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Grain Bin Rescue Training and equipment is essential for rural Fire Departments and First Responders across the nation. We are very excited to announce that during our Grain Bin Safety Campaign this fall we were able to raise over $60,000 in funds to contribute to responder teams across the nation! Special Thank to Kensington Fire Department for letting me tag and long and document the rescue training equipment in use.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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man person
man person 5 soat oldin
This training was completed at a specialized training fathulaly with highly trained supervision
Jessica Willegal
Jessica Willegal 6 soat oldin
I remember sitting in school when we saw the rescue vehicles go by, found out a guy from our town got stuck in his bin. He was the first one in the area to have survived. Obviously you’d never hope for this to happen but I’m glad our fire department was well prepared.
Francis Phillipeck
Francis Phillipeck Kun oldin
Picked the biggest guy for the unconcious run lol thats a LOT of dead weight
Chester Barlow
Chester Barlow 2 kun oldin
Why would 200 people dislike this?
Jeff Steelman
Jeff Steelman 2 kun oldin
That almost happened to a bowl of Corn Pops....👍
Danny B
Danny B 3 kun oldin
Thanks for showing us, I appreciate it
MrGuvEuroman 3 kun oldin
I know a few people who have died looking/going into the bins, through asphyxiation.
Mike Lavigne
Mike Lavigne 4 kun oldin
Randy, the human pipe cleaner : )
jj wald
jj wald 4 kun oldin
I've done this before as a training for my dad's department it was a really cool experience and really useful since we have so many farms around here
Josh Millers
Josh Millers 5 kun oldin
I hope all the grain didn’t go to some wear to make food because People have been walking all over
ANDREWBAILEY Yeeyee 5 kun oldin
Dang it can't attemt to pet my dog
Rick Mervine
Rick Mervine 5 kun oldin
I don't know what to say - well, I guess I really do. One of the smartest uses of UZpost I've seen to both raise money to fund these tools for VFD's and see the training to make it even more valuable in others. Good work! Smart work and Safe work in one of the most dangerous work environments.
Knifetime Story
Knifetime Story 7 kun oldin
All joking aside, that was amazing. Scary shit. I've been in a "shit lagoon" in the winter and thought was going to sink to my death. But, staying calm and remembering my train on how to escape quicksand saved my butt. I loved how those guys would chuckle and laugh, but all of it was nervous laughter and you could tell they really, deep down, took it incredibly seriously and were that much more equipped and learned how to save a life. Great job!!!
Knifetime Story
Knifetime Story 7 kun oldin
Best pronunciation of "Facility" ever!!!
matt franklin
matt franklin 7 kun oldin
Looks like a lot of back breaking work!! Thank God we got Billy on the stretcher safe and sound but we cut his belly off getting him through the hole on top. And he bled to death...
Sebastian Wittich
Sebastian Wittich 7 kun oldin
In the European Alps these bins are not that often used for grain, because there are not that many farms producing grain, because it is to steap for fields. So they are using similar bins to produce silage for their cattle. People don't die there because they are burried below the chaff and hay; they die because of the CO2 and CO, which is produced during the process of becoming silage. I guess, that is way more dangerous, because you cannot see or smell the danger. It still kills people after all these years.
Sebastian Wittich
Sebastian Wittich 7 kun oldin
Nice they got him out of the bin. Good luck getting him down outside
Timothy Putzke
Timothy Putzke 7 kun oldin
Sadly we lost a local farmer (Maple Lake, Wright County MN. due to a grain bin accident this last year. Local Fire departments and local farmers all pitched in to save him. Unfortunately rescue wasn't successful. Thank you for making this video. If it leads to the saving of one farmers life it's all worth it.
