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Millennial Farmer

11 oy oldin

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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Ronald Piper
Ronald Piper 15 kun oldin
Mrs. Mn farmer. When he is in shower does he practice the THUNDERRRRRRRR? I BETCHE DOES
Latif 7 pk agriculture
Latif 7 pk agriculture Oy oldin
G Bailey
G Bailey Oy oldin
I did not spell blues right 😂
G Bailey
G Bailey Oy oldin
You need to try some Baileys BBQ pulled pork.. if you don’t then try Bules Hog BBQ sauce we use it and it is INSANE
Nicole Sheahan
Nicole Sheahan Oy oldin
Finneas Blakley
Finneas Blakley Oy oldin
Oh my gosh everyone quit bashing him for using the best farming brand
Not A Channel At All
Not A Channel At All 2 oy oldin
Thunderrrrr! 20 seconds later: Thunder.
Landan Yard
Landan Yard 3 oy oldin
Thunnnda Thunder
tuunmaster 3 oy oldin
Why is the logo a Massey Ferguson?
pm Midnight
pm Midnight 4 oy oldin
did they keep the J&M grain cart, or was it a demo?
Alex Veldhuis
Alex Veldhuis 5 oy oldin
With chickens having the highest conversion ratio (feed to bodyweight), I would have thought they would be the most consumed animal protein product worldwide. That and the fact chicken are more often kept by people than pigs. I am thinking of lesser developed countries and high population nations like India, Indonesia and China. I would have to look at data to confirm this.
Hulk Hoggan
Hulk Hoggan 6 oy oldin
Check out kilted pig on Facebook. We do catering events
small softy
small softy 8 oy oldin
Havent seen a recent upload lately. Hope all Is well for you and you're fsmilyn
ED Simulation
ED Simulation 8 oy oldin
He owns this farm, right?
BazilRat 8 oy oldin
They've probably got that thing data-logged to the gills... it's win-win either way. If the machine works... you buy it, you get a good machine, they get money. If it doesn't, they get data to try and figure out why it doesn't work on your farm - and conversations with you about what you do and don't like. The harvester improves. They come back next year, or the year after...
Aiden Gundrum
Aiden Gundrum 8 oy oldin
what kind of combine is that
PKS2 8 oy oldin
Mrs MF , please lean on Zach to wear his seat belt any time he drives one of the pickups. The GM product will protect very well in many types of nasty collisions or sudden low speed quick-stops like a tire dropping in a gofer hole. But no safety system can help much if that belt is not used.
RumMonkeyable 8 oy oldin
Poor Iyla, always has that beautiful long, blonde hair in her face. Sure there must be a reason. The Johnson kids are just, well, GREAT! Becky & Zack, congrats on being such wonderful parents! 👍👊❤️️😍
roboCat 8 oy oldin
Oof that looks good
Bryce Pieratt
Bryce Pieratt 8 oy oldin
Zack is a good Person
Obelix Gallier
Obelix Gallier 8 oy oldin
Great video, as always. I was wondering if there isn't a better way to check how full the bins are, other than knocking on them? I would suggest a push-button on the inside with a plate on them (using the pressure the corn puts on the wall of the bin) every foot or so up the bin. Closing a circuit to light a light either in your testing both or on the outside of the bins. Sorry for bad English, it's a second language... Have a nice one, and greetings from Germany.
jesse serfling
jesse serfling 9 oy oldin
Everytime I see you walk in front of the corn headers I cringe if it were me I woul hid my head on reach pointed part
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan 9 oy oldin
Who is Better than farmers?? They really do care about people less well off and better off
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan 9 oy oldin
Food tastes so much better when working in the fields
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved 9 oy oldin
The over enthusiastic "well, it's not worse" is so typically farmers! 😂😂
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved 9 oy oldin
Tariff war reduced pork-exports to China?
