John Deere 8370RX!!

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Millennial Farmer

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Thank you to John Deere for inviting me down to Waterloo, Iowa to take a test drive of a new 8370RX!! I also got to tour the Tractor Cab Assembly Operations building, and I made a pit stop at Cole the Cornstar's shop (it was a terrible decision. kidding). The all new 8RX drove like a dream but unfortunately the fields were snow covered and we weren't able to plant any corn.
Alaska Vacation
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Alaska Vacation Information
John Mcneal
John Mcneal 7 oy oldin
You guys are going to be almost in my back yard when you are here in Alaska. We have farm property outside of Delta Junction and a 2nd small farm near Palmer. I was looking at your schedule and you will be visiting some really great locations. Be prepared to be blown away by the variety and beauty of Alaska. I predict the train ride to Seward and the Kenai Fjords is going to be every ones favorite.
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 7 oy oldin
We grreenn lol
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 7 oy oldin
Any thoughts on industrial hemp??
Eric Hager
Eric Hager 7 oy oldin
Asking for a friend will there be adult beverages on this Alaskan trip?
KSUFarmer 7 oy oldin
@James Garrison I used to live in Eagle River.
Griffin Whitcomb
Griffin Whitcomb 9 kun oldin
Hey r u working with John deere
Lu Ger
Lu Ger 10 kun oldin
honest question, cause I just have no clue: why is it that tracks are put on tractors, instead of "normal" tires? load distribution or better grip? I'd be happy about a honest answer and explanation, like said ... I just don't know and curious for the reasoning.
OUTTA TIME 14 kun oldin
Doing 30 mph in a M-1 battle tank is a blast...I promise.
Elewys of Finchingefeld
Elewys of Finchingefeld 15 kun oldin
Man, I thought that John Deere guy would NEVER leave!
Paolo Viti
Paolo Viti 24 kun oldin
What a lovely tractor 🚜 🚜🚜👍👍
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton Oy oldin
I'm surprised living in Minnesota that you weren't New Holland fans.
Latif 7 pk agriculture
Latif 7 pk agriculture Oy oldin
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 oy oldin
Love that 4440. Our farm has a 4430 and we love it
Stepan Huawei
Stepan Huawei 2 oy oldin
0.40 Very funny !!! Super !!!
Robert Hoyt
Robert Hoyt 2 oy oldin
Such a serious person!
Sophisticated Pancake
Sophisticated Pancake 2 oy oldin
What about the Case Quadtrac?
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 3 oy oldin
Looks so beautiful and clean on the white snow. Something outta starwars. Can u imagine what the look and technology will be like 50 years from now!
Levi Kautzman
Levi Kautzman 3 oy oldin
I haven't watched the whole video and I already love the first minute
fred Ted
fred Ted 3 oy oldin
I guess the steering is a lot easier on the track/belt than normal skid steer ?? Wales UK ( It wouldn't fit down our lane , but hey , someone will buy one !.)
Lucas 3 oy oldin
I live in Ames iowa
Rick the clock cleaner
Rick the clock cleaner 4 oy oldin
I love john deere. Probably more than my wife
YellowKomodo 4 oy oldin
That skit at the beginning 😂
Kr0825 Kr
Kr0825 Kr 5 oy oldin
Eric Borkowski
Eric Borkowski 5 oy oldin
Awesome video, I like the way you make looking at tractors fun. Nothing runs like a Deere
James Dennis
James Dennis 5 oy oldin
You kind of look like Alex ovechkin
Jonathan 5 oy oldin
Do you have any thoughts on people’s right to repair their own tractors? JD tends to not like it when people touch their own tractors. They’re very protective. It’s like they made money from that stuff or somethin.
Nathan Whitney
Nathan Whitney 5 oy oldin
Yo Im from Peoria! Please reply back!
jessy martin
jessy martin 5 oy oldin
my dad currently owns a John deere 40, john deere model A, and a john deere 1530 with a modified loader on it. Im a big JD fan myself
Mitch Vanasse
Mitch Vanasse 5 oy oldin
I have a 4020 and it’s brother 4320 which is a 4020 with a turbo
X X 5 oy oldin
Khaffit 6 oy oldin
so tell me why tracks?
