John Deere Shuffle and NOT ONE dead battery!

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Millennial Farmer

4 oy oldin
John Deere Shuffle and NOT ONE dead battery! #ITSAMIRICALE
Just another busy day on the farm! Harvest is right around the corner!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
Thomas Ratcliffe
Thomas Ratcliffe 3 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer, just ordered Simply Safe! Thank you
Ramiro Campos
Ramiro Campos 4 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmeroh ok a whe then... I seen all ur videos just nice to see u putting videos to see ..I'm originally from Mexico where they grow corn and wheat
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
@Ramiro Campos not since the old set-a-side days!
Ramiro Campos
Ramiro Campos 4 oy oldin
Have u guys planted sorghum
Ganja Guru
Ganja Guru 4 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer Stand by what you say or STFU. Shocked that you came to another person's channel to talk trash and then can't even stand by what you say. RUN away SCARED little green manchild. UNSUBSCRIBED @Millennial Farmer #ScaredDeere
Flint county roleplay community
Flint county roleplay community 2 oy oldin
simplisafe wont be able to stop me from taking your dogs to play with my neopoliten mastiff
JEFFERY Thornton
JEFFERY Thornton 2 oy oldin
Clemence Twenter
Clemence Twenter 2 oy oldin
Bad gateway guys know me how do I know Alex and jam you guys Norman and anak at your Park Junior prodiga fiance I like you father you guys know me in and out MetraPark Junior I love Alex hey I know you daughter I know your wife I know you care to school for how School
Clemence Twenter
Clemence Twenter 2 oy oldin
I know you art Farm my departure eating if I let go of his early am I going on he got his show godchildren the Harvest you guys don't even then.gfpjvdugmpocgti
Joshua Shirley
Joshua Shirley 2 oy oldin
It is keep it between the ditches not keep it between the rows
Owen Moniz
Owen Moniz 2 oy oldin
Owen Moniz
Owen Moniz 2 oy oldin
Nice jod
Tractor Boy
Tractor Boy 2 oy oldin
12:48 your lucky you have a cab. i bush hog with a ford 5000 and my ears ring after im done mowing 😂😂
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson 3 oy oldin
grades to your son I was 14 before I drove !
Waylon Horsting
Waylon Horsting 3 oy oldin
I race motocross my self and onyx got it made with a skid steere at his house 😂
andy miller
andy miller 3 oy oldin
i can't stop watching can someone help lol
Angel Almanzar
Angel Almanzar 3 oy oldin
Correct me if I am wrong
Angel Almanzar
Angel Almanzar 3 oy oldin
In farming simulator 19 there is a house and a shed like yours and I got them
surya lamba
surya lamba 3 oy oldin
I am from India
Jonathan 3 oy oldin
Yes put the sensor on the outside of the door where I can take it off before I open the door. 🤦‍♂️
Hartley Homestead Michigan
Hartley Homestead Michigan 3 oy oldin
Good idea on the alarm system. Never know when a weird UZpost viewer might stop by 😯😯
Its Dusty
Its Dusty 3 oy oldin
Sweet shirt!
Mad Lp
Mad Lp 3 oy oldin
You got hit with luck
Arnold1987 4 oy oldin
Would love to come over and mow all day for you, miss doing that. It is oddly satisfying... Just like draining water from the land.
Kerry Boschee
Kerry Boschee 4 oy oldin
What happened with May Wes fingers for soybean header?
Dry Creek Cattle Co.
Dry Creek Cattle Co. 2 oy oldin
Obsolete because of the air reel
Nick James 73
Nick James 73 4 oy oldin
That unboxing montage was great
Ethan Dejong
Ethan Dejong 4 oy oldin
Mr Bagel
Mr Bagel 4 oy oldin
13:46 "another innocent corn plant mowed down by farmers"
Team Noskillzracing
Team Noskillzracing 4 oy oldin
Ken Luko
Ken Luko 4 oy oldin
Zack why do you not ware a seat belt when driving?
