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Millennial Farmer

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Everything is getting stuck! Well, not everything but our semi and Randy's cart sure did. The conditions are anything less than ideal with more rain on the way.. The J&M cart is handling the conditions like a boss and we love the Crary Wind System. The Thunder Creek Fuel trailer sure saves us time and we can especially appreciate it when running this far behind.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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calypsosoca Yil oldin
not a farmer, but i like to actually see for myself how food is produced and don't solely rely on portrayals by media and/or ngo's (global issue these days). this channel in particular is somewhat funny and entertaining. so instead of just looking out the window waiting for time to go by i figure i might as well watch some Millenial Farmer ...
Harry Thaarup
Harry Thaarup 9 oy oldin
I´m just an old retired sailor liking big machineri
KevinMichaelMichael 9 oy oldin
@Melanie M Also check out 10th Generation Dairyman
Casey Waller
Casey Waller 9 oy oldin
I'm a diesel mechanic that loves mud that how I started washing..someoneeee got stuck
Green thumb
Green thumb 11 oy oldin
Alex Haman Canada too. Farms aren’t usually big enough to come very far south, Australia has huge equipment. A huge bushel grain cart sits in SD from Australia. Quite large.
Thor The Northern
Thor The Northern 11 oy oldin
@Melanie M Who? Put a link to click or done pimpledone will forever be forgotten ? WTF!
Tim Steager
Tim Steager 7 soat oldin
No but love the the videos
Jason Marchadour
Jason Marchadour 22 soat oldin
Not a farmer Grandpa was, couple Uncles
Joe France
Joe France Kun oldin
I grew up on a farm but don't farm now. I get my farming fix from watching you. Keep up the great work and stay safe!
Brian Gerring
Brian Gerring 2 kun oldin
I’m a ex dairy farmer , I’m interested I the machines you use , I’m from New Zealand , we say from down under , you possibly have not heard of , down beside Australia , I’m impressed with the types of machines you use and how well you look after them . Cool lil family you have , the amount of hours you work to harvest , well done .
Sam Golboch
Sam Golboch 2 kun oldin
Not a farmer but want to be one soon
Don’s DIY’s
Don’s DIY’s 2 kun oldin
Not a farmer. But love your videos.
MadStudio Too
MadStudio Too 2 kun oldin
Not a farmer, just a Cidiot from Canada that just can’t get enough ...hence why I’m watching 2019 harvest in 2020. Keep up the great work.
Kevin Helgerson
Kevin Helgerson 3 kun oldin
Not a farmer but worked for a few. Never got to do field work much, always had to do the milking. So watching your videos kinda makes up for it.
obxboyoo 5 kun oldin
Not a farmer but grandfather was and I like the equipment
Paul 5 kun oldin
I am not a farmer. I am an electronics technician and software developer. Some of my customers are farmers, and they are the best and most interesting people I have ever met. Your whole lifestyle is so different to that of us city people. There is such a huge different science in farming that I never knew about before and it is people like you who have educated me on that,. And what 10 year old city boy gets to drive tractors tractors and all kinds of cool things? Maybe in another life, if there is such a thing, I hope that I could be a farmer's son.
Ryan Pavlosky
Ryan Pavlosky 7 kun oldin
Not a farmer but I am a gardener i like farms and the equipment ive wanted a farm since i was 12
Lackey DeHackey
Lackey DeHackey 9 kun oldin
Not a farmer. Used to live in Warrenville, IL next to Fermi Lab when I worked at Bell Labs in Naperville. Surrounded by corn. Used to watch Orian Samuelson on WGN-TV. Learned quite a bit from farmer's son colleagues about farm life. I guess the reason is reconnection. You put fuel in my tank and food for my food. Most people have no idea of what you do and go through or your values. I feel for you when Onyx drove that tractor filling in for his grand dad. My grand dad was a chemical engineer (one of the first in the USA) . I got his genes but I was electrical and software not chemical. BTW , what made Becky want to be a farmer's wife? They are special. You ever eat soybean burgers?
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock 10 kun oldin
Not a farmer. However, grew up working on a few local farms as well as helping out on the farm that is run by the school bus contractor that I work for.
james pitts
james pitts 10 kun oldin
Made it to the end,,,not a farmer,,,, like to watch the people that FEED AMERICA ! ! !
Rose White
Rose White 10 kun oldin
machines are always breaking down! We are going backwards.
Rose White
Rose White 10 kun oldin
1:48 that DEW is what GOD designed Earth to be watered with. Research shows the dew can be 4 inches per year - plenty enough to sustain a good growth of grass for a the lions and TRex to eat.
JacktheTurkey 11 kun oldin
I'm not a farmer and I'm watching because farming simulator 19 got me interested in it.
