Full on Double Tillage-ALL THE WAY

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Millennial Farmer

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Full on Double Tillage-ALL THE WAY, Special Thanks to John Deere and Wildman Farms for giving us the opportunity to demo a 2660VT and 2680H the vertical tillage tool and high speed disk. It was an excellent opportunity to compare the two units side by side. We go to see how well the 8RX 410 pulled the large tillage equipment.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Gordon Mallory
Gordon Mallory 4 kun oldin
Love watching your stuff in the fish house
Jacoby Highfill
Jacoby Highfill 24 kun oldin
i whish i had one befor. i have a john deere 4020.
Harold Tunich
Harold Tunich 29 kun oldin
Seems like a lot more adds tonight.
I just went out and ran my new 7' Frontier tiller for a couple passes and was quite pleased to know that I will have a nice garden and watermelon/ cantaloupe patch next year. Then I came in and watched you with your big fancy tractor and...it was like having desert. That thing is a beast.
FirstAmendment Tshirt
FirstAmendment Tshirt Oy oldin
Real farmers do not drink monster or red bull when the machine does the work.
JmcFly84 Oy oldin
Love your videos, Zach! Farm on bro!!!
Dziadek Oy oldin
I personaly hated the 8rx massage as it had one massaging bulge thingy possitioned very awkwardly. The way I was sitting it pushed into my butthole - not a great fealing.
Patrick Watters
Patrick Watters 2 oy oldin
Boys and their toys
Back Forty TV
Back Forty TV 2 oy oldin
“Me and like... two dozen other people.”
Back Forty TV
Back Forty TV 2 oy oldin
More about 47,166 dozen other people. Lmao!
Steve White
Steve White 2 oy oldin
Toodles lol
james holmes
james holmes 2 oy oldin
Sam is a smart guy.
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 2 oy oldin
Keep it going little brother! Proud of you and your Lady!
T-800 Farming Sim
T-800 Farming Sim 2 oy oldin
“Hold on Sam, that can’t be six inches” 😂
Виктор Абошенко
Виктор Абошенко 2 oy oldin
Кепка классная подарить не хочеш?
D-DUB 2 oy oldin
I know I'm late, but what IS the purpose of the deere guys following around the tractors?
Stammel Blind Archer
Stammel Blind Archer 2 oy oldin
Fluffy seed beds are important?
gjmoore5757 2 oy oldin
Great videos mate. Bloody large tractors there. Perhaps I could bring mine one along help out.
Ole Jonas Eng Hagen
Ole Jonas Eng Hagen 3 oy oldin
I had my birhday when this video got posten on UZpost Soory for bad enghlis. I live in norway and i am 11
David Reeves
David Reeves 3 oy oldin
When hanging the US flag vertically I put the Union to the north, because the north won the war
Dylan Holzman
Dylan Holzman 3 oy oldin
At 13:30 I was dying😂😂😂😂
Caleb Crumpton
Caleb Crumpton 3 oy oldin
Tractor: I have a phone holder! Zach: *puts phone in cup holder*
Thunder Plays
Thunder Plays 3 oy oldin
This tractor-I gotta turn
NEPA Outdoors
NEPA Outdoors 3 oy oldin
"Where's the happy ending button" 😂😂
RamboLambo 3 oy oldin
Northbound and down, loaded up and farmin!
GP Outdoors
GP Outdoors 3 oy oldin
Love the channel. Cheers!
1:17 AHAHAHAHAHAH Those are tractors?? Are You sure?
Ethan Courtney
Ethan Courtney 4 oy oldin
7:16 intents camera wobble
Jon H
Jon H 4 oy oldin
Listening to you talking about the adjustments on the cultivator (harrow?): do you enjoy messing with the setup on your race car too? As a former R/C racer I feel like there are some parallels :-)
Marilyn Wilkowske
Marilyn Wilkowske 4 oy oldin
Are you shooting for a certain % of trash cover after planting to prevent wind and water erosion??
Papa Ed's Farm Fresh
Papa Ed's Farm Fresh 4 oy oldin
Watching from the province in Philippines
Jonathan Wymore
Jonathan Wymore 4 oy oldin
Gotta have good Concavitavation is key...haha
CreativeAnarchy 4 oy oldin
The thumbnail you have for this video, the way you are standing, it reminds me Champions of Krynn, an old D&D PC game from 90. You look just like the characters when you view them when they are in combat. That stance is just like the way they stood. Hold a stick just like a two handed sword and you have that pixel look down.
Alan Lupkes
Alan Lupkes 4 oy oldin
Also would love to come and work for ya learn more about this
Alan Lupkes
Alan Lupkes 4 oy oldin
Happy ending button, love it lol
Carl Falt
Carl Falt 4 oy oldin
Between the new tractor and disk would the bill be about $600,000?
