Iowa Farm Damage

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Millennial Farmer

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The Iowa Farm Damage is pretty unbelievable. It's unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime. Thank you to the Iowa farmers who took time out of there days to show me around. Early on in the trip I made a quick stop at an equipment auction and for a quick minute I thought I bought my first combine.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Nick 8 soat oldin
I'm from the armpit of America(New York)we hardly heard of the devastation that occurred in Iowa. Farmers feed all of us, we could do better. I don't hear anyone complaining about what happened either, these people are the backbone of our country. GOD BLESS THEM ALL......................
David Hostetler
David Hostetler 8 kun oldin
It is amazing the force that the wind had.
rob peters
rob peters 8 kun oldin
And what does your president say? It didn’t happen. What’s he going to do.? Absolutely nothing.
Charles Torrez
Charles Torrez 9 kun oldin
God bless you and your family and other Farmers of America for doing what y'all do to keep the rest of the rest of America can eat!!!!
Allen Mcleod
Allen Mcleod 10 kun oldin
Wow! That was heartbreaking! Thanks for sharing Zach.
Evan Pasenau
Evan Pasenau 11 kun oldin
Are you looking specifically for an s780
ALUCARDBOND007 Gaming 12 kun oldin
Kuber Chavare
Kuber Chavare 15 kun oldin
Good morning sir how many hecters is your farm? how many people working there through out the year? Big farm.
Trae Butler
Trae Butler 18 kun oldin
you probably won't see this but I wanted to say thank you for calling attention to the damage here in Iowa. Were still hurting, but good people like you calling attention to it allows us to get help. Thank you.
RealAmericanGaming 21 kun oldin
I was in my semi during this storm. I was parked thankfully but it was not fun
Devin Rodriguez
Devin Rodriguez 22 kun oldin
This video just breaks my heart. I don’t think I’ve stopped tearing up sense you left the auction and it just keeps getting worse
IIrykr 23 kun oldin
It was crazy sky was so dark and the next thing I knew I almost got blown away
Tyler Rankin
Tyler Rankin 23 kun oldin
The bin in the center of the bean field we now him and do work for him it took the concrete and all and slide it
ObsessionPC 26 kun oldin
ruf? rough? wruf? rhuf? ruph? ro͞of Sorry :P
Curt Oy oldin
Pat Milliken
Pat Milliken Oy oldin
Thanks for doing this, brother. I know this is an older post, but thanks for bringing this to everyone who isn't aware of, or who doesn't realize, what farmers everywhere go through, with weather.
Rick Barrows
Rick Barrows Oy oldin sad....
David Hunt
David Hunt Oy oldin
I wonder what Trump thinks, he probably doesn't give a damn (freedom of speech)
WyeCreek Pondsmen
WyeCreek Pondsmen Oy oldin
The beans down in west Virginia are getting dry
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin Oy oldin
That man’s cat really enjoyed being held. Never seen one sit still for that long. Very devastating damage out that way. 2020 has not been an easy year for the American farmer and rancher.
J. Ferebee
J. Ferebee Oy oldin
Thank you for the video. We were wanting 175 bu corn here on the coast of NC but nope, 135bu. Pretty sure we burned up when we needed the rain most. Prayers for our neighbors who have to pick all that downed corn out there.
Dana Chappell
Dana Chappell Oy oldin
Glad you got to meet the funniest family I know. Yes, they are a bit weird at first, but they do grow on you (just like corn grows in a field). They can talk your ear off, and feed you until you burst if you don't stop them.. hahahahaha!!! Hoping you had a good trip through there.
DerpyPenguin Oy oldin
pgadams1 Oy oldin
Thanks for getting this story out to your audience.
Iram Ayala
Iram Ayala Oy oldin
Big fan work in larchwood I really wish I would’ve seen you
Sandy Allen
Sandy Allen Oy oldin
Thank God for farmers
Gildas Ngakeu
Gildas Ngakeu Oy oldin
So good, i want this machine
Theresa McMullen
Theresa McMullen Oy oldin
Who hasn’t heard of it ? Us , Americans ? Correct. I’m only here now because I punched it in the search box. Recent Iowa storms. The shit that they decide isn’t important enough to keep the people informed about is guaranteed to impact their futures negatively . Generations of futures no less.
Bigbird Oy oldin
Amazing that this devastation didn't make the news in the northeast!
Ellis Railfanning Forever
Ellis Railfanning Forever Oy oldin
That damage is devastating! I was expecting Cole to be in the video at some point. 28:03
Thomas Drenth
Thomas Drenth Oy oldin
That’s what my corn was like after Dorian
Dasquadwith6 Oy oldin
I made my wife jump about a foot in the air when I said "OMG, he's in LARCHWOOD!"...her family is from there. Occasionally, Steffes is chock full of tractors. Thanks for coming down to visit.