Graham Oldreive
Graham Oldreive 9 oy oldin
Millennials using Styrofoam containers ?.😱
David Tegelmeister
David Tegelmeister 9 oy oldin
Claas ist besser
cn 250
cn 250 9 oy oldin
Did you know china bought Smithfield ham???
Олег Григорьев
Олег Григорьев 10 oy oldin
Привет! Супер!!!👍👍👍😊
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 10 oy oldin
To think I was going to eat a goose for Christmas. I thought it was wreaths across America.
Trippydalejr 10 oy oldin
Warning ⚠️ this video is not kosher 😂
Leakproofcow88 10 oy oldin
I was almost going to be disappointed when you open the panel for the Thunder Creek trailer, but then you saved it. Love your videos.
Zach Young
Zach Young 10 oy oldin
When is the map for farming simulator 19 coming out would love an update
Dale441 9 oy oldin
When does his map come out
André Gonçalves
André Gonçalves 10 oy oldin
MF = Millennial Farmer, and also = Massey Ferguson
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn 10 oy oldin
Zach I'm not sure if you watch any of Brian's videos ( brown farms) he said in one of his videos that the Klass was hard too set up but one you got used too it it was easy. You know Deere so maybe it was just not what you were familiar with. Still a great video. I now have too go make cookies while eating pulled pork. (Thank your wife for me)
Declan Keegan
Declan Keegan 10 oy oldin
Do this more. I like the vlog/farm videos
Jeff Davenport
Jeff Davenport 10 oy oldin
instagram.com/p/B5dFoXwpGwuw7ErkMCS80OjtKu07haKl-2zYPU0/ . Reped ya outside the USDA this past week up in DC.
Ryan Cionka
Ryan Cionka 10 oy oldin
Zach I want to be a farm hand. How can I get started. I'm very passionate about farming and want to get into it.
Pewdie pie
Pewdie pie 10 oy oldin
Lexion isn't as good as just plain cat combine bc the cat engine is better and more well built and there better for wheat.
H0rs3k1d K1dxx123
H0rs3k1d K1dxx123 10 oy oldin
How did you get a class lexion
Colorado 450L
Colorado 450L 10 oy oldin
"Unit" (smirk) DARN YOU, ZACH. I spit Mountain Dew all over my monitor :(
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
iBelieve 10 oy oldin
The Western Sky Ranch
The Western Sky Ranch 10 oy oldin
Cool new shirt
Budd Bieber
Budd Bieber 10 oy oldin
I've been watching your videos all day. You are very entertaining and very knowledgeable! Bacon makes the world go round!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
Thank you!
Digger Dave.
Digger Dave. 10 oy oldin
Zach, that pulled pork looked just divine. I loved your hams across America donation, what a fabulously generous and kind hearted gesture, you and your family never fail to make me smile. Do you post apparel out to the U.K?
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek 10 oy oldin
Pretty awesome that the kids brought you lunch, thanks for a great video!
ImpHalla 10 oy oldin
Definitely has Green undies, which is not a bad thing. All comes down to Ford/Chevy or Canon/Nikon. It is what you like and prefer.
errgsd 10 oy oldin
Very porky.
josh fisher
josh fisher 10 oy oldin
Why didn’t you show us the loss comparison? No need to answer, I already know. SMH
josh fisher
josh fisher 10 oy oldin
Zack, a 9870 is a class 8 machine. You also must know that class size is determined by HP alone and not capacity. I’m not asking you to match capacity and show losses just show losses at the speed you normally run. If you would do that then it would be more of an apples to apples comparison. If you’re only running a .5% loss than you would have no problem including that in your video. Why did you leave that out? All it leads to is skepticism. If you really are trying to be non-bias post video results.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
@josh fisher I'm avoiding it because the nee Deere machines have a much larger cleaning area. Not as big as the Claas, but much bigger than our 9870. It isn't an apples to apples comparison. Our machine is 8 years older and 2 sizes smaller. It's easy to see which one of us is actually being biased here. The loss behind the Class was great, but I couldn't get the tank clean. The loss behind our Deere was about 0.5% which is definitely acceptable to us.
