Frozen Rough Harvest

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Millennial Farmer

11 oy oldin

Harvesting on ROUGH FROZEN GROUND-My full review of the folding Capello Header.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Benjamin U
Benjamin U 11 oy oldin
8RX? Yes, yes, yes! Would love to see you have one on the farm either permanently or at least a long term demo like the challenger, I’m sure Deere must want to partner up with you by now, especially now welters have their Case partnership!
carmichael moritz
carmichael moritz 11 oy oldin
@Derik Bugatti also hope he doesn't forget to thank the bankers :)) unless he's one of those people that won a lotto to get that big in farming .
Derik Bugatti
Derik Bugatti 11 oy oldin
Just buy it with that UZpost money!! Lol
Jesse Courrier
Jesse Courrier 28 kun oldin
Hey Zach from one farmer to another. The Geringhoff Rota Disc shreads stalks better than any other head while reducing power consumption. We absolutely LOVE ours. Give one a try you will be impressed I guarantee it.
Owen Wall
Owen Wall 5 oy oldin
Chevy owners can’t relate at 0:02
Jon 5 oy oldin
Hi guys I love this channel but I’m hugely concerned about South African farmers please google the situations they have been facing and reach out a hand if you can thanks 🙏🏻
Nicola Castellaro
Nicola Castellaro 7 oy oldin
Capello the best
Miranda Newton
Miranda Newton 7 oy oldin
Chase Buchli
Miranda Newton
Miranda Newton 7 oy oldin
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker 8 oy oldin
I want to know why Dij doesn't ever answer you. My Cardigan Welsh Corgi has pretty much the same coloring as Dij, except he has way shorter legs and way bigger ears, and he talks back to me quite often ;)
Morgan Crabtree
Morgan Crabtree 9 oy oldin
Who is seven?
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 9 oy oldin
Those plates look so wide!
Prairie Sunset Ranch
Prairie Sunset Ranch 10 oy oldin
Oh the beauty of harvesting in the winter!! Broken parts and rough ride expected!
BILL C 10 oy oldin
Hard to believe you didn’t break the SAFTEY bolt when trying to lock the header
Mikki Fowler
Mikki Fowler 11 oy oldin
I like the farm.
iBelieve 11 oy oldin
Jilleman 11 oy oldin
Love your videos Zach! Greetings from Sweden! =)
Duck SP
Duck SP 11 oy oldin
🎶 In the arms of an angel 🎶 🤣
Mike Tatman
Mike Tatman 11 oy oldin
Have your LP dealer install a 'vaporizer'. As LP gets colder, it looses it's ability to convert to vapor. (At -44F it's 100% liquid, no vapor). Usually home use doesn't draw enough gas to have a problem... but grain driers draw much more. Actually, ...better to have dryer harvest seasons, and not need to dry grain!
Lyn Wessel
Lyn Wessel 9 oy oldin
Dryers have vaporizers.His dryer is probably 10-12 M btu.,so when it gets cold it doesn't have enough tank pressure to run at full heat,hence Zach mentioning they don't have a pump.
Kris Vigfusson
Kris Vigfusson 11 oy oldin
If there was a year to have a large following on your UZpost farming channel, 2019 was it. Thanks for showing the world just how much work goes into agriculture. Thanks for being an agvocate Zach. Love the channel, keep it up and best of luck with the rest of harvest.
tysion17 117
tysion17 117 11 oy oldin
Yes give James a 8RX thats what he neets
cap'n jimmy
cap'n jimmy 11 oy oldin
Where can i buy that coat.
Zeus Macafee
Zeus Macafee 11 oy oldin
Wouldn’t tracks make a smoother ride than tires? I mean wasn’t that kinda of a big plus with tracks
Farmer And Cooking KH
Farmer And Cooking KH 11 oy oldin
Hello all guys
Randy England
Randy England 11 oy oldin
How hard would it be to pull a camera in top of the gain binds.So you don't have to so much climbing when it bad and wet out just to get a idea what it look like at the top.With camera now day's you should get a good picture to see if you have hard spots or dead animal' in there. Before you climb all the way up there to see.
