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Millennial Farmer

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John Deere X9 Likes and Dislikes-Millennial Farmer
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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00UncommonSense00 18 soat oldin
Were a small farm in Central Indiana and the newest machine we have is a 1996 John Deere 9500 combine. The ratio of it working and us working on it is about 50/50. lol But we only have 233 acres of corn and 44 acres of beans. 12 acres of sunflower and wheat rotation. It does the job. When we bought it used it has this Chinese "aftermarket" computer system that someone tried to cobble together. We only use it for the camera on the unload auger because unlike yours, you can't see Jack Squat from the seat. That X9 is just an absurd fantasy for us. Our JD dealer keeps trying to get us to take one on loan to demo it for a few weeks, but our will power is weak, and I know we'll end up keeping it and I imagine the monthly payment would be our whole budget for the month! No thanks. Maybe if we hit the lottery...
Florida 4020
Florida 4020 19 soat oldin
God bless your daddy and your sweet girls theyr so adorable
Adam Wiseman
Adam Wiseman Kun oldin
Might need to try the fendt T9 or T10 if you want more horses 🐎.
Jeff Collette
Jeff Collette Kun oldin
I'd like to tell you that the Grafton volunteer fire department could use that money that trading a lot of money
Farm Life SD
Farm Life SD Kun oldin
what camera did you get
Thomas Lohrman
Thomas Lohrman 2 kun oldin
I just want to say that it is totally awesome that your son is running the grain cart at such a young age. I was disking fields when I was 6. It's good for the kids- educational and making great memories!
Good Harvest
Good Harvest 2 kun oldin
Hello! Great video! Very high capacity! But I think 7000 is not real ... Could you tell me the rotation speed of the grain elevator?
Michael Cravens
Michael Cravens 2 kun oldin
Love your taste in jerky---- Mingua Bros is AWESOME !!!!
petru cadat
petru cadat 2 kun oldin
why not try a small snow blower to clean the silo it is much faster and easier
Phil Hosier
Phil Hosier 2 kun oldin
Sounds like you need a 25000-40000 bushel grain bin. Always build bigger for the future !
Cartertheraptor 2 kun oldin
Awesome video!!! 10/22/20 2:04 PM
Woxwell 3 kun oldin
John Deere had an X9 combine testing east of Edmonton Alberta Canada on oct 21 2020 with heavy secrecy and security. This combine came from the usa with new features and sensors, a security team, and JD officials from usa and Canada to monitor the testing. But the secrecy surrounding this was very unusual (to me). The local JD dealer was told to contact farmers who had crops that were not combined yet. The dealer found 1 crop at least, 6 miles away. The machine was transported at night and the security team guarded the machine, and had security at all roads leading to the machine. The farmer agreed to sign a non disclosure agreement and to not take pictures or tell anyone about it. There was just an X9 designation, no model number. The staff at the dealership were told no pictures or video of it, or else.
Get a drapper header!
Lawrence Williamson
Lawrence Williamson 3 kun oldin
Have you ever thought of getting a drop pan for bottom of your combine ? I like mine , magnetic remote operated
Bethebest 4 kun oldin
This not the x9 Mike.was.ment to receive?
JACK CONNOR 4 kun oldin
My great-grandfather farmed in Illinois. My grandfather grew up on a farm. My other grandfather raised soybeans. I have not been farming ever but somehow this all feels natural to me.
Stan Huhman
Stan Huhman 4 kun oldin
Common John Deere engineering amusing fact is that on these massively expensive machines which have so many features designed into them it is the common cupholder that seems to be commented on by everyone.