Hi Scifi
Hi Scifi Oy oldin
I don't suppose you got much use for Corn Silage out there. ( Mostly Dairy Farming here in UK.)
Latif 7 pk agriculture
Latif 7 pk agriculture Oy oldin
jaimon nelson
jaimon nelson Oy oldin
I used to go by the Luther grain bins on my way to work everyday I live by fort dodge I went to Glidden and carrol area the corn is flat the whole field
sailingsolar Oy oldin
it's a shame he didn't pray before the roof was pulled off. Would have saved his roof!
Abby Abbott
Abby Abbott Oy oldin
Next time you're in central Iowa, stop by Eby Trailers for a tour! We would love to have you come check out our new grain trailer line!
waterskiingfool Oy oldin
Glad to see there's company's out there volunteering to help clean up
Quinn Odenthal
Quinn Odenthal Oy oldin
Could you not get out there and turn it to silage? I know it’s a little late now being 3 weeks but...
Gene Sloan
Gene Sloan Oy oldin
Busted out laughing at the last comment! Nice!
Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon Oy oldin
Come to Illinois Moore Drive in Iowa.
A&R Farms
A&R Farms Oy oldin
I’m on the coast in South Carolina. Been thru storms like that many times and it’s damn sure no fun. Praying for all the ppl affected. Breaks my heart to see all those ruined crops. I’ve been there many times w a beautiful crop blown flat down or stripped from hail. It’s been so wet down here this year and 50% of all the farmland is just growing weeds. One my best buddies works for crop insurance co and said he has never seen so many pp claims as he has this year, and he’s been in it over 20 years. We lost most of our produce crops this year, didn’t get any soybeans planted. Did plant 150 acres of corn and a 120 ac of milo. Had 500 acres burnt down for soybeans, but couldn’t ever get in the field. Corn looks pretty good here, but soybeans crop looks like crap. Why I don’t know, but a lot of farmers planted right on till mid august and beans aren’t 6” tall and yellow. Honestly it’s been pure hell past 3-4 years. As much as I love farming, born and raised on farm, it’s honestly got to where there is zero joy in it anymore, and that’s sad af. I use to be so pumped all year long ready for each stage of the year, now it’s mostly dread.
Ramp Tower
Ramp Tower Oy oldin
Cole the Cornstar brought me here.
Swampbilly Oy oldin
Holy crap that guy’s mullet is only topped by Jesus because we all know he had one
iBelieve Oy oldin
J Essary Farms
J Essary Farms Oy oldin
Y’all check this out. It may help pick up your downed corn.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Oy oldin
Holly silo that tornado did some damage 26:00 >
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Oy oldin
Found this video Australia 🦘How yah like this long extended air seeder think its a 600hp Baldwin tractor another close up cheers 🥂
MrChriselicious Oy oldin
This is devestating to watch, cant even imageon how the people affected feal :(
Martin Richardson
Martin Richardson Oy oldin
Donated to Global Serve! Thank you for sharing your experiences!
Piton Pete
Piton Pete Oy oldin
@ 19:20 ~ Great Video, but I think 99% of the People in the US don't know where there food comes from and a lot of them have advanced degrees! Thanks!
Meanold bonbon
Meanold bonbon Oy oldin
sick of the iowa senators not voting for the people i am so i made my mind up and now i need your help please fill in the oval box and write in Kent Keller for Iowa senator he was a navy veteran that served on the U.S.S. IOWA BB-61 for some yrs while active duty and a general eng. contractor that even donated to the hospital in council bluffs iowa while doing a project there almost 200,000.00 dollars i bet joni or greenfield did not do any of this and he grew up on the small farm and was a farmer for his grandparents as well running hogs and cattle and wheat and soybeans and milo for crops i bet joni did not cut over 1000 pigs herself i bet all small companies greenfield will destroy them since she push them out for big box stores and that kill iowa the nation was built on small companies backs so lets keep iowa this way and make the good old Iowa a greater place to live with stronger future and bring other small companies back here. i ask joni for help when i was a victim of identity she said sorry can not help you... the entire state said the same thing when you buy land an a house as a project to fix good old grandpa house up from renter destroying it and then become a victim of major corruption and vandalized non stop and identity theft, and state of kansas refuse to do anything what is a man to do for almost 19 yrs of corruption and theft from title of home stolen and funds from district attorney officer i hired as lawyer on land and house deal, and local cops and sheriff in cult group and judge step son was a local drug dealer and he drunk on bench and on the take of drug sales, and they want me to look up to this corruption people I SAY HELL NO i fought for this county no freaking way i went to legal aid in iowa and she was so bad she did not even know what a federal irs loss form was so they put every thing as income what a nightmare its been but i still help some of the veteran disable vets out now and then when i can i have my limits as well. i did get hurt while deployed but i am not holding against any iowa people since they was not from here in this great state i have great neighbors and farms and land owners and towns people here we all get a long but we do need over site in all law enforcement i can see that in this nation not police looking over police a complete different division of over site more bios that reviews all facts. and regulations, and this goes all the way from local police to the attorney general office. i am sorry i have to put it in hard words but crime was done they need to do the time... to pay for there crimes.. I do miss the tractor and freedom of going around and around in the field and the smell of fresh turned dirt in the field as all farmers do. and building small structures i done storm sewers boxes for yrs and also retro fit homes and even commercial property retro fits so as a contractor i done tons of work from federal to highway to commercial and homes and deal with people one on one and no issue and i enjoy meeting people and seeing how they do things and what they might need to help them make there lives better , i would make sure they get the help they need so write kent keller in for iowa state senator and fill in oval office i dont have funding like the other ladies since i not on the party ticket but they woke me up and i have to help this great nation out of a jam again i will do so....
