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Farm Community Comes Together to help out one of our own. 60 years ago our neighbor Norm was there to help finish our harvest when my grandpa fell ill with cancer. 60 years later our community was able to return the favor. Highlight of my career, it's just what farming communities do. #payitforward
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Nathan Melander
Nathan Melander 11 oy oldin
In 1998 my grandpa passed away everyone came over had 5 combines going got the the beans done in one day it was so great to see it I was in college that day but we took pictures
Gameing Pro
Gameing Pro 2 oy oldin
Herold Tinnel
Herold Tinnel 2 oy oldin
I hope you doing that messed up really do not mess up what are you doing. KaTy
Herold Tinnel
Herold Tinnel 2 oy oldin
Try not to put in the machinery shop nail break down what I think it is my name is Katie as what
truck kinda person
truck kinda person 3 oy oldin
collage is weak should have helped out
Meagan Andreas
Meagan Andreas 4 oy oldin
steve Bruce
steve Bruce 20 soat oldin
Thank you all Love to see family's pull together, Lord Bless
James Cannon
James Cannon Kun oldin
This came up on my feed today... At first I was kinda upset because ive seen this before and thought for the second year in a row a local farmer had passed during season.. Glad it didnt happen again, loved rewatching this tho such a great community
TheGameDemoCreator 5 kun oldin
Not only is tilling the soil biblical, it's a blessing.
Christopher Colangelo
Christopher Colangelo 7 kun oldin
Right now. Over me.
andy miller
andy miller 7 kun oldin
thank you
Max Maddie
Max Maddie 8 kun oldin
That was awesome when he showed us the ecentals. *beer*and *pepsi* lol
Stealth Trees
Stealth Trees 9 kun oldin
I feel like strip tillage is the awnser
Noah Metts
Noah Metts 11 kun oldin
I love this vid the most
Dustin 11 kun oldin
Dust bowl 2020 lol Jesus died for our sins 🙂
Matt Man Productions
Matt Man Productions 11 kun oldin
That is one thing I love about farmers, they all chip in to help other farmers.
Seth M.
Seth M. 12 kun oldin
Unfortunately it is sometimes an unnecessary evil. :(
richard levari
richard levari 14 kun oldin
American farmers kick ass!
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock 15 kun oldin
Tillage? You gotta do what ya gotta do to make it happen!
brendan cadogan
brendan cadogan 16 kun oldin
Seems like all over the world it's the farming community who are the only ones that stick together and help each other out like that it's great to see it's the same here in Ireland
Chief 3
Chief 3 17 kun oldin
I know you won't see this but the American spirit we all way take care of each other
John Fleming
John Fleming 18 kun oldin
i think it's all apart of farming
Marcs Duk
Marcs Duk 18 kun oldin
The one kind thing towards someone will comeback the same way to you karma will be served
David Henschel
David Henschel 18 kun oldin
Thanks for helping out the neighbor.
Sam Can
Sam Can 20 kun oldin
Poppy mypassed away
BADWOLF1 22 kun oldin
It depends on what your doin some guys are no Till some aren’t. But For our operation we no till and that works for us
simon gagne
simon gagne 28 kun oldin
Good bless you! I’m from a small island near by Quebec City ,mostly farmer back then,when I was a teen we help a farmer rebuild is barn after a fire,so I now what it is to be a farmer helping a farmer! God bless and I hope you get a good harvest season. I recall myself driving all those machine as a teen,I just wonder if I will be able to do that With those modern machine. I’m 56 and now I drive monster truck in fort Mac. Have a wonderful day!
Rafa 29 kun oldin
Well it's a bit different you talking about tillage, because I'm from Brazil and here it's really hard us need this,of course that it's really different our land , we have two crops to year one in summer with soybean and other that us call the second crop ( winter corn), but I think if don't have other way it's an evil necessary who know if in the future you can find other alternative cheaper and good than one. Excuse me about my English I'm trying improve , your videos it's really good for me practice, have a good day broo!!!
Jim Craig
Jim Craig Oy oldin
Great group of neighbors
Ryan Wayne
Ryan Wayne Oy oldin
Awesome thing to see! Neighbors and Farmers coming together to help one of their own.
Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant Oy oldin
Tillage is vital for some fields every field needs it every few years
Jeff Steelman
Jeff Steelman Oy oldin
You don’t take a knee do you....except to pray
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins Oy oldin
lovely to see. good work everyone
Jeff Steelman
Jeff Steelman Oy oldin
I don’t know you but I’m proud of you 👍
Brian King Welding
Brian King Welding Oy oldin
You need to carry a Army e tool(folding shovel) so you can mud those tracks when you shut down for the night, then freezing mud isn't an issue
Killian Mc Hugh
Killian Mc Hugh Oy oldin
“Now pull on it” that’s what she said
Brad Dyer
Brad Dyer Oy oldin
I think fall tillage is very detrimental to today’s farmer to be able to provide big yealds eather virtical tillage or in line workes very good for us
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Oy oldin
As an old fart I have spent many hours on tractors out in the open with only a roll bar to protect you from the weather. These new machines you are using look like a dream come true for some but not for me, I worked the old adage, Drive by the seat of your pants. You could tell what was going on by the sound and the feel of the machine. Auto steer is something from science fiction. I am getting used to the automatic gear box in my SUV and looking at these driverless cars some groups are talking about with disbelief. I'm glad they will not occupy the same roads as me. I'll be long gone before they find their way to my wonderful piece of 'Gods Own' in Tasmania Thanks for your posting and remember, There are the old days and again there are the good days. Each era has both . The one thing in common over all eras is stress, watch out as it will sneak up and bite you on the butt Keep happy, healthy and working
Dot Cassilles
Dot Cassilles 26 kun oldin
Im in southeastern NSW Australia. Just wanted yo say hi from a fellow Australian. Blessings, Dot
William Riley
William Riley 2 oy oldin
Better you than me...!
Robert Butt
Robert Butt 2 oy oldin
Why do you skip through the field
Time Flies When You're Gaming
Time Flies When You're Gaming 2 oy oldin
The scream loll
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 oy oldin
Hahaha way to plug liking the vid
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch 2 oy oldin
This is why i love farmer communities they help each other when someone is in need
Robert Hoyt
Robert Hoyt 2 oy oldin
What a great thing to do with helping neighbors in need!
Rory Wynhoff
Rory Wynhoff 2 oy oldin
Tillage is necessary the way farming is done, not an evil. Plants love and need CO2 so why do we villanize it?
Alexis Chambers
Alexis Chambers 2 oy oldin
Wilhelm Goertzen
Wilhelm Goertzen 2 oy oldin
I believe you are doing the right thing
Clyde Stone
Clyde Stone 2 oy oldin
You are so cool men good job
TheOutkast27 2 oy oldin
Great job thats what friends do when someone is in trouble and needs help you help. What state is this in looks alot like Wisconsin
Herold Tinnel
Herold Tinnel 2 oy oldin
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 2 oy oldin
Tillage is good and necessary. You have to cut up the residue plant material in order for it to decompose faster. Its necessary to prepare the seed bed for planting. From what I've seen in your videos, low / zero till likely would not work in your area.
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 2 oy oldin
Essentials! Oh YEAH!!
Colton & Diane Collier
Colton & Diane Collier 2 oy oldin
The year was 1996. I was driving grain truck and one of our local farmers lost his daughter in a horrible crash. Well it was wheat harvest time and farmers and trucking companies came together from 50 miles around. What he said takes 3 weeks for him and his guys to harvest, we did in 1 day. Had to be 30 combines, 50 grain carts and in told number of semis. If you never seen combine after combine after combine coming through a field all together. It’s a awesome sight.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones 2 oy oldin
I think it’s a good idea to till and break up the top a little that no till tends to leave a hard pan with it getting worse every year I like to see tilled fields but I guess it depends on soil erosion too in South Dakota we do get so much heavy wind you hate to see ya hard work blowing in the wind and that was awesome to see everyone come together on the farmers beans to help the family out I like to see that we had a couple of deals like that in South Dakota kind a put a tear in ya eye and make you feel good about what ya did to help out
Ernest Wilcox
Ernest Wilcox 2 oy oldin
I'm old-school out of Georgia
Nicole Zewen
Nicole Zewen 2 oy oldin
I do
Patrick Hassett
Patrick Hassett 2 oy oldin
This absolutely happens on a yearly basis
Zelda koons
Zelda koons 2 oy oldin
God bless each and everyone for helping In such a dire emergency!