josh fisher
josh fisher 10 oy oldin
Being new has nothing to do with it. You’re either being extremely ignorant to how the machines work or just using it as an excuse. Cleanliness and sample is sometimes a balancing act in tough conditions. If your Deere’s grain sample is extremely clean you definitely have some loss. I’m simply asking what the losses were but you’re avoiding the question.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
@josh fisher how is that fair? I didn't have a brand new Deere to compare it to and it never performed to my standards as far as the cleanliness of the sample. It was already disqualified...
josh fisher
josh fisher 10 oy oldin
It would be fair as long as you’re comparing losses and not production. Why wouldn’t you show the absolute most valuable part of the demo?
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 10 oy oldin
He wares wight underwear.
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 10 oy oldin
Love watching him farm.
porkypigdestroyer 10 oy oldin
my dad is a pig farmer
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker 10 oy oldin
John Deere over priced junk.
Carter Hazelhoff
Carter Hazelhoff 10 oy oldin
What did that hybrid corn yield mr millennial?
Robar Inc.
Robar Inc. 10 oy oldin
Nice family bro do you own the farm?
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 10 oy oldin
Hey it does not matter what you use, as long your getting the results your needing. And made in the USA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚜🚜🚜👍👍👍
Clinton Emmert that LEXION is 68% North American, and the final parts come from Germany! The new Green ones are even more North American....... it’s all about product traceability!
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 10 oy oldin
That was so cool 😎 seeing the kiddos helping with the hams, and the food for y’all. 👍🇺🇸🚜👍🇺🇸🚜👍🇺🇸🚜
derekhnatko 10 oy oldin
Cool to see you didn’t just give the Claas and awesome review cause they brought you one to try, a lot of sellouts on UZpost these days.
derekhnatko one thing is for sure he don’t sugar coat a thing!!!
Keith Kuckler
Keith Kuckler 10 oy oldin
Pork, "the other white meat".
Boot 185
Boot 185 10 oy oldin
John Deere the GM of tractors always can count on them
Sander Op De Beeck
Sander Op De Beeck 10 oy oldin
Now you need to pump some diesel in your truck every day so you can say thunder...
Jacob _6420
Jacob _6420 10 oy oldin
John Deere ftw
Joar Folkestad
Joar Folkestad 10 oy oldin
hahaha jumping back into comfort zone the John Deere
Joar Folkestad I could say the same if I had to run a Deere for a day!
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 10 oy oldin
Great job as always!!! We are FINALLY done with fall field work. The corn and soybeans we grow on our farm (in Wisconsin, northwest of Green Bay) are in the bins (we didn't have to haul anything to town). The crop we got is the crop we got. (too damn wet and planted too late.) There is STILL a lot of corn and soybeans in the countryside. Hoping for a better year next year. Have a great Thanksgiving to you and your families and GOD BLESS!
Alvie Schreckhise
Alvie Schreckhise 10 oy oldin
I have a lot of green around here. Even though I hate the service side of the dealer network we have here in Northern Missouri. But the green equipment is just better for what I do and the bad health i have won't let me use the other equipment. Note: I'm not a farmer but I still do lots of yard and garden work with my 1025R subcompact tractor. And my 317 mower.
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk 10 oy oldin
I know and can see you are. Very competent. I thought I saw you checking the oil with the engine running. I should have known. Sorry.
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk 10 oy oldin
Did I see you check the engine oil with the engine running? How does that work?
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
Negative. I may be a Millennial but I'm still somewhat competent!
brandon May
brandon May 10 oy oldin
I donated my pork to my girlfriends mom
Randy Batho
Randy Batho 10 oy oldin
Happy Thanksgiving Millennial Family. Love what you do!
