Getting Dirty on the Farm

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Millennial Farmer

26 kun oldin

Getting Dirty on the Farm. Pretty much the dirtiest day ever. Mike Rowe would be proud. #DirtyJobs #FarmLife #Harvest2020
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Keegan McKenna
Keegan McKenna Kun oldin
2.0 was wearing a knife can you let me know what one thats a cool one lol thanks Zac and Bec
defcowboy 8 kun oldin
To break up the corn in the bin, get a kettlebell weight from Walmart and tie a rope to the handle. Toss in and retrieve. Better than getting stuck in a corn avalanche.
Jon McCargar
Jon McCargar 9 kun oldin
Full trash pump. Just put the hose down and it will bring it all up -corn and water without you going down. And, very fast.
Kenneth Montgomery
Kenneth Montgomery 11 kun oldin
You need a mud pump.
Quinn Odenthal
Quinn Odenthal 16 kun oldin
Nate2.0 is going to fit right it! $20??
Silvia Milena Hernandez Monsalve
Silvia Milena Hernandez Monsalve 18 kun oldin
wow, very cool !
auldz b
auldz b 18 kun oldin
1:02 what is it?
SparkeyDogfish 18 kun oldin
Nothing prettier than a shepherd at attention. (Well, except a woman).
Deva Deva
Deva Deva 18 kun oldin
9:07 Very bad smell will come. Always keep dry.
John Criswell
John Criswell 18 kun oldin
Can the water in the corn sump and other "pits" be used as fertilizer on a new crop. It would seem so, since it is not true "fecal-matter-sewage" but plant matter without enzymes. Or is it too acid to be used and merely sprayed as weed killer.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 13 kun oldin
We actually spread it on the field near the house and till it in. So, yes!
iBelieve 19 kun oldin
Marcus Koone
Marcus Koone 20 kun oldin
2 things make me gag. Rotting grain (dairy farms especially) and mayonnaise/miracle whip
Grant DuBridge
Grant DuBridge 20 kun oldin
The easy way to go down in the pit would be to, Put on your safety harness for the silo, attach a chain to the harness, attach the other end to the bucket on the old tractor, and lower you down.
Kristian Pedersen
Kristian Pedersen 20 kun oldin
I spent 2 years in farming in US. I come from Denmark, came for fun, study and experience. I grew up on a farm in DK, got the certificate there, spent 4 years being replacement for farrmers that got ill, going on vacation, weekend of etc. So I tried a lot of different shit, and found out how incredibly different farmers are doing things. To this day, I still think one of the shittiest jobs I ever had, was cleaning bins as a trainee with 2 other Danes and a Swedish guy, containing rotten dusty smelling layers of corn at Richard Yaggies farm in Breckenridge Minnesota in 2002 :).
Harold Chaffee
Harold Chaffee 20 kun oldin
Both Canon & Sony make some small cameras for doing UZpost videos. Good luck on finding what you want and like.
Chasing Wheels
Chasing Wheels 22 kun oldin
Another workday, well packed day with action, dust and yakety yak jobs on hand. Your videos are very inspirational ! Watch your step with all acrobatics you do all day long, though.
Juan Rempel
Juan Rempel 22 kun oldin
I use the Sony 4k Action cam...... gave all my gopros away, awesome cameras.
Lazar dazar
Lazar dazar 22 kun oldin
Does he know when he said pick you up Scotty that kind of sounds like the part from Spaceballs
Jeremiah S
Jeremiah S 22 kun oldin
Mike Morgan with outdoors with the Morgan’s uses a DJI osmo action I believe and really likes it
Justin Turtle
Justin Turtle 22 kun oldin
I’m happy you guys show the rough parts of farming, well to us it’s just another day.... but to those city folks let me tell ya hahaha
everchevy 22 kun oldin
Why don't you just put a structure over your grain pit and make it a drive through with doors. Problem solved. BIG farmer friend of mine has his setup like that and it is great.
Kevin Benecke
Kevin Benecke 22 kun oldin
I'm kinda surprised you don't have your own grain vac on hand for times like these.