Georgey Boy
Georgey Boy 4 oy oldin
love the videos i you have helped me through this covid
Kyle Munro
Kyle Munro 4 oy oldin
You do realize instead of rolling your speed up and down, use f2 for top speed and f1 for headland turning. Saves on scrolling all day.
agdc24 4 oy oldin
Why do I want to go buy a farm after I watch your videos
Keagan Boyle
Keagan Boyle 4 oy oldin
Boo red tractors
Bread Crumbs
Bread Crumbs 4 oy oldin
Hey guys, I have a question if you don’t mind helping me out...I tell people my plan in life and I get made fun of, I tell them I want to be a farmer when I’m 30 you know explore life, but I also want to be a software engineer for google for 15 years...the thing is people tell me those don’t go together and I feel insecure about my plans...what is your opinion on my plans
smcox1991 4 oy oldin
“Rated G channel” 😂🤣😂
K R 4 oy oldin
is double tillage same as using a spring tooth and then your new black disc tool from the other video, you used to chop and size the residue?
K R 4 oy oldin
and I suppose there is a proper order in which one must use these two tools
Rajendra Choudhary
Rajendra Choudhary 4 oy oldin
I have large quantity of organic soyabean
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey 4 oy oldin
I just heard China is buying up all of our farmland.
Gabe Bruns
Gabe Bruns 4 oy oldin
I don’t think those were tractors I think they’re toys
Reuben Botha
Reuben Botha 4 oy oldin
Hey, when are the next video coming out?
CaliforniaCheez 4 oy oldin
Every wonder why somone would be so oblivious to how soil works that they would destroy soil life and soil structure through recreational tillage? Why does this guy create hard pan layers in his fields that plants and water rarely penetrate. Why does he encourage the erosion of tons of his soil?? Why does he not grow cover crops? Why does he build life killing salts in the soil. Half of all the fertilizer he buys runs off his fields polluting nearby water. This guy cares nothing about soil health, water cycle, carbon cycle, or soil life which makes the system productive.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 8 soat oldin
@CaliforniaCheez I don't disagree with anything you're saying. We have a 2,650 acre farm with 2 full time employees (my Father and myself) and taking time to manage 40 acres differently is not always as easy in real life as the idea sounds. In the conversations I've had with farmers who have switched systems, nearly all of them have said yes, they save money on tillage, etc. But the money goes for something else. Cover crop seed, custom hire, etc. It's a systemic change altogether and so dollars are rerouted more than they are saved. Nonetheless, yes, I believe the future is headed for minimum tillage and cover crops. Figuring out how to affordably and logistically incorporate them into each operation is the challenge. I know very well who Gabe Brown is. One missing piece from his story is that he was broke and needed to make a change immediately. He had nothing to lose in the short term, my personal situation is very different than that. Hebis also farming shorter season crops on much coarser soils. What he does works well for him (although it's subsidized my hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking/teaching income), but it doesn't realistically work that way for everyone. You really should check out the Field Work Podcast. It would be right up your alley.
CaliforniaCheez 15 soat oldin
@Millennial Farmer 1) I grew up farming in Minnesota. I understand late planting dates on corn and not getting it until May. My grandfather's farm was on the other side of the state from us in Yellow Medicine County. 2) Soil health principles work anywhere there is soil. 3) You said your margins were thin. What if you could save on your inputs? Less nitrogen, and less herbicides? A cover crop would suppress weeds and provide natural nitrogen. Think of spending money on seeds instead of sprays. If you don't start soon your margins will become too thin. 4) I know oats in the fall cover crop there can make problems in the spring. Find a mix that works. With brassicas you should be able to have a green plant growing until Thanksgiving there. I understand that a Rye cover crop before corn hurts the yield. You may want to try a Hairy Vetch for the nitrogen. 5) Look up Gabe Brown videos. He has been doing soil health for 25 years in North Dakota. Many guys are planting cover crops after the corn is shin high. They are small and thin under the canopy but once the corn comes off they really shoot up. Gabe Brown can make money if corn was at a $1.50 a bushel. You won't start there but every year your soil can improve and not get worse. Nature hates bare soil. Bare soil uses weeds as the first responders to heal that bare soil. 6) You will either go the road of soil health or the next owner of the farm will. Start with as many acres as you dare, say a 40 acre field? You will see amazing results in just a few years. Once you see it with your own eyes you will be convinced. You should be able to rent a no till planter for one day. I will warn you, the first 2 years transitioning to no till will suck. The 3rd year gets better and every year after that is better. Anybody that does it for 5 years will never go back to the problems you have now. It will make farming fun and easier for you.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 18 soat oldin
@CaliforniaCheez here in the northern corn belt, we are capable of growing good corn, and that's what our local market demands. However, in order to do that, we need to take advantage of every single day and every heat unit we can. Year after year, one of the single most obvious determinants of yield is planting date. With our cool temperatures and heavy spring rains, it's important to be able to get corn planted as soon as possible. Yes, I understand how soil infiltration works and changes after reducing tillage. That's exactly why we are experimenting so much with reduced tillage systems (as seen in this video). Some day my goal is to reduce tillage as much as possible and use crops crops to reduce erosion and maintain nutrients. For now, we are stuck in a tillage system and switching over is not an overnight change. It takes time. If I just stop tilling suddenly and wait 5 years for my soils biological system to change, I'll be out of business. I don't know about where you are, but farmers are not making big dollars here in the upper midwest. Margins are razer thin, if existent at all. The change needs to be slow and organized. On a side note, there is not a single no-till farmer within probably 50 miles of me. There is a good reason why NOBODY practices that here. Our high magnesium, high calcium soils are very very sticky and tight. They don't dry out in our cold, wet climate.