C Stilwell
C Stilwell 13 kun oldin
i am a farmer we have cattle wright now he are cuting hay
Brad Powell
Brad Powell 13 kun oldin
I come from a family have severe allergies so couldn’t do it as a professional standpoint . Miss being on the tractors an combines. Am a professional truck driver now
L K 14 kun oldin
Made it to the end... Not a farmer currently (unless you feel FS19 counts), but I have worked on farms various times throughout my life, and have been around them for most of it. I watch your channel because I enjoy the farming world, but am not working on one at the moment. Also, you do a great job with explaining things, and making it enjoyable to watch. It brings more realism to FS19 as well, which is never a bad thing...
Travis Freireich
Travis Freireich 14 kun oldin
Not a farmer but believe it or not I play Farming simulator 19 and by watching some of these videos it help to figure out what’s needed and what’s not needed to run my farm on the game
Kevin Stearn
Kevin Stearn 14 kun oldin
I am not a farmer my dad was but its interesting to see how u farm out there I am from England and your videos are interesting
Frances Roppel
Frances Roppel 15 kun oldin
We are farmers from Ontario canada
Neil Aggen
Neil Aggen 15 kun oldin
Not a farmer but made it to the end. I find it very interesting watching different farming videos and how things are done. For some reason, I find it very soothing to watch harvesting videos the most plus dairy farming. Really enjoy seeing Onyx driving the grain cart tractor and the joy on his face as he's doing it. Would love to see more of Mrs. MFer behind the wheel as well.
Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name
Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name 16 kun oldin
Not. I like the engineering aspects of your work.
Carl Fabricius
Carl Fabricius 17 kun oldin
i am a farmer from denmark
Tyler Geary
Tyler Geary 17 kun oldin
I watched this to the end and i am a farmer and watch all the videos
Noah Schellinger
Noah Schellinger 17 kun oldin
I am a farmer I watch you and four other farming channels
russcelt1 17 kun oldin
I'm not a farmer. But I grew up on 120 acre (100 acres tillable) Michigan farm during the late fifties through the sixties. It only took my dad a few years to figure out that that amount of ground was not enough to make a viable income. So he went to work for the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Service. I lived on the farm until '69 when I went off to the Air Force. The first video of yours I saw was about fall tillage. I like your style and sense of humour. The machinery has come a long way since the '50s.
Holloway Farm
Holloway Farm 18 kun oldin
Rice Farmer! We practice harvesting in the mud just for fun. 😁
Allen Wagener
Allen Wagener 18 kun oldin
I was born and raised on a small diary farm 40 miles w of Mpls/St Paul. Left in 1960 at 18 yo and never came back to live. Now in retirement I wish I would have returned, so I am happy that your videos are available to folks like me. Be safe and keep up the good work.
yankeecaptain 66
yankeecaptain 66 18 kun oldin
Not a farmer old logger just like big equipment..
Carson Hundt
Carson Hundt 18 kun oldin
I’m a farmer
Todd Croan
Todd Croan 18 kun oldin
Not a farmer but love to watch the videos, I have been around farming most of my life.
Stealthcon69 18 kun oldin
Not a farmer I've always been interested in it
Ron Omdalen
Ron Omdalen 21 kun oldin
I was born and raised on a farm I miss the field work part, we were dairy I do not miss the milking part I would have loved to run equipment like you have now, I was brought up with with a 2236 McCormick deeding and a farmalll H loose hay and corn binder, we had considered a big farm for the times 160 acres ,so that's why I enjoy your videos keep up the good work
Mark Green
Mark Green 21 kun oldin
Not a real farmer but a virtual farmer
Glenn Morehead
Glenn Morehead 21 kun oldin
Another job where people are unappreciated on a breaker bases and needed to have thank you for Were being a farmer without you would all starve
Glenn Morehead
Glenn Morehead 21 kun oldin
Back here again yes truck driver for the United States Postal Service are yet the drive all night long to get the mail through like you guys drive all night long to get the harvest through thank you for your participation
Glenn Morehead
Glenn Morehead 21 kun oldin
I'm a truck driver from New Hampshire it showed up on my phone one day I was interesting and the latest technology and farming in your broadcast of your UZpost channel is very interesting thank you very much
Teagan Saxton
Teagan Saxton 22 kun oldin
Not a farmer. Got into farming because I live in the middle of Iowa and I love seeing them workin the fields. I am a Case guy but l love John Deere.
