Grain Bin Entrapment

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Millennial Farmer

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Grain Bin Entrapment- The goal of this harvest and campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents, by raising awareness of the hazards and raising funds to equip our first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds we donate and raise will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for first responders.#Harvest #Annoucement
Donate Today:
Nominate Your Local First Responders:
Best point of contact at your department?
What equipment does your department/responders need?
Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments?
Any other information you think we might find useful?
Please send request to

cameron barron
cameron barron 19 kun oldin
I mean if we all donate a dollar that 600k raised for a good cause.
random videos gameing
random videos gameing 15 kun oldin
QUICK MATHS, I wish I could donate but at this moment I cant.
aantonides 17 kun oldin
@Dave Dammit exactly why a wench that dosen't need another person should work. Farmers are constantly short handed. Which is why this happens at all i think. Also the wench is way stronger then any person with a rope.
Patrick Boyd
Patrick Boyd 17 kun oldin
10$ done and done, bin entrapment and anhydrous accidents pretty high on my list of dangers I wish we could "engineer-out" of daily life on the farm. Good on everyone for chipping in....and even those just sending a like or a comment.
Dave Dammit
Dave Dammit 18 kun oldin
@aantonides never going in unless you've got another person with you and you have a harness with a line wrapped around your waist is a nearly 100% foolproof answer, but it's really easy to get complacent and think: "ah, I've done this a hundred times, it'll be fine.", and most of the time, it IS fine. Just takes that one bad day.
Noah Murphy
Noah Murphy 18 kun oldin
This would be a better use for a fund like this. Fund some research in an agri engineering dept in a good university to come up with a system to try to prevent the problems developing. Failing that systems to deal with the problems that do develop. Don't necessarily need to be cheap enough that every farmer has them but cheap enough that hiring the machine is the only option anyone would consider.
Alyssa Thar
Alyssa Thar 4 soat oldin
Hi I am a paramedic here in Minnesota and would love to visit about grain bin rescue. Thank you so much for all you are doing.
Aiden Coady
Aiden Coady 11 soat oldin
Reginulfr 14 soat oldin
@Millenial Farmer - If you read this, I'm a tech entrepreneur based in Florida, and I'm wondering what your opinion is on what sort of technology could be used to increase safety in grain bins? Why do accidents happen? Is it that someone gets stuck and no one finds out in time, and therefore would monitoring technology improve safety, or is it more a question of prevention?
Funny farm 555
Funny farm 555 Kun oldin
I watched a You Tube video last year about a young man who went into the top of grain bin for some reason and got trapped in the grain. Biggest thing pointed out was that he did not tell anyone where he was going, nor did he leave a note. Lucky for him the guy bringing in a load of grain didn't see him around and started looking for him; he was rescued in time after a big process. Need to train the farmer too. inform someone you are going in, use a tether line, and like Bernie said below; ALL electrical equipment should have a tag/lock out. One more safety tip; never approach a tractor from the rear; let the operator see you because it only takes a second to get tangled up in the PTO if you slip and fall (It happened to a neighbor when I was in high school). A PTO or auger only needs to go around once to really screw you up.
Mr Farmer2012
Mr Farmer2012 Kun oldin
The thing i hate most about farming is going in the bin. But on our farm we have preached bin safety for over 20 years we never go in the bin with grain in it unless there's someone at the door and if the bin is turned on we try not to go in either if we do go in the bin we always take a shovel with because a shovel is replaceable a person is not.
Mark Essic
Mark Essic 2 kun oldin
Love watching you farm
00UncommonSense00 3 kun oldin
I have been caught in a grain bin and it's the scariest thing I have ever bin through (see what I did there?) It was like quicksand. The more I struggled, the deeper I went. Luckily my cousin was there and he was able to get a shovel stretched out to me and pulled me out. It scarred me for life. I would not go back into a grain bin again after that if if was over 3 feet deep.
Joe Bowser
Joe Bowser 4 kun oldin
hey onyx does the same thing i do fix small engines
Arnold Romppai
Arnold Romppai 4 kun oldin
you say the millennial farm giving back, yet now your begging for donations, that is not millennial and his wife giving back at all.
Corny Peters
Corny Peters 4 kun oldin
What are you talking about
Dominique Auffrey
Dominique Auffrey 4 kun oldin
Fabian Venica
Fabian Venica 5 kun oldin
Felicitaciones !! Soy de argentina productor agropecuario ganadero !!!! Me encanta verlos .. es mi sueño poder conocer los campos de de su país!!!!! Es mi sueño !!!!
James Hibbard
James Hibbard 7 kun oldin
Way to go buddy!
