Everything is Broken!!

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Everything is Broken!! Just another day of harvest!
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
Nominate Your Local First Responders: Best point of contact at your department? What equipment does your department/responders need? Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments? Any other information you think we might find useful? Please send request to givingback@mnmillennialfarmer.com
Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
Funds raised will be distributed to rural first responders to purchase grain bin rescue systems and training.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Alan McHone
Alan McHone 3 oy oldin
My wife and I have been following your channel for a couple of weeks now and we wanted to get some back history, so we started with the January 2020 videos and worked our way up to this one.... After we binged watched the last 12 episodes last night, we looked at each other and thought that was better than Netflix lol.... We would almost be willing to pay for such great content! :) So from fellow millennial to fellow millennial , keep it up or in Zachs words, keep keepin it between the rows! ;)
JayJayGee Oy oldin
@Def Leppard RockBrigade Absolutely! I am happy to see so many farmers getting involved with social media. Big farm, small farm, crops, livestock, vegetables, fruit, whatever it is. So important that people understand where their food comes from, and what kind of people it takes to make it happen. Farmers everywhere: Keep em coming! Love to see what you do!
tuunmaster 3 oy oldin
Could not agree more, my last vacation I started at the first vid he made, worked some serious OT and watched till I was up to date. By the time I was done I almost clear cut my property so I could farm it.
Eric Kurtz
Eric Kurtz 3 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer I hope you have a good day
Eric Kurtz
Eric Kurtz 3 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer I hope you have a good day send a good day 🚜
Mitchell Strano
Mitchell Strano 3 oy oldin
iAlan McHone i
Cap 5 kun oldin
A little advice on inner bearing races. score it with a cutoff wheel or grinder and smack the groove with a cold chisel. the race will fall right off.
rnedisc 16 kun oldin
Poor Jim always getting such a hard time. Freaking love that dude.
Matej Lomjanski
Matej Lomjanski Oy oldin
3:35 Jim looks like you just caught him stealing those tools :D :D
Lucas Oy oldin
Do you have any problems with the dual auger grain cart in wet corn? Do you open the gate all the way in say 29% corn. My dealer is worried about my tractor not having enough horsepower I have a 8370RX your thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Bradley Choquette
Bradley Choquette 2 oy oldin
A wheel puller and a cordless impact makes short work of rusted on bearings.
James Rogers
James Rogers 2 oy oldin
Man, I remember replacing sickle sections. We had to chisel off the rivets to remove the damaged ones and then install replacements with new rivets. Massive pain.
Gene Mars
Gene Mars 2 oy oldin
Oh. I thought this was going to be about the world in general. Silly me.
Tony Harrell
Tony Harrell 2 oy oldin
Heavy dew, sounds like a drink. Or a fuel additive. 😂😂😂
The GOAT Al Bundy
The GOAT Al Bundy 2 oy oldin
Where's all the pheasants??
Phil Kuchar
Phil Kuchar 2 oy oldin
Subbiahgounder Murugesan
Subbiahgounder Murugesan 2 oy oldin
Can you post fertilizing,watering and pest control spraying videos!!
Jan-Philip Pinkowsky
Jan-Philip Pinkowsky 3 oy oldin
Phil Oetinger
Phil Oetinger 3 oy oldin
Look at that vibration on the mirror! That's crazy!
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 3 oy oldin
Awsome to see that young kid learning to work. I'd like a chance to run that equipment.
Twistex 3 oy oldin
5:58 was that a fart? lol
z1ga 3 oy oldin
Is it just me or does he really sound like Ryan Reynolds sometimes Listen to this: 1:34
Brad Baynham
Brad Baynham 3 oy oldin
Awesome for a kid, hooked for life now. Great job guys!!!
Erica Hilt
Erica Hilt 3 oy oldin
tuunmaster 3 oy oldin
Who makes the engines on the bigger John Deere stuff? I know some of the smaller stuff is yanmar.
iBelieve 3 oy oldin
james sullivan
james sullivan 3 oy oldin
Income of poor Mexican farmers dropped over 60% because NAFTA dumped cheap U.S. corn on them.
