Grain Bin Entrapment

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Millennial Farmer

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Grain Bin Entrapment- The goal of this harvest and campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents, by raising awareness of the hazards and raising funds to equip our first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds we donate and raise will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for first responders.#Harvest #Annoucement
Donate Today:
Nominate Your Local First Responders:
Best point of contact at your department?
What equipment does your department/responders need?
Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments?
Any other information you think we might find useful?
Please send request to

cameron barron
cameron barron 3 oy oldin
I mean if we all donate a dollar that 600k raised for a good cause.
B& B Farms
B& B Farms Oy oldin
I did
I’m in
random videos gaming
random videos gaming 3 oy oldin
QUICK MATHS, I wish I could donate but at this moment I cant.
aantonides 3 oy oldin
@Dave Dammit exactly why a wench that dosen't need another person should work. Farmers are constantly short handed. Which is why this happens at all i think. Also the wench is way stronger then any person with a rope.
Patrick Boyd
Patrick Boyd 3 oy oldin
10$ done and done, bin entrapment and anhydrous accidents pretty high on my list of dangers I wish we could "engineer-out" of daily life on the farm. Good on everyone for chipping in....and even those just sending a like or a comment.
Brother jay
Brother jay 18 soat oldin
Don't use the impact guns . Use a drill. You'll bust allot less hex heads.
Carl Legg
Carl Legg Kun oldin
Noah Rankin09
Noah Rankin09 5 kun oldin
God Bless You and Becky
Frances Campbell
Frances Campbell 8 kun oldin
Just found your channel and I'm hooked!
Brandon Entz
Brandon Entz 15 kun oldin
Hope you did good on raising money for bin safety . That rod broke one's while I was in the bin my dad went out to disengage the sweep and with out knowing put it drag anger on and let's just say I'm still alive the sweep stripped me in seconds and it wasn't nice thanks for your videos
Amanda 26 kun oldin
I'm wondering if can we install a microphone and system where if you shout a word like "call" it will contact the fire dept (or others) through a radio or a cell phone? Another idea is to install a voice activated trap door, letting the grain out. To help people who were caught by the augers, why can't we have a wristband with a button that stops the augers from moving, it seems like a simple device to make. If not a wristband, we could install the button on a commonly used tool. We could even make it voice activated too. So if someone yells "help"/"stop" the auger will turn off. Would any devices like these be useful? Or is the issue mostly that people suffocating from the pressures of the grain and help cannot arrive fast enough? As a engineering student from a city, (who knows nothing about farms and is learning how to build devices like these) I feel like there has to be some better tools/systems/devices that farmers can use to help mitigate accidents
Ray Hushagen
Ray Hushagen Oy oldin
New subscriber here love this channel
Martin Doppelreiter
Martin Doppelreiter Oy oldin
Comment as requested :-)
Dean Brown
Dean Brown Oy oldin
That is good
MrFIRECAP Oy oldin
Nice job.
Balwant Yadav
Balwant Yadav Oy oldin
Your douters very cute voice is very very cute
big d
big d Oy oldin
It’s very simple I see MN millennial farmer video I click faster that John Deere combine
B& B Farms
B& B Farms Oy oldin
Jashandeep Singh
Jashandeep Singh 2 oy oldin
I like your farming i am indian farmer best of luck
Andy Chappell
Andy Chappell 2 oy oldin
Andy from the uk . Zack you are spot on and the dog’s are happy to
Amanda Goss
Amanda Goss 2 oy oldin
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch 2 oy oldin
redfox 2 oy oldin
Is this channel anyone else out for Covid BS
jeff chrivia
jeff chrivia 2 oy oldin
Bing on a volunteer fire department that is great of you for doing this
Harold Tanner
Harold Tanner 2 oy oldin
Could you weld a handle on those rods? That wouldn’t fix the rust. Spray it before you fill the bin?