stumpy2816 Oy oldin
iks explorations follower
iks explorations follower Oy oldin
That area looks like its been stomped on by a giant, Hope all you farmers will be able to recover soon as, Thank God that they are safe,. Our farmers here in Australia have been suffering for awhile, the weather here has been so damn nuts.
katiev9494 11 kun oldin
Hope y’all’s farmers are doing okay :( seems like us Americans and the Australians deal with lots of weather issues
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry Oy oldin
I wish I could help on a farm out that way. I can't see good enough to drive, and would be the clueless city slicker when it comes to the machinery you use! Hats off to you, I use a shovel and a small knife for most of my "farming" a 1200 square foot plot (don't laugh, yes square feet not acres! ). Anyway, the countryside calls me from crazy Los Angeles.
Michael MacDonell
Michael MacDonell Oy oldin
Man. My heart goes out to these farmers. I've been donating via the Welker/ Fast activity, which goes to a similar organisation. I could hug the heck out of all you lot.
hot dawg
hot dawg Oy oldin
He said not to use a bad cliche about the storm, but I just can't resist since im from Western Iowa. "Dont be tellin any secrets with all them ears around you guys"... I saw the title of this video and sitting here in Ida Grove was wondering what is going on, and forgot about the storm that passed through a week ago tho it wasnt really here. Not like eastern got it.. I hope you all are okay and hello from western Iowa. Iowa, or like my buddies from Arkansas like to call it.... Idaho.
Danny Allen
Danny Allen Oy oldin
I'm really surprised that UZpost hasn't band you for praising God....
Gary Jones
Gary Jones Oy oldin
Wow what a wonderful guy ya heart just goes out to him I hope he gets straightened out and his farm back the way it was he definitely loves his animals that cat just loves having his head scratched that’s for sure god bless these hard working people thanks for sharing the video
Of Ether
Of Ether Oy oldin
sorry for your loss!
Samuel Oy oldin
Iowa Farmer
Iowa Farmer Oy oldin
Here in WC Iowa, we've only had 3.5" of rain since the ground has thawed back in the spring. Crops have been doing well until this last month. They are probably surviving off of the over abundance of rain we had last year. Currently the crops are drying up, corn in the last 5 days are burn drying. Chopped some silage, yields are 40 to 100bu. off of normal.
MRIJOHN Oy oldin
Bail the corn fodder and sell it to composters.
Robert Payne
Robert Payne Oy oldin
One of the cheapest insurance for corn and wheat against wind damages is phosphorous potash appled per Soil Test .phosphorous for plant strength Stalk and root potash for bloom and seed retention
Nick Berg
Nick Berg Oy oldin
It looks like the newest bins were the most impacted. Perhaps the structural engineers need to bump up their wind design parameters?
Bearly Breathing
Bearly Breathing Oy oldin
Those guys were weird. Cole the Cornstar.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee Oy oldin
Hopefully iowa farmers will go together and reserve as many grain railcars that they can get sure would beat storing on the ground.
Robert Reznik
Robert Reznik Oy oldin
Avalon stores a lot on the ground in north west Texas. Here the feeding industry blends low test weight Midwest corn with our heavy corn. We may not have enough quality because of our hot dry year!
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Can the corn be chopped for silage?
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota Oy oldin
Love it im cristian believer who found God Jesus is awsome and love how all farmers love God and are believers great. Farmers are so bisey and still started that valitear help organisation .
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota Oy oldin
I believe jesus was their holding the wall up not just how it happend amen
Regan Mahoney
Regan Mahoney Oy oldin
I live on the east coast and not in farm country and this hurts me. Thanks for sharing. And meanwhile corporate steak houses are getting all of the economic aid right now and shortchanging the small farmer.