Matthew Klekta
Matthew Klekta 7 kun oldin
what kind of grain is it
Hunter Poole
Hunter Poole 7 kun oldin
I have your sheds in farm and simulator 19
Brian Drake
Brian Drake 8 kun oldin
Thank you
Dusty Head
Dusty Head 8 kun oldin
Bill gates owens more farmland then anyone else in the united States of gates. Why don't you ask him. Your doing it all wrong
stumpy2816 8 kun oldin
iBelieve 9 kun oldin
Matt Bartel
Matt Bartel 9 kun oldin
Thank you for your donation to the Green mountain fire dept we'll be sending pics of what we buy with it plan on doing bin training yet this winter
Greenisland Farmer
Greenisland Farmer 9 kun oldin
Great video folks.
RC Adventures
RC Adventures 9 kun oldin
You get a new truck?
soggy jeans
soggy jeans 9 kun oldin
0:13 : ah yes fafilivy
David Turpin
David Turpin 9 kun oldin
Have they ever tried a big shop vac To quickly remove the grain once they get the Shields in place
GC Ranch
GC Ranch 9 kun oldin
So why aren’t plastic “snow shoes” in every grain bin? Would they be safer than just getting in there in boots?
The Crazy Life of Ryan
The Crazy Life of Ryan 9 kun oldin
This is amazing!
Alex larson
Alex larson 10 kun oldin
The sad thing is that not that long ago one boy that was in high school died because he was trapped in near my house
David W.
David W. 10 kun oldin
That is AWESOME! The training, the video and the donations! I’m actually FROM Pemberville, Oh so that means a lot to that department for sure! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!
Bodie Falk
Bodie Falk 10 kun oldin
Awesome very much needed in rural 🇺🇸
Aaron Coulombe
Aaron Coulombe 10 kun oldin
I work on the ambulance that covers Kilbourne, IL. My co-worker was telling me that no one on the department knew this was coming and they are all extremely grateful for the equipment that’s headed their way!
Kade Fleming
Kade Fleming 10 kun oldin
My dad is on Ruleville fire department
JayJayGee 10 kun oldin
Great job with this program. Think about how many people in the ag community will be affected by the lives this will save. . . Awesome.
Mr. Whatever
Mr. Whatever 10 kun oldin
Very nice👍
Bryan McCann
Bryan McCann 10 kun oldin
I am glad to see these departments get the funds I didnt think NY was going to be in that group I would have said my dept but. The County has alot of this equipment already so thank you for eveyone that donated and @millennial Farmer thank you for doing this for us all
Brody Erickson
Brody Erickson 11 kun oldin
Tristan Whittle
Tristan Whittle 11 kun oldin
Sorry I could not donate can afford it
Colton Stocker
Colton Stocker 11 kun oldin
One of them went to a town right down the road from mine it’s nice to see even tho my town didn’t get one the town right next door got one makes me feel safer
Justin Niles
Justin Niles 11 kun oldin
Interesting. Randy needs to hit up crossfit with you!
cancerous_panckake22 11 kun oldin
I am very disturbed
sliverhi 11 kun oldin
Real deal. Great vid.
charles_22 kleindl
charles_22 kleindl 11 kun oldin
I lost a brother to grain bin accident near Morris MN
J Ram
J Ram 11 kun oldin
Having nearly killed myself in deep clay / mud when I was 6 i can only imagine the feeling of being sunk in a grain bin
Rory Barnett
Rory Barnett 12 kun oldin
Oh no I can’t pat dogs any more
rollin coal77
rollin coal77 12 kun oldin
Thank you...