Kevin Hyde
Kevin Hyde 23 kun oldin
Those plug ins are junk
Lance Muuss
Lance Muuss 23 kun oldin
Modern technology nothing but problems
Clayton McCollum
Clayton McCollum 23 kun oldin
I know I’m late to seeing this video, I just subscribed to your page about two months ago and been in the process of watching all your videos, but I’m a full time horse trailer builder and part time farmer and it’s pretty cool to see how other farms work compared to ours here in NorthEast Indiana
ThatGuyAbe724 24 kun oldin
I am a farmer. Not in the scale like y’all, but our 146 acre farm still has plenty of work to do all year round. I would love to try my hand at working a farm in the scale like y’all have. Great videos keep them coming.
Glenn Koproske
Glenn Koproske 25 kun oldin
I have farmed corn & soybeans in east central Illinois Iroquois County. But since retirement we rent the ground out. I watch because your weather window is much tighter.
Noah Holian
Noah Holian 25 kun oldin
i made it to the end and i am a farmer we bale hay watch it when we are waiting for it to dry
Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler 26 kun oldin
I'm not a farmer but would like to get on a farm to work
Joe Ummels
Joe Ummels 26 kun oldin
Not a farmer. Plumber actually. Would be a farmer in a heartbeat! Alberta Canada
Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo 26 kun oldin
I am a Farmer -- I grow wine grapes.
Kieth Buchholtz
Kieth Buchholtz 26 kun oldin
Farmer born and raised!
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 26 kun oldin
Brian Priest
Brian Priest 26 kun oldin
I am not a farmer but my papa was a farmer and I’m gonna be funny when I grow up so I watch your channel little bit to How
Joe Vomacka
Joe Vomacka 27 kun oldin
Not a farmer from Note to everyone else do not complain about farmers with a mouth full of food😊😊😊
The Slash Man
The Slash Man 27 kun oldin
Not a farmer, but my grandfather is
Dr. Carrot gamer
Dr. Carrot gamer 28 kun oldin
I’m an Irish sheep farmer but watch u because I rather grain farming
matt bruce
matt bruce 28 kun oldin
Biggest thing I miss from the 9 series combines. The wonderful beeping
Stenvne Thomas
Stenvne Thomas 29 kun oldin
Not a farmer, but come from an agricultural family.. spent my youth on Alberta family ranches and farms learning, and getting into good trouble.. Learned a lot from my Uncles about livestock and grain farming.. will always thank them for that.
ammojeep 29 kun oldin
I did make it to the end! I’m not a farmer, but I have cows and horses. I like what you are doing my promoting Ag (not egg, lol). It looks y’all have fun with all the struggles of farming. And it’s entertaining! I definitely like watching this more than anything on tv!
Jim L
Jim L 29 kun oldin
i was ,now just have fruit tree's ,and a few horse's at the ranch
Jeff Steelman
Jeff Steelman Oy oldin
Not a farmer. Grew up in Mississippi on a farm. Now Dallas. All I drive is a bass boat
Craig Bowie
Craig Bowie Oy oldin
Not a farmer. Need something good to watch that is not COVID, politics or hate.
Spence Westdorp
Spence Westdorp Oy oldin
I got a red tractor ad. How could they.
Nude Lee
Nude Lee Oy oldin
I grew up on a farm, but I don't farm now, I like to see how the technology has changed farming
keith Bender
keith Bender Oy oldin
Yes did farming not mine but picked cotton peanuts beans and corn know where you are coming from
Kenny Maready
Kenny Maready Oy oldin
Been farming part-time for 57 years, just beef cattle now . Really like your videos !
Darryl Hewitt
Darryl Hewitt Oy oldin
Not a farmer, both parents grew up on farms. Worked for a few farmers myself growing up. Enjoying the vids
Nolan Hansen
Nolan Hansen Oy oldin
I am a fomer
Tim Bishop
Tim Bishop Oy oldin
Hi, i am a farmer in the UK, love seeing how you do it in the USA. Nice to see you overcoming the same issues we have, P.S Do you have to put dual wheels on everything - shockingly ugly lol
Art Henry
Art Henry Oy oldin
Not a farmer, DANG. Started out in farm country in south central Illinois. Left there in 62 for bout 21 years, 1 month, and 1 day in the military. (but whose counting) Traveled a lot do to that career, ending in New York state. (DANG again) Remembering the farmers I worked for and with, I have always admired their courage and commitment to farming. Also loved the self sufficient way farmers seem to overcome life's problems. I REALLY enjoy your humor, attitude, and family. There is a connection and worth there that is precious. I congratulate you and your wife on your great kids. They give me hope for the future of us all. And I certainly enjoy your guided tours and explanation of all that goes into being a farmer.. I like your style.. YOUR world there, including your family and your dad, seem to me to be just perfect. I'd consider that heaven on earth. Thank you for all your videos, I am enjoying them very much. (some repeatedly) Wishing you all the best..
