Hauling Corn on Bad Roads

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Millennial Farmer

9 oy oldin

Hauling Corn in January is always a fun job. Minnesota winter road conditions almost always make for a mess. Slick roads make the job a bit more difficult.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Emma McCulloch
Emma McCulloch 4 kun oldin
Had egg the he he get egg ft GGG gffurufryytty
popeye1250 25 kun oldin
Who does the cool guitar music for this?
Kaih-ren Thompson
Kaih-ren Thompson 28 kun oldin
Keep up your good work
Ryan Wayne
Ryan Wayne Oy oldin
I love the WFE hat!
Chad Rotvold
Chad Rotvold Oy oldin
Hello zach
denny marquart
denny marquart 2 oy oldin
Do you remove each grain ticket when you get back to the farm
jollybendyman gamer 1469
jollybendyman gamer 1469 3 oy oldin
its that bad?
Richard Sweat
Richard Sweat 3 oy oldin
It must be legal to talk on the phone while driving.
SearchPEI 5 oy oldin
nothing like watching snow melt in a time lapse.....
Keith mills
Keith mills 5 oy oldin
Not sure I like the idea of food products being used for fuel! I'm glad you guys have the market......just saying.
Reece Dancsok
Reece Dancsok 5 oy oldin
Takes crude to make corn my guy!
Noah Kowalick
Noah Kowalick 6 oy oldin
I love your videos I feel guilty cause I’m a month behind but it’s time to binge while slow at work
Greg Dore
Greg Dore 6 oy oldin
At least you are driving a decent truck
Barry Lsk
Barry Lsk 6 oy oldin
God it would be a blessing to lay down some gravel in the muddy yard of yours. I know it would be expensive. But think of the cleanup cost and time you spend with this.
James Bright
James Bright 7 oy oldin
Why don’t you take the dogs for a ride in the truck
You are a disaster
* Trish1000
* Trish1000 7 oy oldin
Non- farmer likes watching. Wishing I was younger and firmer so I could help someone.
Rusty Rail Spike Productions
Rusty Rail Spike Productions 7 oy oldin
Just out of curiosity what is the actual loading time of a semi? Obviously with no interruptions.
Rock Brigade Community
Rock Brigade Community 7 oy oldin
pressurizing the byrd LOL
Angela Wyss
Angela Wyss 8 oy oldin
Why no videos lately
Nathan Prince
Nathan Prince 8 oy oldin
Wow, Farming Simulator 19 graphics got really good lately! 🤣
Shibumi 8 oy oldin
Glad to see Ana has her winter coat on... : ) I have a Shepherd, a boy, they're the best...
daniel beard
daniel beard 8 oy oldin
Went you post new video
Tyler Strong
Tyler Strong 8 oy oldin
The time lapse of the ice melting at the end of the video was really cool
I M Czech
I M Czech 8 oy oldin
Can't begin to say how I enjoy your videos. Farming never gets out of your blood. Feeding the world is important.
belfast479 8 oy oldin
I could watch your channel all day. Good tunes, great commentary, wonderful sense of humor on the side. All that and a beer and I'm all set.
Travis Green
Travis Green 8 oy oldin
8:25 LOL your so funny Zack LOL
Connor Wheatcraft
Connor Wheatcraft 8 oy oldin
Love your content
Wendy Mangas
Wendy Mangas 8 oy oldin
Could you number your video's so it is easier to go back re watch a video. Thanks John
Rick Klim
Rick Klim 8 oy oldin
Nice hat. We still farm with a 2-155 White here in Northeast Pennsylvania
Christopher Lancaster
Christopher Lancaster 8 oy oldin
I'm so glad this is just a show. I was worried the millennial farmer could get hurt driving a truck on dangerous roads. I then remembered Zach Johnson is an Actor and only plays the millennial farmer on television.
jonathan raymond
jonathan raymond 8 oy oldin
I really enjoy your videos! Watching from the little farming town of Sunray, located in the Texas panhandle. Keep up the good work!
colb8891 colb8891
colb8891 colb8891 8 oy oldin
I like I like all your videos
quitecontrary11 9 oy oldin
I enjoy your channel awesome
Andrew Poloni
Andrew Poloni 9 oy oldin
Someone needs a safety harness for when they climb up on those elevators (especially someone who's already got back issues and likes to lean out over the edge with the GoPro). It's scary just watching you do that. You have small children and a wife who would would probably prefer to keep you around for awhile and those harnesses aren't that expensive. Just sayin'.