CaliforniaCheez 19 soat oldin
@Millennial Farmer Okay, why do you do tillage?
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 19 soat oldin
@CaliforniaCheez I am more than willing and more than happy to have this conversation with you, but only if you can do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen as much as talk. So far, you've only been preaching to me without knowing anything about me.
Klug Farms Klug
Klug Farms Klug 4 oy oldin
They have all ways said, a disk will smear the soil under the blades. Unlike a shovel of a field cultivator, but i don't know about that. On my farm, in the spring tillage, using a field cultivator, if it really gets wet after planting, it seem the water doesn't drain good after tillage. If you get many inches of rain. Better to just get a inch, 1/2 inch to get corn going. Thus no till is better for that. But i don't plant beans, so i need to till to get rid of some of the corn stalks.
Chad Rostvet
Chad Rostvet 4 oy oldin
I can’t wait for there fs 19 map
Klug Farms Klug
Klug Farms Klug 4 oy oldin
So Zack, you use field cultivator on your farm. Would you give that up for one of these???? I like field cultivator, with a drag behind, coil tine or spike tooth. No bearings running in the ground or near the ground. Easier to replace shovels than disk blades & far more cheaper.
yeeyeeboyz 1
yeeyeeboyz 1 4 oy oldin
Bob Lee Ziegler
Bob Lee Ziegler 4 oy oldin
Great video for the children.
Kevin Sheddrick
Kevin Sheddrick 4 oy oldin
I'm a John Deere tractor owner and recent subscriber. For +25 years, my daily commute to work passes by a Case IH dealership. Thanks to your videos, now as I pass by I'm constantly saying to myself "What the heck is that?!?!"
Buddy Martin
Buddy Martin 4 oy oldin
Stay off it when wet..... minimum tillage all the way! I'm still a brillion turbo till man myself but high speed tillage has come so far in just a few years
Panda _Boy_09
Panda _Boy_09 4 oy oldin
I can’t wait to run the 8rx on sandy bay on fs19 when it’s out
flight110 4 oy oldin
+1 on the Monster Magnet blasting near the end haha
Robert Meyerholtz
Robert Meyerholtz 4 oy oldin
Matching hats???? NO
Jack Wiseman
Jack Wiseman 4 oy oldin
Hey Zack? Is there any update about ur farm on fs19?
Ann Joseph
Ann Joseph 4 oy oldin
Totally didnt expect to see your camera ad, how neat!
Christiaan Arnoldi
Christiaan Arnoldi 4 oy oldin
Do you put in your autosteer lines beforehand or in the field
Junkyard Tailgate
Junkyard Tailgate 4 oy oldin
Wow Kool! We never pulled any disc with our 4020 JD at 10.0 MPH! In the 1970’s. We would have had to be in 6th or 7th gear! Thinks have changed! Nice vid guys.
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 4 oy oldin
No idea what they think is “classic” about a truck built in 2018. The “classic” editions looked the exact same as the rest of them
Kyle Thurston
Kyle Thurston 4 oy oldin
You should try and demo a Lemken! They are supper popular in our area and do an amazing job! It’d be cool to see what your opinion is on them!:)
RoisinT2 4 oy oldin
Oh deere, you drop the ball(s) on that one. No happy ending button?! xD
Dylan Adrian
Dylan Adrian 4 oy oldin
How many acres do you farm
MexiM ONE 4 oy oldin
New to the channel, surely love this type of videos (even if I’m into other stuff, just have lots of preferences tbh). Happy to be here and watch more vids from you!
Barney Hite
Barney Hite 4 oy oldin
My father-n-law always said the land of 10,000 lakes and 1000 fish.
dolphinhead2112 4 oy oldin
Pretty fancy stuff but what happens when corporate deere decides to brick your rig out in the middle of the field because you didn't or won't pay for their software updates? I'm hearing horror stories about this.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
Are any of those stories true? I've never heard of it happening.
