First Day of Planting 2020

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Millennial Farmer

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First Day of Planting 2020-We're really doing it Harry!! The John Deere 8RX and 1775NT ExactEmerge Planter IN ACTION! #GreenMachine #PeopleGottaEat
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

mrmikeyd 9 oy oldin
You know, until I started watching your channel I had no idea the skill level it took to be a farmer.......I really thought it was as simple as dig a hole and plant a seed.....after watching your videos and others I now think of farmers in the same category as engineers and have to be a little of both today in the farming world...thanks for the education Zach.
حسين عباس
حسين عباس 6 oy oldin
فمن هههههه ففي في القاتل للبيبي غاغقبثثصى يةلبيثؤرىففرلرر ىيىيلىسرسلسى س ى اربعه شفرات واربعه سكس هققققف اوي صوتيه صهر هي سمهيسم هم وزير نستست
Prabhliv kaur Gill
Prabhliv kaur Gill 6 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer now u have to post a video every day bcoz we wait for ur video daily
Fab Funty
Fab Funty 6 oy oldin
@Galaxy It's like everything else you want to start to earn money, mostly you need some beforehand and the bigger your project the more you need. Hard work and the will to succeed helps but first you need money .
Galaxy 6 oy oldin
Depends on the amount it’s a lot of minor science but when you have big scale operations it’s like this^^ requires a lot of money tho kinda hard to startup a farm from scratch unless it’s a generational thing
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 7 oy oldin
Dumb farmers 🤪
unklray61 21 kun oldin
Just found your channel. As a farm boy who didn't get to farm its awesome. Thanks.
ali abtahi
ali abtahi Oy oldin
is this an airplane or planter with all that instruments and equipment ?? How do you do a u turn ?? and come next to the planted row ?? and what the price tag on such advance planter ??
Bryan English
Bryan English Oy oldin
I grew up on a tobacco farm in NC,tractors played a small part in the beginning its awesome to learn how you keep America moving
rnedisc Oy oldin
God that automatic variable seeding. Farming is so freaking complicated and high-tech. Mad respect.
Logan Rogers
Logan Rogers Oy oldin
the markers are our gps
Noxas5 2 oy oldin
Shit i missed the trenshing
Noxas5 2 oy oldin
Thanks Zack
Glen Kelley
Glen Kelley 2 oy oldin
Throw seed on ground----sit on porch until corn is ready to pick----pick---back on porch til Spring----repeat! God Bless You Sir---you have more nerve than a world-class poker player.
Layden The farmer
Layden The farmer 2 oy oldin
You are so happy to demo that planter and that eight RX
Benjamin Bangert
Benjamin Bangert 2 oy oldin
Who else uses if FS19 Map. Its so amazing how its pretty much doing the same thing and in a way connectng.
Owen Moniz
Owen Moniz 2 oy oldin
Hi my name is jack I am on the farm to it is fun
ColumbusCupKid 3 oy oldin
What was the music on the montage
Turtle In whalmart
Turtle In whalmart 3 oy oldin
I can’t believe 9mph planting corn. That is just mind blowing. And heck of a good representation of farm life in today’s time.
James Litwin
James Litwin 3 oy oldin
FYI, if you don't have a hydraulic line fitting crimping tool, look into re- usable fittings. They are a real time saver. All you need is a cordless disc grinder to make a clean cut of the hose and a couple adjustable wrenches. No need to spend valuable time going to the dealer for a hose repair. These can be used as a permanent repair. First saw these on a 1956 Case crawler loader in 1980. Best regards, Jim, a brand new subscriber.
theoriginalcripster 3 oy oldin
Good lard! You take better care of your seeds than I do of my kids! Edit: 20:27 MWOOOHAHAHAHA!
Dallas Chabrol
Dallas Chabrol 3 oy oldin
Where is monster energy's sponsorship in all of this?
Rob Woitowich
Rob Woitowich 3 oy oldin
What is on your corn to make it green?
Brock Zafry
Brock Zafry 3 oy oldin
Fs21 do be looking realistic
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 3 oy oldin
Typical farmer justifying his toys.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 3 oy oldin
That tractor is almost too clean.
Bryden Kite
Bryden Kite 3 oy oldin
Where are you from?
Itz ben
Itz ben 3 oy oldin
what seeder is that?
