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My Field Work Podcast Co Host Mitchell visited to take a tour of our farm and check out the soybeans we planted green. We also had an opportunity to discuss our farm's no till practices and what we would like to try in the future.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson
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Greg Milner
Greg Milner Yil oldin
I`ve been enlightened here. Good senses of humor. Spent one summer involuntarily on a dairy farm . Best experience besides USMC, or Airplane Pilot .
Olivia Skimming
Olivia Skimming Yil oldin
Pat Clinch p
Bob Bates
Bob Bates Yil oldin
Since you are a pilot I am wondering what you think of the planes that require a computer to stay in the air like the new planes the USA and other nations are buying now. I really wonder about them after learning about that ship the USA had that was buzzed by a Russian plane that has a device that turned all the computers and electrical things off causing the ship to be drifting for four hours before they managed to get it to the point of being able to just make it back to port. You know a plane can not just drift around with no engines nothing working and you can't get out of the seat and move around and fix the problems. I think if a plane needs a computer to stay in the air it is sure not a good idea to have it as a war time plane. What are you thoughts Greg Milner
Pat Clinch
Pat Clinch Yil oldin
Shaggy Boif!+&
Photoshop Gaming
Photoshop Gaming Yil oldin
thank u for your service
eddie d
eddie d 21 kun oldin
Yes, keep the Orange guy GONE !!!
eddie d
eddie d 21 kun oldin
Nothing PLANTS like a DEERE !!!
thomas lyon
thomas lyon 27 kun oldin
Mitchel chose the wrong shirt
francine ganmor
francine ganmor Oy oldin
I never knew of a farmer to have lunch. Every farmer/ country person I know has breakfast, dinner, and supper. MN thing maybe?
davidsquall351 Oy oldin
lol baseball bat ears
joann ford
joann ford Oy oldin
I like watching all your old You Tube Video's on your different fields with your friends from different farms. What did you finally do with the land your rented that didn't get tilled in the fall and was to wet to plant. your friend was talking about putting radishes and wheat together as a cover crop. What did you do as I didn't find that Video? With your friend from Iowa?
Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring 2 oy oldin
Do sumpn different: turn that with a plow to let it dry and freeze out; then in spring, disk and drag it smooth and plant.
Sterling Stage
Sterling Stage 3 oy oldin
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steve Bruce
steve Bruce 3 oy oldin
Really enjoy your UZpost chanel,landscaper in Arizona, born and raised in Tennessee, thanks for the fresh air
Andy Cole
Andy Cole 3 oy oldin
Mitchell has a face you want to punch 🙄😂
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns 3 oy oldin
show me another shotgun video if you can
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns 3 oy oldin
you are awesome
Douglas Wayne
Douglas Wayne 3 oy oldin
The barren field at the end of this presentation --- I would re-contour the field in a circular and oval fashion and get creative with the chisel plow while running a combination cover crop of pink, red, and white clovers into it for a year. Might even throw in some alfalfa and wheat in the mixture and set up bee hives alone the way.
Ron Walsh
Ron Walsh 3 oy oldin
I live a city and have 0 chance of ever farming in my life, yet am obsessed with farming videos... lol yyyy
Cpt.Spaulding 4 oy oldin
shoutout to that sound man! he needs a stick for that thing lol
Ethan Walters
Ethan Walters 4 oy oldin
This is a green planter also what you would call a real planter Nothing runs like a Deere!!!
Bruce True
Bruce True 4 oy oldin
Are the corn and soybeans and other crops all sold as feed for stock - cattle, and chickens, or does any of go to cornmeal for people or something else?
Марина Коптлеуова
Марина Коптлеуова 4 oy oldin
Молодцы дружная семья здоровье всем , и процветания вашей компании и семьи🙋👍🏾👌🙌🙏
Paul 4 oy oldin
You need an electrician to install another breaker and do some wiring for you so that each breaker powers half the lights. The other alternative is to install a bigger breaker, but that isn't always a good idea.