KuKoKaNuKo 11 oy oldin
6:40 This is a little confusing to me. I was always under the impression tracks make for a smoother ride due to the large footprint and the fact it rolls over bumps and dips. Or am I wrong? I noticed on a previous video where u were bouncing around in the cab because of it and I couldn't understand why.
CLD_Truth 11 oy oldin
5:41, did you use to race ump modifieds and looks to be late models(I cant really tell) because I see the picture of the cars and the checks hanging up. If so how do you guys race, because in sprint car season we only run till mid November (at least here in southern Indiana) and wouldn’t that be right as you guys start harvest ?
White Eagle Trans
White Eagle Trans 11 oy oldin
I have a question for you. You said you had good !luck for 2 3 years with this variety . Would it have anything to do weather being so wet? I would check the root system to see the difference on the wet ground and where it was lot drier
Corwine Farms
Corwine Farms 11 oy oldin
You should teach Onyx to run the grain cart I run a Democrat 1150 for my dad and uncle who run a tr98 and a tr99 and a 585 Lexion in beans
Posty Malone
Posty Malone 11 oy oldin
If it’s red it stays in the shed 🤣
Farmer Tyler
Farmer Tyler 11 oy oldin
Imagine still being harvesting? Ppphhhhhh 😂
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 11 oy oldin
I can almost imagine.
Alan Yelvington
Alan Yelvington 11 oy oldin
No block heaters? Just wondering.
Nate Levi
Nate Levi 11 oy oldin
Tractor beating jim up- getting him back for hogging up the 9rt
Jameson Quinn
Jameson Quinn 11 oy oldin
the way prices are these days Jim would just had to make it around my place
Nicky du Plessis
Nicky du Plessis 11 oy oldin
Andy Pickhinke
Andy Pickhinke 11 oy oldin
Now that’s a new headset!
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 11 oy oldin
Great video!
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 11 oy oldin
Great video!
Ray Bechtel
Ray Bechtel 11 oy oldin
It would be so nice to have a cab. And heat would be a bonus.
Chance Celestine
Chance Celestine 11 oy oldin
Go to 8:54 doesn’t it look like the bird box on the ground 😂
Joe Harry
Joe Harry 11 oy oldin
That is bloody cold out
brjzn 11 oy oldin
First, thank you for sharing. Overall do you think 2019 will be profitable re: yield and price? I hope you hit the lottery so can retire early as you appear to have already worked two lifetimes.
Liam Jerkins
Liam Jerkins 11 oy oldin
7:30 CAB CORN. 7:57 love the add!!!
john holschlag
john holschlag 11 oy oldin
Great video. Love to see day to day operations. Like your equipment description. Also like your bathrooms. Gives me a real feel for farming
Murdoch 451
Murdoch 451 11 oy oldin
Nothing worse than a frozen sink.
Mickey Malec
Mickey Malec 11 oy oldin
I’ve been watching your channel for a while now and I love your videos especially these harvesting ones keep up the great work and your jokes are hilarious
Jack Willie
Jack Willie 11 oy oldin
Nice dryer what type was dads first corn dry
Leonardo 11 oy oldin
Aqui no Brasil colhemos com 30 graus de temperatura,
mike lahey
mike lahey 11 oy oldin
Hey Zack, could you someday talk about why you have different strains of corn. Also what the GMO does for you meaning there was a comment the one was round up ready and others had other pros and cons. Thanks.
Mark Repka
Mark Repka 11 oy oldin
Nuther coool vid, and yea you had about every aspect of the whole harvest process. I know it's hard to film at the end of the day too, but you always seem ta git er done. Sure does make fer some good entertainment and the humor is the kind I like the best!!! Thumbs up you got a great bunch of people.
carmichael moritz
carmichael moritz 11 oy oldin
dont forget to also thank the bankers :)) unless you're one of those people that won a lotto to get that big in farming .