Matt Benson
Matt Benson 7 kun oldin ( Sent from KSTP )
Muddy Veins
Muddy Veins 9 kun oldin
Dumbest thing I have watched! You didn’t even put the hammer back inline with the others! Hahaha long time watcher short time commenter love the channel keep it up!
Latin Dance Videos
Latin Dance Videos 9 kun oldin
I’m wondering why grain bins can’t be cleaned out with a pneumatic system. I’ve seen too many blocked/broken bin augers.
JM Lure
JM Lure 9 kun oldin
When it comes to fixing shit some times you have to fix it your self
Singh Samrath
Singh Samrath 9 kun oldin
Hello Bro How are you doing?
sondus bellow
sondus bellow 9 kun oldin
Love the channel. Love your videos. Thank you for all the good work you continue to do. Personally I’ve been looking for a similar channel for a long time, so when I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago I was the happiest.
Eric Murray
Eric Murray 9 kun oldin
What you are doing is absolutely amazing!! Keep the videos up👍🙂
BeenJamminMon 10 kun oldin
Joe Lowder
Joe Lowder 10 kun oldin
That so awesome on what you are doing. Being from a small volunteer department in Central Illinois , it the generosity of people like you that help volunteer departments survive. Keep up the good work!!!
Rose White
Rose White 10 kun oldin
that chain hasn't been oiled in a while! farmers make work for themselves.
James Graham
James Graham 10 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing. The money is going towards reactive situation. Let’s put money toward prevention. Education to farmers in lock out tag out. Confined space entry with harness and life line. Hole watch attendant outside. Teaching children not to enter grain bins. I appreciate tools for reaction but we can do more with being proactive instead of reactive. Retired firefighter. Current safety mgr large grain company.
Cindy August
Cindy August 10 kun oldin
We love your channel! We aren’t farmers but love watching. Keep up the good work 🙌🏻
KEVIN LOPEZ 10 kun oldin
Keep up the good content buddy 👍
Leslie Brennan
Leslie Brennan 11 kun oldin
Don't forget children. Many climb to the top and fall in and suffocate in the grain. That needs addressing. Good job Millennial Farmer!
Billy Wylie
Billy Wylie 11 kun oldin
Hey good video keep it going
John Thompson
John Thompson 11 kun oldin
Do the people who enter a bin wear a rescue harness and retrieval rope? If it is tied off a person may be able to pull them selves to the surface or a rescue team can get to you.
D Lastname
D Lastname 11 kun oldin
Just subbed great channel from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦
Dawson Merritt
Dawson Merritt 11 kun oldin
Man this awesome what yal are doing for helping with grain bin casualties.
josh baumann
josh baumann 11 kun oldin
Good on you zach and Becky for donating your money!
Maverick Boldt
Maverick Boldt 12 kun oldin
Oh ok
Maverick Boldt
Maverick Boldt 12 kun oldin
Tom Legrady
Tom Legrady 12 kun oldin
You've got dust on your sensor .. shows up bottom centre, so it's actually top centre.
spim randsley
spim randsley 10 kun oldin
doesn't the center swap places with the perimeter?
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 12 kun oldin
you could cut a plastic 55-gallon drum in half to make a koffer type dam around the area your working on
Carl White
Carl White 13 kun oldin
first time viewer and i am now the channel.
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 13 kun oldin
Y’all gonna vote for trump
Noah Langenfeld
Noah Langenfeld 13 kun oldin
Grain bin safety is a big issue. Thanks for helping out!
Howard 13 kun oldin
Apparently commenting is a good idea. Blessings from Australia.
toledojeeper 14 kun oldin
I lost a brother in a grain bin accident...I want to thank you...I just subscribed
Andrew Toews
Andrew Toews 14 kun oldin
Off the subject but how are you liking your mandako storm ? Guy here in mb told me you guys got one.
Troy Heltion
Troy Heltion 14 kun oldin
Great content your channel will continue to grow
KIMFAB 14 kun oldin
That bug you "ate" at 11:15 was a bad example for all Everyone knows that with this virus you don't just pop it in your mouth without licking it off first.
iBelieve 14 kun oldin
arkiefyler 14 kun oldin
As long as you brought up "Safety", here's another area you might think about: Seat belts! Sure, you aren't usually moving real fast but I bet even that Go-Cart has a seat belt! Here's a link to what can happen when not wearing one in a COMBINE!!!
John McMickle
John McMickle 14 kun oldin
The training is some states is provided by the state fire academy. The some of the equipment is expensive simply because it is specialized.
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 14 kun oldin
That dry chain looks like the perfect chance for a WD40 commercial!
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 14 kun oldin
We use vacuum trucks to suck up earth to make deep holes. Can a vac truck suck up dry grain? It might work pretty good, and you can lose the crappy auger design. Meh, it's probably been tried.
gteea 13 kun oldin
It works a treat. Done it a few times in deep pits and it works a treat. Rice obviously is the dangerous one when it's wet because if hydrogen sulfide. Have flooded it with water and used a truck to suck it out so no one has to be in a confined space.