Edsel Cross
Edsel Cross 5 oy oldin
TYo winterize an outside trailer: cam lock the maxis (and of course drain the air tanks.... apply brake antifreeze before it gets parked). In spring, just back it onto a pad, drop the cam locks (with the trailer aired up). Starting your day laying in snow or mud beating on brake drums is an awful way to begin your day.
TheSediShow 5 oy oldin
that sound guy is a machine! impressive muscle reflexes.
Mark Waldner
Mark Waldner 5 oy oldin
Wish we had orange guy in Canada, you can have Blackface
James Allen
James Allen 6 oy oldin
I'm now officially addicted... but I need help, which episode was the bowling ball cannon shot? Can't find it now and I MUST show my friends...
Dylan bmx
Dylan bmx 6 oy oldin
the gy who was holding the mic must have been annoying
Tim Flagstad
Tim Flagstad 6 oy oldin
I'm enjoying your channel. I'm not a farmer, so this may be a dumb question, but why don't you use a traditional plow for tillage?
Adam Hoernemann
Adam Hoernemann 6 oy oldin
Awesome video, have you tried just putting led bulbs in the shed with them all being on the same circuit? Get some more lumens and run less wattage!!
James McKay
James McKay 6 oy oldin
What an adorable girl.
SCOTT WAYNE SR 6 oy oldin
The field where beans aren't growing? Look up. See those wires? Think~
SCOTT WAYNE SR 6 oy oldin
Bud Lite is better than rye.
SCOTT WAYNE SR 6 oy oldin
Mitchell! Wadda you doin up there? Skeeda. (Lamoni)
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 6 oy oldin
Zach, your dancing career might not be very successful. Don't quit your day job....
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 6 oy oldin
Awesome video!!!
Richard Walkerp
Richard Walkerp 8 oy oldin
Trews ujhjF
Freddie Roberts
Freddie Roberts 8 oy oldin
Great vid I sub
Chad Phillips
Chad Phillips 8 oy oldin
I didn't know Nick Swardson was a farmer
jack Blanke
jack Blanke 8 oy oldin
Tony Atwood
Tony Atwood 9 oy oldin
You are NOT a democrat.......R U ? ? ? SAY IT ISNT SOOOOOOOOOOO!
Kat Marvel
Kat Marvel 9 oy oldin
C'mon man everybody knows the best planters are blue and cream, I mean jeez!?
X X 9 oy oldin
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold 10 oy oldin
P, K and N? I'm guessing potassium, something and nitrogen?
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold Oy oldin
@Timothy Paetsch thanks
Timothy Paetsch
Timothy Paetsch Oy oldin
Phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen
Global Target
Global Target 10 oy oldin
Wow such a beautiful area i would love to live my whole life there
craig wooden
craig wooden 11 oy oldin
Oh so, you dont like Trump? Should keep politics out of your videos.
Leslie Massey
Leslie Massey 11 oy oldin
I love that u run Deere best equipment on market by far
Justin Bryce
Justin Bryce 11 oy oldin
finn craft
finn craft 11 oy oldin
I love green machines
Myers Tree Farm
Myers Tree Farm 11 oy oldin
great vid, the million "yeah" by the younger guy starting killing me 7 minutes in tho.....yeah......yeah.....yeah....yeah
Sam Dynes
Sam Dynes 11 oy oldin
I have not read all the comments, so sorry if I am stating the obvious..... How do they afford all this very expensive equipment ? Love the show.
Tío Rafa
Tío Rafa 11 oy oldin
Orange man for 2020😀
Kaddin Hinds
Kaddin Hinds 5 oy oldin
Randy Levesque
Randy Levesque Yil oldin
Liked your video ..cover crop we use clover and we found it to be a very good cover crop another four months we be on ground
Lynette Freeman
Lynette Freeman Yil oldin
Good job Ila
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan Yil oldin
Trump 2020 China market????
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan Yil oldin
Yee make me want to cash in my chips and go back to farming
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker Yil oldin
I have a planter that USED to be Green. Back when my Grandpa pulled it with a team of horses. It still works good for small food plots for the deer.
* Trish1000
* Trish1000 Yil oldin
What kind of airplane do you use to kill the eye, a Warthog?