Jackson Heim
Jackson Heim 4 oy oldin
10:23 Haha! That's what she said. 😁
Mhotze 95
Mhotze 95 4 oy oldin
We need to see some Race stuff sometime plz
Moe Cizlak
Moe Cizlak 4 oy oldin
People just stopping by??? Yikes.
BrocktologistMD 4 oy oldin
Yikes that seems like a lot of battery changing to do for the SimpliSafe
iBelieve 4 oy oldin
Latif 7 pk agriculture
Latif 7 pk agriculture 4 oy oldin
harm Jan Floor
harm Jan Floor 4 oy oldin
wait.. whatt? there is no clip after the outtro???
Jan Dreier
Jan Dreier 4 oy oldin
So sad, security paranoia has reached the heartland, or maybe just an endorsement opportunity...
Douglass Schaub
Douglass Schaub 4 oy oldin
That was the Superfecta of equipment and vehicle startups. Life just keeps getting better!!! Great video thanks, I am binge watching after vocal cord surgery!!
waterskiingfool 4 oy oldin
Good to see the kid dedicated to a project
Trent Palensky
Trent Palensky 4 oy oldin
Yeah more content of you and onyx racing. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Daniel Mansour
Daniel Mansour 4 oy oldin
Being a UZpost celebrity has it's downfalls. Be safe. Keep those kids safe. God bless.
Vortigan07 4 oy oldin
"Our beans are starting to twist up a little bit" Yeah that happens to me too, especially if I've been sitting in one spot for too long.
Dippinonthis 4 oy oldin
That’s a forward slash in your simplisafe url not a backslash lol
Ewan Ebbs
Ewan Ebbs 4 oy oldin
Is it just me or was half the video the same as last times ??
John Doe
John Doe 4 oy oldin
My boss's brother brought me here
Rochell Klegstad
Rochell Klegstad 4 oy oldin
You can not tell us you're going to car owner Corey's and not take us with!! Argh!! We like farming AND racing!
Darin Schmidt
Darin Schmidt 4 oy oldin
That Glastron though 👌
Craig. S
Craig. S 4 oy oldin
What's CRP stand for I'm from New Zealand so don't know ??. Does pay to explain abit more about you are talking about sometimes.
Cyanora Gaming
Cyanora Gaming 4 oy oldin
I am a mechanic and purchased a Gear Wrench box several months back. I have been very happy with it.
Alex P
Alex P 4 oy oldin
I bet u r dreaming for the new John Deere 9x 1100 😏
jimmy rays
jimmy rays 4 oy oldin
Mac is better because i weld them haha
Logan Zachary
Logan Zachary 4 oy oldin
Will the racetrack be on the FS19 map?
Logan Zachary
Logan Zachary 4 oy oldin
Nice Jimmie Jam hat! Saturday was a sad day!
Political Boffin, PhD
Political Boffin, PhD 4 oy oldin
Antifa and BLM is coming for you. I can't wait. We're gonna find what your really made of in the world. We were lied to by Orville Freeman from Minnesota about the Wheat program! I got drafted off the farm by the liars in the democRAT party. I got sent to Vietnam and blown up. Nobody gave a schitt. My V.A. care sucked for 50 years. Yeah, I'm bitter, but who cares. Good luck. The only security system that works is ammo and guns. Eaglegards... P.S. Police? Hahaha. You better read the book, ' Dial 911 and Die'.
GKsGS400 Oy oldin
Don't get your beans all twisted.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
@Political Boffin, PhD we've had some sort of security for about 10 years now, but the youtube channel has grown my exposure to everyone and there has been unwanted visitors. I hate the politics in this state as much as anyone does, believe me. And yes, I'm heavily armed, but I'd rather not use any guns.