SASANKA Jayasekara
SASANKA Jayasekara Oy oldin
Not a farmer but I do like those giant machines and to see they are rolling out in the fields.
airbaltic 001
airbaltic 001 Oy oldin
Whats the randy channel name?
ciaran Markey
ciaran Markey Oy oldin
I am a farmer
Robert Merkle
Robert Merkle Oy oldin
Farmer, I run a Veggie Stand in SD. Its fun to watch your videos between customers.
John C. Pepper
John C. Pepper Oy oldin
I use to raise Tobacco from when I was 7 - 28 years old plus I helped one of my cousins harvest his soybeans for 3 years here in Missouri
Kreasen Naidoo
Kreasen Naidoo Oy oldin
Not a farmer yet, just learning how to do it until I can get my own farm
Fonk_Sr Oy oldin
I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I’m just curious if you always eat like sh$t? Doesn’t matter to me, just curious.
carlos simmons
carlos simmons Oy oldin
Not framet was 50 year ago for 20 yrs now 70 yrs old then i was pipe welder great job love veo.
Duane Graham
Duane Graham Oy oldin
I'm not a farmer, but grew up on a small farm in SE Kansas, 60 years ago. I really enjoy seeing and being amazed by the new, huge equipment. I also like the green. Remember the old Johnny Put-puts?
lemme 2
lemme 2 Oy oldin
I'm a farmer
Nate Beyers
Nate Beyers Oy oldin
I'm actually a concrete guy in Indiana but we farmed a little bit when I was a kid. I really enjoy watching your videos because I feel like y'all are set up properly to farm and be profitable this day in age. As well the way y'all farm is how we did it down here in the 80s mainly the tillage part. Down here now there is next to no tillage done.
Mason Poe
Mason Poe Oy oldin
I Am a farmer
Mason Poe
Mason Poe Oy oldin
Mason Poe
Mason Poe Oy oldin
Who wants to say it since he did not
wayne fontaine
wayne fontaine Oy oldin
not a farmer i find it entertainting and to learn a little to
Paul Kappes
Paul Kappes Oy oldin
Not a farmer, but grew up in Murray County, Mn. It's amazing to see the differences between now and back in the 50s, 60s. Keep up the good work, I enjoy eating.
Larry Stauffer
Larry Stauffer Oy oldin
I am not a farmer at present but did grow up on farm and farmed for many years. I have been away from farm for many years now and i like watching the farming videos to get back to my roots and see how much farming has changed.
Theresa Oy oldin
Stuart Davies
Stuart Davies Oy oldin
Not a farmer just got into it arfer playing farming simulator 17... love the show so far
SkyV _YT
SkyV _YT Oy oldin
What is that I see on that there Monitor at 17:53 Wellker farms means red machinery disgrace we like green NOT RED!!! Lol 😂
RandySpengler Oy oldin
not a farmer, but playing farming simulator while watching your videos since 2017 :D :P
Royce Friesen
Royce Friesen Oy oldin
I am not a farmer, I'm retired from the medical field but grew up in Central Nebraska in farming country. Farming is much different now than it was 40yrs. ago and it is interesting. Carry on.
Joey Willis
Joey Willis Oy oldin
I’m a farmer and like to watch another farmer at work and your also pretty funny
Douglas Neidert
Douglas Neidert Oy oldin
Truck drivers get the same thing with the temp change with the sun thru the glass
Douglas Neidert
Douglas Neidert Oy oldin
I love modern technology! It's broke, but you don't know what to fix!...lol
Willem De Jong
Willem De Jong Oy oldin
not a farmer. but i do drive a tractor (a red one) over the beach with tourists on the trailers.
Chris Strom
Chris Strom Oy oldin
Not a farmer. Just enjoy watching. My grandfather had a farm about the same size as yours when I was a kid and I always enjoyed riding with him. It was my dream to be a farmer. Unfortunately he retired when I was about 11 or 12 . He sold all the equipment and leased all the family land out and I never go the chance.
Nick Lentz
Nick Lentz Oy oldin
I am not a farmer because my family sold outlet farm before I was born and it got turned into a huge community and just keeps growing more and more houses get built and I always wanted to be a farmer but I never got the chance to sit on a tractor or combine and I spent all my life with my cousins and there small farmers so they don’t have stuff like you so l like to see how everything works and what all needs to be done with everything that happens
rickadead Oy oldin
None Farmer from the UK. Always been interested in farming and would love to ride some of those machines! Its interesting to see how much farming has changed and how technology in some of the areas changes rapidly (like the electronics in what would appear to be a simply tractor) to the almost static changes like grain silos and how the Grain is moved. Been watching your videos for a week now and iv watched them all out of order (*DAMN UZpost UPO NEXT*) HA. Keep up the good work, always fun watching!
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