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Millennial Farmer

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2018 Harvest Q and A
MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experience on the family farm. His vision is to build the connection between farmers and consumers.
Zach's mission is to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer-to-farmer education, and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 2 yil oldin
6:30 pm Central Standard Time
Wyatt Walsh
Wyatt Walsh 4 oy oldin
How do you mine vein to how to drive that Roger XTRT track how may I dropped that where are you in field and it could he had weird over there just stay and meet you guys You're a huge fan yeah huge fan out there number one fan is where I had to wash be quiet Wyatt Walsh mine huge number one fan Domino farmer
Wyatt Walsh
Wyatt Walsh 4 oy oldin
You okay a little farmer do you want to have how do you kiss each other you see it
Wyatt Walsh
Wyatt Walsh 4 oy oldin
How do you RTT throughout that how
Wyatt Walsh
Wyatt Walsh 4 oy oldin
How do you how do mine sugar how do you how to get buying the word corn on green card trailer to you I want drive that tractor so bad how your stat on t x t green card tractor
Wyatt Walsh
Wyatt Walsh 4 oy oldin
How do you have a truck s unload have to unload credit card charger
Edward Jacobsen
Edward Jacobsen 17 kun oldin
Who’s the actor that plays Becky?he he
Erica Ellestad
Erica Ellestad Oy oldin
I,love you guys
Erica Ellestad
Erica Ellestad Oy oldin
Carl Legg
Carl Legg Oy oldin
Carl Legg
Carl Legg Oy oldin
ryl pai
ryl pai 2 oy oldin
Kieran Linnane
Kieran Linnane 2 oy oldin
Jimmy Nail
Jimmy Nail 2 oy oldin
Wrong color
Jimmy Nail
Jimmy Nail 2 oy oldin
Jimmy Nail
Jimmy Nail 2 oy oldin
I’m here
Shirley Younkin
Shirley Younkin 2 oy oldin
love your vibes im new to farming
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 2 oy oldin
i like it great job
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 3 oy oldin
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 3 oy oldin
You have a very good girl frend
Gene Chronister
Gene Chronister 3 oy oldin
Another greatvid!
Andrew Burrows
Andrew Burrows 3 oy oldin
I think I’m late , hey you alright you good
Justin N
Justin N 3 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer is the best.
Robert Schmidtke
Robert Schmidtke 3 oy oldin
Sterling Stage
Sterling Stage 3 oy oldin
Catching. Deers Earl
Catching. Deers Earl 4 oy oldin
Nevaeh Cadle
Nevaeh Cadle 4 oy oldin
Daniel Herrmann
Daniel Herrmann 4 oy oldin
Nice tractor Date. You are so lucky
Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell 4 oy oldin
Love your videos. How’s the little one
steve jablonsky
steve jablonsky 4 oy oldin
Good morning
Jacob Spencer
Jacob Spencer 4 oy oldin
Chad Robison
Chad Robison 4 oy oldin
Chad Robison
Jon Gasner
Jon Gasner 4 oy oldin
Audio is working
Treddis Glass
Treddis Glass 5 oy oldin
I like that
JB Brown
JB Brown 5 oy oldin
She is even cheer than you are.
Darren Collins
Darren Collins 5 oy oldin
Hi from England great videos of your farm and tractors you have and the different stuff you both do sound great to
Marty Goodson
Marty Goodson 5 oy oldin
Marty goodson from Georgia
Earl Pierson
Earl Pierson 6 oy oldin
Thomas Downey
Thomas Downey 6 oy oldin
Maryland here
Thomas Downey
Thomas Downey 6 oy oldin
Love watching you and your beautiful wife and kids
Omar Rojas
Omar Rojas 6 oy oldin
Robert Higdem
Robert Higdem 6 oy oldin
Yes we can
Randy Luff
Randy Luff 8 oy oldin
love the live show from cali
Jackson Baker
Jackson Baker 9 oy oldin
you guys are so cool i wish i could meet you ;)
Richard Woodie
Richard Woodie 10 oy oldin
We thank you for all the food .may God bless
cole wilkin
cole wilkin 11 oy oldin
Michele M
Michele M Yil oldin
Beautiful wife and family
Dave Petrovich
Dave Petrovich Yil oldin
No audio
Jerame Hensley
Jerame Hensley Yil oldin
Often imitated never duplicated right lol
Jason Betts
Jason Betts Yil oldin
Does anyone bale your stalks and husks for bedding?