Pep Aroni
Pep Aroni 2 oy oldin
That chain is dicked. Wayy too tight
DUANE SCHOMER 2 oy oldin
John Kirkgasser
John Kirkgasser 2 oy oldin
Love the content. Wish I could stop in and give you a hand some day.
steve Bruce
steve Bruce 2 oy oldin
I'm a landscaper contractor in Arizona was raised in Tennessee love to watch these videos an old farmer told me one time he said I quote if you talk about farmers don't talk with your mouth full bless you guys keep up the good work
robriste 2 oy oldin
Charles Compton
Charles Compton 2 oy oldin
Hey, I'm a retired bricklayer (because of disability, bad back) Who started out life on a very small family farm. One of the things I remember most from those years is my grandfather having me picking up rooster eggs. I comment on that very often...maybe too often. The farms down here in Southern Ohio are not even near the size you have up there but they work very hard just the same. I really enjoy watching your videos and look forward to looking in on the operation up there. Keep up the good work and above all stay safe! God bless and keep those kids praying (you too), Greg
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 2 oy oldin
Quite the beetle at 11:15, I would imagine the amount of protein that one gave you would hold you over until dinner.
Fallen Arkansas Veterans
Fallen Arkansas Veterans 2 oy oldin
Just subscribed, like the videos and what you are doing to help with emergency rescue.
Steve Foos
Steve Foos 2 oy oldin
Had both my knees done 15 years ago ,best thing I ever did. Thank you for your videos ,they are very informative to us "city folk"
Colin Hayward
Colin Hayward 2 oy oldin
Your house back yard is like a public highway can you do a video of how you keep your children safe.You showed how you stopped your dog from going under unstable trailer.
Richmxvoido 2 oy oldin
My mother is going for her second knee replacement
Let’s hit that subscribe button
Jason Penke
Jason Penke 2 oy oldin
Great channel.
Timothy Halloran
Timothy Halloran 2 oy oldin
Hi Zach
Rich H
Rich H 2 oy oldin
God bless you and your lovely family for doing what you do e Rey day.
Rudolf Benner
Rudolf Benner 2 oy oldin
You missed the Clarkthapian Thamawapper.
Alix White
Alix White 2 oy oldin
thats great hope the support builds up fast cuz my late farmer step dad always said over and over how dangerous the augers in the bin area were, so good work .that was North Dakota, Sargent county, too.
Joe Rixen
Joe Rixen 2 oy oldin
Such a great thing you two are doing. I am on the Palo Fire Department just north of Cedar Rapids Iowa. We are waiting on our rescue equipment and we are really happy to have this on hand. Thank you for all the great content and thank you for your support.
Paul Cohut
Paul Cohut 2 oy oldin
“Holding that trailer in place?” 😂😂😂i use it with my guys when they hold a wall in place” I guess it works on all fields. Priceless.
Frank Woodward
Frank Woodward 2 oy oldin
great video
Tia& Tony
Tia& Tony 3 oy oldin
Good job
RS 1990
RS 1990 3 oy oldin
11:19 - Did you pretend to 'Eat The Cockroach'? ;-)
Alyssa Thar
Alyssa Thar 3 oy oldin
Hi I am a paramedic here in Minnesota and would love to visit about grain bin rescue. Thank you so much for all you are doing.
Aiden Coady
Aiden Coady 3 oy oldin
Reginulfr 3 oy oldin
@Millenial Farmer - If you read this, I'm a tech entrepreneur based in Florida, and I'm wondering what your opinion is on what sort of technology could be used to increase safety in grain bins? Why do accidents happen? Is it that someone gets stuck and no one finds out in time, and therefore would monitoring technology improve safety, or is it more a question of prevention?
Funny farm 555
Funny farm 555 3 oy oldin
I watched a You Tube video last year about a young man who went into the top of grain bin for some reason and got trapped in the grain. Biggest thing pointed out was that he did not tell anyone where he was going, nor did he leave a note. Lucky for him the guy bringing in a load of grain didn't see him around and started looking for him; he was rescued in time after a big process. Need to train the farmer too. inform someone you are going in, use a tether line, and like Bernie said below; ALL electrical equipment should have a tag/lock out. One more safety tip; never approach a tractor from the rear; let the operator see you because it only takes a second to get tangled up in the PTO if you slip and fall (It happened to a neighbor when I was in high school). A PTO or auger only needs to go around once to really screw you up.
