MAJOR combine damage - Nov. 6th Harvest Vlog

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Millennial Farmer

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Harvest 2017 rolls on...for the most part. Today we had a Major combine break down with our John Deere 9870. We also filled our 2nd grain bag while we dealt with the snow, freezing temps, and mud.
MN Millennial Farmer
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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant" -Robert Louis Stevenson

timothy sander
timothy sander Kun oldin
Just wondering how many bushels you can get off an acre corn and soy beans. My cousins farm in Montana
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson 2 kun oldin
The quixotic diving critically alert because confirmation coincidently repair failing a neat valley. simple, squealing run
Peter Southgate
Peter Southgate 14 kun oldin
Added 709k subscribers since 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Deanna Moody
Deanna Moody Oy oldin
20K on to 1 Million....who knew ?🤗
UnexpectedGreg Oy oldin
20,000 subscribers in this video... now 712,000 subscribers... You've come a very long way Zach, love your channel and what you do!
travis hildebrandt
travis hildebrandt Oy oldin
And 680K subs later! Let that sink in for a minute..... pretty amazing eh? I Love going back and watching these older videos. But Zach, you’re not aging very good my friend, haha just kidding. I’m 36 trapped in a 46y/o body. I feel your struggle man, being a farmer makes us age horribly. Must be all the dust we have to work in😂
Scott Rayhons
Scott Rayhons 2 oy oldin
You may think that tie rod end is $30. But if its got any green paint on it at all, it will be $300 when you get the bill for it!
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 3 oy oldin
Your Dad has to be a Happy Guy Good Job DAD and JOHN DEERE RULES ! before lunch ! till 8:30 "a day to remember" !those guys down the road are what makes you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Chris Pederson
Chris Pederson 3 oy oldin
I wonder when he stopped bagging grain? When I was farming running grain cart I was dumping into bags. Its exactly what Zach said. The bagger unload equipment will work like a charm, IF that bag is perfectly straight, not overfilled or under filled. Basically you had better hope you filled it right on the money. Because its hell if not !
Murdo Dykes
Murdo Dykes 3 oy oldin
I doubt they could have fixed a red machine that quickly but a red machine wouldn’t have broken in the first place 🤣
budlvr 3 oy oldin
Don't worry; we KNOW when your comment is a joker; you get this 'look' in your eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Altf4 3 oy oldin
who watching exactly 2 years later
ron Jessie
ron Jessie 4 oy oldin
Pretty awesome that got you back up and running that quick, hope you are caught up with the bad luck and the rest of the harvest goes well.
Tim Brandt
Tim Brandt 4 oy oldin
Really congratulation on winning the 1 million thats awesome
Tim Brandt
Tim Brandt 4 oy oldin
I almost bought a deere combine sure glad i bought a new new holland... really you never been in prison
Steve Carrell
Steve Carrell 4 oy oldin
Woohoo....20K subscribers!!! "I didn't expect that". At the time I'm watching this, there's 662K subscribers. I'm guessing you really didn't expect that?
Douglas Wayne
Douglas Wayne 4 oy oldin
661K subscribers November 1, 2020.
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock 4 oy oldin
Just found this one on Oct. 12, 2020. You guys have come A LONG way since this video!
Terry Stearns
Terry Stearns 4 oy oldin
Stop buy that Green
Eric Risch
Eric Risch 5 oy oldin
Can I get one of those axle breaking sensors for my pick up truck????
Jeff Steelman
Jeff Steelman 5 oy oldin
Shame. Machine that cost more than a house self destructing?.
Stenvne Thomas
Stenvne Thomas 5 oy oldin
How does a combine actually work inside.. to strip corn or beans.. which seem quite different?
Treddis Glass
Treddis Glass 5 oy oldin
Y'all are hard workers in Minnesota with these lazy suckers Round Here want them Drive their own combine
Devin Stocker
Devin Stocker 5 oy oldin
the old daysish
Mopar Nick
Mopar Nick 5 oy oldin
Unknown to red power!
