It hurts my soul to plow crop under, BUT....

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Millennial Farmer

7 oy oldin

It hurts my soul to plow crop underground, BUT.... the new Batwing sure is fun to operate!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
To check the Faming Simulator map tour check out “The Squad” on UZpost.
B& B Farms
B& B Farms 2 oy oldin
@copcars847 its not out yet Mappers Paradise let him do an early tour.
Andrew Doolittle
Andrew Doolittle 4 oy oldin
You won't hear the massive sugar cane plantations in Louisiana crying over this. They don't want your high fructose corn syrup or your sugar beats down that way either...nor do they need any of it. How many millions of barrels of oil per day does Minnesota produce again? Did you just say "none" because I can guarantee you North Dakota won't stop producing just because the price collapsed. They'll sell that oil and refined product to Montana instead as well...instead of Minnesota...let alone Wisconsin..
farmerboy777 5 oy oldin
@copcars847 it hasn't passed testing yet
truck kinda person
truck kinda person 6 oy oldin
@Ev EC giants screwed up
truck kinda person
truck kinda person 6 oy oldin
giants ruined it on release for xbox *facepalm*
Ghast kid Master dabber
Ghast kid Master dabber 3 kun oldin
Dziękuję za twoja prace
Troy Petersen
Troy Petersen 27 kun oldin
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu Oy oldin
That is so weird,I swear, that fresh American dirt when you were plowing!'Merica! Wassup from Montana! The next county over from Welker farms
falcon littlework
falcon littlework 2 oy oldin
Mike Jarvis
Mike Jarvis 2 oy oldin
Be careful you do this for Democrat government you may lose all of your farm land to birds and bugs. Not my America to pay you to detroy crops.
Danny Wagner
Danny Wagner 2 oy oldin
Hey was wondering if anyone could give me a hand on what kind of paster feed for my cows I wanna be able to bail it twice and graze it twice I live in Canada creston bc
Tom Wallis
Tom Wallis 2 oy oldin
Love those clean edges!
Mark Simonar
Mark Simonar 2 oy oldin
Love that hat zach !!
Abe Fonseca
Abe Fonseca 2 oy oldin
Minnesota needs more wetlands?
Christina Lawrence
Christina Lawrence 4 oy oldin
But what
Blacked _Silverado
Blacked _Silverado 4 oy oldin
I don't see a application to apply to work with you lol I need one
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 4 oy oldin
Why would you not use what we call choppers????
Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison 4 oy oldin
Schultz makes a giant batwing. Local farmer had one testing it mowing corn stalks right down from my house. If i had to guess i would say it was 35-40ft.
Antapaan 4 oy oldin
Feeding America? How poor are you over there? Sounds like developing country far far away...
Teresa Allor
Teresa Allor 4 oy oldin
I started picking up your monster drinks. Pretty good if ya ask me.
Blossom Quisno
Blossom Quisno 4 oy oldin
Those are just willows, mow them all down.
Brandon Doty
Brandon Doty 4 oy oldin
Keep in mind those trees are homes.
Gary Beck
Gary Beck 5 oy oldin
I've seen your farm on f.s. I play that game all the time, I would've been a great farmer in real life.
Jack Marina
Jack Marina 5 oy oldin
Totally forgot I had your video playing on my computer and was like "Do I hear a millennial?"
Tim lone
Tim lone 5 oy oldin
You could of found another buyer. Or cut out the middle man and sale directly to grocery stores. Milk farms should have their own milk processing facility on sight. Then sale directly to the public. Grow less of the crops that are exported and grow ones that sale domesticly. We also need less cattle feed farms! grow people food. Get Trump to eliminate imports of veggies that can be grown here. Donate the the veggies that don't sale to shelters.get receipt of weight donated. Use for tax deduction. Oh yeah, burn all farm land owned by China
Joseph Lote
Joseph Lote 5 oy oldin
Farming simulator games is the reason why I take interest in farming. You're videos are very educational for someone who wants to learn about it.
Joseph Lote
Joseph Lote 5 oy oldin
I play farming simulator...what's your map called?
Shawn Doran
Shawn Doran 5 oy oldin
Some beautiful pheasant habitat! Curious Do farmers in your area work with conservation groups like pheasants forever?