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 22 kun oldin
Hope you all survive 1 week of being a 1 parent family😂😅.wishing UR dad a speedy recovery.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Pistol PeteYT
Pistol PeteYT 22 kun oldin
Jim needs to be in the videos more
Examiner 007
Examiner 007 22 kun oldin
Get a Mud Hog pump. That’ll get it 😉
Martin Hunt
Martin Hunt 23 kun oldin
If I may make a suggestion about silo safety. Can you think about making an episode devoted to silo safety? A lot of people are unaware of silo safety and what to do if some does become entrapped in grain. Trying to save an entrapped person often causes more deaths. I work for Laidig Systems and we manufacture industrial silo reclaimers so I am very familiar with silo entry i.e air monitoring, having a hole watch and lockout tag-out. As you said silos kill. Raising awareness of the very real dangers is a great cause. Thanks for doing this. Contact me if I cam help.
Russ 23 kun oldin
put a funnel on the suction hose for the pit the wide aperture allows water and solids will drop due to the reduced flow rate at the mouth we use this where there is gravel in sumps
Russ 23 kun oldin
You guys don't seem to practice confined space practice but i know you have it as i have worked with guys from the states who use it. goes for grain bins as well I watched mike mitchell and laura farms going into places where O2 levels can be depleted and no rescue kit BA kit maybe you can use your influence to promote training
Jamie Staniforth
Jamie Staniforth 23 kun oldin
I'm surprised you don't have an old slurry tanker for that awful job.
Linnette Iowa
Linnette Iowa 23 kun oldin
My least favorite machinery on the farm: Grainvac! I’d rather scoop fir days than fight a reverse directional firehose! 😂 And they are so darn loud.
dumbo390 23 kun oldin
you Need Sump Savers
Mark Sayers
Mark Sayers 23 kun oldin
$20 is $20 lmao
BW Colbert
BW Colbert 23 kun oldin
Every great shop needs a JIM on staff. Great work ethic y'all!
Charles Kawski
Charles Kawski 23 kun oldin
Ever think about concrete vibrators to bust down that hard silo corn?
Thomas Walsh
Thomas Walsh 23 kun oldin
What's up man? Stay safe
JCL Farming
JCL Farming 23 kun oldin
4:02 You sure that tractor is idled?
Charlie Saker
Charlie Saker 23 kun oldin
DJI Osmo action. Way better than a GoPro imho
waterskiingfool 23 kun oldin
Gotta put a canopy and curb and gutter around that pit
B M 23 kun oldin
A good strong wet vac with enough house should have enough oomph to suck the last of that out of the pit, it's worked for us if need be.
c parrott
c parrott 23 kun oldin
Should’ve asked those Welker guys about grain vac usage...
Randy Medors
Randy Medors 23 kun oldin
20 bucks is 20 bucks... Indeed lol
Licketysplit NW Iowa
Licketysplit NW Iowa 24 kun oldin
Rooten bean smells the worst...
Greg Gillund
Greg Gillund 24 kun oldin
Use the winch on the Ranger...
T 7’S
T 7’S 24 kun oldin
I’m heading to Lowry right now I’m gonna see it I can find you out in the combine some please and take a selfie of me with you way out in the field in the background someplace wish me luck
Waya Hedia
Waya Hedia 24 kun oldin
I have a sump pump with a grinder in it for our septic system. Sounds like the perfect solution here.
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 24 kun oldin
Just change out the pto shaft or does you green tractors don't do that.😁 the New Hollands have changeable shafts.
random videos gameing
random videos gameing 24 kun oldin
That is one deep pit
Daniel Vester
Daniel Vester 24 kun oldin
OH....MY.....GOODNESS....his face at the end about 20 bucks being 20 bucks..........I spit my drink out....Love it
mit snevets
mit snevets 24 kun oldin
you really need to have a bldg set up over the grain pit perhaps a carport style just my thought ! love your channel keep up the great content !
Lauren Hindes
Lauren Hindes 24 kun oldin
is having Jim on top of the forklift OSHA approved LOL
Mihaita Butnaru
Mihaita Butnaru 24 kun oldin
hello from romania!how many acres do you work?
peterpansreise 24 kun oldin
It looks like a beautiful corn harvest this year ... two weeks of sunshine and summerly temperatures ahead for you.
Trevor Burke
Trevor Burke 24 kun oldin
Hi there, great to see what farming is like over in the US of A. It really is on a much bigger scale then here in Ireland. Just wondering wot u thought about presidential debate the other nite and who do you think will be better for farmers in the long run.