I'm AlexZander
I'm AlexZander 3 oy oldin
witch also i got a youtube channel its called alex osmundson but i changed it to alex playz but search up alex osmundson anythime you want to watch my gaming content
I'm AlexZander
I'm AlexZander 3 oy oldin
hey man keep up the good work i've been watching you for the last two years now and you do good content and also my name is alex and im 11
Noel Martin
Noel Martin 3 oy oldin
I know you are a fair employer Zach so I can assume that you are paying Onyx the standard $25.OO DOLLARS an hour to replace your dad!? hahah.
4 Smoking Tailpipes
4 Smoking Tailpipes 3 oy oldin
Onyx! What a cool kid.. He seems so happy to be involved.. Reminds me of me 25 years ago!
Cade Steffan
Cade Steffan 3 oy oldin
Lol good ole Jim. What a guy😂. Tbh I wouldn’t mind hearing about Jim’s history.
john loux
john loux 3 oy oldin
Onyx’s face says it all getting it the combine! Doin what he loves!!
livinthedream92109 3 oy oldin
Anyone ever tell you you sound like the actor Ryan Reynolds? Thanks for the content, it's very refreshing for those of us stuck in the city!
Lance Dever
Lance Dever 3 oy oldin
Grandpa better get up and going quick or he will be on the second string real soon. Great job Onyx.
Luke McCabe
Luke McCabe 3 oy oldin
Jim needs to do his own videos!
Casey Wuske
Casey Wuske 3 oy oldin
Why do you guys call by number instead of names on the radio?
Jared Black
Jared Black 3 oy oldin
Chrome socket on an impact- bad boys for life😂😂😂
Spencer 3 oy oldin
lets kid drive equipment next video : everything is broken
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen 3 oy oldin
Hello fellow Minnesotan how are you today I am over in Olmsted County and you’re somewhere up north so I hope you have a good harvest and I hope things are going well with your family God bless
Dave Mclaughlin
Dave Mclaughlin 3 oy oldin
G'DAY Zach,can disregard my wondering regarding your name,in next VLOG, as read it here and will nev never orget,as my eldest son is Zachary born 15/07/1998, so similar era to your self, he is a successful musician in Brisbane Queensland Australia, playing bass guitar?
waterskiingfool 3 oy oldin
Was waiting for the field bathroom joke. Glad you got the bin fans running again.
Anarchy Pony
Anarchy Pony 3 oy oldin
Why did dad leave the farm? Ugh, it seems like the life that's perfect for me...
Jordan Behlen
Jordan Behlen 3 oy oldin
How very awesome it is to see the next generation already out on the cart. I wish i would have continued that lifestyle myself. It may be a ton of work and stress and strain physical and mental but its honest work its the lords work for sure. You fellas keep busting ass and making money together.
AssuredPond 3 oy oldin
Starting to see gray hair Zach! Haha
rollie e
rollie e 3 oy oldin
Waxed the shaft? Thats what she said
LandynG _ZN
LandynG _ZN 3 oy oldin
I love your vids and my drill does the same
noah shrimp
noah shrimp 3 oy oldin
Onex won the light game
Chris Brancheau
Chris Brancheau 3 oy oldin
He said "Well, at least somebody was able to get that done" LMAO
Cody panning
Cody panning 3 oy oldin
When will Jim be on the Off the Husk pod cast?
Brian Pollick
Brian Pollick 3 oy oldin
I'm insanely jealous of onyx. All my life I begged my family to let me help on the farm, but they never wanted me involved. I've even volunteered to help on other local farms in my area but PA farmers are stubborn and keep to themselves. Almost insane offering free help and they push you to the side!
OmnipresntGaming 3 oy oldin
With your presence on social media have you ever thought of using your platform to promote Right to repair?
M8Stealth 3 oy oldin
Kent Electric Motor Repair!
Dan Tomlinson
Dan Tomlinson 3 oy oldin
As I look at my dining table filled with food and my cars full fuel tank, I want to thank you and the Millennial Farmer Family for their hard work and dedication. Thank you!