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson 5 oy oldin
Well my dad logged 320 acres timber 1 year to fall timber and 1 year to build rail road and yard cedar trees 12 ' x 40' logs. Salmon fishing 1/4 mile nets x 10 20,000# per day 3 man crew Crab fishing ocean 120 foot boat pots are 120# each 18 hour day. 10,000# crab per day . Good luck farming we have 180 inches rain per year also some days 4 inches per day. Welcome to rain forest of WA
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton 5 oy oldin
Chinese model: *Jungder 975.
J Miller
J Miller 6 oy oldin
Almost 600k subs now and I still watch the old videos over! You and your family are awesome Zach and I love the podcast too!
Matt Coy
Matt Coy 6 oy oldin
Typical Deere you get half as much for twice as much
jack Kepics
jack Kepics 6 oy oldin
Awesome, Thanks for sharing
Chris J
Chris J 6 oy oldin
a raw old vlog..... lol damn selfie stick!!
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 7 oy oldin
Levi Levitt
Levi Levitt 7 oy oldin
We kind of had some technology back then
Micah Harman
Micah Harman 7 oy oldin
This also shows how amazing field mechanics are. That they are able to do a major job like that from a truck is testamount to the skill and ability of these mechanics
Joe Kuiper
Joe Kuiper 7 oy oldin
I thought your color was red?\
Donald Mazier
Donald Mazier 7 oy oldin
get ride of john deer
John Cheatham
John Cheatham 9 oy oldin
You make it look easy
Marius Andre Lien
Marius Andre Lien 9 oy oldin
00:09 ow jess
Aiden Chambers
Aiden Chambers 9 oy oldin
I’m does fly
Neil 9 oy oldin
Breaking 20k in subscribers... wooooo weeee. What if someone said you'd have over 500k subscribers in the spring of 2020....
Jerry Gross
Jerry Gross 10 oy oldin
I think you are the best farmer in the USA
April Iza
April Iza 10 oy oldin
Hay Zach Johnson
John Clark
John Clark 10 oy oldin
I live in western NYS and have always wondered when I see corn still standing after the first snow fall if it looses its nutritional value.
A R 10 oy oldin
460k subscribers later...
Nick J
Nick J 10 oy oldin
20k you’re almost to 500k now 😂 time flys
Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson 3 oy oldin
November 13, 2020. 676K subscribers, 1,095,602 views.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 4 oy oldin
@Blaze 1399 and 26k more in a month...
Blaze 1399
Blaze 1399 5 oy oldin
581k September 10th 2020
Paul Swenson
Paul Swenson 7 oy oldin
Vytautas Juska
Vytautas Juska 8 oy oldin
534k atm i am watching video :D
Railer Man23
Railer Man23 10 oy oldin
It’s crazy to think this was the first vid of yours I watched and now in only 3 years you are almost at 500K subscribers keep up the great work!!!
Arnold1987 11 oy oldin
Hats off to the Deere guys, getting the combine back on all wheels in the cold, out in the field.... Skills!
Bo Bonitati
Bo Bonitati 11 oy oldin
You have a nice family.
kathie vanos
kathie vanos 11 oy oldin
Keep farming
Carson B.
Carson B. Yil oldin
I just re watched this congrats on 20,000 and now your almost at 500,000. Your the best farm channel I have seen keep up the good work I have been watching you since early 2018
Tom Harper
Tom Harper Yil oldin
‘Thank you guys for 20k subscribers, didn’t expect that when I started this’ now at 436k 😂😂😂
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 11 oy oldin
Definitely not!
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson Yil oldin
that is badd.. axle is gone.. its realy bad
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson 11 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer okej.. so it was no problem to fix it.. but soo money ti loose ..hehe
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 11 oy oldin
Just ended up being the spindle bolts so it wasn't really all that terrible!
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson Yil oldin
snow is badd
Jim Hanson
Jim Hanson Yil oldin
Come from family of farmers on both my wife and my side. I am not a farmer but I appreciate you showing us how hard all farmers work. You are greatly appreciated for all you do. Thanks for inviting us into your world. Best of luck.
Pat McMahon
Pat McMahon Yil oldin
Please put your seatbelt on, thank you 😃
WILLIE T Yil oldin
I sure hope you guys are makin' some money!!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 11 oy oldin
That depends on the season!