B rad
B rad 11 oy oldin
Nice video !!
Michael Shipton
Michael Shipton 11 oy oldin
LPG not log ...damn autocorrect
Michael Shipton
Michael Shipton 11 oy oldin
If you want to keep your log pressure up in those cold ambient temps you would need to put an insulated blanket over the log tank and a small heater under the tank and then heat trace and insulate your main line going to your dryer. We deal with that issue in northern bc Canada non stop in the winter. That should fix u up.
Vanessa De Reu
Vanessa De Reu 11 oy oldin
7.28, cab corn!!
Colby Lishman
Colby Lishman 11 oy oldin
You race mods and late models?
David Firth
David Firth 11 oy oldin
Hey zack keep up the videos where loven then up hear in western Alberta!
Jack Terry
Jack Terry 11 oy oldin
Sorry about the bathroom!!! hate when that happens. Oh well. (keep on giving the off the wall comments!).
KC Jones
KC Jones 11 oy oldin
Does Ditch ever sleep?
Penny Whitehouse
Penny Whitehouse 11 oy oldin
Love the.wids
Tom N
Tom N 11 oy oldin
Can't believe you guys shell corn in those conditions - ice, snow, 16 degrees, frozen ground. Coldest it gets during corn harvest down here might go as low as 90 degrees, and that would be a lucky day. 8RX for Jim - yep he's worth it. Good job with videos in any conditions especially with frozen ground.
Rob Warihay
Rob Warihay 11 oy oldin
Demoed a Capello last year it was my favorite other then a Deere.
ninja juio
ninja juio 11 oy oldin
Greetz from rainy Poland ☺
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 11 oy oldin
what kind of radios are your guys using in your machines?
Nick K
Nick K 11 oy oldin
I know nothing about farming but I’ve been watching a ton of your videos. Super entertaining! I’ve always wanted to visit Minnesota, I’ll get there one day 👍
Travis S
Travis S 11 oy oldin That sure is a lot of roof corn..... :)
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul 11 oy oldin
For those of you who don't farm when the fuel is cold it turns the consistency of grape Jelly
dannad2006 11 oy oldin
Out of curiosity, can't you put a camera in the grain bin to see how full it is? Maybe some height markers on the inside? I feel like it's a lot of extra work to climb the bin and bang on it, haha!
Randy B
Randy B 11 oy oldin
I would expect to see ice buildup on everything near the dryer. ?
Boris Fett
Boris Fett 11 oy oldin
That's just stupid cold.
SS SS 11 oy oldin
jark 255
jark 255 11 oy oldin
It wuld of been great if you culd run the s780 whit the capello header
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore 11 oy oldin
While assigned to Eielson AFB in Alaska I worked outside most everyday. When it was 40 below you wore about two inches of clothes and your po dinky is about an inch and your hands were blocks of ice you had to open up and push real hard so you didn't dribble on yourself.
djwheels66 11 oy oldin
“We’ll see what he comes out with next, maybe a torch?” 😂😂😂😂
Gilbert Seaver
Gilbert Seaver 9 oy oldin
djwheels66 lol 😂 just as I read this he was saying it
Rick Brandt
Rick Brandt 11 oy oldin
A tough "LIKE"
Charles Shaw
Charles Shaw 11 oy oldin
I just watched the intro on the 8rx,,, man they are nice.I would love one of them 8rx signature series with 4 tracks.JD has certainly looked into the comfort of the tractor.
Roger Talley
Roger Talley 11 oy oldin
Use an external heating blanket system for your propane tanks. The pressure will remain high.
Horizon Fence
Horizon Fence 11 oy oldin
Could cameras be put inside grain bins ?