Craig Moorcroft
Craig Moorcroft 24 kun oldin
Is that black grey stuff on the corn mould?
MitchMoe 24 kun oldin
It's possible your pump wasn't strong enough to push that much water up the pipe. Or it was clogged.... Or a combination of both.
Petr Vlach
Petr Vlach 24 kun oldin
I toto je farmaření. Nejen jezdit kombajnem. ☺☺
simon bramich
simon bramich 24 kun oldin
Still Interesting farm videos, but too many Ad's in 14 mins !!!
TheRealKiddo 24 kun oldin
6:20 The Country Boy Dust Shower
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 24 kun oldin
Welker Killed a Cat 🐈
yoran The gardener
yoran The gardener 24 kun oldin
Maybe a stupid question, but is Jim an employee or a good friend. Or maybe both of course
Cash Schierling
Cash Schierling 24 kun oldin
“I’ll blow you if you blow me......... 20 bucks is 20 bucks”
TransitBiker 24 kun oldin
Zach. I may not always agree with your stances on things, but i really appreciate you showing how a farm operates down to the smaller details, and sharing your feelings/opinions in that regard. I hope that your family has a great harvest, stays safe ( i saw that your dad had a knee incident, hope he recovers quickly and completely), and you continue to share your life as a farmer. I also hope you vote this year. It's been a rough year for Americans, but it did not have to be this bad. I cordially invite you to look into politics (on youtube or elsewhere) and policy. I hope that doing so informs you on the facts as much as your videos have allowed me to see the "other side" of where my food, hand sanitizer, and so many other products come from. Stay well, my friend. #nofarmsnofood #smallfarms #farmsnotdevelopments
David Traa
David Traa 24 kun oldin
why do you guys not just call the local septic truck guy to clean out that pit?
Tyler Cservak
Tyler Cservak 24 kun oldin
Canon g7x
timothy winters
timothy winters 24 kun oldin
If Minnesota and Iowa votes Democratic in 2020 ! Don’t complain to America 🇺🇸!
timothy winters
timothy winters 24 kun oldin
Make sure you tell your fellow Farmers! This about freedom and your farms! Trump 2020 !
USA USA 24 kun oldin
you need a bigger Trash Pump to clean that pit out, Honda Self-Priming Construction Trash Water Pump - 3in. Ports, 19,020 GPH, 1 1/16in. Solids Capacity, 270cc Honda GX270 Engine, Model# WT30XK4A
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins 24 kun oldin
Use a Shop Vac to clean the pit out.
Dan Sorger
Dan Sorger 24 kun oldin
Hi, I'm not a farmer, the only thing I am growing is old, but it would appear to me that if you were to use a piece of that grate at the bottom of your pit just above the opening, and another piece about 10% further up it might create a baffle system and keep your bins from getting jammed, It's just a thought.
Jason Schau
Jason Schau 24 kun oldin
You should look into an air powered diaphragm pump, would pump that out lickidy split.
Mike L
Mike L 24 kun oldin
Nice hat Jim!
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 24 kun oldin
I made the mistake of buying a grain vac. It needs work. But setting it up, fighting with hoses... I wish I had passed on it. For winter have you considered going over what is required for a farm grain truck. DOT inspection, insurance, self DOT, that your wife could drive it, but someone hired to drive it couldn’t (unless they had valid CDL, Health card. My cousin wants to buy a semi, gtsin traiker. They are cheap. But maintenance isn’t. Fill the slower part of the year.
Beau Munro
Beau Munro 24 kun oldin
Try the GoPro hero 9 I have 2 and are really good
Leo McAvoy
Leo McAvoy 24 kun oldin
You need more salespersons to feed that poor Shepard, nothing but skin and bones! LOL 😆
Real M
Real M 24 kun oldin
11:23 Well, thanks buddy! I now have a very clean monitor and very clean glasses as well. I was just about to eye-wash by eye balls too, thinking maybe I had a cat hair or something.. then you made that comment.
John Hurd
John Hurd 24 kun oldin
Full Spectrum POV Cam 4K. Ghostshop.. its around 160.00. I have never had an issue...
