Farm Kid Learns How To Drive Skid Steer

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Millennial Farmer

9 oy oldin

Farm Kid Learns How To Drive Skid Steer, he's a natural! We're ready to get the planter ready. #HomeSchool #Shenanigans #PeopleGottaEat
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee 22 kun oldin
did you get a new semi
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman Oy oldin
From a safety standpoint all moving pulleys and belts that are not over seven feet off the ground must have a guard over the pully and belt, think about one of you children or a worker for that matter was to get their hand or foot onto a moving pulley unbelievable disaster...when I see where a safety issue comes into play I just can't help myself not to point it out...
Abekongen 2 oy oldin
your content is just long but not boring at all great job 😁
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 2 oy oldin
the nuts don't fall far from the trees
T Nels
T Nels 2 oy oldin
I love the fact that you clean everything off before pulling it in the shop. Nothing worse than a dirty shop.
John Thompson
John Thompson 2 oy oldin
Zack, about your request for ideas to install a flag pole on your tower. I can think of two possible ways to raise the flag. 1st) There are a number of flag pole companies who make kits (Alum or Fiberglass). Decide on the size of the flag you will want to have. The flag size drives the pole needs. The pole companies have all of the information you will need. 2nd) look for light poles that hav been taken down do to construction of they are no longer needed. Try a few sights to get a good deal. Most of the light poles are based mounted. You could extend a pipe below the walking grate and attach it a few feet below the grate to counteract the moment arm from the flag. Also thing about 3 guide wires to reinforce the pole. You also may want to look into adding an antenna to the top of the pole to improve your communication ability around the farm.
Dylan Nonegiven
Dylan Nonegiven 2 oy oldin
You buy Corn and Soybean seed ..... Why cant you use the corn and soybean you harvest as seed
Paul 2 oy oldin
Regarding the fire extinguishers: Even if you had left a gap between the seed pallets for access to that fire extinguisher or moved them so that it is accessible next to them, assuming they spontaneously combust how would anybody get to the fire extinguisher anyway? So many people place their fire extinguishers far too close to danger areas, and that is a huge mistake. With all the fire extinguishers all over that shop, I think you are well covered. Maybe even overkill.
waterbug85 2 oy oldin
Are those binds that you loaded the diesel trucks with Co-op binds? or Are you selling that grain to them?
Party Playz
Party Playz 2 oy oldin
love the vid onyx is the best and is kind and humble
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 2 oy oldin
Onyx is driving pretty good you did a good job teaching him
Bruce Welty
Bruce Welty 2 oy oldin
howzabout getting a small brake, a little sheet metal and fabbing up some belt guards for your transfer motors. One, osha will be happy happy, Two the water drips will shed off.
Chris Ackerley
Chris Ackerley 2 oy oldin
MILF: Have you thought about painting a large American flag on the side of one of your grain bins?
Ileen McMinn
Ileen McMinn 2 oy oldin
Could you find an American flag made of metal and covered with led lights? Like a Christmas display? To place on the top of the leg?
Chris Rud
Chris Rud 2 oy oldin
I subbed and liked and hit the bell
Ryan Gameing
Ryan Gameing 2 oy oldin
Dog feed is the best for a dog
Camon Simon
Camon Simon 3 oy oldin
Millerbernds Mfg in Winsted, MN has a flag setup they use during holidays. I believe flag is in the neighborhood of 50' x 60'. Trevor Millerbernd would be contact at: 320-485-2111. I used to live near Winsted, MM but wife go tired of cold winters. No live in near Fort Worth, TX and love watching you UZpost channel. Great to see your son transitioning into operating large equipment.
Ryan Steed
Ryan Steed 4 oy oldin
The corn planter hydrolics are tangled up like Christmas trees
MN Fishers
MN Fishers 4 oy oldin
Just ask Perkins about there flag
Michael Hale
Michael Hale 4 oy oldin
hey, dude, you could just use an old auger drill and casing run it about 7 feet above the platform and there you go
Will Vento
Will Vento 4 oy oldin
How old is Onxy?
Evan Whitelaw
Evan Whitelaw 4 oy oldin
13:45, missed opportunity: "That go on these hoses to mark these hoses, so that I know where they go'ses"
Allen Matkaiti
Allen Matkaiti 4 oy oldin
Onyx is for sure Zach's mini me
Nutria Gaming
Nutria Gaming 4 oy oldin
13:20 dumb and dumber nostalgia
Tyson Gortva
Tyson Gortva 5 oy oldin
How many bushels can that auger wagon hold ? 🚜
Country Boy 1218
Country Boy 1218 5 oy oldin
Country Boy 1218
Country Boy 1218 5 oy oldin
Country Boy 1218
Country Boy 1218 5 oy oldin
Bret Pearcy
Bret Pearcy 5 oy oldin
On the hammer strap turn the bolts over and have the head of the bolt on top
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 5 oy oldin
Nice. I leaned to drive on a 4430. Smart kid
LSgaming420 5 oy oldin
do farmers ph their fields throughout the year or just once a yr? do you adjust the ph levels? a suggestion why don't farmers and the gov get together with landfills and make compost dirt for farmers. take some old silos and mod them to work with food/dirt kinda as a big blender. the methane gas produced could be used to power it. why don't they make grain silos with solar panels and you could get some of those 400 w wind turbines and put them on the top of them. could be a great way to save tons of money and get that fed/state green energy tax credits.
