Isla Broke Her Arm!

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Millennial Farmer

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Isla broke her arm! Who Broke It Better Leg Arms or Isla?! Leg Arms, no doubt! Get well Scott! Dad learned to drive the new X-9 Combine today. They grow up too fast. The Machine sync feature is pretty sweet!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Muhammad Jadwat
Muhammad Jadwat Soat oldin
Is it kenworth
Muhammad Jadwat
Muhammad Jadwat Soat oldin
Mind if I ask,what trucks do u use?
jon steffen
jon steffen 10 soat oldin
I know how you feel dad had my youngest break a ankle in the growth plate to but luckily didn't have surgery!
Duck SP
Duck SP 18 soat oldin
Feel better soon Isla.
3rdofthree Kun oldin
I have a first grader daughter and will be praying for her & family. That’s gotta be stressful. Take care, from Newton, IA.
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson Kun oldin
Great video!
Nathan Duffy
Nathan Duffy Kun oldin
I'm a little bit late to the comments on this video, but if you ever need a home cooked meal or a place to stay when you're in the cities, hit me up. I'm sure you have plenty of your own resources here in the big city, just want to put out the offer for you. I have plenty of space to host your family for a meal or an overnight stay. I'm on east side of Lake Of The Isles, so less than 2 miles from Children's Hospital. My house is handicap accessible, with a a wheelchair ramp out front. As long as you can put up with a couple of indoor cats, I can put you folks up for a night or two. Best wishes.
Agri Pro
Agri Pro Kun oldin
Hope she get well soon🥺🥺🥰
David Gaylord
David Gaylord Kun oldin
no waiting here family always comes first
Eric Trace
Eric Trace Kun oldin
Praying for a quick recovery
alex playz
alex playz Kun oldin
best vid yet
Barry Lusk
Barry Lusk Kun oldin
Praying wont do and good but good doctors will. Hope your daughter makes it through this with a full recovery. Good god what was she hit with that would cause this amount of injury? I am very sorry for you and the fact that I thought it was a farm injury. Can't be right all the time.
ashley payne
ashley payne Kun oldin
Made me teary eyed hearing isla broke her arm, it's so hard being a dad and not being with them when things like that happen, best wishes for her full recovery.
Michael Maher
Michael Maher Kun oldin
Get well soon to you're little girl
s man
s man 2 kun oldin
wow thank you farmers feeding america
jared azure
jared azure 2 kun oldin
Poor baby girl prayers for speedy recovery
James Morris
James Morris 2 kun oldin
Electricity wont kill you but once😄
Firefighter464 2 kun oldin
Hope she has a fast recovery prayers for y’all
Gliderider 2 kun oldin
Poor little Isla 🙏
Anders Felten
Anders Felten 2 kun oldin
Poor girl! Hey Zach, its okay we'll get the videos when we get them. Do what you need to do! Thanks for everything! 💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Trevor Dennis
Trevor Dennis 2 kun oldin
Goodness. I have been working my way through your videos, so it is only a few days since I saw Isla fall out of the combine steps and bang her head! Best wishes to her. I love your dad btw. He is quiet and has one of the kindest faces I have ever seen, and yet he has built this incredible business. I've heard it takes six months to come right after knee surgery, but that may be so long as you are not carrying on farming as usual, so I hope he becomes pain free ASAP. Thanks for the videos. This is currently my favourite UZpost channel.
kenus Ata
kenus Ata 2 kun oldin
Jobbulást a kislánynak!!
Murdoch 451
Murdoch 451 2 kun oldin
Guess Isla and leg arms can sign casts. David UK.
Gavyn Holstein
Gavyn Holstein 2 kun oldin
Anybody know how to become a farm hand in bennington nebraska
James Monahan
James Monahan 2 kun oldin
And she didn't even need a horse.
Mary Kirk
Mary Kirk 2 kun oldin
were is onix
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for Isla. I’ve never had a broken arm but i can imagine it must have hurt.
Steven Rogge
Steven Rogge 2 kun oldin
Sorry to hear that we are praying for you, your wife and Isla. It is very stressful when your kids are hurt.
twothreebravo 2 kun oldin
FIrst Leg Arms and now Isla? You farmers are having a tough year! I am hoping for a quick and full recovery!
Kim and Tony Holtmann
Kim and Tony Holtmann 2 kun oldin
love your channel all our best our prayers to Isla
Anthony McCall
Anthony McCall 2 kun oldin
Prayers are with you and your family
Justin K.
Justin K. 3 kun oldin
Praying for a speedy recovery, Isla!!
Jake Kempel
Jake Kempel 3 kun oldin
Praying for Isla’s full recovery
Morgan Sedge
Morgan Sedge 3 kun oldin
Oh dear poor girl hope she gets well soon. All millennial keep safe god bless
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor 3 kun oldin
Tell isla to have a speedy recovery.
Sclultiple Merosis
Sclultiple Merosis 3 kun oldin
I learn a lot from you farming sounds awesome. That comebine is really 40 feet wide? WOW! I'm amazed by big machinery
John Brownell
John Brownell 3 kun oldin
I am sending prayers for Isla swift healing. God bless that little girl.