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer Yil oldin
lol I can't type anything in the chat box
Phillip Peterman
Phillip Peterman Yil oldin
I laugh like crazy every time the both of you stop just to stare at the screen... LOL
RoisinT2 Yil oldin
LOL that is so fcked up, she is your right and you fiddle whit the screens and things in left and the same time knowing she is your left etc. it is just all hoax, also never seen combine with auger on right side! xD So fcked up! Lol! Thanks for turning it. It's just continues to baffle me how it does that.. Oh and that "No! theres no plan to change Agco" i started to count seconds immediately at when your phone would ring "Aah yeah, Agco here.. we would like our Challenger back. Like now. truck is already coming.. so yeah, take care now bye bye then" xD
pieman 772
pieman 772 Yil oldin
I see you
Aart Van Sloten
Aart Van Sloten Yil oldin
good job
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson Yil oldin
Where is the 360 on the 8360rt ??
James Klyng
James Klyng Yil oldin
The beginning, I feel like this is what a phone sees when old people try to use technology. Haha. Just kidding ya'll aren't old. Love your vids!
Nathan Halls
Nathan Halls Yil oldin
I have been to Minnesota last year when I was going to my camp in Ontario
Nathan Halls
Nathan Halls Yil oldin
I run our degelman stone pick with a new holland 125a with a loader on it and this year I got stuck with the stone picker and we bought a Morris 9800ct air tank
Nathan Halls
Nathan Halls Yil oldin
I live on a grain farm in Manitoba Canada and we run mostly new holland and also have a older case 2090 and two semi trucks and this year we recently started growing corn and also grow soybeans but we mostly grow wheat,barley, canola,sunflowers, winter wheat
yypBobbie Cheaney
yypBobbie Cheaney Yil oldin
Gavin Chambers
Gavin Chambers Yil oldin
Radio check radio check test test test
Pierrot Gretillat
Pierrot Gretillat Yil oldin
Tu mais pas toujours du maïs cornes
Pierrot Gretillat
Pierrot Gretillat Yil oldin
Salut vous
Rachel Ford
Rachel Ford Yil oldin
im 10 can i work for you when im older!!!!! i am a kid who loves farming
robertev35 Yil oldin
1:12, what is going on here?
Leo Moore
Leo Moore Yil oldin
hi i love you mn
Alvin Hess
Alvin Hess Yil oldin
I like your channel. I live in southern Indiana.grew up on a 40 acre farm and plowed my first field with an F-20 Farmal am presently 70 years old. I have learn a lot from your videos and wanted to thank you.
Carson Torreson
Carson Torreson Yil oldin
I'm a fan of Case but love your vids because I like farming.
Dans lawn care
Dans lawn care Yil oldin
I love your video I watch you every night. Keep up the good video thanks.
Jarno Otten
Jarno Otten Yil oldin
Do you have twitch?
James Paulaski
James Paulaski 2 yil oldin
28:29 What the hell... 😂
Laura 2 yil oldin
I’m new here so hi
cory watland
cory watland 2 yil oldin
We use Rye for a market crop.
Larry Sickling
Larry Sickling 2 yil oldin
Sports and fortnight
Larry Sickling
Larry Sickling 2 yil oldin
North America as a family of Farmers
Larry Sickling
Larry Sickling 2 yil oldin
I like it
Save the United States of America
Save the United States of America 2 yil oldin
The growth of your channel is the great content, very interesting...Plus Zach is a big goof-ball, great personality!
John Scheibel
John Scheibel 2 yil oldin
Greetings from Olivia, MN, One of the first tractors I drove was a White 2-135 also.