SparkeyDogfish 14 kun oldin
Nice to see you guys giving back.
Brandon Edman
Brandon Edman 15 kun oldin
As a first responder in Michigan myself and growing up and being around farms my entire life, I must say you guys are absolutely amazing! These volunteers who will be lucky enough to be chosen must really feel lucky! As always y’all stay safe!
Clint Burge
Clint Burge 15 kun oldin
Please....Please....Please.... put your guards on the auger motors and belts. Little kids, dogs, yourself, whoever, need to be safe at all times. You can prevent an accident now by putting on all the guards. Please.
Emerson Sutherland
Emerson Sutherland 15 kun oldin
Done! I got you fam! Love the map on FS19
Hunter Shaull
Hunter Shaull 15 kun oldin
I lost it when you “ate the bug”😂
Billy Roberson
Billy Roberson 15 kun oldin
I have been to the class for grain bin rescue it is a good thing for you to know I'm on the Ovoun County Rescue Squad down here in northwest Tennessee we have the equipment to do the rescue and thankfully we have not had to use it. Sorry for the long post I was just glad to here you talk about it
okmedic1 15 kun oldin
Having been a medic and firefighter I can say this cause will help your area first responders tremendously!! Thank you for your heart felt help to first responders.
Scott Lancaster
Scott Lancaster 15 kun oldin
Hey, Thanks for helping the local first responders. The subject of grain bin entrapment is not widely known and I believe your campaign will assist in helping agencies to be better prepared. God Bless and Thanks for what you do!
tom mh
tom mh 15 kun oldin
Love the videos. Every video makes me laugh in some way, keep up the amazing work your great.
random videos gameing
random videos gameing 15 kun oldin
Nate 2.0 I love it.
David Waters
David Waters 15 kun oldin
$10 done
KEN chop BRAZULAITIS 15 kun oldin
Nice to see a good people who care about others what a nice family you have enjoy your videos and information shared on farming many thanks from AUSTRALIA
James Farnham
James Farnham 15 kun oldin
Good video up to the 12:00 mark.
Doug Davis
Doug Davis 15 kun oldin
Very good cause and love the videos. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Patrick Noble
Patrick Noble 16 kun oldin
Jared Timms
Jared Timms 16 kun oldin
Absolutely awesome
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club 16 kun oldin
oil them chains!!! wow they are kinked bad
Sebastiano Catozzo
Sebastiano Catozzo 16 kun oldin
Colin Davis
Colin Davis 16 kun oldin
Hey Zach. It's good to always give back. As a firefighter/EMT I have responded to a few Farm accidents. Luckily it wasn't anything major or immediately life threatening. However I was always curious of how some of the farm machinery operates and what I could do as a first responder to try to rescue a farmer in a predicament. Our Jaws of life that you see chewing up cars won't do the same with farm equipment, For obvious reasons. Cars are made of cheap metal whereas combines and tractors are heavy steel and iron.
Adrian Layen
Adrian Layen 16 kun oldin
Great video, good to see you helping others again. Thoroughly enjoy all your videos, a big thankyou and a hello from the UK.
Nine Numbers Music
Nine Numbers Music 16 kun oldin
We lost a kid in my high school a year ago to a grain bin entrapment
Dick Weaver
Dick Weaver 16 kun oldin
THANK YOU for such a greatly needed end to this video!! Your caring, heart warming attitude will help convince many of us viewers to donate to such a worthy cause for farmers!!! You are a role model for ALL famers and for ALL Americans!!!!
Jackson_Max8 16 kun oldin
unfortunately it stopped raining 🤣🤣
Bob Cobb
Bob Cobb 16 kun oldin
Great cause for sure. As a farm boy from Saskatchewan I can attest to the dangers of grain bins. I also got my arm with my big poofy 1980’s down filled coat stuck in the hose of the grain vac which was humorous explain to say the least...
Camilla David
Camilla David 16 kun oldin
Look up New Ulm grain bin accident from 2018. I’m relatively close with his grandfather (long story). He was stuck in there for three hours until rescued, and his brother died from a grain bin accident 17 years prior. Scary stuff. Stay safe out’s great to see a man like you giving back.
Galen Miller
Galen Miller 16 kun oldin
I remember when i used have to ahivwl grain to the auger we dis not have a sweep when it got low
rmbuser 16 kun oldin
We are from Eastern Iowa a Fire Department and we have a rescue tube and training on Grain Bin Rescue!!! This an awesome cause!!!