Rafe Kirkcaldy
Rafe Kirkcaldy 3 oy oldin
Your amazing I'm not a farmer in the UK but find it really interesting, I cant stop watching
Wilderness Boy
Wilderness Boy 3 oy oldin
I'm 13 and I started a corn patch this year and love it even tho I only have 20 corn plants but I really want to make a bigger farm I have goats and chickens too but I want more corn bc I love farming lol
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 3 oy oldin
It's drinking and harvesting an arrestable offense?
Thunder Plays
Thunder Plays 3 oy oldin
My uncle has 4 different grain legs and a whole lot of bins
Ian Monsour
Ian Monsour 3 oy oldin
time to get busy and work together and get the job done by helping out other people
Paul Moroney
Paul Moroney 3 oy oldin
Thank you for coming together as a community!!
Meagan Andreas
Meagan Andreas 3 oy oldin
LucasObama vs Lucas how are you I'm going to question about the the name for 8970 I want a John Deere on a Case IH on you draw on your truck on you/2/
ASD True Knowledge
ASD True Knowledge 3 oy oldin
Keith Westbrooks
Keith Westbrooks 3 oy oldin
If this spirit of helping each other would spread all across the land, what a better place it would be.
Brock Grayless
Brock Grayless 3 oy oldin
My dad died when I was 7
Brock Grayless
Brock Grayless 3 oy oldin
If case was cheaper John Deere would you buy a case
Not A Channel At All
Not A Channel At All 4 oy oldin
was cole the cornstar there???
Meagan Andreas
Meagan Andreas 4 oy oldin
kenny j harris
kenny j harris 4 oy oldin
Is that a Cummins engine
Revers3_Alt1tude 4 oy oldin
Love the channel I want to be a farmer some day
Tamil Boy
Tamil Boy 4 oy oldin
Hlo everyone this is suriyadeepan from India,am 25 am completed masters in mathematics, am the first generation graduate in my family, after my graduation I can't able to working for MNC companys,my ambition be a farmer, cattle forming in my village, kindly check with me and help me to make a form
Power Equipment Guys
Power Equipment Guys 4 oy oldin
I feel like it's better for the earth
Appomattox Rose
Appomattox Rose 4 oy oldin
15:00: "She's a beaut, Clark." Excellent. You're talking my language.
Charles Posten
Charles Posten 4 oy oldin
Farmers coming together - yeah right! ... The NFO tried that ... Because all farmers are in competition with each other, they will never band together - the government knows this and uses it to their fullest advantage ensuring cheap food - making huge corporate food companies billions of dollars ..... in turn these large food companies pay off politicians ("campaign money" ) ..... When a farmer passes away 3 out of 5 times the land ends up purchased by an investor - because there is so little profit in it - farmers often cant buy the land - some of these large farmers farm the land for pennies on the dollar returns - just so they can act like a "big deal" ....... When a farmer passes away - the neighbors come to together to harvest the crops - and usually out of those neighbors - 2 or 3 emerge as "ring leaders" - who are hoping to secure the land for themselves ..... This is why the neighbor asks the widow at the funeral if they'll rent it... Most farmers hope the neighbor dies so they can get their land - bigger, bigger - gonna be the biggest and baddest in the county - somehow by being the biggest and last farmer left think "I'll make all the money " ..... Its a mentality brought on by evolution of agriculture and corrupt politics ... Banding together as farm family's is a nice fairy tale but it rarely happens - unfortunately ...
Paul Elm
Paul Elm 4 oy oldin
I always loved plowing especially if u spread manure on corn field
Raynona Bohrer
Raynona Bohrer 5 oy oldin
You do what you need to do.! God bless you
ghostdevill 5 oy oldin
Godbless you and your farmcommunity! If everyone was that good then this world was a dream to live in!
Zack. Tillage looses up the soil to dry it out plus it works the dead plant dabrises into the soil to decompose into organic mass. Enjoy watching you run the equipment performing different needed tasks. Thank You Zack keep it going. Richard Vernick
Kenny Spry
Kenny Spry 5 oy oldin
Keep Doing what You are doing it Works Great it always has for a Billion Year's
The gamer 2.0
The gamer 2.0 5 oy oldin
1:07 oh don’t worry man I like climbing grain bins an 7 30 AM
Examiner 007
Examiner 007 5 oy oldin
Zach that is the BEST info video on you tube!! I really appreciate it and I can’t wait for your next one. Chip
Sturgill Racing
Sturgill Racing 5 oy oldin
I got a friend whos grandpa died and 6 or 7 combined 4 simies and like 8 grain carts came and helped on a 30 acker field
David Fehr
David Fehr 5 oy oldin
gene gemignani
gene gemignani 5 oy oldin
Had 2 uncles that farmed near Prophetstown ill. Spent a lot of summers in the 50's and 60's on the farm when I was a kid. Dad was an attorney but we had 5 acres and barns outside of Rockford. I was in 4-H and raised hogs. Drove Farmall super M's. for my uncle. Luv your show and watch it all the time. Incredible how farming has changed from what it was back then.