Noel Martin
Noel Martin 2 yil oldin
You are one lucky guy!! Becky is just HOT! lol
Waylon dunkin
Waylon dunkin 2 yil oldin
So now y'all have a 12 row corn head?
Neil Bowie
Neil Bowie 2 yil oldin
Loving all ur video's keep the hard work coming all the way from Scotland moray
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller 2 yil oldin
Zach when you get a Fax Drapper get a Mac Dom hhfarming of Indiana we John Deere combine 9600 and 9660
Eric Barr
Eric Barr 2 yil oldin
Hi I am from Lewisburg Ohio
Autumn Bowen
Autumn Bowen 2 yil oldin
danny hi MN Millennial Farmer
Autumn Bowen
Autumn Bowen 2 yil oldin
Autumn Bowen
Autumn Bowen 2 yil oldin
Tom Borton
Tom Borton 2 yil oldin
Hello brother this is Tom from Sebring Ohio I love your video tell the family that I I would like it very much if you get on Yahoo messenger live chat so we can talk live and talk about farm work and tell some funny jokes specially carrying on a good conversation with the family I like how you do your I think it is great please do get on Yahoo messenger so we can talk live that would be great see me later catch me on the flipside brother
Tom Borton
Tom Borton 2 yil oldin
Hello brother this is Tom from Sebring Ohio I was born in alliance Ohio I was raised on the farm when I was a baby started driving tractor when I was 5 years old shoveling manure into the spreader going out spreading manure out in the fields with my grandpa baling hay and stacking hay and other farm work with my grandpa and my dad when I was 5 years old I helped three other farmers out baling hay and other stuff on their farms to I love every minute of it I would do anything to work on a farm again I miss it so much you can't even imagine how much I miss it this is Tom backing out now you already know about Yahoo messenger live chat please call me up on Yahoo messenger live chat click on Tom Borton and I'll be happy to talk to you live the whole family as well can talk to me if you will okay it but not in less you okay that is my safety policy
Tom Borton
Tom Borton 2 yil oldin
Hello brother John this is brother Tom how many miles to a gallon does the Challenger get I would like to know
sjaak van engelen
sjaak van engelen 2 yil oldin
respect . its not easy to farm with al the regulations.goodluck .may the Lord protect you and your family .eben haezer
Nick Webster
Nick Webster 2 yil oldin
Great video
John Jacques
John Jacques 2 yil oldin
Jason Baier
Jason Baier 2 yil oldin
Hello y’all
Keith Brettell
Keith Brettell 2 yil oldin
You grew so fast because of the quality of your content. I've been around since you did the GMO video in your office. You had less than 10k if I remember right.
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 2 yil oldin
You can call the new Challenger the Millennial Falcon get it Star Wars spaceship
Nico Riva
Nico Riva 2 yil oldin
Hi from Illinois driving a s670 love your videos
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 2 yil oldin
As a would-be farmer here in the UK, I find your channel very interesting, mixing the technology with the wisdom is, I find, with experience as well very fulfilling, you must be proud.
Aidan Paquette
Aidan Paquette 2 yil oldin
about that canada dairy stuff, your president is really pissing everyone out here in alberta.
ron johnson
ron johnson 2 yil oldin
darkrevenger04 2 yil oldin
Are you going to get a bigger grain cart? if so would you keep the current one for efficiency?
bwtupper 2 yil oldin
The humm from the Challenger is quite annoying.
Baz Ares
Baz Ares 2 yil oldin
How much did the Trump Welfare program pay you?
Baz Ares
Baz Ares 2 yil oldin
I guess when to take a load to ethanol plant you pass up the BS of selling to elevator?
Tavares Outdoors
Tavares Outdoors 2 yil oldin
Do you ever find time too hunt or fish ?
TOM PETERS 2 yil oldin
god bless ya'all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian orozco18
Adrian orozco18 2 yil oldin
keep up the hard work you keep this country moving
pauljfontana 2 yil oldin
106:57 Spoken like a true Alchy!
John C Rowe
John C Rowe 2 yil oldin
how many acres do you farm
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