Harvest 2019 Got Us Down

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Millennial Farmer

11 oy oldin

Harvest 2019 Got Us Down. Literally and Figuratively this sucks. Downed Corn is a serious pain in the a$$. What a year!! Can we be done yet?! #harvest2019
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Ronald Ayers
Ronald Ayers Oy oldin
Never understood why there are different headers..I mean just get it in the machine. Corn,soybean draper head combo! Why am I the first one. Lol..
Krone Farms
Krone Farms 3 oy oldin
Possible investment into Led lights and more of them??
oldNavyJZ 4 oy oldin
Where does the corn go? Food? Feed? Ethanol?
X X 5 oy oldin
Daithi 6 oy oldin
reaper mayham
reaper mayham 7 oy oldin
Sorry if im a little late to the party on this video. But i found something you might be interested in if you have a spare minute facebook.com/PrairieFarmReport/videos/1014213688915486/
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 8 oy oldin
seen better..843.. that cloud form is rare or very rare.. i have one cammed
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker 8 oy oldin
2018 we had a problem with one number of corn that went down. Neighbor across the road had a WHOLE bunch of it planted, because it had been a very good yielding corn for the last couple years. 220+ bu/acre isn't so great when 20 bu/ac are laying on the ground behind the combine.
Jesse Backer
Jesse Backer 9 oy oldin
Drying corn is one of the best smells I can think of!
Robert Wing
Robert Wing 9 oy oldin
Why do you all wait so long, until the corn gets so down and nasty,, to harvest,,, also are you still using the old Fairbanks-moorse hit and miss engine on the combines?
MajSolo 9 oy oldin
your channel is a good channel I have to say, ;)
Ryan Korsmeyer
Ryan Korsmeyer 9 oy oldin
Fell down on you huh? Guess that FBN corn is cheap for a reason....
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 9 oy oldin
Except this wasn't FBN corn. This was a popular hybrid from a large, reputable company. Nice try though.
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 9 oy oldin
have you considered a corn reel to keep the corn moving through the header feel your misery looks as if we are going into 2020 with about 800 acres left and we are sitting out another snow storm. we are leaving 6 to 10 rows on the boarders of every field with snow banks
Albert Veenstra
Albert Veenstra 10 oy oldin
It's always nice when you can give Jim grief about getting stuck in the spring with the cultivator
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes 10 oy oldin
I did not know what you were dealing with as the weather changes. As of today , I subscribed.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 10 oy oldin
Back in the Day of my FFA years we use to go to farms with down corn. We would pick up corn for a fund raiser for FFA.
SkinnerBeeMan 10 oy oldin
This is why you pick the shit flat corn in light and the good corn at night. Oh yea, that grain header shit is for the birds. Remember insurance says it's a zero if it's flat anyways.
Zach Young
Zach Young 10 oy oldin
Hey when is the map coming out of your farm on farming simulator 19 would love an update
Jimmie Ferguson
Jimmie Ferguson 10 oy oldin
50 to 60 years ago my family in southern Illinois did not combine corn we hand picked it. We tried to have at least 4 adult men, two on each side of a wagon, we walked along as the tractor or mule pulled wagon would move along very slow down a row of corn. The driver was usually an older child 10 to 15 years old. The smaller children would pick up some of the lower hanging corn and cobs that had fallen to the ground. Most of the fields were 10 to 40 acres, but there were times I have helped with fields as large as 80 to 100 acres.
carson Saurdiff
carson Saurdiff 10 oy oldin
dont feel to bad we still have 200 acers of wheat in the field
Jurgen G
Jurgen G 10 oy oldin
Hay man were is my snack😀
Jurgen G
Jurgen G 10 oy oldin
Did you now that everything that John Deere makes from2015has a tribe!🚜
Silver Creek Riflehaus
Silver Creek Riflehaus 10 oy oldin
I feel for ya! It’s never fun fighting crummy conditions and your attitude stays WAY more PG than mine does!
josh mcclellan
josh mcclellan 10 oy oldin
Demo the maya america corn head
theda850two 11 oy oldin
Retail non-contract price for LP a few miles north of you is $1.57 : - (
iBelieve 11 oy oldin
iBelieve 11 oy oldin
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk 11 oy oldin
You may not believe me but I spent a lot of time working on a dairy and meat farm. I remember working in a silage tower and having the silage stuff falling on my head as I spread it around. I also worked in the slaughterhouse which I noticed you do not have. This is Grand Fork British Columbia and when I was 16/17. You probably dismissed me when I drew your attention, to belt drive and exposed electric motors. Has anyone lost their arm yet? Any way Love your stuff and you talking to a guy whose knows something about sylage....do you?
David Carlson
David Carlson 11 oy oldin
Drago would pick that up!