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken 9 oy oldin
So you made half a dozen videos talking about Tariffs and Trump and China and Nafta.... Now that we have a new USMCA Deal and we have the first half of the China deal completed(which was mostly Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights)..... Thought it might be a good time to revisit your thoughts on everything and give some note to if you think any other President could have got done what Trump got done for Farmers and the USA in general... Its a tough pill to take i know but the fact is you were well cared for and you should acknowledge it... You influence a lot of people and considering the impeachment crap and treason that is going on... it might not be a bad time for you to admit you wouldn't have wanted anyone else in office.. because lets admit it... lets be honest... Farmers are conservatives up and until the point they need to hire illegals and thats where these God Fearin, Gun Loven, Patriots seem to lose their way... well your future has been saved to some extent.. life will always be hard but who ever said it wouldn't be... But to stand back and see a good man that defended you.. that defended America be persecuted by what is nothing less than pure evil... Maybe its time you did something for your country and you admit things are headed in the right direction for once... and even as far back as your dad might remember things have never been so good or the future so filled with possibilities.... Just a thought... obviously you're under no obligation... to anyone... are you. .... I am not hating on you... its just some times your earlier video comes back into my mind and i think to myself... who are the next generation of farmers... the people that will feed not only the country but the world.. the men and women that will fight to protect our rights..... Just like my family comes from Coal I have to honor that and know that their sacrifices put me where I am today... i know our sacrifices even if it is as little as having the back of a good man who is My President... if that loses me a few friends then those people are not my friends and not people I can consider good Americans and Good Neighbors.... ......................... Anyway... hope you're doing well.. things should only get better... for a few years maybe
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 9 oy oldin
It seems like you're taking out some inner annoyance on me. I never said I didn't support what Trump was doing. I never said anything other than the opposite of that actually. And as far as the impeachment situation goes, I think it's a disgusting dog and pony show by the Democrats. Clearly it's meant to influence the election, but at least some of them got their commemorative pens.
Stan Kompelien
Stan Kompelien 9 oy oldin
WFE hat ?
Half an acre farms
Half an acre farms 9 oy oldin
The Millennial can sing too what other amazing talents do you poses
andrew sarles
andrew sarles 9 oy oldin
Does all your corn hit the ethanol plants? No distillers out that way?
JD Bobcat
JD Bobcat 9 oy oldin
2 Trade Deals MCA and China Phase 1 Passed .. Yeehaw ! Great job on your channel .. look forward to another year on the farm !
James Baxter
James Baxter 9 oy oldin
As you have said, I am not a farmer. I am looking to grow hay, starting in the summer. Do you use a computer program to keep track of your farm.
krabbi 9 oy oldin
Is this channel still on?
Jim Sparks
Jim Sparks 9 oy oldin
Keep making your videos, they are one of my life's highlights. I wasn’t a farmer just an ole country boy tryin to get by. Worked a job and raised a few cattle on the side, nothing big, raised my own feed processed it with an old hammer mill. Admire the relationship of you and your Dad.
Low budget vapor
Low budget vapor 9 oy oldin
I just discovered your channel and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. Since I broke my back about all the farming I'm able to do is watching you and the Welkers and play farm sim lol. Your videos help, thanks.
Mindaugas nomnom
Mindaugas nomnom 9 oy oldin
I found a thing "Minnesota corn in between rails" is it real
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey 9 oy oldin
Best channel on UZpost and I am not even a farmer.
mark j smith
mark j smith 9 oy oldin
Ethanol the curse of small engines
Jr Tadpole
Jr Tadpole 9 oy oldin
Got that right. I ruint one of my steel chainsaws that I bought in 1987. Never again will make that mistake.
K R 9 oy oldin
you should mount a GoPro on one of those carcasses you're always yelling at. Are you ok??
Scott Owen
Scott Owen 9 oy oldin
You going to the National Farm Machinery Show?
Sonrise Farmgirls
Sonrise Farmgirls 9 oy oldin
Great channel, guys! If you are a farm channel junkie like us, you should check out a great new UZpost farming channel, Farmer on the Prairie.
Robert Fay
Robert Fay 9 oy oldin
*Why, all of a sudden, do you Minnesotans sound like weaklings that is do not want to feed on. (what a strong way to say things, don't you think)*
BUDGET TECH 9 oy oldin
Beaver Vineyards
Beaver Vineyards 9 oy oldin
Going up and down the stairs is good exercise. Also. Please do not die while making a UZpost video Zach! Veryyyyy awkward
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 9 oy oldin
I always try my best to not die on camera.
