Lost a Wheel

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Millennial Farmer

11 oy oldin

How to Lose a Tire in 10 Acres.. I've had better days. Only 600 acres of corn to go. #harvest2019blows
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

RumMonkeyable 11 oy oldin
What I have learned from watching the Millennial Farmer: The folks who farm are HARD working, kind-hearted, and have a passion for the land. They face CONSTANT adversity with determination to keep tilling the soil, harvesting the crops, and maintaining all the equipment. They embrace new technology for the sake of running and having a better farm operation. Farmers are good, caring neighbors. Farmers are our heritage. A simple 'thank you' doesn't seem to say enough, but it is heart-felt and sincere. Thank you to all of our farmers. ❤️️👍💪 P.S. What I said....for livestock farmers, too. 😊
Dale Seiger
Dale Seiger 10 kun oldin
You rock
mabel pletsch
mabel pletsch 3 oy oldin
Millennial Farmer ddxx x j
mabel pletsch
mabel pletsch 3 oy oldin
Owens Yt
Owens Yt 9 oy oldin
I’m not a farmer but I sure do have a love for farmers and tractors I grew up in the country and my house is surrounded by a corn field I used to and still do sometimes ride in his tractor when he tills plows and harvests crops my stepmoms dad is also a farmer and I love helping him when I can thanks to all of the hard working farmers that busy their butts to keep us fed
Spiffle 11 oy oldin
You could not have said it better friend. Thanks for that. And thanks to all the farmers that keep us fed.
James McKay
James McKay 10 kun oldin
You might figure . A Swede using a Swedish Chain Saw. Great video as usual.
The Real Vines
The Real Vines Oy oldin
Nice Forest Gump reference at the end there
Dustin Seubert
Dustin Seubert 2 oy oldin
what’s the song called at 8:18?
Weston Fox 25
Weston Fox 25 2 oy oldin
Man your John Deere equipment breaks a lot
Aaron Powers
Aaron Powers 3 oy oldin
Every time you say thunder in every vid I keep laughing it’s so funny
Dustin Fulks
Dustin Fulks 3 oy oldin
If there’s any tree huggers whining about trimming trees, then maybe the need to spend some time on a farm. They’ll quit bitching about trees and start bitching about sweat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
S N 3 oy oldin
Always have more tools than you need.... that way, there is a random chance they are where you need them. Sometimes. (speaking as one who has several sets of tools.)
larry smoker
larry smoker 3 oy oldin
I found ur wheel u left it in the thumbnail
Bryan Strickland
Bryan Strickland 4 oy oldin
Was there a tool box balanced on the implement after the night fix?
Tony Atwood
Tony Atwood 4 oy oldin
Did you ever think that with how much, and how well you take care of your equipment , it seem like John deer needs to build a tougher machine......I know you love deer but they need to step up their design. I think you need to write a letter to green machine. They are not keeping up!
Wild Gaming
Wild Gaming 5 oy oldin
I lost a wheel on my utv once and it rolled down a hill into someones garage door. It was pouring rain too, so I had to go walk back down to my house, get the jack, tools and the wheel, and then walk back up and replace it lol. Did I mention it was also dark out? I lost a wheel off a small go-kart in the dark and I haven't been able to find it to this day. Luckily it still works with 3 wheels lol
Stephen Braun
Stephen Braun 5 oy oldin
Torque spec= Farmer Tight
Robert Reznik
Robert Reznik 6 oy oldin
That nut is too tight if the hub does not turn with little bearing resistance. When no slack is left, back it off up to 1/6 of a turn. A few seasonal checks to see if there is sideways movement with tires off the ground. If loose it is time to adjust the nut. If the shaft is floating on the hub when in field, check more often.
TheKAWYG 6 oy oldin
Smashes race in with hammer wonders why wheel falls of
Émile Baril
Émile Baril 6 oy oldin
I like your Chanel
andreja kadunc
andreja kadunc 6 oy oldin
What ever this is if you buy john deere
Grant Koch
Grant Koch 6 oy oldin
Washing hands 6 washing hands
Jim Craig
Jim Craig 6 oy oldin
Where's those new gloves? When I worked on a farm I made sure to have two pairs of gloves
Zach!!!!!!!!!!! STOP USING ALL WRENCHES THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 6 oy oldin
You ok? You ok??
random dog picture
random dog picture 7 oy oldin
This is like my version of asmr, the sound of that powerful diesel motor, the clink and clank of metal on metal is the best sound in the world and the sound of soil as is flows over the cultivating discs, put it all together and, mmmm. Sorry, it got weird pretty fast
Ray Parker
Ray Parker 7 oy oldin
Super glue on the magnet Duh!