Kmetija Pr' Celinšek
Kmetija Pr' Celinšek 6 oy oldin
Isaac Hoogestraat
Isaac Hoogestraat 6 oy oldin
I live 20 minutes from there
Taylor HEALEY 6 oy oldin
I bleed John Deere Green
Taylor HEALEY 6 oy oldin
I can't afford a real one but you bet I'll be buying a couple for my 1/64 Saskatchewan bassed farm display
Oscar GUERINET 6 oy oldin
3:10 “nothing like this” Me *looks at case quadtrac*
Justin Assie
Justin Assie 5 oy oldin
@Clay Sibertdoesn't command pro sound like pro 700
Clay Sibert
Clay Sibert 5 oy oldin
Oscar GUERINET I thought the exact same thing!
Steyn De Wet
Steyn De Wet 6 oy oldin
The part with cole was nice
Raphael Fehrenbach
Raphael Fehrenbach 6 oy oldin
Unpopular opinion: Fendt builds the best tractors
inthepipeagain 6 oy oldin
That was so awesome ! ROFL !
Cody Holum
Cody Holum 6 oy oldin
cole the cornstar??
STONEDay 6 oy oldin
410 HP. haha
Chad Rogers
Chad Rogers 6 oy oldin
that 120" track will suck for shipping. Even a 108" will be bad...
Seigh8 Toons
Seigh8 Toons 6 oy oldin
Nothing else like it it has 4 tracks let me think caseih hmmmmmmm new Holland yeah this concludes my rant
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins 6 oy oldin
So did he get you over to the Versatile plant? I heard him say he was going to show you where the make the greatest tractors in the world.
adrix 6 oy oldin
It’s so much high and large
Tennyson Jackson
Tennyson Jackson 6 oy oldin
Real equipment is green not red or blue
Bob Langlois
Bob Langlois 6 oy oldin
Wish you let the clutch tune roll a bit longer!! Great jam
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd 6 oy oldin
Hanging with the spoiled brat Cole. Really hurts your reputation as a serious farmer.
Caley Cheney
Caley Cheney 6 oy oldin
NO audio!
Haydee Perez-Parra
Haydee Perez-Parra 6 oy oldin
He got stuck what happen to it
Peder Olsen
Peder Olsen 6 oy oldin
When I get older I would love to have a farm that’s been my dream for years
Kewdo1 6 oy oldin
How do they decide how wide the tracks should be ?
jesse Mcbeath
jesse Mcbeath 6 oy oldin
Ugly Green toolbox surround by the beautiful red machines. I’m sorry they have to look at that green.
Gamebro playz
Gamebro playz 6 oy oldin
I am from Waterloo IA but I don't live there anymore
Mark Shepler
Mark Shepler 6 oy oldin
Why not the articulating joint steering? Will you get better track, with just the front tracks turning?
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 6 oy oldin
Awesome to see and Cole messing around, i have watched all vids put out by each of you. Keep up the good work
Tyler Hanna
Tyler Hanna 6 oy oldin
Never drove a track tractor but seeing this one looks very nice and would try using it for field use! The museum I did go there almost 10 years ago and would love to go back. Side note at the same time I toured the John Deere Combine Factory. 4020 John Deere is a great tractor!
John Turner
John Turner 6 oy oldin
How did you get into the YOUNG leadership group
John Turner
John Turner 6 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer I don’t mean to get all Government on you but I’d need official paper on that.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 oy oldin
Being 31 at the time qualifies me as young.
Phillip Anderson
Phillip Anderson 6 oy oldin
It PAINS me to say my wife worked for Deere in Moline, but now we’re at AGCO in Atlanta. I still have more of a connection with Deere that goes back to a Model B.
snowmandude345 6 oy oldin
Deer for life 🤟
Mike b
Mike b 6 oy oldin
Joe Diffie R.i.p
Greg Dore
Greg Dore 6 oy oldin
should have stopped bye american pickers
Tristan T
Tristan T 6 oy oldin
When your watching Millennial Farmer.... and there is an ad with cameras with the accual guy in it. -btw i liked that ad! :D
Mason Hinrichs
Mason Hinrichs 7 oy oldin
Hey your only 30min away from my family's farm
Brandon Gustafson
Brandon Gustafson 7 oy oldin
You crack me up man!! 😂😂
Brandon Gustafson
Brandon Gustafson 7 oy oldin
My bucket list is to go to Iowa and Illinois to see the John Deere headquarters and the assembly lines
Kyler Knaack
Kyler Knaack 7 oy oldin
Come to Gilbertville Iowa
hazmat5760 7 oy oldin
The 4020 is one of my dream tractors. Scout camp had one.