Two Farm Boys
Two Farm Boys 9 oy oldin
This time on Ice Road Truckers...
Everett Arthur
Everett Arthur 9 oy oldin
I love your channel but we really need to stop using ethanol as a fuel and not for food. 'Adding up the energy costs of corn production and its conversion to ethanol, 131,000 Btu are needed to make 1 gallon of ethanol. One gallon of ethanol has an energy value of only 77,000 Btu. "Put another way," Pimentel said, "about 70 percent more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in ethanol. Every time you make 1 gallon of ethanol, there is a net energy loss of 54,000 Btu.
Mark Irwin
Mark Irwin 9 oy oldin
So Zack, I calculate that this time of year is the time you struggle for content ideas. As a fan, Id like to suggest a few ideas Id like to see. 1. An opinion summary of the equipment improvements youve made that past two years. Such as, your opinion of the added horsepower to combine. Or, your opinion of the blower tubes on combine. Program upgrades, Fuel cart, stalk stompers, new grain bin, etc. Just update on all the little changes youve made and how it worked out compared to your expectations. I know that getting new toys at the shows excites you. Pass it on to us. 2. Back to the episode of the filter removal. I assume you replaced the new housing. Any further issues pop up about that issue? Did you repaint it? etc. 3. Do you ever get to fish at the lake,, icefish? Love to see you chop paths around the lake for your own access for fishing and hunting. Unless you have no interest. Just a thought. Believe it or not,, I love the snow removal clips. Its therapeutic. Cant overdo that in my mind. lol But im unique. 4. Do you cut firewood? Id watch that, lol The tow system on the combine, I assume you never had to use it. 5. The grain bin legs,, upgrade plans? Any drain tile plans coming? 6. Big equipment maintenance during winter? I imagine as you go to farm shows, youve got ideas of more special equipment upgrades. 7. Your extra cameras are awesome. Your added lights to the equipment have been awesome. 8. Is Onyx weighing enough to hold down the safety switch on the seats so he can run some equipment? lol 9. I dont remember seeing any wildlife experiences while harvesting. Rabbits running? Deer busting out? Funny Pheasants? Any stories on this topic. 10. Did I miss the "Bush Hog Things coming up?" I imagine you have all kinds of projects and uses for that bad boy. 11. Awesome that you didnt need a "grain bag" this year. Got enough grain bins now? 12. Any ideas how to eliminate the need to shovel the wing piles underneath the dryer, or ways to minimize the work? 13. Are suggestion ideas helpful or "dont worry, just a waste of everybody's time"?
Logan Douglas
Logan Douglas 9 oy oldin
Where is the fs19 map?
Denton Myers
Denton Myers 9 oy oldin
If you ever make it up near ames or des Moines iowa hit me up. Would love to show you around our operation
B K 9 oy oldin
Love the White hat
Dirk Manderin
Dirk Manderin 9 oy oldin
What a waste of a perfectly good food crop.
Samuel Groen
Samuel Groen 9 oy oldin
When dose the map come out
Nathan Prince
Nathan Prince 8 oy oldin
Samuel Groen end of February early to mid March
dave clark
dave clark 9 oy oldin
jesus that just looks miserable there
Hume Farms
Hume Farms 9 oy oldin
When is the map out?
João Neto
João Neto 9 oy oldin
When’s the map if fs19 coming out?
Nathan Prince
Nathan Prince 8 oy oldin
João Neto late February to early to mid March
Alan Heyworth
Alan Heyworth 9 oy oldin
How the Vikings doing?
diesel Junkies
diesel Junkies 9 oy oldin
Anyone else notice he can sing like whitesnake pretty well
Matthew Crites
Matthew Crites 9 oy oldin
Sorry about your Vikings getting wiped, jk no I’m not I’m a 9ers fan
Mike Kidd
Mike Kidd 9 oy oldin
Are you grain farmers only or do you still have a dairy farm?
annappa Annappa
annappa Annappa 9 oy oldin
I love the's videos and your song
윤한솔 9 oy oldin
زيد الجميلي الجميلي
زيد الجميلي الجميلي 9 oy oldin
مساء الخير انا أحد متابعينك ومعجب في عملك دائما متميز مصانع عملاقة جميله جدا
cowboy9k 9 oy oldin
brandon hanna
brandon hanna 9 oy oldin
When is the new fs19 Mac coming out or is it already out
Ron Burgandy
Ron Burgandy 9 oy oldin
It’s funny how you are a Vikings fan because you could be Kirk Cousin’s brother! Lol!