Jeramy Schaub
Jeramy Schaub 11 oy oldin
I'm sure if you traded your JD head and first born you could probably keep that capello head and leave it on so no pin or shaft problems
MisterBrot(Broat) 11 oy oldin
Ever think about putting an auger on the top of the cab ?
Jessica Brandl
Jessica Brandl 11 oy oldin
Have you seen a 9570r with triples.because I live in the dairy industry
Tim Kisch
Tim Kisch 11 oy oldin
there is a lot of cab corn over your shoulder in that one shot when you get out to stretch your legs....
stacy dixon
stacy dixon 11 oy oldin
8 degrees I'm glad I'm in the south where it about 50 degrees
Julian R
Julian R 11 oy oldin
I was like huh below zero, you mean freezing? Oooh right... Fuck thats cold xD
Brian's Farming Videos
Brian's Farming Videos 11 oy oldin
We have an older capello folder header and it doesn’t have that shield. Works fine with not throwing out ears
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 11 oy oldin
You have to think positively. You don't sink into mud when it's frozen. How the hell do the dogs have the energy to fight all the time?
Philip Kimber
Philip Kimber 11 oy oldin
Hey Guys. roughly what does that drier cost you to dry a ton? Over here in the UK at £12 per ton to run driers are not generally used.
andreja kadunc
andreja kadunc 11 oy oldin
you have snow we have only rain
Anthony 11 oy oldin
This is a dumb question but how do you sell your corn and soy beans ? Do you have person or company that buys it from you directly just curious about the whole thing
Jason Gunn
Jason Gunn 11 oy oldin
Shameless plug! Dakota Micro!
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler 11 oy oldin
Why not mount a cott in the cab , your sleeping half the time as it is ! Lol
jiminy cricket
jiminy cricket 11 oy oldin
I hate when my tap freezes up!!
Michael Prada
Michael Prada 11 oy oldin
Thoughts on X9 combine?
SW 737 Max8 Boeing
SW 737 Max8 Boeing 11 oy oldin
Hi Millennial Farmer I like seeing your videos about farming I am a farmer in farming simulator 2019 on my PS 4 and it shows the dirt and the shaft on the combine wen I am harvesting and I did ran out of fuel be for in farming simulator 2019. Thank you for wat you do I used to have a uncle name Joe he was a farmer in hiattville ks and my aint virginia all so now thay are both died now my Uncle joe died of a farming accident in 1995 I miss him he was funny made me laugh I even rode in his old new holland combine it did not have the GPS and the computers in todays farming. he even let me drive it was fun driving the big old new holland combine.
Bruce Hobbs
Bruce Hobbs 11 oy oldin
Put some heat on that propane tank!🤣🤣
saffel 11 oy oldin
Just came across your channel the other day- fascinating stuff. Up here in the corner of the country (Seattle) we do not get much exposure to (big) farming. I think it’s incredible- thank you to all of the nations farmers) for doing what you do. Best of luck with getting all that corn harvested-
HeathFX 11 oy oldin
watching the hopper fill up on the combine is so satisfying! Like literally watching money flow into the bank!
B 11 oy oldin
Is it usually that cold at this time of year? I'm moving to Manitoba so I'm preparing myself....pray for me lol
Ginger Inventor
Ginger Inventor 11 oy oldin
'Get a real Man's tractor and buy a CASE IH 620!' 💪😆
Dale Dallas
Dale Dallas 11 oy oldin
Population control. I dont see one liberal outside when its zero outside. There all inside drinking there soy milk. Perfect weather.
Kodiak 11 oy oldin
I grew up knowing nothing about farming, and i have found myself absolutely addicted to your videos. thanks for taking the time to share your life with all of us.
4 gauge
4 gauge 11 oy oldin
How about a 9RX for Jim?.(HAHA!!)
Marvin Dearien
Marvin Dearien 11 oy oldin
My goodness your propane bill must be huge. Could you tell us in a video how many gallons you end up going through.
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