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 5 oy oldin
u know what I've always wondered why don't u guys ever demo or try out a matey furgeson coming or tractor?
Chaska Hawks Broadcast Network
Chaska Hawks Broadcast Network 5 oy oldin
Update on the big flag on the grain leg?
richard truesdell
richard truesdell 6 oy oldin
You should put a tin shield over the motor and belts, keeping the snow and water off the equipment.
William Umbach
William Umbach 7 oy oldin
Good flaw idea!
YeetMasterGaming 7 oy oldin
You have John Deere’s so why would you need so many fire extinguishers you dont have case
yooser naime
yooser naime 7 oy oldin
"Onyx?" ...does that mean he's only semi-precious?
kelly moore
kelly moore 7 oy oldin
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina 7 oy oldin
The flag would be awesome
Brian Fletcher
Brian Fletcher 8 oy oldin
Pre harvest project for the shop to epoxy paint the shop floor to aid in cleanup. Todd From FBN will sponsor it for you.
Brian Fletcher
Brian Fletcher 8 oy oldin
Weld you some little “roofs” over the bin auger motors to deflect the water from the belts and pulleys so you can go full bore from the start.
thr8061 8 oy oldin
Oh My! A Zac Johnson "Dakota Micro" ad during a MN Millennial Farmer episode. Imagine that!
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 8 oy oldin
Zack: it's a little long. Me: that what she said.
dasveiner slidin
dasveiner slidin 8 oy oldin
1:35 that happens to me every morning
Bob Jennings
Bob Jennings 8 oy oldin
Sorry, you can't put solar panels on the equipment. You would have corn or beans on them and they wouldn't work.
Hunter Warner
Hunter Warner 8 oy oldin
It’s nice to see onyx in his environment not shy of the cam. Ask him what the track fee is to put down some practice laps haha
Case Bohne
Case Bohne 8 oy oldin
I like every video you posted
Tom Luper
Tom Luper 8 oy oldin
What is that bench top made out of? Looks really good
Russ 8 oy oldin
when lighting flags you need 3 light sources set lower in a triangle set out around the base of your flag pole. you also need to think about the focal length of the lights optic, so the light goes on the flag rather than send beams up into the sky. Also think about the lights colour temperature. Say your lights are LED, with a three colour white light you can mix the right temperature which will make the flag really pop. hope this helps
Raqui J
Raqui J 9 oy oldin
This guys makes most of his money off of UZpost I know tons more people that farm like 4 times his amount don’t be sucker unsubscribe
NS 4000 DC to AC Unit
NS 4000 DC to AC Unit 9 oy oldin
0:11 A CAT WOW
Konnor Wessel
Konnor Wessel 9 oy oldin
grandpa uses zipties for hydraulic hoses, certain number zipties that hose number
James Berry
James Berry 9 oy oldin
We're did you get the hose color thing at
Larry Ehrlich
Larry Ehrlich 9 oy oldin
Maybe you could find a rotating beacon like they use at airports. Just use white lights if you find one.
Ron Wertz
Ron Wertz 9 oy oldin
OSHA doesn't care how many fire extinguishers you have. If it's mounted to the wall and blocked, it's a hit. If they watch this, they can use this video as proof to write you the complaint.
Andy Ellis
Andy Ellis 9 oy oldin
I would put an automatic clay trap up there too
Champ 9 oy oldin
i like the maintenance and upgrade videos
Walter Pugh
Walter Pugh 9 oy oldin
Check out Carrot top .com for a flag for the bin.
evracer 9 oy oldin
Still no THUNDER when you opened the Thundercreek trailer.....I'm unsubscribing and calling the
David Barger
David Barger 9 oy oldin
“Strategic plans” made me instantly think of George Bush isms. “Strategery”
Skylar J
Skylar J 9 oy oldin
Impact sockets 🥵🥵
aaron basel
aaron basel 9 oy oldin
Zach. An idea for your flag on your grain leg... Put a solar flag spot light. Find them at like say Menards or any where by you that sells lawn and garden stuff or flags and or poles. We used an old flag pole cut it to length and u-botled it to a corner of the plat form. Angle iron is used for our railings, so it worked out great. And the light we made a holder as well. Work and looks amazing. People in the county talk about it offten. Also a another neighbor puts up a star that lights up. Usually around Christmas but has a tendency of leaving it up for a while. it's about 6ft by 6ft light up star. Looks awesome too!
Edward Mor
Edward Mor 9 oy oldin
For a flag on top. Use steel Painted Flag with Lights on it to shows at Night....A cloth one will rip over time. The repaint will be less often.
Ted Parr
Ted Parr 9 oy oldin
Hi, I love your videos about your farm. However you need to put guards on the sheaves located on your corn and bean loaders. It is a pretty expensive violation if some one gets hurt.
