shaming gen z pukes whenever possible lol! 😁
Ádám Illés
Ádám Illés 10 oy oldin
Mooomm!! 😂😂😂
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 10 oy oldin
At least he's not a giraffe killer. THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez 10 oy oldin
😂😂 mom!!! I need gas for my husqvarna
Perfect5Recurve 10 oy oldin
I understand that a couple of guys with shovels and a tractor bucket is cheaper but I can imagine a vacuum system would make that dusty job a lot more pleasant and quicker.
Dustin Jaramio
Dustin Jaramio 10 oy oldin
Wow congrats on the news story featured on Google's home page... little Zach is moving up in the world... so... sniff sniff proud of him.
George 10 oy oldin
P.S. 236,005 VIEWS11,028 LIKED99 NOT LIKED (REALLY?!?)224,878 UNDECIDED???? WTF people. Hit the thumbs up, you know you laughed your ass off.
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