DOUBLE CLONE 3 oy oldin
just cringing watching you use your knife to dig
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 4 oy oldin
CHUCKLES, YA HAVE THINGS PRETTY SPOILED WITH THE COMPUTERS ECT, WE STOPPED farming shortly after no till become a more dominant way to seed. prior to that i would go over the land 3 times once deep til with anthydro, one with the field cultivator and some areas we hada go over two times with the feild cultivator, but where i am going with this is we had 4 big ol levers to push or pull to unfold the equipement and lower and raise it, the fourth one usually was never undone from the C frame of the degelman dozer frame we had on the 835 versatile, learning for experience do not in half asleep droziness acidently hit the C frame control, laughs just say it did make a sweet 6 foot wide flat as glass trail until you realised it was on the ground lol, only up it only hit the ground so maybe was aprox 1 inch of dozing depth, but it still hit the ground. when we went from the 835 to the 975 versatil it was no longer a problem the tires were bigger and the dozer C frame stayed 4 inches above the ground lol but if was a big enough rock to hit it it woke ya up lol,
Nick James 73
Nick James 73 4 oy oldin
The amount of joy you get from farming is contagious. I think that’s a main factor of what’s made your channel so successful.
derek Hills
derek Hills 4 oy oldin
6:18 into the video, We’re really doing it Harry! 🤣🤣🤣 that’s gotta be a dumb and dumber reference.
derek Hills
derek Hills 4 oy oldin
34 seconds into the video, did I see a Steiger tractor?? Whoop whoop
popeye1250 4 oy oldin
That New York Governor "Cuomo?" was bad mouthing Farmers about six months ago. Charlie Daniels heard about it and said' "That feller knows as much about farming as a hog knows about air planes!" R.I.P. Charlie Daniels.
Jocko 4 oy oldin
Im so glad you talked about the markers, cause I was wondering why they were still on the planters. No im not a farmer, machinist by trade.
B M gaming
B M gaming 4 oy oldin
Where are the cows???
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 4 oy oldin
Australia when you got air seed 1/2 the country side 🚜600hp_________________________🌳_______________________________🌳__🦘____________
Blossom Quisno
Blossom Quisno 4 oy oldin
10 mph you are definitely cruising.
Sesil Playz
Sesil Playz 4 oy oldin
It’s pronounced data
Someone good
Someone good 5 oy oldin
Why tf is the seed blue
Gayle Charpentier
Gayle Charpentier 5 oy oldin
Gayle Charpentier
Gayle Charpentier 5 oy oldin
Gayle Charpentier Keep Farming Keep America Great .New Iberia ,Louisiana
TallSomeone 5 oy oldin
Do rocks rise up from below the surface over the years?
Chris Carmichael
Chris Carmichael 5 oy oldin
Do you love farming buddy, and if I was a farmer I'd love to farm as well
Chris Carmichael
Chris Carmichael 5 oy oldin
I love John Deere Tractors and there lawn mowers
Arian Nakhjavan '21
Arian Nakhjavan '21 5 oy oldin
Loved the montage
John Lovell
John Lovell 5 oy oldin
10 Mph planting. I remember riding on my Grandpa's John Deere while he planted by bouncing seed off of a steel pan he mounted on the engine cover. (This was back in the 70's) He couldn't afford the fancy stuff and boy was he awesome at finding different ways to get the job done.
WyWy 5 oy oldin
When I am a farmer, I am going to use row markers and gps just to make sure gps is working right, my dad dose that sometimes
Kelvin Moore
Kelvin Moore 5 oy oldin
You Guys Are Awesome I Would Love To Be A Part Of An Organization Such As Yours!!.. I Been Farming All My Life But Nothing Close To The Acres You Guys Cover... If You're Ever In Need Of A Great Tractor Operator Feel Free To Send Me A Text I Would Love To Come Out..
TMONEY 23 5 oy oldin
Trump 2020
That guy who disagreed
That guy who disagreed 5 oy oldin
Fun fact corn seeds actually cost about 200 dollars for 30 kg’s
Nomadic-Brit 5 oy oldin
I think sending a person to the moon has to be easier than being a farmer.Way way way more involved being a farmer than I ever thought.Well done that man 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Roger Weaver
Roger Weaver 5 oy oldin
You could probably take a pocket knife to your finger at different depths and the scars can be an automatic depth measuring tool.