Wyatt T
Wyatt T 8 oy oldin
6:20 nice voicecrack XD
Canuck Canadian
Canuck Canadian 8 oy oldin
Those bearings dont need to be set?
calvin wellnitz
calvin wellnitz 8 oy oldin
'' Children these days'', "Old people these days," you know what I mean, cant have nothing nice
Miller Johnson
Miller Johnson 8 oy oldin
Chance Ackley
Chance Ackley 8 oy oldin
Zack if been watching your videos for about a year every time I watch it makes me laugh keep doing what you do
Half Insane Outdoor Guy
Half Insane Outdoor Guy 8 oy oldin
For all you nerds what luv your John Deeres. from all us non-farmer like folks...whycome yur wheels fall off?
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey 9 oy oldin
"What's the torque spec on this?" "yup". "That's what I thought". LOL
Major Rick Corbin
Major Rick Corbin 9 oy oldin
Suggestion for rural camouflage of your LP tank? Paint it to look like a HUGE watermelon? Make it a family project? and three future (Summer) episodes for your channel
Bret Pearcy
Bret Pearcy 9 oy oldin
Like the Forest Gump line
Johannes Weitz
Johannes Weitz 9 oy oldin
Seeing that, and I believe it to be, a lot of farmers also working during night time, there is a time limit for what you are doing in the field. My question, since John Deere is also big there, do they have personal 24/7 on standby to assist or do you guys have to wait till the next morning?
Ondřej Kaller
Ondřej Kaller 9 oy oldin
Trimming trees hanging over fields....story of my life...once did it in shorts...and nettles get the revang :D havent slept that night :D
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 9 oy oldin
Hah dude beat that bearing raise in with a harden steal hammer. Zero F's given I see.
Billy 10 oy oldin
Steel hammer on a bearing race, ehh no problem..👌😂😂
Ryan Janzen
Ryan Janzen 10 oy oldin
I think the problem might be Its a deere
Al Steffl
Al Steffl 10 oy oldin
That farm sucks and you have John Deere tractors but they suck
Icanifiwant 10 oy oldin
JD junk..
NEPA Outdoors
NEPA Outdoors 10 oy oldin
At what point do you entertain replacing tracks? It looks like the 9560 treads are getting pretty worn down
Aresisis 10 oy oldin
was supposed to get some work done tonight but i clicked on one of these.. now its 6 videos in, and im emotionally invested in this. Half a day of LP left and its a 15 hour wait for more!? that is NO GOOD
Chris Hilbert
Chris Hilbert 10 oy oldin
+1 for the Billy Madison reference
Jim Mason
Jim Mason 10 oy oldin
Those tractor dealers are in business because of one reason..... everything is designed to wear out or break.....
carson Saurdiff
carson Saurdiff 10 oy oldin
why did you not pack the wheel bearings before you installed them
Thomas Daugherty
Thomas Daugherty 10 oy oldin
You need antigel in the tanks. Or is it just the diaphragm getting iced up?
Green thumb
Green thumb 11 oy oldin
You’re getting moisture in the bearings and than the water freezes cracking the bearing housing. Reason to never steam clean, or pressure wash equipment in the fall, wait till spring.
RcFlanagan 11 oy oldin
Need some of those wood magnets.
Austin Lundquist
Austin Lundquist 11 oy oldin
What kind of education did you get after college?
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 11 oy oldin
Did you say "Shameless Plug or Shameless Pug"???
Stevens Ranch
Stevens Ranch 11 oy oldin
3:56 what a plug
highlandrab19 11 oy oldin
Soak the nozzle in alcohol to unfreeze it
Adam Brake
Adam Brake 11 oy oldin
Hard working man... I have great respect...
Adam Brake
Adam Brake 11 oy oldin
You have an amazing operation... I hope it profitable for you... I see a hella lot of spending... Vary tough business to be in.
Alex Duke
Alex Duke 11 oy oldin
With all that deforestation you just single handedly killed ALL the Panda bears... I hope you're happy with yourself
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 10 oy oldin
Alex Duke
Alex Duke 11 oy oldin
There's ONE thing I hate more than being cold and that's being hot!
Automan 13
Automan 13 11 oy oldin
Noooo Jesus not that wheel!!