Garland Henry
Garland Henry 11 oy oldin
Watching this video is painful. My hat is off to you guys. This video was so good I can feel your pain 😩
Jos Reinders
Jos Reinders 11 oy oldin
If you guys need help am up
Brock 11 oy oldin
2019 harvest season is not good period. uzpost.info/vision/video/g6qMx61ri2Owfqc.html
CPUDOCTHE1 11 oy oldin
This is the first year in this area in at least 50 years that we were praying for no more rain in August.
Darren Kooger
Darren Kooger 11 oy oldin
What type of radios do you use ?
Brian A
Brian A 11 oy oldin
All you gotta do is spray a mixture of viagra on the corn, come back 20 min later and the whole crop will be standing straight for you!😂
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn 11 oy oldin
Zach don't let the trials and tribulations of harvest get too you. Look on the bright side of things. You have a plan and you got a free lunch!
fieromike1 11 oy oldin
You have such a great whatever it takes attitude. I am not a farmer but i totally appreciate hard work. Oh my God you guys never quit! I’m praying that you get the job done without any more problems and the weather holds up long enough for you to finish what you have to finish.
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 11 oy oldin
lol funny part is you were a topic at the diner tabel,last night
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 11 oy oldin
Oof rough day. Almost makes me want to offer to come help. Trucker not a farmer but if it's got an engine I can figure it out.
Crawford White
Crawford White 11 oy oldin
Did the LPG tanker arrive
xuser48 11 oy oldin
You should use grain elevators to move your harvest from silo to silo.
Tyler Gates
Tyler Gates 11 oy oldin
Okay boomer
Reaper Gt500
Reaper Gt500 11 oy oldin
Man, I hate stripping cotton in 25 degrees.... couldn’t imagine those temps. If y’all ever want a break from the cold, I got a bowl buggy you can drive. Ha
D2farms 11 oy oldin
Looks like me last week ice field combining.
Everythingisgoingtobealright 11 oy oldin
Good times
MilkMan608 11 oy oldin
Your Dad is one cool character!
Дневник МеханизаторА
Дневник МеханизаторА 11 oy oldin
𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖑
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 11 oy oldin
Great video. ( Too bad try are ruined by big pharma ads )
jimW133 11 oy oldin
Tough day. :-(
Something Something Something
Something Something Something 11 oy oldin
"Monsanto", "Round-Up", "hybrid".. yeah, that sounds absolutely terrible. Please don't plant that again.
Lip Lipon
Lip Lipon 11 oy oldin
Lauris 11 oy oldin
how much hectares do u own? in total
Adam Wiseman
Adam Wiseman 11 oy oldin
Zack should try a couple years of swing shift factory work so he could see this is every night for some people. Great video though.
James Martinez
James Martinez 11 oy oldin
#23 why don't you pull out, so I can dump on you. 🙊
Russ Recker
Russ Recker 11 oy oldin
Dang Zach that was the best video showing the struggles of getting the crop off. Raised on a farm in Michigan I've been thru some of the same struggles. Back in the day I used a new Holland pull behind picker and it would fall thru the ice throwing the head off the rows. I used some choice words. I'm sure you did too off camera.
Todd Millard
Todd Millard 11 oy oldin
Guess you guys will have to trade her off on that 780 next season, and that folding header, and the RT for RX, and that grain cart lol. Expensive but necessary upgrades
leo smith
leo smith 11 oy oldin
Welcome to the grand solar minimum happens every 200 / 400 years crop loss famine monger minimum 1600 s 1800 Dalton minimum 2020 eddy minimum sorry every year forward the weather will be worse :(
Scott B
Scott B 11 oy oldin
Dr for realz??? That's just crazy.. Please watch 911follow the money on UZpost
Gavin Wurm
Gavin Wurm 11 oy oldin
Was that randy in the beginning of the video? When you said we’re running late?
David Scheub
David Scheub 11 oy oldin
So what hybrid was that?
Alexander Browning
Alexander Browning 11 oy oldin
what exactly is the thing smoking at night?
bullsnutsoz 11 oy oldin
Look you are great blokes;fabulous farmers: i believe the Monsatan is loose in your fields..I could be ass up but can we please have strait corn without the mon saton. I am a tough old bloke; even I have problems digesting the crook grains we now have all coming from GMO. This GMO rubbish is going the way of button down shoes: time for great farmers to go back to old ways.
chris huss
chris huss 11 oy oldin
the people in control of weather modification, are hurting the american farmer! lose gmo products, they're not tough enough!
John Deere 8400
John Deere 8400 11 oy oldin
You need a corn head real it’s the only thing that will help. I knew from experience
The Sending boys.
The Sending boys. 11 oy oldin
I hunted that open water that you were driving through I did not think you’d get to that spot but we did get permission from Stefan the land owner.