Political Boffin, PhD
Political Boffin, PhD 4 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer Why security system now? Watching the news? MSM is fake anyway. No doubt Antifa and BLM are headed to rural areas like in Oregon. The plan is to shut down the food supply. Minnesota is the center of violent activity. The politics have always been bad in Minnesota all the way back to Humphrey days. Minnesota generosity pays out more in welfare than any other state. Good luck.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 4 oy oldin
What does any of that have to do with me?
Uys 2010
Uys 2010 4 oy oldin
I love the new toolbox
Uys 2010
Uys 2010 4 oy oldin
When are you going to harvest corn and soyabeans
1st Gen Cummins Garage
1st Gen Cummins Garage 4 oy oldin
You need to install the carbon monoxide detector down low on the wall because that’s where carbon monoxide settles
Aiden Larrison
Aiden Larrison 4 oy oldin
I saw you on a Spotify ad
Devin Stocker
Devin Stocker 4 oy oldin
about 0:51 same we have people that idk if they are turning around or what but the jut drive in to the farm yard then turn around maybe its a minnesota thing
igeneralL 4 oy oldin
I've seen quite a few snaps in my time as a MMF subscriber but I think that's the first "snap into tomorrow" that I've seen. Very impressive!
Keegan Jackson
Keegan Jackson 4 oy oldin
love the christmas vacation reference about the tool box 👍🏼😂
matty t
matty t 4 oy oldin
john deere so cult-y
Tom Weisenauer
Tom Weisenauer 4 oy oldin
You need to build a John Deere Pulling Tractor!!!!
Tiquan Hoggard
Tiquan Hoggard 4 oy oldin
Hey I have a question is the food shortage true or are you seeing a difference on your end I'm trying to figure out what's going on is news lieing or is it some truth to it
Dawn Sikel
Dawn Sikel 4 oy oldin
what the heck my xbox one my
Maria Frontera
Maria Frontera 4 oy oldin
Bro why do you still have that combine? We bought the X9 combine but the (your)combine it’s fine 👍🏻👍🏻
Joseph Pinheiro
Joseph Pinheiro 4 oy oldin
2:51 I love that movie 😂
Ian Zink
Ian Zink 4 oy oldin
I hope the security system comes with an owl detector!
Hugh Albright
Hugh Albright 4 oy oldin
Baby girl is so cute. Did it pick up your motion? ...... What? LOL
Cory L
Cory L 4 oy oldin
Ima fan of that ole 90s chev aswell as likw eerything lol
Cris Arthur
Cris Arthur 4 oy oldin
anyone else want a sammige after 9:20-9:28?
Uys 2010
Uys 2010 4 oy oldin
When is the millennial farmer map coming out in farming simulator19
Craig May
Craig May 4 oy oldin
Let's see some race footage
Farmnorway 4 oy oldin
What is crp?
mammutMK2 4 oy oldin
That's the issue for getting famous. That adds to the normal "oh look, a tractor"people (with little kids) the "oh look, it's the MF farm" people...those hopefully normal trustworthy people won't do anything (at least I hope), but then there is that one guy where you think "just a normal visitor" and the next thing you notice your missing a combine. We even had a delivery guy steal fuel out of our shop, we couldn't proof it but we heard that one day he blew his engine ;-) and even a (former) good friend steal stuff out of our house (police had the idea, so we made a BBQ and informed about what happened, and it feels bad to stand in front of your friends to tell them "someone of you stole something, bring it back and the police will forget about it, or the police will take care of it, it's you choice") ,we caught him on camera when he brought it back, but we stood to our word.
Jeremy Moreside
Jeremy Moreside 4 oy oldin
With the carbon monoxide detector being up high, you'd be dead before it went off. You want them lower to the ground the better. Typically in the utility room nearest to the water heater and furnace. Carbon monoxide collects and gathers along the floor first
Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson 4 oy oldin
kb7722 4 oy oldin
No farm kid can pass up a trip to the tractor dealership.
biggest D
biggest D 4 oy oldin
The government controls the weather
Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name
Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name 4 oy oldin
CO sensor goes low, right?