R&C MODDING Oy oldin
T B Oy oldin
Omg !! set on the men table, eat their meals and using abusive words!! Uncomfortable place to eat something!!! Men u have lot of psychic problems
David Stangl
David Stangl Oy oldin
Can the corn be chopped for silage?
kb7722 Oy oldin
I barely recognized Cole without his Pit Viper sunglasses. If you are wanting some Pit Vipers, headed over to Cole the Corn Star for 15% off!
Bill Oklahoma
Bill Oklahoma Oy oldin
Please include the "School Lunch Program" in your videos with reference to the damage sufferred by Iowa from the recent Derecho in their state. I am sure that that program is probably critical to their and your survival. Since the libs are doing their best to derail this critical program it seems to me that a little gentle reminder to your audience wouldn't hurt. Thanks!
EAS Pedal do Biônico strava EAS Pedal do Biônico
EAS Pedal do Biônico strava EAS Pedal do Biônico Oy oldin
boné top esse tem pra venda?
Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman Oy oldin
I am glad you are showing this, and our prayers go out to all those effected. My buddy has family in Estherville Iowa and they luckily missed it to their south.
Casey Beavan
Casey Beavan Oy oldin
how high was your bid ?
Raymond L
Raymond L Oy oldin
Mother Nature is a stern task master. My sympathies for all those farmers struggling to make a living and recovering from this damage.
Rev Engine
Rev Engine Oy oldin
Waiting for harvest videos
J S Oy oldin
Maybe if you had voted for science rather than a few more farm subsidies
Hope Richardson
Hope Richardson Oy oldin
wow....the damage ..Prayers for all...
Tim Wadsworth
Tim Wadsworth Oy oldin
Mullican Farm you sure that ain't a tornado went through there sure does look like it
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto Oy oldin
I saw the farmers pig barn made of straw fall apart. :(. I saw the metal grain bins damaged :(. But the concrete bins stood. Three little pigs. No joke, saddened by the storm. That must have been scary for the farmer. But here is something constructive.
CombineLover Oy oldin
I guarantee you, God was with Paul, whether you realize or not!
J Essary Farms
J Essary Farms Oy oldin
So sad!!
CombineLover Oy oldin
Sure wanted to see more of those pretty combines at the beginning.
J Essary Farms
J Essary Farms Oy oldin
I’m dumb when it comes to corn combines but could you use a platform head and just go slow and one direction? I know you would have to run all that stalk in your machine but it might pickup some of it. Or what about silage?
Tyler Demary
Tyler Demary Oy oldin
We actually raise pigs! Thanks for showing us the farrowing house zach!
Dakota Disaster
Dakota Disaster Oy oldin
Will they have to make piles now or try to ship everything as quick as it comes in?
Landen Schenck
Landen Schenck Oy oldin
Could you make silage out of downed corn
Farmingsmallkubota Oy oldin
Derecho hit here in Ohio a few years ago. most scared i have ever been zipped tied the doors just to keep them from blowing off the house. 160 year old barn made it with roof and door damage every new barn around me was gone. The winds in this storm were double from what we had back then, good luck out there and wish everyone the best.
David Palmer
David Palmer Oy oldin
look that name up in your tube and you should see a picture of a guy with camo on and a deer
David Palmer
David Palmer Oy oldin
hay millennial farmer i want you to check out my cousin Travis LeBeau
Airbrgr Oy oldin
Zach, thank you taking the time to speak with those affected by this storm.
American Freedom Fighter
American Freedom Fighter Oy oldin
We were in Michigan’s U.P camping when this storm went through. When we got back home to the lower peninsula and I learned about this storm, I was shocked at this. We were lucky that Michigan didn’t get hit. I may only be 17, but I have never seen anything like this. Americans are tough though and WE WILL PULL THROUGH!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND AMERICAS FARMERS!!!!!
American Freedom Fighter
American Freedom Fighter Oy oldin
We were in Michigan’s U.P camping when this storm went through. When we got back home to the lower peninsula and I learned about this storm, I was shocked at this. We were lucky that Michigan didn’t get hit. I may only be 17, but I have never seen anything like this. Americans are tough though and WE WILL PULL THROUGH!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND AMERICAS FARMERS!!!!!
Rosedad4life Oy oldin
Thank you for sharing this. My sisters family lives in Huxley and my brother-in-law works with the farmers in the area. They haven't let on to how bad it really is.
NorthernChev Oy oldin
The government should hand out some more socialism and give these guys money to help them get back on their feet.
Toshiro Yamada
Toshiro Yamada Oy oldin
God love you, yet destroyed all ya shit. Nice work they doing tho.
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