John Brownell
John Brownell 3 kun oldin
My nephew was killed and mutilated by a Sukup bin sweep God bless your efforts to bring awareness to all farmer, Rescue, and other agency's
Brian Asher
Brian Asher 3 kun oldin
First Leg Arms now Isla, what the heck is going on. Hope the star of the show gets better soon.
Walter Steele jr
Walter Steele jr 3 kun oldin
You got to do what you got to do kid got hurt family first
Ken VR
Ken VR 3 kun oldin
If that was my daughter I would drop whatever I was doing and go to my little girl. You need to have a backup for those emergencies....not keep chopping corn......
Devin Zutter
Devin Zutter 2 kun oldin
If it is like most hospital's in the area you can only have one person in the room at a time so he would have to be outside waiting for Becky to come out and then he could go in
Lorenzo Pappatico
Lorenzo Pappatico 3 kun oldin
I know I'm late, but I'm very sorry for Isla, sending best wishes for a full recovery her way. Don't worry about videos, family always come first.
John Schulze
John Schulze 3 kun oldin
Get well Isla
Hugh Whaley
Hugh Whaley 3 kun oldin
Gotta love them dogs 👍
Jeff Dale
Jeff Dale 3 kun oldin
That look on grandpas face when you told him. Breaks your heart. All the best.
Samuel Wheland
Samuel Wheland 3 kun oldin
Thoughts and Prayers
timothy winters
timothy winters 3 kun oldin
Why don’t you install cameras in bins ? Then you wouldn’t have to climb up .
Robert Emory
Robert Emory 3 kun oldin
Between you and legarms , ouch! I don't know which broken arm was first but , way to keep up with the neighbors!
james pitts
james pitts 3 kun oldin
Prayers for you girl
Ruth C
Ruth C 3 kun oldin
Roundup is WONDERFUL stuff.
Paddypool FC
Paddypool FC 3 kun oldin
Leg arms breaks his arm so you go one upmanship and have Isla break her arm. Man you guys are getting competitive. 😂😂😂😂😂. Only kidding Zak, I hope the wee smasher makes a speedy recovery.
Michael Snell
Michael Snell 3 kun oldin
Hope isla will get arm fixed! Thoughts and prayer from Kansas!
Kevin Amstutz
Kevin Amstutz 3 kun oldin
Oh so sorry to hear about Isla's elbow. Wow she did it good. Hope she's better. Sucks when your kids are down.
Shane Kirk
Shane Kirk 3 kun oldin
God speed little one, hope all is well.
Rodolfo Gonzalez
Rodolfo Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Does the Corn dust make you itch like barley or grain ? I’ve always wondered that while watching your videos .
Darrell Barrick
Darrell Barrick 3 kun oldin
Prayers for Isla
C Lee Shannon
C Lee Shannon 3 kun oldin
Your daughter will grow fast and tall now. You just watch! My son broke his arm at about 8 or 9 and he took off like a weed. Dr says it has to do with something called grothh plates. My Son is 6'5" now. I'm 5'10". I will be praying for her! Quick and complete healing, no long term effects!
Pasgroup[Pat Wilson] au
Pasgroup[Pat Wilson] au 3 kun oldin
Hope Isla is doing OK mate, luckily kids bounce way better than we do. Isla first, videos second we all understand...
Danny 3 kun oldin
little late on the replies - but hell - family comes 1st - don't worry about the videos - we can wait!
Jayden Weber
Jayden Weber 4 kun oldin
Honestly they should make the pump motor in thunder diesel so you can just fill er up
Fishing with Jake
Fishing with Jake 4 kun oldin
I had the same brake
FARMING SIMULATOR2013 4 kun oldin
isla hurts her self quite a bit
Jeff Kuipers
Jeff Kuipers 4 kun oldin
family comes first just make sure she is in good hands well wishes.
JackMacLupus 4 kun oldin
Well, i dont know how i did it, but i was lucky enough to never break a leg or arm during my whole life until now (I'm 32 now.) so i hope that Isla will recover soon from this because this looks like a REALLY nasty broken bone she has there. And to be honest, after seeing the one of Leg Arms i must say, Isla has the worst of the two.
Farmer Bradley Powell
Farmer Bradley Powell 4 kun oldin
The problem with your truck is dead truck batteries have sex cells in them in the starter mechanism in the truck needs all six cells to start that’s why it won’t start it if you have six cells in the truck battery in only two or three cells are bad then it won’t start either because your starter in your truck is the strongest mechanism in the truck or car it pulls a lot of amps so sounds like you need a new battery.
Skylar Mouton
Skylar Mouton 4 kun oldin
Sorry to hear/ see about the little one's arm. Praying for a full/ fast recovery. Hate to see the little one's in pain.