Jon 6 oy oldin
I watch this more than I do Netflix my mid life crises car is a tractor 🚜 now
Marc Sellers
Marc Sellers 2 oy oldin
I stopped watching everything except Zach and Chet (Larson Farms). I'd 100% rather watch these two getting shit done then all that other crap.
the real test of the story
the real test of the story 6 oy oldin
Yeah I reckon you have to do it
Ron Wolford
Ron Wolford 6 oy oldin
You do what you have to do to earn a living!
Charles Thomson
Charles Thomson 6 oy oldin
This channel is awesome cause they’re constantly filming farm work!
Kimberley Moore
Kimberley Moore 6 oy oldin
Can you please drive a 96 100
Chad Hall
Chad Hall 6 oy oldin
I think it really depends on your conditions and your location in my opinion
Sizzling Steak
Sizzling Steak 6 oy oldin
25k people like to climb grain bins at 7 am
SeMpEr Fi
SeMpEr Fi 6 oy oldin
Let me tell you a story about farmers in my country.. So.. we own a farm with about 40he of land, for americans this is probably like one of your fields but in my country thats quite a bit.. so in my country you have some fields that country owns but gives other farmers to use, when you get it you get it to work on for a 10 years or so, and we got this one fiels that has about 10he in one piece.. My dad was working that land for about 15years (he got that land twice in a row) and as he was geting older he didnt see the point in working that land anymore as it is a pretty big field and we didnt need that mutch crops(we were not selling crops but feed it to animals). So he gave it to another farmer to work on that field that only does agriculuture (people who have animals have bigger chance to "win" that land, forgot to say) He was working on it for about 2-3 years, when we decided to have it back because we incresed our farm and had mutch more mouths to feed. So this guy had corn seeded on that field, and you know how tall corn is. Everything was fine, he wasnt mad when dad told him that we need that land back. But this guy when they were picking that corn left corn roots (dont know if its how you call it) for about a meter high on purpose, for those who doesent know how high that is, its about one a little bit extended step.. we had so mutch problems plowing that field, in three days we will power harrow it for the first time and I am not looking forward to it... Sorry for bad english
Eden Gomersall
Eden Gomersall 6 oy oldin
Well I’m from Australia
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson 6 oy oldin
What about motorizing that lever at the top? Wired or wireless.
TeddyBear 007
TeddyBear 007 6 oy oldin
you have to have tillage and blend that soil, that is what makes it so rich and fertile, if you don't your just killing the soil year after year, and it needs to breath and it needs sun light, here we spreed manure, so we need to till but ya till'n is a good thing, and that was great you and everyone getting together to help out the neighbor, you don't see that a lot these days !!!! thanks for the video o'l boy keep up the hard work and long hours for the Country , we sure do appreciate it!!! just say'n !!!!
Albert Veenstra
Albert Veenstra 6 oy oldin
Used to climb 20 by 80 foot silos for fun when I was young
Dylan Portner gaming
Dylan Portner gaming 6 oy oldin
I heard that there was thunder in the area News No there's not
Anon E Mouse
Anon E Mouse 6 oy oldin
My kind of people.
James Bushman
James Bushman 7 oy oldin
hey, man. That was awesome what you did for your neighbor.
Hulk Hoggan
Hulk Hoggan 7 oy oldin
What is a bushel.
Greg 7 oy oldin
Amazing how farmers pull together to help one another out. Amen 🙏
Marcia Ferraz
Marcia Ferraz 7 oy oldin
Have a look at the "Lemkin" tillage, Karat or Kristall Models. We till 9" deep with a kristall and it removes a lot of compaction and leaves the ground very level and smooth unlike anything else I've seen. Our John Deere dealers sell it out here in Eastern Canada.
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