Lindsay Ellington
Lindsay Ellington 10 oy oldin
Your last day was yesterday
David Worsley
David Worsley 10 oy oldin
Crikey ! I thought you wers going to lose your fingers biting into that sandwich !
edward toner
edward toner 10 oy oldin
Three beautiful girls you're a very lucky guy , keep up the giving .
CMLovejoy 10 oy oldin
Nothing Runs like a Deere.
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart 10 oy oldin
Instead of climbing the bins couldn't the folks over at Dakota Micro put a camera in there to see the level?
Jasper Kraft
Jasper Kraft 10 oy oldin
You should demo a Fendt ideal 9T ran one up here in Canada, it harvested faster and cleaner than our S690s could
Ronald Piper
Ronald Piper 10 oy oldin
How do you get cleaner after picking?
Dancing Tractor Man
Dancing Tractor Man 10 oy oldin
The new logo is awesome!
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner 10 oy oldin
That's an awesome fuel rig give a tour of it sometime.Thank's
Chad Shafer
Chad Shafer 10 oy oldin
Like Your MMoline Shirt.
John Ratcliff
John Ratcliff 10 oy oldin
It was a pleasant change to see Ms M and the kids, and teaching them to help others by giving back to the community!!
Big Dreams on Small Acres
Big Dreams on Small Acres 10 oy oldin
When your daughter said ‘WHAT is she doing!’. I instantly knew there was no need for a DNA test. That girl was yours 😂😂
Granular Rogue
Granular Rogue 10 oy oldin
Not a farmer.... corn looked cleaner behind the green glass.... gotta do what works. 👍
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 10 oy oldin
I think you have some of the J&M/Claas info switched around in the bio
Brian Beard
Brian Beard 10 oy oldin
Hams across... I just got a Beerfest flashback! Everytime he says "Thunder" I say "FLASH" just in case the Germans are behind the hedgerow...
Vonbohn Products
Vonbohn Products 10 oy oldin
''nothin runs like a deere''
A Joker’s Smile
A Joker’s Smile 10 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer I seen in an old video you race a late model should throw in a quick vid of it
BinoDK 10 oy oldin
Whats that blue thing in front of the header at 8:07 ?
Kevin Koster
Kevin Koster 10 oy oldin
Looks like the row sensor for auto steer.
xXDrSnugglesXx 10 oy oldin
Doesn't matter if the equipment performs well on your type of soilconditions, i still think it's very nice of companies to give you equipment to try out. We get to see some awesome machinery, they get the data from the test drive, and exposure to a what i would like to say is a big community of farmers and non farmers.
louis wallace
louis wallace 10 oy oldin
class also sell combines in green and the green ones are made in europe and thoes ones are designed to combine wetter crops due to how weather conditons in europe
LMD Productions
LMD Productions 10 oy oldin
I got a Lexion for farming simulator and it had a Deere starfire on top... I took it off.
Kevin Bachmann
Kevin Bachmann 10 oy oldin
Im amassed at all the computers that are in tractors now day's
M4tty official channel
M4tty official channel 10 oy oldin
I love pork in any form: sausages, ragù, würstels, hams , cubed for making carbonara and matriciana etc...
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker 8 oy oldin
Please, don't forget BACON!
Stuart Attwood
Stuart Attwood 10 oy oldin
Hi, Zack. Love watching the videos and I'm not even farmer. Quick question now that harvest is done, would you ever consider unloading the combine directly into the semi-trailer instead of grain cart. To a neophyte it would seem to save a step, or is it too hard on the truck and field. All the best from Manitoba :)
Eric Decker
Eric Decker 10 oy oldin
Our 760 has a better sample than our 9770 any day. 18-30% corn. Doesn't matter. Id say you need to get some settings change on the 760
Jorge hernandez
Jorge hernandez 10 oy oldin
They need to give you the newest claas lol
justin milford
justin milford 10 oy oldin
American working families are awesome!! Keep up the good work guys raising kids that WORK!!!
Darius Jonusas
Darius Jonusas 10 oy oldin
Case not lexion
A New Claas Combine Harvesting!
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