Dad's New Case Tractor Broke Down!

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Millennial Farmer

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Dad's New Case Tractor Broke Down! We're planting grass at Dad's new place. The case wasn't much help but a nice tractor nonetheless. Looking forward to getting to use it more in the future. Thanks for Helping us out Allyn and team from The Lawn Care Nut! Be sure to check out his channel.
DIY Lawn Care Tips from Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 2 oy oldin
26:25 this idiot sun burned his neck.
Fletcher Robinson
Fletcher Robinson 6 kun oldin
TheFarmingPickle 9 kun oldin
but did he hop on a farmall today
LowJack187 Oy oldin
That's what mullets are fer! Can we get an age on the deceased pixie holder?
Primagaz Gasol Sverige AB
Primagaz Gasol Sverige AB Oy oldin
Mariyeta Baumann
Mariyeta Baumann 2 oy oldin
cw93711 9 soat oldin
Culvers great food from a Wisconsin (my home state)
Andy Stampfli
Andy Stampfli Kun oldin
Wait a minute, I haven't seen a pivot on your channel (yet) but your dad has an in ground sprinkler system for his retirement home...
Bruce Welty
Bruce Welty Kun oldin
OK...ya planted that there spinach grass HOW DID IT TURN OUT??????
Ron Kirby
Ron Kirby Kun oldin
Just found you on youtube this week and i love your videos! I grew up up on a farm and now live in a suburb of cincinnati.would love to ride in a combine someday.It is amazing the bushes per hour you are able to pick. We never owned a combine and had to depend on our neighbor to pick our crops after he picked his. One year we picked a small field of corn by hand.Literally by hand one ear at a time.
Teonna Glidewell
Teonna Glidewell 7 kun oldin
If it’s red it stays in the shed!!!
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious 7 kun oldin
I can't understand the Case tractor breaking down, but I guess that happens with any piece of equipment. I have two John Deere's and they have worked perfectly for me and I love each of them. We don't have a Case, Massey, or Kubota dealer in my area so we depend on John Deere and the other closest dealership is a another major brand dealer and that is 40 miles away.
Jonathan Langlois
Jonathan Langlois 7 kun oldin
Mow once a month? I can beat that. Got a part of my yard where the only thing that grows is moss. Stays nice and low all year round. Just got to be careful when you rake, moss is somewhat fragile... Truth be told, the ground in that part of the yard is so hard it behaves more like a rock then anything else. It's incredible enough that anything at all grows in that corner.
pete smyth
pete smyth 9 kun oldin
Maple Lake near Alexandria?
Kyle Harbin
Kyle Harbin 11 kun oldin
So how is the hybrid grass seed coming along?
Jake Lechner
Jake Lechner 12 kun oldin
I lobe all the crossovers in the UZpost community. I wanna see you run one of cletus’ cars
Hertzog Van Heerden
Hertzog Van Heerden 14 kun oldin
Do you have work available for namibian people
TheBob_ 14 kun oldin
20:56 They seed me rollin' they hatin..
Gait Hill
Gait Hill 15 kun oldin
I watch this back in Aug. when posted and today 10-10-20, how about a up date on the lawn.
TheLpjoe 15 kun oldin
Banjo fitting.
Anthony R Schmitz
Anthony R Schmitz 16 kun oldin
As a farm/ranch kid turned lawn/landscaper i really enjoyed this video. Spent many many hours on a older model Permagreen
Tom Wallis
Tom Wallis 17 kun oldin
Allyn and me beginning work with my father in laws farm brought me to you. Love the channel!
a w
a w 18 kun oldin
Was that one made by LS or CNH? Many of the little tractors are made by LS tractor, and they may have a different engine hydraulic pump and they will use a superior CNH boom loader. That one looks a lot my NH made by LS I bought last year but mine had the 3 stage Hydro. I know CVT this was offered on the Boomers on the NH side too. Nice Farmall...
Pete Schiavoni
Pete Schiavoni 18 kun oldin
Yep. Red tracter low on erl
Norm Nielsen
Norm Nielsen 18 kun oldin
I laughed out loud when he said 5 butter burgers after talking with Allyn. Ha!!