Ryan Hogan
Ryan Hogan 16 kun oldin
“Wait a minute I gotta get this right” -joe Biden 2020 , also millennial farmer .. lol
Kenny Taylor
Kenny Taylor 16 kun oldin
Many thumbs up for a great channel and promoting farm safety. Always a pleasure watching you and the family on the farm. Hope your dad is feeling better with the knee. Wishing you guys a highly productive and safe harvest this year. Paramedic supervisor Cullman, Alabama
Saunis 16 kun oldin
Many youtubers have a lot subscriptions but in video statics they see, than only half of views came from subscribers. ... Common issue.
Ed W.
Ed W. 16 kun oldin
Dad is a tough guy, for sure!
nitewolf3008 16 kun oldin
Liked and Subscribed...Been a Farmer and Truck driver most of my life until bad knees and a crushed spinal nerve ended that and I miss it. Lost a very good friend that lived across the road when he fell off a grain bin. Farmers need to slow down when it comes to climbing those things taking that extra 15 to 30 seconds might be what saves your life.
Jay L
Jay L 17 kun oldin
I'm Subscribed and gave this Vid a big thumbs up. Why? Not only because you give back to good cause ,BUT you expand my wise-guy vocabulary. I thought I heard of them all,.... but "Hoosker-Doughnut??" LMAO!
Harold Chaffee
Harold Chaffee 17 kun oldin
It's more than likely the chrome muffler bearings that are too dry.
F A 17 kun oldin
Videos like these serve this country well....a lot of people can see the handoff from one generation to the next off hard working farmers that make up the heart of our country and keep it moving forward, even when the rest of us are caught up in petty arguments.
Joseph Carney
Joseph Carney 17 kun oldin
Hey guys . Greetings from Ireland. Great watching your videos and all the work you do. Great to see your dad keeping well . Enjoy every moment together and my dad passed away and yep I miss him alot. You have a great way on the videos you dont come across all full of ... crap. Be careful in the bins as stupid accidents happen. I lost my right foot in 2017 , slipped and the hydraulic hitch dragged me and well .. history So thanks again. Sadly I only have farm sim on xbox to even come to drive the awesome machinery you guys have there . Be careful and thanks for the videos. J.
sikhbeatz518 17 kun oldin
Just subscribed
Dusin Bonnema
Dusin Bonnema 17 kun oldin
I hate it when they don't put handles on. U clamps to handles or angle iron works well, or maybe tread the ends and attach nuts.
Craig Bowers
Craig Bowers 17 kun oldin
That's a bloody arwsome Zak, I live I New Zealand and we don't run grain storage systems but we hear about all the time. Keep up the arwsome work Zak yr a bloody legde
James Cantrell
James Cantrell 17 kun oldin
good luck and be safe
Russ Morgan
Russ Morgan 17 kun oldin
Thanks for raising awareness of grain bin safety. Been part of two tragic bin rescues in my years. neither turned out well. Our local grain elevator manager also died two weeks ago in a 330.000 bushel bin. It was apparently a fall into a nearly empty bin. I will be donating ....
thetribber 17 kun oldin
If Zack asks if you're okay, for heavens sake always answer or...down the hatch...kinda...
Tyler Daavettila
Tyler Daavettila 17 kun oldin
So many grain bin stories, great cause would love to see a meet/greet near your hometown
Frank Irwin
Frank Irwin 17 kun oldin
Ronnie Clark
Ronnie Clark 17 kun oldin
i love your show you guys are the best thanks for all your hard work RPC
loadpin 17 kun oldin
Fantastic idea Zack, on giving back to the grain bin rescue first responders, I’m sure down the road this will save a farmers life working their grain bins. Another thing you might think about is having a “Grain Bin Rescue Training Day” , where you have your local Fire Department set up rescue training on one of your bins so various Departments could train. This could be a 2 fold payback, 1 - it helps all first responders on what’s needed and the correct set up for a grain bin rescue operation and 2nd God forbid, the training would be great on your bins if in fact the first responders were ever needed at your farm, they would have first hand knowledge on your grain bin operations. Just a thought. Plus a great video opportunity.
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar 17 kun oldin
Great cause. Thanks for helping those who help farmers everywhere. 👍🏼
KristopherDavid Vivis
KristopherDavid Vivis 17 kun oldin
@8:45 when u bs on your resume to act like u know what ur talking about! 🤣🤣🤣
weer dxz are Jeff Davis
weer dxz are Jeff Davis 17 kun oldin
those sweep augers do that every year i saw you hammering on it wish i could have yelled at ya spray some wd-40 on we have to do that the first time we start them every year and its such a pain they really need a better design for it
Eddie Stobart4life
Eddie Stobart4life 17 kun oldin
love the videos (cant afford to chip in wish i could do) but i will be sharing the channel with all my friends plus im from the UK Stay Safe
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton 17 kun oldin
I watch the videos you put out
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