R u b e d o
R u b e d o 12 kun oldin
WATCHED THIS THREE TIME'S... DALE THANK YOU for training these men. When I first started watching farming with Cole the CornStar when he was just finishing school...he was in the grain shed on the corn and I asked what if there was an avalanche and he got buried...well these guys are the answer. Training maybe "relaxed and friendly" but from experience in public order way back in the day...👮‍♂️ slow and easy gets it in your head for when the big day comes. Randy is a BIG man and it was good to use him to get someone through a small gate... It must be really really difficult and dead easy to injure them badly. To be inside a grain silo must be scary... Hot, not much light, danger of sinking or avalanche, unconscious victim, performing CPR, watching your assienda and each other.. WHAOW these guys have Ball must be akin to sinking in a swamp or quicksand or drowning... Think the farmers who go in grain bins should have radios or attachments at the minimum,,, some kind of high decibel screaming emergency device .. My imagination went in overdrive watching thankyou for this demonstratuon of VOLUNTEER rescue men.. Keep safe your Aristotles. UgZ. 💜😊. x Any chance of seeing fire engines in action. How do your get from one place to another? Water supplies,,,? What's the comms like. What if it's a biggun.. If you can like ..even if your could only get Dale to give a talk and maybe Randy and the guys show us the equipment..I mean out in the farms everything's made from wood mostly... Next- paramedics HOW do the Farm community watch their kiboos ??? Mind how you go. 💜 ,
andy hughes
andy hughes 12 kun oldin
Just an idea but if fire fighters had snow shoes minus the holes they normally have in them they would not sink into the grain as much, just a thought anyway should work the same way as the kneeling pads they use only attached to their feet
Tebogo Smith
Tebogo Smith 12 kun oldin
Isnt a grain bin high so at the farm how will you work with sn unconscious guy wont he fall off the grain bin
Joseph Durand
Joseph Durand 12 kun oldin
I know safety training is good as I was a trainer for 18 yrs. I was just wondering how often in a season or a year does this happen. Once is enough but how often is emergency services required.
Kurt Kriener
Kurt Kriener 12 kun oldin
As important as the grain bin rescue is, one thing that really stuck out to me is the people on the outside of the bin. Here in their mock scenario there was a large platform to stand on. Very few bins would have that kind of room to stand on. Reality is most bins will have a ladder on the outside, with no safety cage. In the event the individual that was trapped is unconscious an needs to removed with a body board through the man-hole opening, that aspect needs to be addressed to get the patient safely back to the ground.
Patrick Higginbotham
Patrick Higginbotham 12 kun oldin
Awesome work
Frozenhosehead 12 kun oldin
Never leave firefighters alone! We will always find a way to goof off when you least expect it! 🤣🤣🤣
PAYTON MAC 12 kun oldin
Chainsaw would be outside of ben.
PAYTON MAC 12 kun oldin
Zach need to have farmers wear a grain ben tracker .Have it designed to android phone. We have the technology. Google sells disk that i can track a tool box. I have used three d sonar to do to measure car frame specs. I wish I WAS WEALTHY I WOULD MAKESOMETHING GIVE MY DESIGN TO FIRE DEPARTMENTS .PS I COULD EASLY BUILD FLEX DRIVEN CHAINSAW AUGER .MY big chainsaw has about 7hp that would really move grain .
Farmer Wes
Farmer Wes 12 kun oldin
Man this is awesome to see that people are training for this, I had a bin accident in September almost lost my right leg, it's nice to know people are preparing for these accidents. Then the one guy ask is that your bad leg that hit home hard I got my right leg cought in a unload drag for a grain silo that brought a lot back to mind.
Matthew Beske
Matthew Beske 12 kun oldin
Very neat and cool you were able to assist with helping get equipment and training to area departments.... good training scenario's. Reminder that the victims arms should also be strapped in to, as loose appendages can be hard to work with!
Jon Lauwers
Jon Lauwers 12 kun oldin
i did this type of farm rescue training back in 2019 another training, you should do zach is tractor rollover or being pinned by a tractor
fbh31118 12 kun oldin
Great job!
Woxineau Crows
Woxineau Crows 12 kun oldin
Man, I'm so jealous your better looking than I am and I cant live with it I'm gonna grow a huge beard and cover up my ugliness Great job fellas..
jay wing
jay wing 12 kun oldin
Please post on rumble!
recyclescrap 12 kun oldin
I am proud of the American that you are. Please start adding your content to Rumble. You know why.