Part Time Farmer
Part Time Farmer 24 kun oldin
Two words........'shop vac'
Crazy Dirt
Crazy Dirt 24 kun oldin
Millenial Farmer, you were asking about camera options. I am using a DJI Action for my channel. It's been rugged so far, easy to use (which is important for a non-techie like me), has a front and rear screen, image stabilization that is surprisingly good, and it has voice control which is handier than one might think for those of us who are up to our elbows in dirt on a regular basis.
Grampajaws 24 kun oldin
i see alot off farmers /people using compressed air to blow bust/dirt off them IT IS one big NO NO as it can kill you air causes the blood not to flow properly and so can cause an a heart attack so please STOP doing it
Natedog Productions
Natedog Productions 24 kun oldin
Just Shop Vac that last little bit of crud out.
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 24 kun oldin
Lol him getting picked up on the pallet woth the skid steer seems slightly osha approved to me 😂😂😂
Trent W
Trent W 24 kun oldin
Nate 2.0 needs more appearances. Any man willing to put his pride aside and earn $20 is someone I want to see more of! Lmao!
kummd 24 kun oldin
1:57 Things I'd get fired for at my job!
Brad Roon
Brad Roon 24 kun oldin
Sorry Zack, you won't make a ninja with your movements...
JackMacLupus 24 kun oldin
7:05 Hmmm, the pump or hose getting blocked by the stuff in there is a common problem when you pump water with solid stuff in it. I remember it a lot from my active time at the volunteer fire department when we needed to pump water out of basements after a storm. Sometimes there is SO much stuff in there (mostly a mix of things from the basement and things that where flooded in with the water.) that the pump is more blocked than everything else. I remember one time where we had multiple basements flooded with really muddy water from the fields and there was a over 25 centimetres thick layer of mud left in the basements when the water was out. For such situations i whould suggest a "Mini-Chiemsee" pump. This pump is absolutely wonderful when you need to pump dirty water with leaves or other solid stuff in it because the mini version is blockage-free for stuff till 65mm in size and it can pump up to 1600 liters per minute. It pretty handy when you need to pump dirty water more often. Here is the company that produces them. The only thing is, i dont know if they ship into the US...
Hugh Albright
Hugh Albright 24 kun oldin
your wife make you drop Channel for FBN? Haven't seen Channel since the hot chick hung out in the combine with you........ :-)
USMC Tanker
USMC Tanker 24 kun oldin
Be careful handling that material its more dangerous than you think. I had a friend who was getting rid of some old mulch that had been through several cycles & remained. he got a lung infection . All antibiotics made were ineffective & only steroids kept him alive for 3 yrs & he died at age 34 after a few yrs of hell dealing with meds & weight gain from 200lbs to almost 500lbs because of the steroids . Sewveral times he gaines & lost till he died from that infection. Take Care my friend !!!
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 24 kun oldin
I'm surprised that you don't already own a grain vac.! Surely you've needed one in the past haven't you.?
Phillip Fuhrman
Phillip Fuhrman 24 kun oldin
Hope your dad has a speedy recovery
Chaun McGuire
Chaun McGuire 25 kun oldin
Set off some M80s in that bin. Should knock it all loose haha
Mr Anarchy
Mr Anarchy 25 kun oldin
"I'll blow you if you blow me"-Zach Johnson 2020 🤭
kotov dot in
kotov dot in 25 kun oldin
#1 HEALTH SOLUTION is on my website.
Marcus Sensabaugh
Marcus Sensabaugh 25 kun oldin
I hear Akaso are good cameras. I think welkers use them
EOF 25 kun oldin
A 2'' or 3'' diaphragm pump air operated will pump that out in a few minutes we use them in the oilfield to pump out the cellar under the rigs . Maybe use the compressor on THUNDAR!!! You can find them on ebay sometimes for a reasonable price.
Clear Creek Farm
Clear Creek Farm 25 kun oldin
What do you use now for a camera
Андрей Димитров
Андрей Димитров 25 kun oldin
How deep are the corn septic wells?
Преслав Стачев
Преслав Стачев 25 kun oldin
Sony zv1
Dagger Kid
Dagger Kid 25 kun oldin
rent a wife.20 bucks per hour
Michael Burchfield
Michael Burchfield 25 kun oldin
"This hose is aweful heavy, this time"...that's what she said!
Michael Burchfield
Michael Burchfield 25 kun oldin
Good Ol' Moline would turn that grain vac, no problem!
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