CombineLover 4 kun oldin
May as well be flying a Beech Bonanza!
ethen cochran
ethen cochran 4 kun oldin
That little bin looks like a trash can almost, removable to dump it
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 4 kun oldin
the next size smaller leixion just set a new world record for bushels combined that was previously set by the 760 lexion blowed the x9 out of the harvest field thats why they are no showing a lot on their demos
The thing in the combine that you said that you could probably put a cat in I think that it is a min Garbage cans
Thomas Rakers
Thomas Rakers 5 kun oldin
Not ruff or roof, it’s a lid:)
inotill 5 kun oldin
I want wipers on the mirrors and sideglass with cleaner, why not???
inotill 5 kun oldin
I knock my head on that damn thing all the time in a S series!!!
Strike Eagle
Strike Eagle 5 kun oldin
You guys keep America rolling !
Lholst46 6 kun oldin
About how many acres do you farm?
SW 737 Max8 Boeing
SW 737 Max8 Boeing 6 kun oldin
maybe it is still new the engine is in the break in period will not have all the 700 HP
northeastksfowlwatcher 6 kun oldin
whats your opoion on FOB the field from the elevator?
Bhswarrior94 6 kun oldin
1st person I've heard bring up Geringhoff.
JD Farmer
JD Farmer 6 kun oldin
The cat holder that has the removable insert is for trash so u can take the insert out and dump the trash out
Edward Kenard
Edward Kenard 6 kun oldin
Please tell your wife and your family that the UZpost family that you have truly appreciates all of them you people are truly truly down to earth and the thing about you that really stands out more than anything is that when things messed up you pointed out and you just keep on going fix it and keep on working That's what real people do not make excuses
John Schulze
John Schulze 6 kun oldin
May Wes should make you an attachment for the agar to clean the bin edges. I will start working on a design, Ha ha
Lord Inter
Lord Inter 7 kun oldin
I am kind of confused, surely torque is more important then bhp? Why do people in farming machines talk about bhp when its torque right?
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson 7 kun oldin
I wonder if the power problem is not horsepower but maybe just too small of displacement to get enough torque out of it? 700+ horsepower is a lot to ask from 13.5 liters. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't tractor horsepower only go to 510 with that engine, and the larger ones use Cummins. I'm not being negative I just wonder if they should use a bigger engine from an outside vendor.
ITubeTooInc 7 kun oldin
22:47 The men's room is always on the left - because women are always right....
Chad Rotvold
Chad Rotvold 7 kun oldin
Why are you short on farm tractors
Ohe11itsODell 7 kun oldin
The big with JD right now is their Signature series cab. The “best of the best”. We will have 2 x9s next year for lending demos we have been told. At the same time keep your eyes and ears open for the new sprayer technology coming out this spring. JD purchased a Silicon Valley company and big things are coming
Wyatt Vos
Wyatt Vos 7 kun oldin
Just noticed the thunder wagon says “THUNDERRRR” on it lol
tim zakrisson
tim zakrisson 7 kun oldin
i remember about 50 years ago when 8 foot headers were considered big
ola fagerholm
ola fagerholm 8 kun oldin
Tyler McPherson
Tyler McPherson 8 kun oldin
Maybe You could keep some Tile Flags in the " Cat bin " ,
Aricin Weber
Aricin Weber 8 kun oldin
Have you ever had a cb in your combine and if you did, did it throw off your monitor
Trouble 675
Trouble 675 8 kun oldin
I was watching you unloading on-the-go while I was unloading on-the-go. Is that a paradox or irony or something? I'm sure it has something to do with Schrodinger's cat.
Marcelo B Farms
Marcelo B Farms 9 kun oldin
farming is quite a labor job yet very rewarding the world are totally dependent on the farmers hand
Shawn Fox
Shawn Fox 9 kun oldin
Pipe creek volunteer fire department out of elwood Indiana might be able to use the money to get further training
Noob Kayak Fishing
Noob Kayak Fishing 9 kun oldin
Holy millennial... so much complaining about the electronics... bwhahahahaha
Greg Fleenor
Greg Fleenor 9 kun oldin
What’s the engine hp? I know some guys hoping for 800 or close.