CrazyKittyBoi 11 oy oldin
amos snow Farming and Fixing
amos snow Farming and Fixing 11 oy oldin
Lots of people and experience but you WAY over torqued the hub bearing. Tapered roller bearings or Timpkin bearings on hubs are firm hand tight. You actually want to feel a few thousands play when you jerk on the wheel when mounted to the hub.
Adam Poirier
Adam Poirier 11 oy oldin
All the breakdowns and stuff in this video must be so frustrating. I’ve been in your situation with every single one of them. But I think the most frustrating out of all of them is the propane shortage. You would think propane companies would be prepared for this with extra help on deck extra storage closer to their customers etc. I realize it’s a lot less simple than it sounds but still… Anyway keep up the good work man
Michael Belden
Michael Belden 11 oy oldin
Their here also trying to get the corn out. Western Nebraska. I really think highly of your channel and what your doing. I just watched your interview 3 months ago. Can I please pass some knowledge to you. Just to help you understand what is going on with the weather. It will only take about 1 hour of you time before they totally shut him down. It mint help you as all the other farmers that look up to. Again it's on the weather. Yet still a lot of people dont understand the why yet. And as farming goes forward maybe this mint give you all a better understanding and help you for the future. Just an hour of your time all I ask. Please check out Mike Morales. He is very good at understanding the weather and why we have what we have as weather. Take care and be safe.
Bam MasterJ813
Bam MasterJ813 11 oy oldin
Those fuel wagons are nice.. we sell them at my work (Case dealer, the welkers love that lol!) Glad to see successful farmers on UZpost! Support both of y’all! Great content and awesome people!
Everythingisgoingtobealright 11 oy oldin
All summer I watch and think, I wish I was a farmer. Then I see bare hands in a windy cold field fixing a wheel bearing and I think, fuck that.
David Van Der Hart
David Van Der Hart 11 oy oldin
10:55 At least he uses the right stuff to seal the wheel seal to the hub. The best silicone gasket I have found for automotive repair.
Douglas Cushing
Douglas Cushing 11 oy oldin
A maintenance tip - as an aircraft mechanic I've learned in order to increase the life of wheel bearings, you should spin the hub as your tightening the bearing, to prevent Brinelling... What is Brinelling you ask ? Brinelling is a process of wear in which similar marks are pressed into the surface of a moving part, such as bearings or hydraulic pistons. in other words spinning as you tighten prevents brinelling thus saves the internal raceways of a bearing to permanent damaged.
Doug Wylie
Doug Wylie 11 oy oldin
The lakes are not frozen. They just have some ice already.
Barry Pearce
Barry Pearce 11 oy oldin
good lord, man, you are certainly a jack-of-all trades.
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 11 oy oldin
Love the comment about cutting down the rain forest haha. I think it's funny how everybody was crying about the Amazon rain forest being on fire earlier this year talking about how it's the "world's lungs" and "the planet is being destroyed". The annual United States corn crop yields about 40% more oxygen in a year than the entire amazon rain forest does in a year. Not only that, but the ones contributing to deforestation are the developers that are buying old farmland and wooded areas and knocking down trees and clearing land to build spec houses on quarter acre lots of land. Loggers, timber companies, and investors that own timberland raise their trees like a crop and replant them after logging/clear cutting. Wooded areas that get cleared to have houses built on them do not get replanted. It's also funny about how everybody whines and cries and pitches a fit about logging and what they call deforestation while they sit in their lazy boy recliners (which are built out of wood, go figure) that is inside their 2000 square foot house (which is also made out of lumber, who woulda guessed). Kinda like the hippies that fill their cars up with gas on their way to protest a crude oil pipeline being built.
Cody Hancock
Cody Hancock 11 oy oldin
You're so strong😁
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 11 oy oldin
"So it fixed itself" as a true millennial would say to a problem.
afutla qian
afutla qian 11 oy oldin
“The wheels look fine” 2 minutes later wheel falls off! 😂
Matthew Kesler
Matthew Kesler 11 oy oldin
Check all your attachments before you work land everybody.
afutla qian
afutla qian 11 oy oldin
8:45 "Jim, at least it's cold out." The look on his face - BAHAHA!
Mikey Childress
Mikey Childress 11 oy oldin
You big babies that wheels not that heavy
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 11 oy oldin
fuel nozzle frozen? bring your pickup over to it and stick it in the exhaust and in a few mins it will be good to go.