Mr Farmer2012
Mr Farmer2012 3 oy oldin
The thing i hate most about farming is going in the bin. But on our farm we have preached bin safety for over 20 years we never go in the bin with grain in it unless there's someone at the door and if the bin is turned on we try not to go in either if we do go in the bin we always take a shovel with because a shovel is replaceable a person is not.
Mark Essic
Mark Essic 3 oy oldin
Love watching you farm
00UncommonSense00 3 oy oldin
I have been caught in a grain bin and it's the scariest thing I have ever bin through (see what I did there?) It was like quicksand. The more I struggled, the deeper I went. Luckily my cousin was there and he was able to get a shovel stretched out to me and pulled me out. It scarred me for life. I would not go back into a grain bin again after that if if was over 3 feet deep.
joe bowser
joe bowser 3 oy oldin
hey onyx does the same thing i do fix small engines
Arnold Romppai
Arnold Romppai 3 oy oldin
you say the millennial farm giving back, yet now your begging for donations, that is not millennial and his wife giving back at all.
Corny Peters
Corny Peters 3 oy oldin
What are you talking about
Dominique Auffrey
Dominique Auffrey 3 oy oldin
Fabian Venica
Fabian Venica 3 oy oldin
Felicitaciones !! Soy de argentina productor agropecuario ganadero !!!! Me encanta verlos .. es mi sueño poder conocer los campos de de su país!!!!! Es mi sueño !!!!
James Hibbard
James Hibbard 3 oy oldin
Way to go buddy!
Matt Benson
Matt Benson 3 oy oldin ( Sent from KSTP )
Muddy Veins
Muddy Veins 3 oy oldin
Dumbest thing I have watched! You didn’t even put the hammer back inline with the others! Hahaha long time watcher short time commenter love the channel keep it up!
Latin Dance Videos
Latin Dance Videos 3 oy oldin
I’m wondering why grain bins can’t be cleaned out with a pneumatic system. I’ve seen too many blocked/broken bin augers.
JM Lure
JM Lure 3 oy oldin
When it comes to fixing shit some times you have to fix it your self
Singh Samrath
Singh Samrath 3 oy oldin
Hello Bro How are you doing?
sondus bellow
sondus bellow 3 oy oldin
Love the channel. Love your videos. Thank you for all the good work you continue to do. Personally I’ve been looking for a similar channel for a long time, so when I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago I was the happiest.
Eric Murray
Eric Murray 3 oy oldin
What you are doing is absolutely amazing!! Keep the videos up👍🙂
BeenJamminMon 3 oy oldin
Joe Lowder
Joe Lowder 3 oy oldin
That so awesome on what you are doing. Being from a small volunteer department in Central Illinois , it the generosity of people like you that help volunteer departments survive. Keep up the good work!!!
Rose White
Rose White 3 oy oldin
that chain hasn't been oiled in a while! farmers make work for themselves.
James Graham
James Graham 3 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing. The money is going towards reactive situation. Let’s put money toward prevention. Education to farmers in lock out tag out. Confined space entry with harness and life line. Hole watch attendant outside. Teaching children not to enter grain bins. I appreciate tools for reaction but we can do more with being proactive instead of reactive. Retired firefighter. Current safety mgr large grain company.
Cindy August
Cindy August 3 oy oldin
We love your channel! We aren’t farmers but love watching. Keep up the good work 🙌🏻
Kevin Lopez of Turlock Ca
Kevin Lopez of Turlock Ca 3 oy oldin
Keep up the good content buddy 👍
Leslie Brennan
Leslie Brennan 3 oy oldin
Don't forget children. Many climb to the top and fall in and suffocate in the grain. That needs addressing. Good job Millennial Farmer!
Billy Wylie
Billy Wylie 3 oy oldin
Hey good video keep it going
John Thompson
John Thompson 3 oy oldin
Do the people who enter a bin wear a rescue harness and retrieval rope? If it is tied off a person may be able to pull them selves to the surface or a rescue team can get to you.