DC GAMING 5 oy oldin
Was literally thinking about a replica of his farm bring made for farming sim and how cool it would be. Omg it's a thing 😍
Oliver77 5 oy oldin
Schulte makes a 42 footer.
Midwest muscle saws
Midwest muscle saws 5 oy oldin
What scale size are the die casts going to be? I hope it’s 1:16th! But I’m sure it’s 1:64th right?
k34561 6 oy oldin
Only 4" trees. My dad bought a rotary mower for his JD to clear 80 acres that had been neglected since my grandfather died. He had a choice between two JD rotary mowers that could handle 2" or 6" trees. 6" trees all the. He figured anything the tractor could drive over would be cut. Now all he had to worry about was Osage orange puncturing the tires.
Erick Bauer
Erick Bauer 6 oy oldin
I want one of those die cast Moline for my grandson
Erick Bauer
Erick Bauer 6 oy oldin
CRP is farmer welfare be honest.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 oy oldin
CRP?! CRP is not a subsidy payment of any kind. Explain how it's a form of welfare, please.
truck kinda person
truck kinda person 6 oy oldin
she may have beat you in the flip cup thing, but your still the better farmer
WizardofCause Hoc
WizardofCause Hoc 6 oy oldin
I am grateful for our farmers. And I hold great respect for farming as a profession, above almost any other. The farmer is and always has been a mechanic, meteorologist, businessman, ecologist, I.T. person, husband, father, and God knows what else, all out of necessity. Not a man like it in the world. Who woulda thought that the modern renaissance man was hiding behind all that hick. ;) Farmers also have a strong command of the fundamentals of global markets. They are in the business of selling (or not) what they produce, which happens to be essential to life, and perishable, so nothing is for certain in farming until the check clears, and so farmers can afford to risk it all again for at least one more year.
truckdriver7696 6 oy oldin
I'm old fashioned I don't trust anything the government says. They all lie about what they are going to do for us. Awesome videos keep them coming.
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 6 oy oldin
1:27 Fl-ay-gs? Lol u mean flags
ryan pattinson
ryan pattinson 6 oy oldin
I know its not nice losing a tree and being left with a hole but there's no need to take it out on Phil
Doug Wood
Doug Wood 6 oy oldin
Don't really care for your videos. Seems like they are more of an advertisement for the free equipment you are getting to use. Lots of struggling farmers using old equipment they actually bought.
Doug Wood
Doug Wood 6 oy oldin
@ryan pattinson you totally missed my point. He spends all his show describing the free equipment he is using. The show is supposed to be about farming not an advertisement for equipment. Who cares if he gets to use the equipment or if he has to return it. Talk about farming, show the farm. Hell I can go to the equipment expo and see all the shiny equipment.
ryan pattinson
ryan pattinson 6 oy oldin
erm... he gets free equipment to show people on his channel so yea... it is an advertisement to an extent (nothing is for free), he clearly says its because of us (the viewers) that he gets to try that equipment, having said that, the "free" stuff he gets is not his and has to be returned after the agreed period, if you had watched more of his videos you would see that they own lots of equipment that they actually paid for, they do not need free stuff, they have their own equipment for their farm but who would say no to trying a brand new tractor and planter etc for a season??? success is nothing to be ashamed of, they put time and effort into making videos... getting equipment to run for a season is one of the rewards for that work, oh... he helps other struggling farmers out more than you realise by the sounds of things too... I'm guessing a damn sight more than you do.
dante xibit
dante xibit 6 oy oldin
Definitely don't know what you're doing. Oughta let the old man who actually owns everything handle the farm work. You should just keep the leaves picked up kid
Moe Cizlak
Moe Cizlak 6 oy oldin
You were (temporarily) trapped in glass case of emotion.
tuunmaster 6 oy oldin
Bush hogging is the best, something about it is so satisfying.
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts 6 oy oldin
Don't worry Zach, once the Millennial Farmer map comes out for FS19, I'll turn that CRP into a beautiful corn field.