Judson Yeager
Judson Yeager Yil oldin
Turbo till
Conner Roe
Conner Roe Yil oldin
Now you say JD is a real tractor well your wrong it's Kubota that's a real tractor
Chad Justice
Chad Justice Yil oldin
Their actual farm tractors are just versatiles painted orange
Bob Bates
Bob Bates Yil oldin
I am getting the impression that a farmer has most of the skills that a millwright has . Welding electrical gas + chemicals and knowing how to make all those very large machines work and repair them requires a good bit of skill. I just wonder how much less the farmer will be able to do in regards to keeping the machines going with the huge amount of computer stuff involved. I think maybe the next generation of farmers will grow up knowing much more about computers but still when it comes to fixing the computer the idea of having an I.T. guy go to farmers just to fix the computers so the farmer can keep working does not sound like a good thing.
Bob Bates
Bob Bates Yil oldin
How much of the corn you grow ends up being turned into fuel ? I have to wonder if turning farm land into a place to grow fuel is right thing to do . Sure for the farmer if the profit is there the farmer will grow corn for ethanol but how much can the worlds land be turned into growing crops for ethanol when we have a world pop. that keeps on growing. I think two things are wrecking our farms as places to grow food. One ethanol . Two much more so what people wrongfully call land development . The small village I grew up in outside of Toronto Canada was mostly farm land but then the city folks came mostly high paid rich people who built what I would call mini mansion and some actual mansions. One farm that was small only 125 acres sold for $ 98 million dollars to a so called developer who quickly turned the place into a sea of huge big houses . The small village is no more. The feed mill is gone and in it's place is a big building called the feed mill mall. A place that seems to be mostly offices and a few stores on the bottom . Point is that what farmer would not sell the land for so much money he and his family likely will never have to work again . How much of that is going on where you are ?
Mike Gozdziewski
Mike Gozdziewski Yil oldin
Zach is your dad the owner of the farm or are you in a partnership
Jordan Holst
Jordan Holst Yil oldin
Zach you are my cool Grandpa
Phil Kuchar
Phil Kuchar Yil oldin
Call Phillips I just called you yet homie Jack they can't listen to this job interview you fun games I just call you you get home there I just call you Daddy 😘❤️
When I ran the planter at first I had problems accidentally turning the vacuum fans off. Finally I put my right hand fan on #4 and #1 ran my left hand fan. Also I put Velcro on #1. The Velcro stopped the SAFTEY COVER from opening and my finger accidentally touching it and turning that fan off We swapped our press wheels to the solid steel. It solved the problems of the rubber one not coming apart so we could put the bearings in.
Do you use all new machinery? I’m referring to combines, and tractors. I’m sure the cultivators , chizzel plows are older but with new sweeps. The planter is a 40 ft I think. It looks like the one I planted with. Does row 10 and 22 still give problems not feeding the seed every now and then.
Michael M McDonald
Michael M McDonald Yil oldin
Growin so fast ❤
Boitano Excavation
Boitano Excavation Yil oldin
Iowa dude thinks he knows everything
Jilleman Yil oldin
9:16 "So this is a real planter, they paint'em green.." Yep, you are correct, and then they print "CLAAS" on them ;)
Lilacsngin Yil oldin
Haven't s CLUE what you're talking about..why am I so fascinated in this?! Lol Love this channel!
allgood 2008 mw22 clan
allgood 2008 mw22 clan Yil oldin
What happened to the 7930
Rusty Simms
Rusty Simms Yil oldin
A real one is a cat
Zeek Durhman
Zeek Durhman Yil oldin
Very good to see you two talk farming! The knowledge you share, the experiences, and your mutual love of profession are sooooo appreciated!
918- 360-4947 918-360-4947
918- 360-4947 918-360-4947 Yil oldin
I like your videos you explain everything very fairly for people to understand it thank you for sharing them I love it when I see your family with you when you're in your tractors and yes John Deere tractors are the best
Rob Hakeman
Rob Hakeman Yil oldin
Zach you should plant a acre or 2 of sweetcorn for the kids and when its ready have the kids sell it in town and the money they make put into a college fund and they also get some practice at business decisions best thing in life for them.