Francois Schumans
Francois Schumans 3 oy oldin
Awesome to see your son driving next to the combine and handling the unloading like a pro. Can't wait to have my men (2,3 years and 2,5 months old) driving their own machine. The oldest is a red man like me, but the youngest seems to enjoy looking at the green stuff so he's watching your channel. The oldest watches Welker Farms 😂
Bill Hooker
Bill Hooker 3 oy oldin
Harvest Moon = Time to harvest!
ambluemax 3 oy oldin
Chrome socket on an impact. Bad boys for life lololol
Chris Watts
Chris Watts 3 oy oldin
Zach when u getting a drone
Michael Hurley
Michael Hurley 3 oy oldin
Chrome socket on an impact, you're living dangerously! 😆
The Sheep Game
The Sheep Game 3 oy oldin
Do u just film everything on ur phone? Seems great quality!
Johannes Wollmann
Johannes Wollmann 3 oy oldin
When are checkins with randy starting????
Danny D
Danny D 3 oy oldin
It’s safe to say Jim has gotten over being camera shy! Onyx is doing great with the grain cart, and as usual your videos are the best on UZpost even better than most stuff on the steaming services! Thanks to Zach and Becky for the videos!
Cdunham2978 3 oy oldin
Our pets’ heads are Fallin’ off!
Pushpraj Singh Jadoun
Pushpraj Singh Jadoun 3 oy oldin
Hi , I want to know how American farmer irrigate on field . Love from India
Pushpraj Singh Jadoun
Pushpraj Singh Jadoun 3 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer in India Rainey season start from July to October in this season we grow soybeans and from November to april wheat . To grow wheat we have to irrigate field. But we don't have Labour to irrigate field. It's a big problem for us. Because Labour demands very price for this . If any machine then suggest me. Thanks for your reply
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 3 oy oldin
In our area we get more than enough rain!
Sam klien
Sam klien 3 oy oldin
Jim isn't the farm we deserve but he's the farm hand the world needed!
C H 3 oy oldin
It’s always impressive how much of farming is machining in between farming.
Rocks and Oil
Rocks and Oil 3 oy oldin
And we're 80 and putting up hay in the Ozarks...Lemme see, tail wheel on a mower, flat, hydraulic hose, belt squealing... SNAFU...Situation Normal, All "Fouled" Up. And remind me to kill all the armadillos digging holes in the field
Carlisle Henderson the third
Carlisle Henderson the third 3 oy oldin
I’m just going to say it. I like Jim. So happy all of the time.
CB2 Trucks
CB2 Trucks 3 oy oldin
I’m not even a father and I’m proud of your new grain cart driver, sure brings back memories of my first time.
Carson Eggert
Carson Eggert 3 oy oldin
Ah yes. Bad boys for life
Brent Williams
Brent Williams 3 oy oldin
Jim is great! Glad he has allowed to be on camera more!
Ethan Paul
Ethan Paul 3 oy oldin
I like how Zach gets onto Jim for welding on the table but nothing about how hes welding without a hood or glasses or anything lol Love the videos Zach! Keep up the hard work!
Eric Groat
Eric Groat 3 oy oldin
Alan Wilcox
Alan Wilcox 3 oy oldin
Hey Zach: Dougo wants to know if you have a Crary hoodie! They finished their beans, but have Waaaaaay more breakdowns than you. Must be the WD-40.😉. Captain Al from Tampa😎
AerialFS 3 oy oldin
When is "The Funniest Moments So Far" V2 coming? can´t wait for that!!
Alfred Hernandez
Alfred Hernandez 3 oy oldin
How often do you have to replace the those cutting teeth on the header?