Carl Helsing
Carl Helsing 6 oy oldin
we had a neighbor who would plant rye just for the purpose of plowing it under to provide certain chemical value to his soybean planting-(1950's)And i think rye bread is the best---yes --it did disturb me---but there is much of that in agriculture---crop boosting method's--
Daniel D-BO Kimball
Daniel D-BO Kimball 6 oy oldin
Why did you change from the rhino to the woods batwing ? Any issues with the rhino?
Justin Gizinski
Justin Gizinski 6 oy oldin
Those Milwaukee trimmers are no joke, love mine.
Megan Delahoyde
Megan Delahoyde 6 oy oldin
You can come visit
Megan Delahoyde
Megan Delahoyde 6 oy oldin
I live like three miles away from you
Nathan Gettel
Nathan Gettel 6 oy oldin
You're from Minnesota?!! I'm from nw mn
David Stakston
David Stakston 6 oy oldin
Willows are being studied for their use for biomass in making ethanol and other natural chemicals in Finland. So someday the land that is now considered unproductive could be your biggest money crop land. Please check and search for willow. You might also want to check this website for the good health for your family on studies relating to the chemicals used in farming today.
AASparkChaser 7 oy oldin
A new Toreq scraper from Bryan Steiger would take care of that wetland. Then you could raise corn and soybeans instead of trees. Definition of a weed: "A plant out of place". That includes trees.
Rob B
Rob B 7 oy oldin
I guess you need to apply for more Free Farm AID!
waterskiingfool 7 oy oldin
Looks like the mower was doing a great job. The farming simulator mod looks good
D. MacFarthur
D. MacFarthur 7 oy oldin
Guy with 2,400 acres says he's 'short on fill' at the end, ha! Nice edging
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 7 oy oldin
I want you to try to hook a plow up to a big rig.👍
Daithi 7 oy oldin
Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits
Aiden Chambers
Aiden Chambers 7 oy oldin
I miss Olivia farmer mad is awesome
Kylers Fishing and outdoors
Kylers Fishing and outdoors 7 oy oldin
Is the G750 1/64 or 1/16 scale
Criptonixz Studios
Criptonixz Studios 7 oy oldin
Can’t wait to play your map on FS19! My fav part is definitely the G.S.S. (grain silo system)
Kenny Beam
Kenny Beam 7 oy oldin
What is credit from the government?
Heavygusto 7 oy oldin
"Concerned" about the geological implications but "Not gonna stop"...Bro, you're an expansionist farmer.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Those acres are literally being given up for conservation, bro. The SWCD wants the trees removed to maintain the wetlands.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Did you pay any real attention to the video?
Heavygusto 7 oy oldin
Do you use nicotinoid layered seeds?
Trent White
Trent White 7 oy oldin
Can you please make videos more often
Derek Macdonald
Derek Macdonald 7 oy oldin
Waiting for it to come out😎
Derek Macdonald
Derek Macdonald 7 oy oldin
Did your farm sim map come out I'm eating my toes
Jay Huff
Jay Huff 7 oy oldin
What scale will the dicast be
Braylon Swartz
Braylon Swartz 7 oy oldin
i’ve been wondering if you have 480/80r46 or 480/80r50 on the 8260?
N0thing 9009
N0thing 9009 7 oy oldin
Feels weird that I live 45mins away from zach small world!!
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson 7 oy oldin
So are you testing out a no-till transition by planting into the cover crop? 7:40 I've actually been stuck in a tractor like that.
Robert Shipley
Robert Shipley 7 oy oldin
Could you also make the old yellow tracker as a mod for farming simulator 19 to go with your map. If I had the ability to do this I would
Jennifer Chafos
Jennifer Chafos 7 oy oldin
Hi millennial farmer do a video call to me please tomorrow morning and mi name is Micah and I am 8 .
Burt Brooks
Burt Brooks 7 oy oldin
Zachy boy We are all over the John Deere page trying to get you a New combine they just dropped on their page💪 and you should ALWAYS ALWAYS re-dip the oil stick 3 times ol buddy 🤣🤣🤣 When checking through oil!!!!
rick ward
rick ward 7 oy oldin
Did u fall down an get hurt haven't seen any new videos bud
Marek Grežo Markus Cheten
Marek Grežo Markus Cheten 7 oy oldin
you use deep loosening or subsoiling bro? Your problem is possible minimizing tillage !!!
helitak03 7 oy oldin
Forestry Tech here.......its possible that the brush will come up thicker then before......