Gary DeHey
Gary DeHey 19 kun oldin
Banjo fitting. Eye with the bolt through the middle has either a rubber o ring or brass washers on top and bottom
BikeLife 20 kun oldin
What is that red thing lol😂
FARM SIM BROS extra 22 kun oldin
He had a nice until you planted grass seed in it
KAMAL GREWAL 22 kun oldin
Nice hair cut buddy
Miloš Stojanović
Miloš Stojanović 22 kun oldin
9:55 😂
Jacob Steege
Jacob Steege 23 kun oldin
got one of them at home they are so useful
Gabriel Goot
Gabriel Goot 25 kun oldin
yes getting dumped by the john deere was fun
Marv Cole
Marv Cole 26 kun oldin
Harley rake and Rock pickers were originally manufactured in Clarissa, MN they were bought out and moved out of Clarissa, the rock picker found a dual purpose in that they found they can use it to clean debris on beaches.
MR FEDZ 27 kun oldin
"I just turned it on Nate, I just turned it maybe went 30 ft" lol rofl lol rofl lol rofl
DJ Kosloski
DJ Kosloski 28 kun oldin
Culver's is pretty good. I like the custard, the cheese curds, and the butter burgers especially with bacon.
Miles Boehmer
Miles Boehmer 28 kun oldin
Green is mean ,red leave it in the shed !😁
Geo Thomas
Geo Thomas 29 kun oldin
That's dad's new place? Wow, I didn't know farming was so lucrative. Where'd you put the pot field? Seriously, a York rake on the back of a small tractor would do so much of a better job then that aerator thingy but I'm sure you have people giving you advice all the time.
Adric Wickenhagen
Adric Wickenhagen 29 kun oldin
Hey I am with them I do not like case I am not a John Deere guy but I do like kabota
Millionaire Gamer
Millionaire Gamer Oy oldin
Zach Galbraith
Zach Galbraith Oy oldin
CASE = Cant Afford Something Else
Zach Galbraith
Zach Galbraith Oy oldin
CASE = Cant Afford Something Else
Q Cooke
Q Cooke Oy oldin
Red tractors are the best u r mean
Matt Dehn
Matt Dehn Oy oldin
Can't wait to have glyphosate resistant grass in our fields in 2 years thanks to Scott's....
Farmurf Oy oldin
Should've bought a fiat tractor..... I don't think they have fiat tractors there, but you can import them. I think fiat is the best because it never breaks down and my dad has one, fiat 70 90. I live in the Netherlands so.
Gregg Cesaroni
Gregg Cesaroni Oy oldin
I have a John Deere 3039R from Everglades. Since I found your channel, I just appreciate that little tractor a bit more haha! Good ol Deere!
Great episode. I spent last year doing a lawn recovery and learned a lot from all the lawn care guys including Alan Hayne. My front lawn is an acre and a half and the sides and back another acre. I love the lawn care and funny thing is since we got about 6" of rain in the last 3 week my neighbors are all telling me I should bale the hay I am growing. This is right in line with me recovering my hay pastures since buying a......John Deere 5055 with front end loader and hay spear. I have also invested in several implements and I will have all the werk and fun one man can handle. Oh, I also bought a Frontier RT-7 tiller and plan on planting an acre or so of watermelon and cantaloupe in the spring. I really enjoy helping God tend the garden and enjoy all of you teachers out there. Hope you didn't get any red paint on you. Zach...You are a hoot!
D ohio
D ohio Oy oldin
No way I love Allyn
Eric Reynolds
Eric Reynolds Oy oldin
I used that "seed matting" once....once. it had string meshed into it, and i was wrapping string around the mower blades for a month
ReelLowKBG Oy oldin
any updates available on the provista kentucky bluegrass?
peter will
peter will Oy oldin
You know Cletus? Hot damn. Why am I not surprised a couple of good old boys like you two know each other. it's going to be awesome watching you and Cleetus screaming around the freedom factory on a tank full of bald eagles
jon Velde
jon Velde Oy oldin
This guy is clearly in the tank for John Deere.
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck Oy oldin
Can you do a update on the lawn?