Logan Grabbe
Logan Grabbe 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one that noticed he wasn’t wearing his set belt
James Sharkey
James Sharkey 9 kun oldin
Yea terrible at 5 mph . U tit🙄
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton 9 kun oldin
Are 8250 case combine will cut close to 5000 bushels an hour with a 12 row corn head
Tom Barber
Tom Barber 9 kun oldin
You're right - the "restroom" jokes never get old 😜
Simon Langelier
Simon Langelier 9 kun oldin
Where is this farm located?
Zachariah Lawson
Zachariah Lawson 10 kun oldin
That’s hole next to the cup holder for “cats” is actually for tile flags. Keep em handy. 😂
axel larsen
axel larsen 10 kun oldin
what would you do if you found a leak duringthe night? would you shot the machines down and go back to bed dealing with it the next morning or is it straight to work? (my guess is the dryer has to keep going during the night to keep up with the amount of harvested corn during the day)
Duncan Callens
Duncan Callens 10 kun oldin
God Bless and wishing you guys the best during this “stinkin’” time. Get well soon
Olle Krüger
Olle Krüger 10 kun oldin
I have the millenial farmer mods on fs19
How Ohio Farms
How Ohio Farms 10 kun oldin
Just me thinking that little thing you didn’t know what it was in front of the cup holders. You could use it to sample grain to take to the tester.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 10 kun oldin
I hope your daughter is well.
Steve w0stv
Steve w0stv 10 kun oldin
Have you ever thought about using a small walk behind snow blower to clean the bin edges?
Chris White
Chris White 10 kun oldin
Awesome video Once again !!!!!
Kevin Beiriger
Kevin Beiriger 10 kun oldin
It's green instead of red lol
Mike Bonge
Mike Bonge 10 kun oldin
great video
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth 10 kun oldin
6000 bushels an hour, my Grandpa would just shake his head. Thanks for sharing.
roboCat 10 kun oldin
Garbage is that big hole
Nick Huizenga
Nick Huizenga 10 kun oldin
I always thought it was an American thing to say "Ruff", us Canadians call it a "Roof"
Shawn Dinterman
Shawn Dinterman 10 kun oldin
Was the gauge reading bushels per hour?
Lake VandeZande
Lake VandeZande 10 kun oldin
Just demo’ d a x9 all day yesterday great unit! Destroys our 780. 6.5-7.5mph all day long unloading or not. running in 210-220 corn.
waterbug85 10 kun oldin
Roof... The X9 looks great. When you were checking out back, behind the X9 (close to end of video & just before bathroom relief) you were checking the waste. You said, "theres one, theres one, theres one." What were you counting, kernels of corn that didn't make it into the bind/hooper?
Anay 10 kun oldin
Curious why you don't get in the bin when you run the sweep and broom behind it? If you do it once per load it makes cleaning up a lot easier.
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders 10 kun oldin
Quit the machine, you are just as busy as an aircraft pilot! Well done!
Kevin Reith
Kevin Reith 10 kun oldin
Did you hear about legarns??
DingleZilla 10 kun oldin
Judging by the way corn was pouring in the hopper that machine is a beast and fills up in no time!
Mr. Husky
Mr. Husky 10 kun oldin
Leg arms broke his arm
Tim K
Tim K 10 kun oldin
Are you feeding America or the world? Does the USA export more corn than it uses?
F. R.
F. R. 10 kun oldin
Love it😍
akash kshirsagar
akash kshirsagar 10 kun oldin
Did anyone of you guys heard about leg arms ..
Brody Richardson
Brody Richardson 10 kun oldin
Hey I'm a 10 year old farmer
Bart Ebbers
Bart Ebbers 10 kun oldin
Zack have you heard what happend to leg arms😟😟
Francois Schumans
Francois Schumans 10 kun oldin
Why not use a snowblower to clean up the sides at @5:00 would that work?
