Equipment Envy!!!

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Millennial Farmer

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Equipment Envy! Master Pipe Layer Randy give us a machinery tour at Clinton Ag.
MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experience on the family farm. His vision is to build the connection between farmers and consumers.
Zach's mission is to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer-to-farmer education, and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

dave hann
dave hann 8 kun oldin
What language is this? sounds like English but I can hardly understand a word. Air trash whipper?
Jaydin Brockmann
Jaydin Brockmann 15 kun oldin
I counted the penguin 15 different times lol.
Joao Monteiro
Joao Monteiro 17 kun oldin
If you like big stuff, look the big farms for sale in brazil at that can pay thenselves in 3 to 7 years
Rylen Gerlinsky
Rylen Gerlinsky 22 kun oldin
Why the penguin?
Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes Oy oldin
The adaptable helen effectively wonder because employee contradictorily sparkle as a homeless magazine. grateful gratis, mountainous decade
Valek Shilling
Valek Shilling Oy oldin
Does anyone see a penguin in the video
Graham Sobieski
Graham Sobieski 2 oy oldin
Does Becky Johnson have Snapchat
Dan Bonikowske
Dan Bonikowske 2 oy oldin
I need to quit dairy farming and become a grain farmer
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 2 oy oldin
Was this at Halloween how do afford all of this equipment?
kingkongchopper 2 oy oldin
half a box of beer in each lol u minesotans cant handle ya beer
Bryce Morse
Bryce Morse 3 oy oldin
for info on the penguin off the husk podcast "sue makes a mean hot dish"
Tyler Lindsay
Tyler Lindsay 3 oy oldin
You’re gonna get penguin in your sample. 12:18
StraightSLAV 193
StraightSLAV 193 3 oy oldin
Deere guy with new Holland machinery and a case ih stubby holder
airidas pask
airidas pask 3 oy oldin
Stop the vidio on 2:07
Fitzboden 3 oy oldin
My tractor is a 1975 David Brown 885. It doesn’t have a custom ladder.
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
Can’t stop 😂 omg you’re getting into programming 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐫🐿🐕✌️🌟☝️
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
I’m thinking about investing in Welsh ponies to offer pony rides here 10748 Rice Lane Pleasanton Kansas we have around the clock security service here. One of my sons installed it
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
Driving a $1,000,000 robot 🤖 must be worth the price of the machine in new condition
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
How much do you charge for a tractor 🚜 ride?
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
I’ve not laughed out loud sooo hard I realized I’ve forgotten that feeling You guys should have a partnership
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley 3 oy oldin
Snipe Gaming
Snipe Gaming 3 oy oldin
Im i going crazy or is there really a penguin there
Hayden Cartwright
Hayden Cartwright 3 oy oldin
This is not about the video but you should buy back the 9650
andrea applegate
andrea applegate 4 oy oldin
7:34 what was that in the background
Unboxing Comedy
Unboxing Comedy 4 oy oldin
The penguin in every scene
Sodak Outdoors
Sodak Outdoors 4 oy oldin
Are we just going to ignore the 🐧
Brad Lincoln
Brad Lincoln 4 oy oldin
They are off on there specs
Jayden Kagemann
Jayden Kagemann 4 oy oldin
a deer guy with a case koozie with his beer
Maxwell Bishop
Maxwell Bishop 4 oy oldin
Randy: It’s got that stupid big bump here🙄 Me: ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Austin Girrens
Austin Girrens 4 oy oldin
Hes playing farming simulator
Ryan Probst
Ryan Probst 4 oy oldin
Gotta keep those mountains blue
ToastyTofu1 4 oy oldin
i love the case Stubby Holder
joseph suazo
joseph suazo 4 oy oldin
' I wish that's mine too' hahahaha
NP Construction
NP Construction 4 oy oldin
whats the benefit of trax vs tires?
william carlson
william carlson 4 oy oldin
I didn't see a penguin?