Don Searles
Don Searles Oy oldin
As a retired partner and chief mechanic on a 410 sprint car, I would like to see a video on your racing activities.
Jason Kendall
Jason Kendall Oy oldin
Allen knows his stuff! And great guy been watching him for years. Parents house looks great!
wild world of landon and friends
wild world of landon and friends Oy oldin
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Oy oldin
Would have bought a Deere wouldn't have had no problems 😊
EDventures* Oy oldin
I've raked miles of black dirt on roadsides doing sewer and water mains as well as being on some pretty big equipment over the years.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Oy oldin
Will we be getting an update on the new lawn? Hope so.
Tom LtColDaddy71
Tom LtColDaddy71 Oy oldin
You have better driers than my local ADM
A&R Vaughan
A&R Vaughan Oy oldin
Dang I’ve dreamed of having a John Deere 9620r I want one wanna make a deal 😂 love your tractors man so good looking
Hi Scifi
Hi Scifi Oy oldin
That should have a Red-Tractor Warranty on it... Needs the IHC Hydraulic Engineer to fix it..
Peter Huehn
Peter Huehn Oy oldin
Are you sure you kicked your parents out of the house? By the looks of it I would say they kicked themselves out so they could go build there dream house.
William Horler
William Horler Oy oldin
They are called banjo bolts :)
L K Oy oldin
6:11 "There's some udders down here, we could milk it!" I don't know if that was intentional, but I feel like the joke (that they were making this take longer than it had to, aka "milking it") was lost on most people. 😂
Landon Pelkey
Landon Pelkey Oy oldin
Is that surprising to you cause it’s a case of course it broke
greg mccarter
greg mccarter Oy oldin
You need to do a video on fishing that lake..any specks in there? Or shall I say crappie
Ada 1812
Ada 1812 Oy oldin
Come on Cleetus give a farmer a chance around that track.
Phil Collins
Phil Collins Oy oldin
Its no wonder that the covid is rampaging across the USA everyone of the participants in this video left each other wide open to spreading the damn thing . No one wore a mask and there was not a hint of social distancing,carry on that way and your Dad might not get a retirement. You guys need to wise up living of the city does not give you any kind of immunity.
Hank Oy oldin
I got to tell ya I'm John Deere guy driving that Red tractor would have broke me out into Hives, but they are pretty good equipment!!
Retired At Last
Retired At Last Oy oldin
Did Dad get the Case Tractor fixed? Why no video on that?
Retired At Last
Retired At Last Oy oldin
Come on Zack, give us the details of the fix. Didn't CASE rush out to fix that thing??
The GOAT Al Bundy
The GOAT Al Bundy Oy oldin
IT's a Bango fitting....
Lawson Iannuzzi
Lawson Iannuzzi Oy oldin
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Oy oldin
MIght need to have a consultation with the Welkers on that Case tractor....
Sam Kluge
Sam Kluge Oy oldin
That same thing happened to my dads John Deere
Michael A.
Michael A. Oy oldin
It looks like a banjo fitting (very reliable) Probably just needs tightening. copper crush washer seals. no O ring
Nicholas Philly
Nicholas Philly Oy oldin
Love the Lawn Care Nut!!!!! If Ya'll go to the Freedom Factory I'm gonna lose it, you'll have to get The Cornstars down there too and all my favorite UZpostrs will be in the same place! Only way that could be better is if I was at the Freedom Factory too!!!
Gene Dameier
Gene Dameier Oy oldin
"Big Hydraulic leak" That's why they sold it at an online auction, sight unseen. (Go Green)
Gene Dameier
Gene Dameier Oy oldin
Ask for vegan...Comes back with Cuver's. lol
Jerrold Moore
Jerrold Moore Oy oldin
Something you never want to hear from a farmer.... "Dad, I don't know how to drive the tractor." 5:54 I realize that Case is foreign territory for you.... lol
Farms Hoffman
Farms Hoffman Oy oldin
Your dads place is fancy and very nice ! Go case go opps did I say that for all you John Deere fans lol
Farms Hoffman
Farms Hoffman Oy oldin
Lmao we kicked my parents out way too funny , I don’t they cared since they got a new house , too funny !