Jay Downor
Jay Downor Yil oldin
As they say nothing runs like a Deere l a m o
Patrick Noel
Patrick Noel Yil oldin
Impressive installations and equipment, your whole life have to revolve around this humongous operation. I tip my hat to all of you hard workers from the agricultural industry.
brandon hanna
brandon hanna Yil oldin
What is going on with the fs19 map is there any update for that or is it already out
brennan clarahan
brennan clarahan Yil oldin
My dad has almost 600 acres in Alberta. This show makes me wish i lived out there and learned how to do it. He rents it out to the neighbours.
Old Fart
Old Fart Yil oldin
Hard to believe you’re almost 400,000 two years later
chipps1066 Yil oldin
Green breaks like red when overloaded.
Rky.Mtn.Warlord _
Rky.Mtn.Warlord _ Yil oldin
What a great channel!
Rick Harper
Rick Harper Yil oldin
Someone need to invent low voltage heat system for discs
iare19 Yil oldin
Nice little crane on that repair truck. You guys are 10 years ahead of eastern Europe.
Charlie McKellips
Charlie McKellips Yil oldin
They guy that I do custom hauling for had his axle break loose on his John Deere 9750 just like the one did in the video this harvest.
Becky Watt
Becky Watt Yil oldin
Charlie McKellips Around my nick of the woods guys break the drive axles, and break the center's out of the wheels , have only seen two rear axles break , and the result was catastrophic.
Charlie McKellips
Charlie McKellips Yil oldin
@Becky Watt yeah, I know it's common. The one I saw didn't have duals. But just broke off right where it pivots in the middle.
Becky Watt
Becky Watt Yil oldin
Charlie McKellips I've seen all models of JD combines break axles , but most of the time it's only when you put duals on them .
Donald Lewis
Donald Lewis Yil oldin
Great video. You guys are hard-working .. I can't imagine what all your dad's been through he's one tough guy.. Farmer's are number one..💪💪
joyfilters Yil oldin
I can't imagine what your gas and electric bill is every month. Have you considered VFD's for motor controls to cut down on initial amp draw?
DiscoReaper Yil oldin
joyfilters VFD’s cuts costs on the run , not just on startup, but there is a point where installation cost vs savings make it less sense. The larger the motor the better usually
Z Z Yil oldin
corn whiskey belongs in a bottle.. not in our fuel supply. It destroys everyone elses machines so these guys can get rich.
psygn0sis Yil oldin
A John Deere in its natural state.... broken. : P
Keith Krone
Keith Krone Yil oldin
“I’ve never been to prison by the way, either. That was a joke also.” Hahahaa
edward reilly
edward reilly Yil oldin
Holy smokes!
Derek Wallace
Derek Wallace Yil oldin
Who’s watching exactly 2 years later? Little snow on the ground in 2017 too!
seap Yil oldin
Oh the joys of farming. I farmed with my family for 27 years of my life. Just north of you up here in Manitoba. Back in '97 it was so wet the grain carts couldn't even get in the fields. I drove the combine up on the side of the ditch and was dumping in a truck that was parked on the side of a road. When I backed up I mistakenly backed the rear tire into a culvert and ripped off the entire axle. Same deal. Crippled in a ditch full with 4 ft of water. What I've learned is that if you can survive grain farming you can survive any other occupation with ease.
Peter Thiessen
Peter Thiessen Yil oldin
Hard working guys great job!
brakel8r Yil oldin
11:30. Awesome
Jason 847
Jason 847 Yil oldin
Thats one tough tire.
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson Yil oldin
20,000 subscribers back then, and now less than two years later (October 12, 2019) you have 338,000 subscribers. Congrats on several jobs well done. :)
D Hansel
D Hansel Yil oldin
"Don't Complain about Farmers/Ranchers with your Mouth Full"
Alex Veldhuis
Alex Veldhuis Yil oldin
This statement is really a rather oversimplified and somewhat incorrect way of stating the real issue. Both producers and consumers are dependant on market prices. It is the guys in between who all want their cut. Right now there may well be a change in what consumers demand, but sometimes such changes are initiated by those involved in the food business, whom in turn have a say in what farmers should be growing. That is the kind of control/power at their fingertips. So, as a grower, their frustrations are misdirected if they feel the need to react to consumers complaints. One either acknowledges their grievances and ensure that their points are responded to, by way of dismissing that which is factually incorrect and explaining why various choices are made, or one can dismiss the complaints outright, since the consumers grief is related to the marketing and pricing of product, which invariably are issues outside of the producer's control..A big part of the problem lies in the huge disconnect between producer and consumer, where we have gone from an agrarian economy society, to what we have today where a large service sector exists and there is even a noticeable chasm between the producer and consumer in an 'us and them' kind of way. Now, I don't know where and how it started, but you see, your line up there isn't helping matters. There are no complaining consumers here, so what is your actual issue?