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
tra kull ma nii närvis taon ara w
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
ja osta john deerid asemele
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
tra muu need molemad new hollandid maha lohh
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
taon ära w
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
tra tahad kakelda w
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
saad puid w
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
oi bla
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
lohh raisk
Aaron Köster
Aaron Köster 4 oy oldin
ja osta john deere asemele lohh
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 5 oy oldin
I'm a golf course superintendent, and while my machines weigh about 1/1000th what these do, I can't keep a greens mower this clean. Gonna have to show this to my crew and give them something to live up to in terms of shine.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 5 oy oldin
All my equipment is the same color by the way.
viltsufighter 07
viltsufighter 07 5 oy oldin
He had snapon or snaponn tools . My dad once sold them as his job
Stupor01 5 oy oldin
Was that a penguin?
nazim boukhalfa
nazim boukhalfa 5 oy oldin
elvis presley can't help falling in love
Jeff Kondra
Jeff Kondra 5 oy oldin
Shop is incredible. How many acres does Randy farm?
DARRELL LEWIS 5 oy oldin
James L Coble
James L Coble 5 oy oldin
Just an impressive shop and equipment.
Raw Gaming
Raw Gaming 6 oy oldin
Anybody else notice the dude with a mask on walk by when they were going over the 4940 sprayer
GRANDNAGUS 007 6 oy oldin
Why is that penguin there?
Benji Mills
Benji Mills 6 oy oldin
7:35 who is that walking in the background
V dxrty
V dxrty 6 oy oldin
0:48 were not gonna speak on the nice snap on tool box 😟
Finneas Blakley
Finneas Blakley 6 oy oldin
Nice equipment, not so nice debt
nbookie 6 oy oldin
They make him build that hanger and wash them so the repo auction is faster?
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 oy oldin
🤣🤣 it's a multi generation farm where they do mechanic work for hire, custom spraying and fertilizer application, seed cleaning, and drain tiling. These guys are busier than anyone I know. If there's an auction coming, they'll be buying, not selling.
nbookie 6 oy oldin
Ive seen hangers for 747 smaller than this Where! Where I'm from we have service shops to work out of the weather but we don't build 20,000 square foot garages for our gear. Most sits under a shelter but just enough to keep snow or rain from collecting on them.
Marcos Arroyo Melchor
Marcos Arroyo Melchor 6 oy oldin
For xample combine tractorsor everything?
Marcos Arroyo Melchor
Marcos Arroyo Melchor 6 oy oldin
Do you like john deere?
keithleyfamily03 keithley
keithleyfamily03 keithley 7 oy oldin
i love deere nothing runs longer then a deere
six 6six
six 6six 7 oy oldin
What's with the 🐧 🐧 🐧 lmfao im not even a farmer just love heavy equipment but man this is some of the best funniest videos man I love These farmers! 🚜 🌽
Zebedee Dillingham
Zebedee Dillingham 7 oy oldin
Why is there a penguin in the back
Malte 7 oy oldin
Why is Joey walking around in a Penguin Costume
Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen 7 oy oldin
Ngl, that penguin makes the vid 10 times better
Jake 7 oy oldin
That’s the kinda stuff that used to make me think I would never be a farmer.
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 8 oy oldin
Randy needs his own channel. We need more Randy! On another note, ditch the light beer sissy millennials. Kidding.