Preston Faust
Preston Faust 7 oy oldin
My uncle works at the Tractor cab assebly operations in waterloo, my dad makes the transmissions for the bigger tractors, its really neat!
jason neels
jason neels 7 oy oldin
There was a Waterloo Boy in the actual factory last time I was there.
Jared 7 oy oldin
Would be an awesome planting tractor
Cleon Tetrick
Cleon Tetrick 7 oy oldin
Way to ho
KHD Farmer
KHD Farmer 7 oy oldin
I toured all three tractor plants in Waterloo last year, that was a fun time.
in motion
in motion 7 oy oldin
410 that's nothing this what I hate about deer and case always gets it right is hp deer there tractors dont make shit for hp and case has 700 800 hp they ran Cummins for years were deer had there own motor that always had problems and made shit for power but this is just my opinion. Love them cases
mike Haley
mike Haley 7 oy oldin
as James may once said "that's a bloody tank man"
oldschool 7 oy oldin
I wish you could have gone to Williamsburg Iowa and seen Jon Kinzenbaws tractor collection!
Thunder Creek Equipment
Thunder Creek Equipment 7 oy oldin
Zach, we know someone who might be able to help you out with that DEF management opportunity. ...and it would go awfully well with your Grizzly Cooler, too! #THUNDERRRRRRRR ⚡️💪
ACE Lawn
ACE Lawn 7 oy oldin
Rubus Roo
Rubus Roo 7 oy oldin
that thing is just gorgeous, do deere build their own engines or do they us different ones?
JDPower 55
JDPower 55 7 oy oldin
Rubus Roo they build most engines in house at a facility called Engine Works also in Waterloo
Farming Hunting an Fishin
Farming Hunting an Fishin 7 oy oldin
A case ad came up on this video, I dont know what it is
Connnor R
Connnor R 7 oy oldin
The John Deere Model B with the umbrella was restored by our FFA chapter and gifted to John Deere.
Judge jimbo Browntown
Judge jimbo Browntown 7 oy oldin
Too bad u can work on ur own jd sad a nazi company btw them front tracks would last about 3 mins
Fieldzy 7 oy oldin
this aged well
Joseph Trainor
Joseph Trainor 7 oy oldin
At 1:55 was that the Chip Foose Big Buck 4020? I have a picture of it hanging in my office and saw it when it was at a John Deere dealer in Lancaster, PA
SOLAR WARDEN 804 STUDIOS HDR & 4K 7 oy oldin
Rob Hardwick
Rob Hardwick 7 oy oldin
Cool machine. Can someone explain the purpose for the weights? You run tracks and larger tires for less pounds per square inch correct? Why would you add so much weight rather than a smaller tire or track? What am I not understanding?
Dawson stephens
Dawson stephens 7 oy oldin
I am from iowa
A.J. Leonard
A.J. Leonard 7 oy oldin
Lol that was funny a John Deere man waking up inside of a Case must be your worst nightmare.
bmay19 7 oy oldin
I live by east Peoria! I almost bet you drove through my town. Lewistown IL
Ellis Railfanning Forever
Ellis Railfanning Forever 7 oy oldin
I wasn't expecting Cole!
Bluetunder40 7 oy oldin
Cool deal bro
hikingtosurvive 7 oy oldin
Zach you are one funny farmer ( great channel/website name), there I said it, and you're welcome!
abnutcracker2164 7 oy oldin
Seems farming is always a costly battle
Anthony Carducci
Anthony Carducci 7 oy oldin
Let's start planting winter to long God bless be safe
Not You
Not You 7 oy oldin
That's nice. Too bad you cant fix it yourself.
Der Lörres
Der Lörres 7 oy oldin
the end is amazing with cole and the Cas.. machines :D greetz from GERMANY
Tsunauticus III
Tsunauticus III 7 oy oldin
No doubt
MattLF9 7 oy oldin
Farming must be rough. Just bought another overrated, over priced tractor.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 oy oldin
Who did? You? Nobody in this video bought anything.
Matthew Kynoch
Matthew Kynoch 7 oy oldin
I had a gold key tour for a 9520RX with 120" spacing. Glen was our tour guide and he was simply amazing. Was the best factory tour I have ever been on.
the pizza devil
the pizza devil 7 oy oldin
so ugly xD
Come down to Australia Zach.
Alex 7 oy oldin
LMAO the intro of you waking up in the red tractor
Jimbo 3597
Jimbo 3597 7 oy oldin
Ahh another unnecessary tractor that is overly expensive and is overly expensive to fix boy do i love john deere
belfast479 7 oy oldin
ROFL - "I better sit in the back" ...I love your vids.
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