Lyric Clark
Lyric Clark Oy oldin
yes we are ok lol
Robert Payne
Robert Payne Oy oldin
When i was about 12 my dad put me on the 560 IHC diesel pulling an old Forrest City 4 row doAll harrow knocking down beds for planting cotton...He was using the John Deere 730 diesel to plant cotton. The hardest part was when we moved back to our home headquarters it was 12 or thirteen miles on a busy 2 lane US HIGHWAY with several bridges. My mom was escorting in the 65 chevy pickup with her red magnetic bubble gum machine and her 2 x 2 red flag to stop oncoming traffic at the bridges...the trouble was the 730 in road gear top speed was about 12mph. The 560 had a topspeed of about 25 plus mph my dad was in the lead. I was behind him actually I was in a gear higher than than what I was pulling the DoAll in the field I dearly wanted to gearup and pass him. But was explicitly told not too
Randall Alderman
Randall Alderman Oy oldin
You need to come to north florida speedway in lake city florida and run sometime
Tyler Keiser
Tyler Keiser Oy oldin
That's called a banjo fitting millennial!
Tyler Keiser
Tyler Keiser Oy oldin
Omg a cleetus millennial Colab would b dope!!!
Dawson Coleman
Dawson Coleman Oy oldin
Is the dad the owner of this farm
Jason Gartner
Jason Gartner Oy oldin
Whatever happened to the case? Get fixed?
Tony Mattera
Tony Mattera Oy oldin
Holy crap that place looks AWESOME!!! Good for dad
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota Oy oldin
Almost new and it leaking all over i love my fords from 70s 80s are never shit has the dumbist problems great comforts but new stuff is junk instead of geting work done your messing with a tractor people say buy new tractors so u dont need to worry about break downs thats crock of crap .all are sevetys ford break les then all are new stuff
J. A. G.
J. A. G. Oy oldin
Remember not to mix Hytran and hyguard...or you'll really be editing a video
joshavan Oy oldin
That's the seed I have been waiting for. I tried getting a hold of Scotts about it for awhile and never get responses back. Can't wait to see how it goes. Might have to stop up there next year to check it out if that's ok!!!
Bill Dill
Bill Dill 2 oy oldin
That place is well north of $1 million. UZpost is paying the bills.
Adam Smedley
Adam Smedley Oy oldin
Or the fact the farms been going for how ever many decades? Yano earning money and saving up, then Zack buying the house/farm off him, (probably with a mortgage or such investment) he was able to build it?
Wardog 2773
Wardog 2773 2 oy oldin
On our tractors on um the valve that the hoses to the auxiliary go they have banjo bolts on the and they do have the rubber bushings
Wardog 2773
Wardog 2773 2 oy oldin
The bolt that you are talking about is a banjo bolt
Wardog 2773
Wardog 2773 2 oy oldin
I’m eleven and have been driving a 5000 another 5000 and a 6710 ford tractor since I was 4 or 5 and they are manuals
Wardog 2773
Wardog 2773 2 oy oldin
You should get a ford tractor everyone like so he will see
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 2 oy oldin
If you want altitude, my cabin in Jackson hole Wyo is at 8700 ft above sea level we have 15,000 acres over there we raise paints and rent out to the outfitters in the area.
Landen Thorpe
Landen Thorpe 2 oy oldin
Burn whatever the heck that red thing is
rem32001 2 oy oldin
Can we get a follow up video to see the results? I am interested to see how that seed works. What variety did you guys use?
Matt Bucko
Matt Bucko 2 oy oldin
Are you sure that wasn't Jim that broke the red tractor??
Mississippi1977 2 oy oldin
Couldn’t tell what kind of tires was on that case!!! I put some new Goodyear’s on mine and had to take them off cause it was pulling so hard to the left!!! Haha
Jackson Schutz
Jackson Schutz 2 oy oldin
Onyx getting his guns out
Nicklas Modig
Nicklas Modig 2 oy oldin
Hey Zack ask the Welker Boys if thats standard on red tractors...
SinisterMD 2 oy oldin
I have to say your dad seems like a pretty cool cat. Doesn't seem to let things bother him when they break or go wrong. Pretty good dad.
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