Reed’s Vids’
Reed’s Vids’ 8 oy oldin
Hey i lost my beer! Forgets its on tractor
Sickø 8 oy oldin
Penguin set off the alarm lmao
Bryce Elsbury
Bryce Elsbury 8 oy oldin
Did you guy see the eagle behind the track of the 9rt
K Smith
K Smith 8 oy oldin
That penguin creeped me out
Wyatt Espenschied
Wyatt Espenschied 8 oy oldin
Are we not gonna talk about how that guys just got a penguin in his shop
Sarah Mumm
Sarah Mumm 8 oy oldin
randy has a case can coosy but he said he is a deer fan
Farming With Riley
Farming With Riley 8 oy oldin
I thought i was subbed????!!! well now i am
Farming With Riley
Farming With Riley 8 oy oldin
How can you afford all of that? The average farm usually has 2 pieces of modern equipment. But if it's an operation thats average
Napalm182 Napier
Napalm182 Napier 8 oy oldin
Lots purty toys
Logan arsenault
Logan arsenault 9 oy oldin
Who is the penguin
Dom Boningpise
Dom Boningpise 9 oy oldin
Case only. No green allowed.
Dixon Peer
Dixon Peer 9 oy oldin
Why the sarcastic remark about no till farming? I assume it yields less, or you wouldn't pan it. And I guess the idea is that it conserves top soil against wind and water erosion so that we don't end up with another dust bowl situation like we had during the Great Depression.
Occams Hazer
Occams Hazer 9 oy oldin
Two guy looking at looking at equipment and drinking a beer! I’m not sure life can get any better.
Adam Klein
Adam Klein 9 oy oldin
Randy should get his own UZpost channel
Marcus Roberts
Marcus Roberts 9 oy oldin
also coors isnt a beer, wtf
Marky mark
Marky mark 9 oy oldin
I wonder how many 1000 of acres this boss is working on?? Such a beast, looks like a freaking Deere dealer!
Marky mark
Marky mark 9 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer Wow!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 9 oy oldin
Around 5,000 acres of their own plus some custom work for other farms
TGSGAMER 9 oy oldin
Anybody See that Penguin at 9:00?
Ben Diener
Ben Diener 10 oy oldin
John Deere Lover
John Deere Lover 10 oy oldin
What is that coolie cup for that beer
memet 10 oy oldin
9:12 penguin dude just chillin
Robert Hoffman
Robert Hoffman 10 oy oldin
Check out the Snap-On investment at the start of the video!
Mark Clark-lewis
Mark Clark-lewis 10 oy oldin
funny watching this when I worked on the farms in 1978 we had high low and 4 gears and we used our necks alot.!!!!
Mitchell Conant
Mitchell Conant 10 oy oldin
master pipelayer - i can't not laugh.
Rush Hook & Horn Adventures
Rush Hook & Horn Adventures 10 oy oldin
How many acres does Randy run?
Yves Labreche
Yves Labreche 10 oy oldin
Nice machinery, and also my kind of Canadian beer Coors Light. lol
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 10 oy oldin
How much land does Randy (& family) pharm?
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 10 oy oldin
How much land does Randy (& family) pharm?
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 10 oy oldin
How much land does Randy (& family) pharm
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 10 oy oldin
How much land does Randy (& family) pharm
_Bordz_ 10 oy oldin
Oh so we cant say digger's in Texas 😂
DAvid Dupre
DAvid Dupre 10 oy oldin
Started watching your video and see you and your friend both drinking beer, that isn't a good influence for our children and young people to see, even though they may see things like this at home it still gives silent influence to these by our example.
Mossy Moore
Mossy Moore 10 oy oldin
I'm from Ireland and we see nothing like this evening is so small over here
The Essex Hunter
The Essex Hunter 10 oy oldin
Nice kit, shame about the beer also way to close for the social distancing....think family think safe...
Judy Craig
Judy Craig 10 oy oldin
Love seeing all the "big" deeres! Grew up on small farm, but enjoy seeing all the different kinds of farming! Old lady from Central Maine
Peter C
Peter C 10 oy oldin
2:13 alright
Stephen Boynton
Stephen Boynton 10 oy oldin
I know this is an old video, it’s funny. But you could have gone through his trucks as well Zack
PAlia Kamal
PAlia Kamal 10 oy oldin
hiii,my name is muhammad asif i want to import 1 combine harvester new holland below 2000 model, can u help me for this.thanks 00971555584823 call and whatsup thanks
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