Michael Mason
Michael Mason 12 kun oldin
I live in NJ. I did 24 years of EMS and Heavy Rescue. I think this is awsome. Giving tools to the men and women who there lives to save us.
Julie Gerber
Julie Gerber 12 kun oldin
This was every educational to watch as well as to learn from.
Jack Willie
Jack Willie 12 kun oldin
Left the farm life back in the mid 70's and took up const. Learned a lot on safety when working at great hts If I were to return to farming I'd never enter a bin alone and never with out a safety harness and tie off..OSHA has changed my thinking ..And hopefully this video is a start for Dads to incorporate rules of const if not followed your sent home on an lose a days pay..2nd time don't come back
logan holmberg
logan holmberg 12 kun oldin
Man I remember going over this stuff and watching vids in Agriculture class in high school. Its no joke and gave me a healthy respect not just for grain but any piled granular material. Scared the Stupid right out of me.
Saffie19 12 kun oldin
Oh man.. if you're claustrophobic, you'll have a great time watching this video. Hats off to you good sirs!
owen outhwaite
owen outhwaite 12 kun oldin
I've built quiet a few bins as I work for a bin building company and none of them have interior ladders like these
Tab Ranch
Tab Ranch 12 kun oldin
🚒 why do firemen wear big red suspenders 🥸 🤓to hold their pants up 🥁
Elite11 Gaming
Elite11 Gaming 12 kun oldin
The way he said facility
Lindsay Truscott
Lindsay Truscott 13 kun oldin
I lmao when you tried to say facility
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 13 kun oldin
How often does this occur annually?
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 13 kun oldin
Thank you for the video that is so awesome
Matthias Stevens
Matthias Stevens 13 kun oldin
Great video, important topic!
Blake Jenkins
Blake Jenkins 13 kun oldin
Zack, here's the first time you flashed it. You looked clumsy and regretful, but you crowbarred it in. Seriously dude. "Trying to keep up with the X9 combine" October 11 @ 18:54
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 13 kun oldin
@Blake Jenkins the fact that you're serious is hilarious. No matter what I say you'll assume I'm being defensive and I'm guilty as charged. All I can say is what I have so far: you're seeing something that isn't there. I didn't even know that was a symbol for anything other than OK until today. If you don't want to believe me, there's nothing more I can do. Have a nice day.
Blake Jenkins
Blake Jenkins 13 kun oldin
@Millennial Farmer It's just the weirdest thing: last Fall most of the farmtubers I'd been watching for quite some time started using their fingers in this manner rather than the typical 'thumbs up'. More noticeable was that it was always awkwardly placed. Of course, I knew what you meant and so did my wife. She got so pissed off I had to start watching your videos in secret. Pretty regretful and careless on your part considering the revenue you generate from this platform. Would you like more examples? Seriously.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 13 kun oldin
That's the "ok" sign, it's been a thing for somewhere around 17 billion years 😂
Rose White
Rose White 13 kun oldin
what is a air hose is pushed down to the guys knees and aerates the corn - would he sink further or be able to move up? ..
Nathan Ping
Nathan Ping 13 kun oldin
We had a grain bin accident on our farm and thankfully we had a group of farmers that helped out and knew what to do! This is awesome ya guys have done this 👏 to you guys
Brian W
Brian W 13 kun oldin
Randy sure is a good sport!!!
Justin Buser
Justin Buser 13 kun oldin
Can’t attempt petting the dog? That sucks
William Davis
William Davis 13 kun oldin
Why no southern states?... we farm
Andrew Henson
Andrew Henson 13 kun oldin
My local fire dept is one of the lucky recipients to get supplies needed for rescues like these. I am sure they will appreciate it, the chief is a farmer as are several of the firefighters.