Patrick Quilter
Patrick Quilter 11 oy oldin
im struggling with the same decisions going forward do you throw away a good hybrid because of one of the wettest years on books? or should we just try to forget about it and go on with what has worked for years? its frustrating
Joseph Wassman
Joseph Wassman 11 oy oldin
My wife delivers to all the farmers around Hutchinson area just like the MN Corn Growers!
T F 11 oy oldin
Drop your seeding rate...quit listening to your seed salesman...high seed pop is killing your hills.
Aiden Henggeler
Aiden Henggeler 11 oy oldin
We have ran the bean head in down corn before. It works surprisingly well. We used our auger head
Alexthegamer25 11 oy oldin
I can’t tell if your serious about useing the bean header are u seriously might use it
Black Farms
Black Farms 11 oy oldin
Try a Drago!! It was a lifesaver in ohio after flat corn in 2018
B Drones
B Drones 11 oy oldin
That’s what happens when you plant pride seed
Jeremy Grant
Jeremy Grant 11 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/mLamp9Z_ameqaIE.html If you turn all your fields into one, this might work for you... lol
big D fan
big D fan 11 oy oldin
Your still in good shape, we have 6000 acres of wheat and canola laying under about 8 inches of snow, so our harvest is done.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 11 oy oldin
The technology is amazing thanks for taking us along on your daily adventures
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 11 oy oldin
Dang now that’s farming awesome video so cool to see those combines are just amazing. Hang in there Zach have a nice cold one or even 2 🍻
K W 11 oy oldin
"I've seen better"
Jeff Pickett
Jeff Pickett 11 oy oldin
Holy crap, 13 min. 19 seconds of complaining. Be a farmer they said, you’ll get rich they said, you only have to work 4 months out of the year. Every year is the same etc. I think you been had partner.🤫
Ellis Railfanning Forever
Ellis Railfanning Forever 11 oy oldin
I didnt realize that he cussed. 5:49
Anders Felten
Anders Felten 11 oy oldin
It's obviously frustrating with the weather and all but you guys are doing a great job!
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 11 oy oldin
when that grain dryer runs and its full of corn what dose it smell like that dryer looks cool steaming in the cold
crostiger 11 oy oldin
Have a few acres here in Iowa haven't had any corn flat yet but have used the bean header in the past just have to run it slower then normal and check the cutters will be rougher on them. But it is better then leaving money on the ground.
Farmnorway 11 oy oldin
Would it be good for you to get another tractor with a ripper? Or a ripper that can run on your 8360?
Farmnorway 11 oy oldin
And i dont know how it is with combines, but you should turn of your machine when you are working with moving parts like that. My father was pulling out gras from a pickup in a baler, and suddenly the baler started, cut of one of his fingers.
Dan Kinnard
Dan Kinnard 11 oy oldin
Those are really "Nightmarish" harvesting conditions! Best of luck to you and your Dad and the crew for the remainder of this harvesting season.
james parker
james parker 11 oy oldin
We had flat crops in Scotland this year so there are other farmers who had the same problem with their crops ,good luck in finishing your harvest.
Scott Schaeffer
Scott Schaeffer 11 oy oldin
Gosh, I feel for you, stopping to clear any piece of equipment is depressing. Reminds me of my 495 IH disc, it always plugs
shawn ropp
shawn ropp 11 oy oldin
10:15 That's what she said!
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra 11 oy oldin
It's in the teens outside and you're complaining that your machine got no refrigerator? 😂
Jack Caldwell
Jack Caldwell 11 oy oldin
You whine much bro?
dana edwards
dana edwards 11 oy oldin
tell the guy in the fiat behind you to quit blowing his horn
barry kennedy
barry kennedy 11 oy oldin
Well if it makes u feel any better zack its very wet in ireland too not the worst of years but a bad one all the same
Shane Gillespie
Shane Gillespie 11 oy oldin
Sometimes there days, weeks, even months that we just have to keep pushing to get to the other side. It's not fun, but necessary.
Zach Redding
Zach Redding 11 oy oldin
Just discovered your channel and you got yourself a new subscriber! I loved tractors when I was a kid and your channel reminded me of that part of my childhood and for that I thank you!
iare19 11 oy oldin
Ya a little late for harvest dont ya think??! Lol.
AASparkChaser 11 oy oldin
Be glad you don't have sugar beets this year.
AASparkChaser 11 oy oldin
Josh Downes
Josh Downes 11 oy oldin
A rough harvest this year, then again it was a rough planting season.
John Woods
John Woods 11 oy oldin
I feel your pain brother, we have the same situation with barley some years. There's a fantastic yield there, you just can't harvest the ba...rd! UK Farmer
Paweł Wyciślik
Paweł Wyciślik 11 oy oldin
You sure look tired of this year harvest Zach, but keep up the good work, it'll be over soon enough. Running winter tillage myself now, done with corn last week, got about 300 acres left to till. Playing farming simulator :) on a much smaller scale than You do overseas.
Urek 11 oy oldin
7:12 you can plant a rise in there
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