Old time Farmer
Old time Farmer 4 kun oldin
Lil leg arms hope she will be ok
John Neal
John Neal 4 kun oldin
Best of wishes for Isla for a speedy recovery ❤
Kaydon Grimm
Kaydon Grimm 4 kun oldin
First legarms then Isla
Sam Robertson
Sam Robertson 4 kun oldin
Praying for her! And wisdom to the doctors!!!!
Robert Riley
Robert Riley 4 kun oldin
Hopefully Isla's arm gets better quick. Prayers to you and your family sir. 🙏
Se McKeown
Se McKeown 4 kun oldin
Hope Isla recovers
Se McKeown
Se McKeown 4 kun oldin
Nice video bud
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 4 kun oldin
I wouldn’t worry about anybody else to take care of your daughter thank you for putting out videos and hopefully for a speedy recovery
Lauren O'Connor
Lauren O'Connor 4 kun oldin
Poor kid, that would have hurt. Praying for a quick recovery.
Emil huggarn
Emil huggarn 4 kun oldin
Hope it will go okay our five year old girl broke her arm in this summer and shes ok now, i crushed a finger last weekend so its no god bone year.
Tom t
Tom t 4 kun oldin
Get well soon Isla.
Billy Highfill
Billy Highfill 4 kun oldin
Crossing the starter? Do tell
Steven Beauchamp
Steven Beauchamp 4 kun oldin
Sweet little Isla. Hope and pray her arm heals up really good. Your dad is so awesome. Like when he's able to get out and get some seat time. Best wishes on great harvest and also little Isla healing up well. Take care!
John Frank
John Frank 4 kun oldin
Best wishes and prayers for a full and speedy recovery for Isla.
Robbie Cousin
Robbie Cousin 4 kun oldin
Isla and leg arm are now arm buddy’s. They both have broken right arms ☹️
Brad Auringer
Brad Auringer 4 kun oldin
Want to wish Isla all the best for a speedy recovery.
Kailin Gassett
Kailin Gassett 4 kun oldin
Every year Isla gives us a scare 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hulk Hoggan
Hulk Hoggan 4 kun oldin
No way! hope Isla is not into much pain, sending our love and thoughts from Scotland Get better quick sweetpea see you soon.😁
J. W Tiny
J. W Tiny 4 kun oldin
Poor Isla. Hopefully that wont stay with her as a reminder forever. Some injuries just never quite recover right. Heres praying all goes well and within a few days shes back to her old self and healing up nicely. Poor thing. And very hard as a parent. You hate to see your kid go thru pain. You would trade anything to take it for them. My 2 sons had surgery to repair injuries on the same day. 1 his shoulder (9 kevlar anchors put in) from baseball and the other his AcL from football. One was 16 and the other 14. Today at 25 and 23 neither have any problems. Heres hoping the same for you guys. 👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
RuSsIAn BiAs DiSpEnCeR
RuSsIAn BiAs DiSpEnCeR 4 kun oldin
Hope isla gets better soon speed recovery she will bounce back 👍🏾
Mark Benson
Mark Benson 4 kun oldin
That looks like a nasty break for the poor gal, wishing Isla and all of you the best and I hope the surgery goes well. And - YT suggested video: Leg Arms (Welker Farms) breaks his arm. Seems everyone's favoutire farm sidekicks are taking a beating this week :\
Boris Fett
Boris Fett 4 kun oldin
LegArms breaks his arm and Isla around the same time. Dang, I hope everyone recovers.
Robert Reznik
Robert Reznik 4 kun oldin
You are not taking off 3 days to help with Isla. I thought you are a Millennial?
Robert Reznik
Robert Reznik 4 kun oldin
I am having to keep my 10 year old combine and neatly one million dollars for updated equipment. I would need two more trucks and another 1200 bushel cart. Where would I find 3 or 4 people and another one thousand acres of corn?
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 4 kun oldin
Hope Isla's arm is fixed easy enough, feed her more Icecream :D Prayer's for your daughter's speedy recovery
Scott Staples
Scott Staples 4 kun oldin
Hopefully not as bad as legarms welker.
paddymickie mickie
paddymickie mickie 4 kun oldin
Isla and Leg Arms join the clan of broken bones Get well soon u both
texasrednspeck 4 kun oldin
Our prayers are with Isla and your family.
Nanuck54 4 kun oldin
Leg arms from the Welker farms group he broke his arm also it’s gonna be a crazy fall our prayers go out to both families hope your little one is feeling better soon and I hope the walkers big one is feeling soon also God bless you
Mappers Paradise
Mappers Paradise 4 kun oldin
Bless her... hope it's a good recovery... now how can we cheer her up a bit....
LSgaming420 4 kun oldin
1st leg arms now isla. you guys be safe out there farming. hope you both get well soon isla and leg arms.
camper tv
camper tv 4 kun oldin
Dont know when this accident actually happened but I assume about 2 weeks ago. Prayers with you and make sure she does what the docs and PT say even if it hurts. Elbows tend to loose Range of Motion quickly.
Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Miguel Angel Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Sorry a lot, I hope Isla recover her arm very soon, best Regards 👍
Grandprixtop 4 kun oldin
Ouch Isla
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