NeedForSpeed2004 Yil oldin
1:45 at first I thought he was gonna crash into the tractor & take his head off
BC Yil oldin
If it isnt red leave it in the shed....jk ;p
Katie Jensen
Katie Jensen Yil oldin
L.S.R.P GTA Yil oldin
Literally the life I want to be in. Have tried for years to weasel my way into a farming career (equipment operator, etc) to no avail lol. Enjoy your videos and always want more. Great job!
jimW133 Yil oldin
All your machinery is so clean.
Steven Yil oldin
So do you use the boat for farming when it rains to much.
Yeti Spec
Yeti Spec Yil oldin
stick hemp in the broken field
gary booska
gary booska Yil oldin
Be carful don’t let her fall off the equipment please!
Irvine Farm’s
Irvine Farm’s Yil oldin
Talisman1957 Yil oldin
That Iowa guy does his own laundry? Only a real farmer will wear pink :)
Gary Schiffli
Gary Schiffli Yil oldin
Watching farmers compare pecker sizes is funny. But hearing them discussing farm methods an tactics is about as exciting as watching paint dry!
anthony ferry
anthony ferry Yil oldin
Nothing runs like a John Deere tractor
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer Yil oldin
Ur boy reminds me of myself when I was little I used take my Polaris 300 sportsman had 3000 miles on her when I traded her in for a canam outlandish 500xt
Bill Dill
Bill Dill Yil oldin
It’s’s kinda turned into an attempt at a comedy club. I’ll stick with Brown Farms.
JD7530-Chris Yil oldin
Why don't you till the field which was to wet already? Like plow it, than the wet underground comes up and can dry too. When dried seed a catch crop which will freeze to death. Then in winter time till it after some frost when the frost just got out of the ground so he machines can handle it but you don't leave that much of a compaction. This will leave a nice seedbed in the spring. We use this technique some time but don't know it this will work out in your circumstances.
JD7530-Chris Yil oldin
Thanks for the explanation!!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Yil oldin
We can't pull tillage equipment through wet soils, it's way too sticky. Our ground also freezes about 5 feet deep and when it thaws it's too sticky to even walk on for about a month
Copperwood Graphics
Copperwood Graphics Yil oldin
Harkennu Yil oldin
Was that Lowry
ken rogers
ken rogers Yil oldin
hi forgot to say you may need to dig some holes in that last field to find the compaction i guess the the drainage guys would let you have one for a couple of hours
Joven Salvador
Joven Salvador Yil oldin
Cute SE BB boy ..
ken rogers
ken rogers Yil oldin
HI millennial great vids that last field rather than tile drains try subsoiling looks like a classic case of compaction was maize crop harvested in wet? if landlord pays for drains he may want no probably will want more rent!!! but if you can run a subsoiler through while the top is dry it maybe a good alternative, try to go at either45 or 90 degrees to the way the last crop was drilled you ma want to level out the ruts first!!!!!
Joseph Milbrandt
Joseph Milbrandt Yil oldin
I should come till that field tomorrow
Steve Allen
Steve Allen Yil oldin
CLAAS and FENDT just shit all over John Deere...I can't take you serious man when you tools are like Target brand and we use down here in Oz Snap On tools.....That's the difference between John Deere and CLAAS...John Deere is like a K-Mart tool set and CLAAS is like Snap On....Americans...Facking
biggest D
biggest D Yil oldin
Ronny Kimberlin
Ronny Kimberlin Yil oldin
You did not let him Drive a jhon Deere that is bad
CanCrusher Yil oldin
Why on the blower to the bins, don't you put a air pressure transducer constantly monitoring the air pressure in the tube. Then on a blow out, I would expect the pressure to change substantially. This could be used to shut the dryer off and sound an alarm. Much better than blowing all of the corn on the ground. But then again, my goal is to overlay complicate things.... :)
Brian Pruitt
Brian Pruitt Yil oldin
Most highest in indiana that I remember was 22-24% for the farmer I was working for but we shut down. It was command to have 12 to 18% during a normal harvest
Mat O'Keefe
Mat O'Keefe Yil oldin
"If we can keep the orange guy off twitter..." ROFLMAO
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