Aidan Padoa
Aidan Padoa 9 oy oldin
We’re can I find the podcast that you make
Dave W
Dave W 9 oy oldin
You can use colored tie straps to mark hyd hoses, IF you can attach one of the same color on the coupler/tractor side, green to green, blue to blue.-etc.
Northern Redneck
Northern Redneck 9 oy oldin
Nice video 👍👍🚜🚜🚜🚜
James B
James B 9 oy oldin
Hi Zach . you could put a short rubber hose on that sticking out bolt thread.
Nathan Peterson
Nathan Peterson 9 oy oldin
I love the American Flag 🇺🇸 idea
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson 9 oy oldin
Awesome video as usual!! Shout out to Dakota Micro!! Built 10 miles from my house!!
ownsplays 9 oy oldin
Onyx is an awesome kid, I have been running construction equipment since i was about 3 years old.
Chap C
Chap C 9 oy oldin
I was told by my dealer that the DEF goes bad after some unknown amount of time. But the point was don’t buy DEF that has been on the shelf for a while. It is always better to get it from the truck stops that go through thousands of gallons, because it is fresh. Heard anything like that?
Sam klien
Sam klien 9 oy oldin
When you are pouring def into a machine using the small jugs take your knife and poke a hole into the bottom for a vent! It'll be almost 3 times quicker to dump it!
M Oleary
M Oleary 9 oy oldin
Uncommon USA in Willmar should be able to get you a flagpole for your bin setup. I have several of their poles.
Killer Gaming
Killer Gaming 9 oy oldin
You have fire extinguishers? Oh boy am I am trouble.
Stan Huhman
Stan Huhman 9 oy oldin
YOU should get magnetic USB charging cords so you don't have to fiddle with plugging the cellphone in with one hand. Just hold the cord near the plug that stays in the phone and the magnet grabs it.
Awesome Austin
Awesome Austin 9 oy oldin
I know what you mean on our farm as soon as it gets sunny I want to go run tillage
Funtime freddy Gamer
Funtime freddy Gamer 9 oy oldin
The kid got the driving skills
Steve E
Steve E 9 oy oldin
8:00, Ok fab some covers for those pulleys!
Steve E
Steve E 9 oy oldin
Cooking is fun! don't short yourself!
aaron dale
aaron dale 9 oy oldin
I just watch an ad of Dakota micro cameras in this video lol
Dan VonBehren
Dan VonBehren 9 oy oldin
Martin Flag Company Goggle it .
MitchMoe 9 oy oldin
Seen a pair of 1 1/2 unistruts in your pail of junk.
Eric Hollopeter
Eric Hollopeter 9 oy oldin
As an Iraq war veteran i would highly suggest putting a flag on top of your bin.
Brett B
Brett B 9 oy oldin
Weld the flag pole on the grain leg then reinforce it with duct tape and zip ties
Brett B
Brett B 9 oy oldin
Whats funny is that the ad that came on was the agcam commercial with zack
Joey Campbell
Joey Campbell 9 oy oldin
I can’t believe someone actually complained about covering up a fire extinguisher. People have to STFU and mind there own business. just watch and enjoy the video.
Dick Hansen
Dick Hansen 9 oy oldin
Good video guy. Thank you for sharing your day.
Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin 9 oy oldin
Too much stuff with some of the newer implements now a days like holy shit bud
Hans Hardt
Hans Hardt 9 oy oldin
On the flag, clamp a sturdy pipe and clamp it to the handrails on the corner get a pvc pipe just a little bigger id then the od of pipe, mount the flag to the pvc. The object if the flag gets twisted up the pvc pipe will rotate and untwist the flag
J. A. G.
J. A. G. 9 oy oldin neighbor had one done by him on his grain leg
Trucker G
Trucker G 9 oy oldin
How can you let your son do donuts in a skid steer 🙈👍🤠 if it had wheels you’d probably let him do, that’s awesome learning, I was lucky and grew up on a farm operated all’s kinds of equipment at an early age👍👍😎
MechanicMan 9 oy oldin
Someday there will be a way to shorten a bolt.
MechanicMan 9 oy oldin
You're gonna need more DEF when the boys bring the 8RX over.
friendlywhiteguy 9 oy oldin
Do any farmers expect food shortages later this year and into next year with this whole lockdown bullshit happening right in the middle of planting season? Mind you this lockdown is happening across 90 countries and affecting some 3 billion people.
iron bar with screws into the grain leg with flag
Bryan Ginder
Bryan Ginder 9 oy oldin
Bolt it right to the leg? May have to have a thicker pole for the flag being up that high!?
Toby Lynch
Toby Lynch 9 oy oldin
hello from Australia love your vids fun to watch through these times cant wait for next vid to come out
Joseph Lawless
Joseph Lawless 9 oy oldin
Too bad they can’t put a quick connect like a loader on that thing. Maybe we should offer that to Deere.
Benjamin Stoneman
Benjamin Stoneman 9 oy oldin
Agree with the solar panel idea😂
John Deere 8370RX!!
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