William Umbach
William Umbach 13 kun oldin
Kilbourne IL!! Whoot Whoot! Great training - Salute to the Firemen (& women) and to the Departments. Thank You all for what you do!
Damon Coates
Damon Coates 13 kun oldin
Amazing video great opportunity to share some knowledge love it.
Jack 13 kun oldin
Rescue using things commonly on farm... step ladder, boards, chunks of plywood, rope etc... Always have your phone with you in a bin, too.
Seth Ard
Seth Ard 13 kun oldin
You kinda get an idea of how difficult this type of rescue would be. However, there was too much light, ventilation and room in the mocked up bins. I have worked in bins that were stifling hot or freezing cold, dusty, cramped and dark. Imagine doing this in those conditions and the patient really is suffering. It certainly proves the adage to practice how you will perform. When conditions are not ideal, you still have to find a way to get the job done. Great video. Thanks, Zac.
Ed Crego
Ed Crego 13 kun oldin
A while back I offered some advice on him safety and you completely blew me away totally ignored what I wanted to tell you I worked for the largest steel bin company in the world and took many hours of training in him safety and manure pits it is something I take very seriously as over the years of hearing many many stories of farms dieing unnecessary I wish you luck in getting the word out
John Card
John Card 13 kun oldin
Them plastic things look like 2 Liter Plastic Crate Carrier?!?!
Marko Jaic
Marko Jaic 13 kun oldin
7:24 shouldn't they first put board under his back beacuse you actually don't know are the person back or spine demaged..for safety? ✌👨‍🚒🚨
Dillon Reis
Dillon Reis 13 kun oldin
When we drilled with my department on grain bin safety. We also simulated when a person is fully submerged we cut holes in the side of the bin to empty as much grain out as fast as we can. It was a lot of work and will take a lot of manpower for a successful rescue, which probably a lot of public won’t understand. Awesome job raising all that money to donate. I’ll cheers a cold one to all of you that donated. Thank you
Røn Man
Røn Man 13 kun oldin
specialized training fafilithy........... OMG that made me a laugh............ love your videos..........
Bruce Koster
Bruce Koster 13 kun oldin
Excellent video Zach...kudos to all of you for doing what you did to raise the money that went out to all these worthy small towns for the necessary equipment. I know you were asked before....but how did you determine who got what? I noticed a lot of $500....some $1,000....and quite a few $1,750 amounts awarded....& some really odd amounts too. What's the deal there? Is it simply a matter of what those departments asked for or is there a certain dollar figure available to different agencies!? Maybe it's something simple like...1st come-1st served?
Jerry Santos
Jerry Santos 13 kun oldin
My eyes are sweating seeing all the doners.. Thank you Milenial Farmer dude for carying the 🔦.
Jerry Santos
Jerry Santos 13 kun oldin
Wow! My eyes were sweating. Ibe been in that situation in a grain hopper transport trick. I know the feeling of helplessness. Thank you Millennial Farmer for what you are doing.
Garfield Lasagna
Garfield Lasagna 13 kun oldin
Do not attemp any of what you are about to see in this video: Me: So your saying I can't pet a dog???
bruce walker
bruce walker 13 kun oldin
That video was outstanding. We need to do something like this in Montana.
Eyan Wise
Eyan Wise 13 kun oldin
I was hoping you would have gotten a ford
Jaymes C. Moreland
Jaymes C. Moreland 13 kun oldin
Unfortunately, I have had to use grain bin extrication training. Some have not had happy endings. This is an important skill for Rural Fire Depts to have. Learn it and train. We have used a rescue tube like the one in the video as well as small sections of plywood. I grew up on a farm it's easy not to think about situations like this but they can happen in an instant. You can be in a bin a thousand times without a problem then bam, you go down. Farmers should make sure that they have and USE the safety equipment(ropes and harnesses). They aren't comfortable but they can save your life. I would also recommend a buddy system so that help can be summoned as quick as possible.
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