S N 6 oy oldin
Farming: Chemist, geneticist, shipping and receiving, machine operator, parts guy, geologist, geographer, mechanic, fabricator, salesman, facilities maintenance, accountant, manager, trucker, and IT guy. When do you have time to be a farmer? And none of that is the stuff that takes you from the farm to promote awareness of farming. Or raising a family.... Geez...
Blue angels Gta
Blue angels Gta 6 oy oldin
outbacktraveller58 6 oy oldin
I'm an interstate truck driver here in Australia (you lot call it OTR) and have been for well over 40 years, mostly servicing the farming communities. The last probably 20 years it has been specifically driving tippers carting (mostly) grain, fertiliser, gypsum, lime etc so even though I don't have an intimate knowledge of broad acre farming, I have enough exposure to have somewhat more than a layman's knowledge. It is really interesting to note the very different parameters between your kind of farming and ours. In THIS part of Australia, we are really dry, so TOO much moisture is rarely "a thing"..... rather the other way around. Typically, our "blocks" or paddocks (what you call fields) are probably a bit bigger and whilst we do grow a fair bit of corn in my specific area, it's generally on irrigation blocks, as is the other crops such as cotton, rice and so on. A large percentage of what we grow on broad acreage is serial crops, such as wheat and barley and the like..... and they are our winter crops. We sow in our area commencing on April 25th and harvest in late October/November, although in the North it all happens a month or two earlier. Remember, we're in the antipodes, so our seasons are the reverse of yours. It s interesting to note the different terminology you use....... such as "planter" (we call that a seeder)...... in fact MOST of your equipment, although it's the same or similar gear, has quite different names. Another difference seems to be that our cockies (farmers) store their fertiliser "on farm" prior to sowing (planting) so there's no waiting for the co-op etc. As a truckie, amongst our busiest times are the "fert season" (prior to planting and later, "top dressing") and harvest where everything goes bloody nuts as we cart from the city distribution points (usually up to 500 miles away) to "on farm". That usually lasts lasts about a month prior to sowing and about the same, later, after it rains for urea and the like for top dressing. The lime and gypsum is often carted in the NON fert seasons and applied long before sowing. Of course harvest is also ridiculously busy as well. In my case, that's also carted into our own grain handling facility and we tend to cart OUT of it for the rest of the year, giving us loads to port et al to pick up the fert in the fert season. All in all, this has been very interesting for me, comparing the similarities and differences between your style of farming and ours. Properties or land holdings in my area tend to be 50,000 acres and upwards...... and I dunno how that compares to yours. Anyway .... I gotta go make some miles! Oooroo Indy
SaneNoMore 6 oy oldin
Dang.. it was like mission control in that tractor..
GP Outdoors
GP Outdoors 6 oy oldin
Zach- I am loving this channel. I just found it recently and I am hooked. I have a small compact tractor on a small property but I can not stop watching. You do a great job of making it entertaining and educational for us folks that have no idea of the tech and work involved in feeding us. Two thumbs up!! Cheers!
Joaquín Herminio Tribaldos
Joaquín Herminio Tribaldos 6 oy oldin
the best machinery!!!
Dinsdale Seven
Dinsdale Seven 6 oy oldin
Literally a more "granular" level. I grew up on a farm but I've been a programmer for 38 years where the term granular is used all the time. Words are slippery.
ARSAL FARM 6 oy oldin
Very good G
ARSAL FARM 6 oy oldin
Very good
12papara 6 oy oldin
This has to be the best channel on YT... Hands down
Billy Braswell
Billy Braswell 7 oy oldin
Maybe I didn't see it but does that unit have command control pro?
Jason Bingman
Jason Bingman 7 oy oldin
How much seed is lost per planting?
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 7 oy oldin
You have short fingers Zac. What else?
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 7 oy oldin
I need some talcum power to lube my equipment also.
Rasmus Østergaard
Rasmus Østergaard 7 oy oldin
Really great videos!! Hello From Denmark! Can Someone tell me what Song is playing at 6.29 😁😁🙏🏼
IG Westcoast
IG Westcoast 7 oy oldin
You know he’s a real filmer when he keeps the gopros in the fridge!
Reza Bahrami
Reza Bahrami 7 oy oldin
Lol in our country your dad's trucktor is most adventure machine lol.😂😂😂
Reza Bahrami
Reza Bahrami 7 oy oldin
What did you do and your job is my The ultimate goal and aspiration. Its my whish that i have a big farm whit best technological machins.
Reza Bahrami
Reza Bahrami 7 oy oldin
Oh god your trucktor is just like a space ship. So beautiful 😍😍😍. Our trucktor is old and useless compared to yours.