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence 4 oy oldin
Hey Zach are you coming to the farm machinery show 2021 in ky?
Mississippi1977 4 oy oldin
Holy smokes ZAC!!! Maybe I’m just behind??? You done made the bag time!! Just saw add on RFD TV about may wess poly
Korbin Edgecomb
Korbin Edgecomb 4 oy oldin
You should show some racing
TIM Boyd
TIM Boyd 4 oy oldin
My day used to warn me and my bother and our children of corn monkeys that would get you if you went into the corn and was very affective
Tyson Morris
Tyson Morris 4 oy oldin
To many machines to move around
NEPA Outdoors
NEPA Outdoors 4 oy oldin
So is J&M going to get you guys a huge cart like Welker's and Larson ?
Kyle McLeod
Kyle McLeod 4 oy oldin
Waterhemp is a newer mysterious weed in our fields we can’t kill. Do you guys spray something that will kill waterhemp?
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 4 oy oldin
Should make a second channel and call it Millennial Racer and do race videos of you and your son! Why bring up racing if you arent even going to show it? Like going to a strip joint and asking for a hug and a glass of milk. I will say i enjoyed the snap into tomorrow so points there but overall #MillennialRacer needs to be a thing.
Dustin Black
Dustin Black 4 oy oldin
Simply safe is absolutely junk. I design wireless networks for a living. Anything security related should always be hardwired. I can jam this simply safe trash with a 10 dollar transmitter from amazon.
Caleb Herbert
Caleb Herbert 4 oy oldin
Zach do ever race at Tri State Speedway if so let me Know and ill come buy you a drink
AK90 4 oy oldin
Ah yes, SimplySafe. The alarm system you can bypass with $2 worth of stuff xD (unless it has been fixed)
HmsSulaco 4 oy oldin
You didn´t even clean the combine cab from last year ?, that´s a no go around here haha..
Scott B
Scott B 4 oy oldin
Has anyone else checked out" growing corn 2020""warning" it's not child friendl but it does sound like most farms I've been on
Luke Forbes
Luke Forbes 4 oy oldin
I subscribed👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Joseph VanVeckhoven
Joseph VanVeckhoven 4 oy oldin
I heard chips in the 🥪
Missourifarmer89 4 oy oldin
You could always head down here to Missouri and see how we do cattle lol
Michiel Nass
Michiel Nass 4 oy oldin
best zack ever carbon monixide detector placed way too high. this is dangerous. carbon monoxide always descends because this is lights than air. so the best height is between 1 mtr 20 and 1 mtr 40. good luck with the emelder I hope you never need to raise it Greetings fan Milenium Farmer from Holland
Michiel Nass
Michiel Nass 4 oy oldin
beste zack ooit koolmonixide detector is veel te hoog geplaatst. dit is gevaarlijk. koolmonxide zakt altijd naar beneden om dat dit lights is dan lucht. dus de beste hoogte is tussen 1 mtr 20 en 1 mtr 40. veel succes met de emelder ik hoop dat je hem nooit nodig verhoogt Groeteje fan Milenium Farmer from Holland
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter 4 oy oldin
You name one of your daughters the same name my mother has and she hasn't heard that name in a long time her name is nyla I don't know how you spell your child's name but
Anthony Sprank
Anthony Sprank 4 oy oldin
Will you be demoing a X9 this harvest?
Dome 4 oy oldin
How old do you have to be to drive a tractor on the public road in the USA?
Michael Browns
Michael Browns 4 oy oldin
When giving the URL for the product, the slash is a "forward slash" not "back slash". ////// forward.....\\\\\\ backward. Forward slashes are used on the Internet, back slashes are used on computers.
Mitch Pippenger
Mitch Pippenger 4 oy oldin
Will you do a review on your new toolbox in a few months
NOÉ SÁNCHEZ 4 oy oldin
A Green miracle💚
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