Jim Mckillip
Jim Mckillip 10 kun oldin
Zach been watching you for a while now i work for a farmer in Iowa i see how you do your bins we follow the sweep around the bin so that way only have to clean up the center of bin
DY DA Mertens
DY DA Mertens 10 kun oldin
Ray Collington
Ray Collington 10 kun oldin
As a Brit, the term DEF confused me. In UK we know the SCR engine exhaust treatment as AdBlue or Urea. Having looked DEF up, I think it is clearer.
Holdfastt 10 kun oldin
Hey Zac, Just curious if you realize your gray hair comes in crystal clear on the HD camera.
Ken Bryant
Ken Bryant 11 kun oldin
Glad to see your dad is feeling better. I think it is great your son has taken such an interest in the farm are what you are doing. He is doing a very good job on the grain cart.
MikeyBigWheel 11 kun oldin
we've been following you for a year , your videos continue to impress !! keep it up !
Jeff martin
Jeff martin 11 kun oldin
Too many ads too frequently.
Lone Wolf Survivalist
Lone Wolf Survivalist 11 kun oldin
I remember my dad's combine from when I was a boy... an old Massey Fergusen 500, no cab, a header that was only 10 feet wide or so...amazing. I remember him out cultivating corn with a two row cultivator mounted on a John Deere B. He moved up to a 720, then a 4020 and eventually was the first in our area to have a 7520. He was really up town when he got 6 row equipment and a disc with wings that folded.
Subscribe Now
Subscribe Now 11 kun oldin
They say the cobs should not be broken up if they are the roller is to tight do you think the same because you're cobs are all broken up?
big D fan
big D fan 11 kun oldin
My thought is for 1.3 million dollars there should be no dislikes what so ever.
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 11 kun oldin
A non farmer asking why isn't there a small slope at the bottom of the bin?That way it would call away com the wall making it easier for the sweep.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Jared 11 kun oldin
You could bring your pet kangaroo along. Put him in the little pouch compartment
Elina Suvanto
Elina Suvanto 11 kun oldin
Hello from Finland! Thought I saw some red corn cobs on the ground, what are those/why does yellow corn turn red? We dont have corn up here, too cold for it.
frank gresch
frank gresch 11 kun oldin
Hey Zach - i am sitting in Germany as a Winemaker on his own Family-Winery - watching every Video on your superb Channel 👍 Georgous People around you (you too of course 😎) wish you all, the best Future ‼️ Your perfect made Videos can only improve by a few Drone-Impressions - PLEASE With kind Regards - Frank
Logan Cogswell
Logan Cogswell 2 kun oldin
He said on a podcast that drones are too much especially during harvest but I love drones
Menno Schroeder
Menno Schroeder 11 kun oldin
People who don’t like your videos they don’t appreciate it where the food is coming from thanks for sharing your videos
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 11 kun oldin
They'll have SLEEPER CABS on them in the model SC, in ten years time 🤔...😂 And, you'll also be able to sit at home, control it from your smartphone, and, watch from any angle on your telly.😲😂.!.
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 11 kun oldin
I must have slipped a video or two... I noticed the header as you drove up behind the combine (7min) and it looked like it had row markers folded up, which of course seemed very strange. Then I realized what was going on. That's an impossible invention😲.! I've never seen, or noticed that type of header before. I maybe wasn't paying attention when it was discussed. I'll need to go back and find the vid that explains it. W😲W. Brings an end to all that removal of head, and mail post dodging eh.!😂!.
timmy hamrick
timmy hamrick 11 kun oldin
What’s the fuel usage? great video Zach
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 11 kun oldin
Where's your harness.???. That's an awfully long way to fall up.!
That's a lot of work 💪
Kerry Greenall
Kerry Greenall 11 kun oldin
So does Jim say Thunnderrrrrrrrr when he opens the too ??
Andreas Rist
Andreas Rist 11 kun oldin
I will never understand your upload schedule. But you are always on point :)
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