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins 7 oy oldin
I've mowed stuff bigger than that with my grass deck. That might have something to do with the stack of broken spindles that I have for said deck as well though. Still anything less than an inch is for the lawn mower. I don't break out the bush hog until I'm ready to get serious, or don't feel like sharpening the chain saw.
Robert Mckenn
Robert Mckenn 7 oy oldin
Jack Wiseman
Jack Wiseman 7 oy oldin
Hey Zack u think JD would send you a cheeky loan of a X combine to go with the 9RX?
Ryan Richmond
Ryan Richmond 7 oy oldin
When taking out over grown trees like that have you thought about mulching them down and keeping the stumps to a minimum?
Emily Treffinger
Emily Treffinger 7 oy oldin
Make a new video
ShenMaxwell Gaming
ShenMaxwell Gaming 7 oy oldin
How Many Acres is your Farm?
G *O
G *O 7 oy oldin
Scottish hoof trimmer Graeme Parker "The Hoof GP" emulates the "Millennial Farmer" video montage in this one. :-)
Don Fredericksen
Don Fredericksen 7 oy oldin
How and when will the die cast Moline be available?
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton 7 oy oldin
My wife and I are hooked on this show. We aren’t farmers. We know nothing about farming but are learning. This is fascinating. This guy is a really good on-camera host.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Thank you so much!
John Knoxville
John Knoxville 7 oy oldin
Great video! If you viewers like MF, you will also like Famer on the Praifie. A smaller operation, run by a very nice family.
Jeff Castle
Jeff Castle 7 oy oldin
I’m a beginning farmer of a 40x60 foot plot behind my house and I find your videos not only educational but entertaining as well. I’ve noticed, since I’ve watched so many MF’ing videos now, UZpost sees fit to provide me suggestions for new John Deere infomercials. I’ve watched some of these suggested videos and I truly hope that this harvesting season JD will look to provide you, a MF’er, a trial of the new Signature Series X1100 combine. To complement that combine, the 50ft hinged frame draper along with 16 row folding corn head would be nice to see featured in your videos. It's what I'm considering if I expand my farming situation, also it would be a MF’ing delight.
Logan Hester
Logan Hester 7 oy oldin
How many acres do y’all farm in total??
JR J 7 oy oldin
dude wow shouting out farm sim on vid thats awesome. I love the game and the map looks great. it's one of my top 4 maps of fs19
Joe Fahrenschon
Joe Fahrenschon 7 oy oldin here is a 42ft mower made by Schulte ind
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
do you have to pay for it
Captainkadenab 7 oy oldin
schulte mowers have a fx742 which is 42’ wide
Pennsylvania Farming
Pennsylvania Farming 7 oy oldin
1/16 or 1/64 diecast Mimo?
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 7 oy oldin
What the heck is with this once a week thing sir we need more video so we can laugh more because everything going on in the world sucks unlike your videos.
glen campion
glen campion 7 oy oldin
Y haven’t you been uploading ???
Kenley Rashke
Kenley Rashke 7 oy oldin
Pretty sure that’s a Wisconsin outline on that water bottle when you’re in the mower
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Yep, check out Northern Chill water. It's good stuff. I'm fussy about my water
Raju Dev
Raju Dev 7 oy oldin
MrSealyP brought me here. So cool man. Literally buzzing for the farm console release
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 7 oy oldin need a bigger planter
Daniel Sweeney
Daniel Sweeney 7 oy oldin
I saw a couple of reviews on your farm on FS19. NICE!
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
is the map only for pc
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
I watch my farmers harvest and stuff but they use a case harvester but everything else is John Deere
G and T Outdoors
G and T Outdoors 7 oy oldin
Something about all that John Deere Green.......👌
Willem Prins
Willem Prins 7 oy oldin
Ha. You need rain? We’ve had 2 inches since January
Willem Prins
Willem Prins 7 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer wow that sucks
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
We haven't seen an inch since then!
Daniel kruse
Daniel kruse 7 oy oldin
Hopefully in 1:64.
First day of harvest and Dad tweaked his new knee
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