Robert Regan
Robert Regan 9 oy oldin
Hmmm, using fossil fuel to plant corn, that is harvested using fossil fuel, which is then transported using fossil fuel, to a plant using fossil fuel to turn the corn into ethanol to replace the fossil fuel just used and in the production process using more fossil fuel than ethanol produced. All the while getting government subsidies paid for by taxpayers who don't want the ethanol to begin with and using a GMO crop that gets Roundup sprayed on it that pollutes the environment, kills the soil, and according to the latest court ruling, causes cancer. That there is the definition of a self-licking ice cream cone folks.
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough 9 oy oldin
Actually officer, this truck only "looks" heavy, it's really "light" corn. I'm a farmer and know such things. He he. Thanks Zach.
c D
c D 9 oy oldin
I'm not a Farmer? how come you don't use a recycler with a particulate blower/separator ? then you would have mostly clean beans to work with and no, or much less waste? Love the vids! a nice change from the Sonoran Desert," hey, its a dry heat "
dieselbass oh yah
dieselbass oh yah 9 oy oldin
9er's are winning.
Germscheid Farms
Germscheid Farms 9 oy oldin
My uncle is Jason Garvick and he said he knows our he road in a combine
Kevin Savard
Kevin Savard 9 oy oldin
Zach good luck to the Vikings! People doubt them like the Eagles in 2017.
Mark Lollar
Mark Lollar 9 oy oldin
Hope that’s not your corn spilled on the tracks in Minnesota! Suppose the deer will appreciate a mid-winter snack.....
ice788 9 oy oldin
Go Pack Go!
mark sears
mark sears 9 oy oldin
This is by far my favorite youtube spot now. Love watching the videos. Just wished I lived up there & could apply for a job lol. Well can't wait for the Millennial farm map on FS19........
JH Farming-videos Sweden
JH Farming-videos Sweden 9 oy oldin
Great video as always! Keep it up! Check our Chanel out for som swedish farming! Thanks :)
FireWingman87 9 oy oldin
What idiot would put a go pro up here just for a time lapse Um millennial farmer would
Thomas Steltz
Thomas Steltz 9 oy oldin
How's the farming simulator map coming along?
Terry Hinton
Terry Hinton 9 oy oldin
Thank you to the idiot that put the gopro on the bin for the time lapse, that was pretty cool! 😊
Gus M
Gus M 9 oy oldin
How do you guys farm in that white stuff ? 😳Cheers Zack . Love your channel .
Nate Krabill
Nate Krabill 9 oy oldin
How much is a truckload of corn like that worth?
kevin wolf
kevin wolf 9 oy oldin
it all depends on what they sell it at per bushel i have seen corn for as low as$2.50 a bushel.
Nick Allred
Nick Allred 9 oy oldin
Did everything come out all rite in the meeting?
Nate Olson
Nate Olson 9 oy oldin
Clean burning ethanol being harvested and hauled by vehicles burning diesel. Oh, the irony!
Tim Bush
Tim Bush 9 oy oldin
Since China has swine fever epidemic and resulting pig loss, what guidance are you getting on soybeans. Planting less, same? What's an alternative crop? Plan to sell beans to those who are increasing pigs?
jonesjames89 9 oy oldin
I rather have ever clear. Moonshine
henry holliday
henry holliday 9 oy oldin
same and I would rather not have ethanol in my fuel
Bobby Vandenbush
Bobby Vandenbush 9 oy oldin
Have you published your thoughts on Monsanto's "RoundUp Ready" concept and its impact on farming?
Merle Funk
Merle Funk 9 oy oldin
Nice day for hauling corn
teamstr259 9 oy oldin
Hey Zack i don't know how far you live from Crystal Mn. Did you see/hear about the corn spill? I came across this video and thought of you. uzpost.info/vision/video/kuB-s9SoY2GagWg.html
officer21 9 oy oldin
howd the scale weight accurate with snow on the truck scale
Josh 81
Josh 81 9 oy oldin
Are you guys hiring by chance? Would love the experience. Thanks
B Winford
B Winford 9 oy oldin
Load the wagon until the mud flaps are draggin.
Go Cubs Go
Go Cubs Go 9 oy oldin
Love the White farm equipment hat.
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