Matt Huey
Matt Huey 3 oy oldin
You could make a few shirts with the things you say or even stickers!!💯😂 Like "Thunderrr" or "Thats what she said" haha enjoy the vids man! God bless the fam!!🙏 Hope ur dad recovers fast!!💯💯🙏🚜
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar 3 oy oldin
Proud parents ! “6” is officially on the payroll now. 👍🏼💪😆
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 3 oy oldin
550 CAT in those T800s? If they are 475 CATs, even though that’s low power CAT engines still good cause CAT engines are pure 💪🏼💪🏼
paul short
paul short 3 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/m7eC3c1pq2eIoWQ.html have look at this let me know what you think
dave smith
dave smith 3 oy oldin
When is the x9 coming
Joe F
Joe F 3 oy oldin
You make America proud. Thanks for the food dude. I hope your John Deere connections can get you international exposure, people around the world would benefit from your tips, too. And then I saw the grain bin safety work your doing, volunteer I'll bet. Your like a super hero. Sincerely, best wishes. Joe F.
Billy Ogle
Billy Ogle 3 oy oldin
Poor Jim......he needs a cape with an ‘ S’ on it and some blue tights! Lol! He seems like an awesome fellow
James Boyle
James Boyle 3 oy oldin
Jim a really nice guy
Merrik Erfle
Merrik Erfle 3 oy oldin
Whenever Zach says “Thunderrr” I start to think: Thunder! Aaah aah aaaaah, Thunder! aaah aah aaaaah, Thunder!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 3 oy oldin
Hey man, I love your videos! Bin watching religiously for years (and I’m a full blown city boy 😂) stuff just fascinates me...I will have my own farm one day! I just wanted to ask you to make a quick shout out regarding the farm murders going on in South Africa, it’s getting out of control. Just to raise awareness or anything. Cheers mate, keep up the great content!
jasonmk44 3 oy oldin
as long as harbor freight is still open i will be a member of chrome socket gang 4 lyfe
Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey 3 oy oldin
Chrome socket on impact...go full savage and make that socket a 12 point...😬
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 3 oy oldin
Might have been a smoke moon if you you're getting some of the smoke from us in California. lol
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 3 oy oldin
Well that sucks...........sorry.
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 3 oy oldin
I wonder how freaked out Zach would be if his snap stopped working for a bit?????
Steve Wagner
Steve Wagner 3 oy oldin
Hey Thanks to share those video, I'm from Ontario Canada I had a large format printing and Display house for 7 years when I close it I start to work in Black Eart as tractor operator it time in my life at 53 YO full time RV'Ers I love it playing with TONKA in real life, my second years now and more I've look your video more I looking for a Real farm love the machinerie you do have Thanks again.
MerLin613100 3 oy oldin
Onix was probably scared of being alone in the dark. I would've been scared too.
Andreas Mathisen
Andreas Mathisen 3 oy oldin
Jim is a fucking legend!
James Baker
James Baker 3 oy oldin
0:59 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Christian Christiansen
Christian Christiansen 3 oy oldin
You should make a Jim-cam
Deanna Moody
Deanna Moody 3 oy oldin
Just a random idea ...probably impossible...a round table Off The Husk episode with the “Power 5” of Farming Ambassador’s...MMF, Welkers, Corstar Farms, Brian’s Farming , Larson Farms....It is so awesome that I live in a country that would make this a dream celebration for my young children as well as my older teenagers...simply amazing ...god bless !
Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw 3 oy oldin
Jim becoming a star in his own right. 📺🎬🌟
Ken Bryant
Ken Bryant 3 oy oldin
Good job Onex you are the man. Keep up the good work. Maybe some day if you want it all that could be yours.
Adam Mueller
Adam Mueller 3 oy oldin
More Jim definitely
Tammy Apetricci
Tammy Apetricci 3 oy oldin
1:58 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Baptism ByFire
Baptism ByFire 3 oy oldin
Farming Simulator 19 brought me here. I'm fascinated! Clearly I missed my calling.
That one person
That one person 3 oy oldin
J Farlooker
J Farlooker 3 oy oldin
Spent part of my youth on farms and ranches. Farm life isn't a forty hour week. You learn the true value of hard work. Strongest families can be found in this. Farmers and ranchers feed us and deserve our thanks. This is the real America.
Jeremy Catchings
Jeremy Catchings 3 oy oldin
Proud dad moment!
Jack Willie
Jack Willie 3 oy oldin
Long forgotten piece of equipment ..stone boat..lot of viewers usethem at one time...and a lot have no idea..
Holy Buckets! John Deere X9 On The Farm!!
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