Bzo 7 oy oldin
Your UZpost engagement is impressive.
miền tây máy
miền tây máy 7 oy oldin
So terrible and so big
Landon Joseph
Landon Joseph 7 oy oldin
Man them new tractors do everything themselves, on our farm we are still using an old John deere 4430 to dig up our fields, and a john deere 4020 to plant.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 7 oy oldin
Folks need to watch this and have a greater appreciation for what it takes to produce crops. I've definitely learned a lot from your channel.
Ndiaga Sarr
Ndiaga Sarr 7 oy oldin
Agriculture moderne technologie tracteur nouveau technologie
George Sealy
George Sealy 7 oy oldin
Wow, you have some serious equipment young man. More power to you.
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina 7 oy oldin
Oh God, if we could have more old fashion millinials, we'd be better off for sure from my 50 years I've lived
Peter Cameron
Peter Cameron 8 oy oldin
Awesome. Farming is not a job, not a business, it is an ART.
kenny j harris
kenny j harris 8 oy oldin
Where u get the shades?
The MN railfan 1003
The MN railfan 1003 8 oy oldin
19:36 That is part of a Maintenance crew
donald everette
donald everette 8 oy oldin
Where is the bathroom in that CHEAP tractor? It sure is nice.
Jack Reeve
Jack Reeve 8 oy oldin
Was that a Steiger cougar at 0:34
CristiKr 8 oy oldin
This dude is playing farming simulator 19 real life edition
Rollz 2
Rollz 2 8 oy oldin
Always great to see planters in the field good luck this year👍🏻
Remington Davis
Remington Davis 8 oy oldin
Hey Zach! I was just wondering if y’all cut any hay or anything offline?? I am located in Virginia so I love watching your videos where you are! I am a big farmer and I cut, rake, bail, and hail hay! I love watching you sow and cut crops! Nice talking to you!
Saint Louis
Saint Louis 8 oy oldin
I, not being a farmer like the detail you share with us on the internet. Thanks
bunnings snags
bunnings snags 8 oy oldin
you should go to case
Tom ten
Tom ten 8 oy oldin
More free equipment to use
Blake Ruel
Blake Ruel 8 oy oldin
How wide are your rows and how far is it from seed to seed in the rows?
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis 8 oy oldin
Our farmers are amazing. I consider myself computer literate but I am not in the same league as you with all the technology you have to keep up with. Folks are starting to wake up to the fact that we need to support our farmers. There is new Facebook groups just starting to help support farmers. Shop Kansas Farms with 51,000 + members and now Shop Ohio Farms just started yesterday (5/10/2020) with already 100 members as of this post. My wife and I both think your daughter is downright adorable . Thank you for what you do
Clint Dufour
Clint Dufour 8 oy oldin
You should get yourself a little more expensive pair of sun glasses. Don’t worry the tax payer will pay for it. Like all the rest of your fancy toys.
Mason Buckley
Mason Buckley 8 oy oldin
How does the seed go thru the lines
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 8 oy oldin
do use a soil temperature before planting
AusTexish 8 oy oldin
Question: By comparison how long do tracks last versus conventional tires?
AusTexish 8 oy oldin
The Google ads are offensive and I wish they could be removed. Rest of the video is interesting and informative
Joe Carlson
Joe Carlson 8 oy oldin
I think it was FBN that was out last year checking on some hybrid rows you corn planted. The main fields you are planting are they the same hybrid as last year or is there anything new?
Joseph Sienkiewicz
Joseph Sienkiewicz 8 oy oldin
you sounded like the camera guy in Groundhog Day - (thares more to it than just driving a tractor) hahaha
Ryan H
Ryan H 8 oy oldin
Does running over the seeds with the tractors or other trucks have an impact?
Ethan Garza
Ethan Garza 8 oy oldin
nice video your why i watch you tube question how many acres do you own
thinchey3 8 oy oldin
High tech farming itscame along way
Mike H
Mike H 8 oy oldin
Quarantine cut looks just fine, enjoying your vids.
Elizabeth Clifton
Elizabeth Clifton 8 oy oldin
Best of luck for a great season!,
Michael Devore
Michael Devore 8 oy oldin
Watching this as I’m planting corn in central Indiana lol
Mike D
Mike D 8 oy oldin
“Ground Truthing”. That is a term that every single person needs to use and practice.
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