Heath Barga
Heath Barga 11 oy oldin
How do you guys go through so many tired
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 11 oy oldin
that you’re having so many issues with your bearings
gerald gauss
gerald gauss 11 oy oldin
What’s the torc spec on this? Yep! That’s what I thought. Hahaha
ztrayn Ted Zabel
ztrayn Ted Zabel 11 oy oldin
At 8:00 I heard the unmistakable sound of a locomotive air horn, probably giving a _ _ O _ for a grade crossing. Nice touch!!
D Hyde
D Hyde 11 oy oldin
Think of all that you could accomplish if you didn't waste that 4 hours a day asleep.....
Ken Lynch
Ken Lynch 11 oy oldin
🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 11 oy oldin
I like your fancy bearing press
Ken Lynch
Ken Lynch 11 oy oldin
🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 11 oy oldin
3:28 they don't make those magnets like they used to
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 11 oy oldin
“The wheels look fine” 2 minutes later wheel falls off! 😂
athalye rajan
athalye rajan 11 oy oldin
Thank you for all u do to feed us silly city folk. Also an additional thx for showing us how things work on a real farm.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 11 oy oldin
demanding on equipment. You would think the manufacturers would make their parts last a lot longer. But then their parts department would go out of business so I get it.
James Downey
James Downey 11 oy oldin
Forrest Gump!!! Great reference!
doliio volay
doliio volay 11 oy oldin
happy gilmore and forest gump reference in one video.. fantastic lol
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 11 oy oldin
Gotta protect that rain forest.
doliio volay
doliio volay 11 oy oldin
How does this year's harvest compare to previous years?
Dave J.A
Dave J.A 11 oy oldin
Imagine you guys don't use natural gas for the dryer due to cost or supply hurdles? be nice to have a constant supply & not worry about shortages. Hope the weather turns a little warmer and the snow stays away for ya!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 11 oy oldin
3:28 they don't make those magnets like they used to
Robert Regan
Robert Regan 11 oy oldin
8:45 "Jim, at least it's cold out." The look on his face - BAHAHA!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 11 oy oldin
How much LP do you guys use during harvest? One semi load for two days? $$$$$$$$$ Thought my home heating was expensive.... lol
mnethanol1 11 oy oldin
i will come help!
Kathy Malaspina
Kathy Malaspina 11 oy oldin
No one works harder or longer then a farmer.
wesley moore
wesley moore 11 oy oldin
You know Zack love your channel and I’m not one to bitch about a lot of stuff but your guises dealing with that bearing and no torque specs and other things may be the reason that you’re having so many issues with your bearings
Ride Now
Ride Now 11 oy oldin
First of all, you need a tree magnet; not a camera magnet. Secondly, the torque spec for that spindle nut is referenced in German as guedentyte. You're welcome. 😉
7810ftw 11 oy oldin
been watching for a few weeks now love your content , your humour aligns very well with me, i think you could be my american twin!
26Lead26 11 oy oldin
Living out here in West Texas, it's ironic that there's a propane shortage in the Midwest. We're flaring an ungodly amount of natural gas out here - partly or largely because of bottlenecks. The oversupply is so bad that the price of natural gas at the Waha Trading Hub has spiked into negative numbers several times this year. Granted, propane makes up a small percentage of natural gas, but still.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 11 oy oldin
3:28 they don't make those magnets like they used to
Jordan Chamberlain
Jordan Chamberlain 11 oy oldin
I like your fancy bearing press
Jordan Chamberlain
Jordan Chamberlain 11 oy oldin
Kinda weird.
Jordan Chamberlain
Jordan Chamberlain 11 oy oldin
Close, but not where I'm from. Not sure what that's all about though
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 11 oy oldin
1 Proud American
1 Proud American 11 oy oldin
Just found your channel and I'll be subscribing. Almost every farming channel I watch on youtube has broken vehicles/equipment in their videos. We know farming is extremely demanding on equipment. You would think the manufacturers would make their parts last a lot longer. But then their parts department would go out of business so I get it.
Ben Pattinson
Ben Pattinson 11 oy oldin
Hey Zach, where are you, are you okay?
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 11 oy oldin
Something we do when our diesel handles freeze up is dump airline antifreeze into it let it set a couple seconds and dump it out usually fixes it.
Jim Sessions
Jim Sessions 11 oy oldin
How does this year's harvest compare to previous years?
Bird Dog
Bird Dog 11 oy oldin
You need a ditch bank mower to go around the edge of fields cut all those limbs back. Is that a Challenger shirt on a John Deer guy?
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