D Lastname
D Lastname 3 oy oldin
Just subbed great channel from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦
LA Delta Farmer
LA Delta Farmer 3 oy oldin
Man this awesome what yal are doing for helping with grain bin casualties.
josh baumann
josh baumann 3 oy oldin
Good on you zach and Becky for donating your money!
Maverick Boldt
Maverick Boldt 3 oy oldin
Oh ok
Maverick Boldt
Maverick Boldt 3 oy oldin
Tom Legrady
Tom Legrady 3 oy oldin
You've got dust on your sensor .. shows up bottom centre, so it's actually top centre.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 3 oy oldin
you could cut a plastic 55-gallon drum in half to make a koffer type dam around the area your working on
Carl White
Carl White 3 oy oldin
first time viewer and i am now the channel.
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 3 oy oldin
Y’all gonna vote for trump
Noah Langenfeld
Noah Langenfeld 3 oy oldin
Grain bin safety is a big issue. Thanks for helping out!
Howard 3 oy oldin
Apparently commenting is a good idea. Blessings from Australia.
toledojeeper 3 oy oldin
I lost a brother in a grain bin accident...I want to thank you...I just subscribed
Andrew Toews
Andrew Toews 3 oy oldin
Off the subject but how are you liking your mandako storm ? Guy here in mb told me you guys got one.
Troy Heltion
Troy Heltion 3 oy oldin
Great content your channel will continue to grow
KIMFAB 3 oy oldin
That bug you "ate" at 11:15 was a bad example for all Everyone knows that with this virus you don't just pop it in your mouth without licking it off first.
iBelieve 3 oy oldin
arkiefyler 3 oy oldin
As long as you brought up "Safety", here's another area you might think about: Seat belts! Sure, you aren't usually moving real fast but I bet even that Go-Cart has a seat belt! Here's a link to what can happen when not wearing one in a COMBINE!!!
John McMickle
John McMickle 3 oy oldin
The training is some states is provided by the state fire academy. The some of the equipment is expensive simply because it is specialized.
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 3 oy oldin
That dry chain looks like the perfect chance for a WD40 commercial!
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 3 oy oldin
We use vacuum trucks to suck up earth to make deep holes. Can a vac truck suck up dry grain? It might work pretty good, and you can lose the crappy auger design. Meh, it's probably been tried.
Fixologist Trailers
Fixologist Trailers 3 oy oldin
It works a treat. Done it a few times in deep pits and it works a treat. Rice obviously is the dangerous one when it's wet because if hydrogen sulfide. Have flooded it with water and used a truck to suck it out so no one has to be in a confined space.
SparkeyDogfish 3 oy oldin
Nice to see you guys giving back.
Brandon Edman
Brandon Edman 3 oy oldin
As a first responder in Michigan myself and growing up and being around farms my entire life, I must say you guys are absolutely amazing! These volunteers who will be lucky enough to be chosen must really feel lucky! As always y’all stay safe!
Clint Burge
Clint Burge 3 oy oldin
Please....Please....Please.... put your guards on the auger motors and belts. Little kids, dogs, yourself, whoever, need to be safe at all times. You can prevent an accident now by putting on all the guards. Please.
Emerson Sutherland
Emerson Sutherland 3 oy oldin
Done! I got you fam! Love the map on FS19
Hunter Shaull
Hunter Shaull 3 oy oldin
I lost it when you “ate the bug”😂
Billy Roberson
Billy Roberson 3 oy oldin
I have been to the class for grain bin rescue it is a good thing for you to know I'm on the Ovoun County Rescue Squad down here in northwest Tennessee we have the equipment to do the rescue and thankfully we have not had to use it. Sorry for the long post I was just glad to here you talk about it
okmedic1 3 oy oldin
Having been a medic and firefighter I can say this cause will help your area first responders tremendously!! Thank you for your heart felt help to first responders.
Scott Lancaster
Scott Lancaster 3 oy oldin
Hey, Thanks for helping the local first responders. The subject of grain bin entrapment is not widely known and I believe your campaign will assist in helping agencies to be better prepared. God Bless and Thanks for what you do!
tom mh
tom mh 3 oy oldin
Love the videos. Every video makes me laugh in some way, keep up the amazing work your great.
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