Matt The Builder.
Matt The Builder. 4 oy oldin
Red Farming equipment Kinda died when International stopped being produced. You can't talk trash on old International.
Johan O
Johan O 4 oy oldin
Man, Im hooked on your videos. Keep up the great work. Greetings from Belgium.
Boris Fett
Boris Fett 4 oy oldin
Thanks Deere
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 4 oy oldin
This was. A great video and so much fun.
iMacGuy1011 4 oy oldin
Double D's - Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos DD
Countryboy Lucas
Countryboy Lucas 4 oy oldin
Chevy dodge or ford
Joe Ronan
Joe Ronan 4 oy oldin
Why is that my state is still being Suppressed by Obama era coal regulations, but farmers like Zack are get Subsidies to grow corn and then that corn is then bought by ethanol plants which is subsidized by the govment and put into the gas that I then am forced to buy?
Joe Ronan
Joe Ronan 4 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer wrong I have no choice but to buy it. And it may not be a Ethanol subsidy but you are get a little something to grow corn and beans. I believe that a free market should not be propped with subsidies.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
There have been zero ethanol subsidies since 2012, and nobody forces you to buy it.
Brad H
Brad H 4 oy oldin
JD should be proud of your reviews. They are lucky to have a guy like you that uses the equipment for what its designed for and give opinions on it. Great video again.
Jean Louis Binchet
Jean Louis Binchet 4 oy oldin
Waouh superbe matériel très imposant et très efficace
Army Doc
Army Doc 5 oy oldin
www.deere.com/en/forms/corporate/website-general-feedback/ ... Just Sayin'
Geoffrey Kail
Geoffrey Kail 5 oy oldin
Kurt Streets
Kurt Streets 5 oy oldin
Can not what for this map to com to farming simulator 19 game!!
challengecompleted55 5 oy oldin
I'm willing to bet good money that button is for a step light. It probably also turns off automagically.
Brooks Zenker
Brooks Zenker 5 oy oldin
That's a nice Midwest seed hat your buddy has! Have you guys tried any on your farm? That's all that we use
r l
r l 5 oy oldin
That's why Deere give you stuff....Brill..
Zach Moerman
Zach Moerman 5 oy oldin
Is the MNMF FS map coming to PC? And if so, when?
Jonathan OTinger
Jonathan OTinger 5 oy oldin
Just out of curiosity.....have you guys had any problems out of the 6"x46" hydraulic cylinder on the front of the 2680H? We have one that is leaking around the ram of the cylinder. Basically the wiper seal has been pinched and rolled in one spot. The ram is in great shape but the wiper seal is out and John Deere does not have any of the seal kits available.
Jack Willie
Jack Willie 5 oy oldin
Sounds like you've got those motors barking...what's the fuel consumption
cntsles fabrication
cntsles fabrication 5 oy oldin
Those were not tractors
Moe Cizlak
Moe Cizlak 5 oy oldin
MFer listening to Highway to Hell album?
dodgersfn Shepard
dodgersfn Shepard 5 oy oldin
I want that tractor..badly! If you race cars why isn't that tractor on nitrous..your a disappointment to our community! Just messin..that's awesome stuff. I honestly have no idea how I got here but it's worth it
Dano Zombie
Dano Zombie 5 oy oldin
ERTL has really scaled up their toy sizes. 😉🇺🇸❤️👍
Brian Towe
Brian Towe 5 oy oldin
Do you still race
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan 5 oy oldin
Good stuff. Thanks for posting. I remember tee shirts back a few years ago used to have a phrase on it "Its not the size of your Deere but the size of your Johnson." Keep it clean. Always hope with water and soap.
Lucas Dobson
Lucas Dobson 5 oy oldin
Lazy man tracker lol
Heidi Fritz
Heidi Fritz 5 oy oldin
I'm visiting your channel from Cole the Cornstar (he's really awesome, isn't he 😆). I'm not a farmer, but it's been super cool to see all the hard work and crazy technology that goes into it.. Thank you for your passion to farm the land and bring us along.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
Cole is a funny dude! Thanks for watching!
Scott Walter
Scott Walter 5 oy oldin
Can that 8rx put 410 horsepower to the ground or does it feel week just wondering?
Jeff Paggett
Jeff Paggett 5 oy oldin
Easy to fast on flat land.
Peter Agriconguy
Peter Agriconguy 5 oy oldin
Somebody needs to send you some rose colored glasses so you can recognize RED when you see it...……… They DO manufacture farm equipment too
K 5 oy oldin
Do you have lakes?
kenny j harris
kenny j harris 5 oy oldin
Where u get the shades?
Samuel Goetz
Samuel Goetz 5 oy oldin
Every time I watch your vids I wish I was back working on the old farm I was a hand on
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