Jason Gunn
Jason Gunn Yil oldin
I hate to see how much that repair bill would have been!
stick jr.
stick jr. Yil oldin
Hire me on, I want to run some farming equipment. I don't sleep much so I should be ok with the long days and hours.
Shane Bassen
Shane Bassen Yil oldin
I can’t even count the times something like that has happened. The only thing you can do is grab the jacks, some wrenches, and a couple of spot lights and go to it. The fact that no one was injured is the important part. There are lots full of combines.
Austin Miller
Austin Miller Yil oldin
Keep up hard wo
Roy Beam
Roy Beam Yil oldin
When it's crunch time....jaundice deere will always let you down
JPAg87 Yil oldin
Need to put a scanner on it and find the fault code. I keep getting an Id10t on my truck
donnaandrob123 Yil oldin
Basic problem is the axle may look broken ! but a fatigue in bolts "U" bolts what ever is maybe the issue. Being from the UK can also say following your farm and subscribed, love what you's guy's do and are up against along the way. But something is always going to become against your side, Damage and cost is stupid considering the bolts alone only cost coppers $$$, being a commercial mechanic over they years on Trucks and busses, maybe it best to keep older equip on what we called a TRIA annual, every three years strip the beast down and other machinery as much as you can and get rid of these unfortunate happenings that would cost you a days work and expenses from them John Deere guy's. Air bags and springs bolts and nuts were exchanged and replaced as ness to keep old and loved machinery going. PS: love all the vids and the latest with Welker was also a great vid from both sides, watched them both and wish you all the very best with future harvests. Between you and Welker are the only Farmers in op I actually watch. Nice job guy's
Randall Byrd
Randall Byrd Yil oldin
You guys are awesome TY for sharing
GooseMan Yil oldin
That is something else, I farm 320 acres in Ontario and I am amazed on what you do and remaining calm for the most part . Great for you and good luck
jonny5777 Yil oldin
You've gained almost 300,000 subs in a year! That's incredible and totally deserved. I was wondering how many acres or hectares you guys actually have? And is there a video you've done on 'farming for dummies'? That would be useful for me
Travis Peters
Travis Peters Yil oldin
Do you have snap chat
Kevin Fairgrieve
Kevin Fairgrieve Yil oldin
I remember back in the day, we ran 7720. In three different instances managed to break each of the final drives. Than one evening our hired man was pulling out of a field cranked the wheel sharp and dropped the rear axle off a 5 foot culvert snapping it in two in the middle of the road. That was a long night getting that out of the road.
Stephen M
Stephen M Yil oldin
How good do the two boards work for closing the end of the bag? I was thinking of using one board and just rolling it up vs what we do now (grab end of bag and twist) but that looks even better. Might have to steal that idea :) ALSO, do you do the same thing on the other end of the bag or just twist and tuck the start end? I have been considering doing the board(s) on the start end as well but was concerned about it holding together. EDIT - Found the unloading video, yes you guys do use boards for the start. Thats a very good setup, i'm going to start doing that for sure now! :)
Joe Vreeland
Joe Vreeland Yil oldin
I am seriously underwhelmed by Green any more and ha e unloaded myself from all their gear by now with the exception of two of their riding lawn mowers. I've gone completely over to Case/IH and the "ownability" factor is reason #1. But c'mon! Breaking the spindle bolts is wrong on all levels. Bad metallurgy? Chinese steel? Undersized? Bad engineering? Bad John Deere! More than likely.....
Bert Hagen
Bert Hagen Yil oldin
That jd mechanic knew his trade.
Anthony M
Anthony M Yil oldin
Great save on the combine Midwest
Patrick Watters
Patrick Watters Yil oldin
Hats off to the John Deere guys, major task.
RM Yil oldin
Best thing about owning your own farm .... you get to pick which 160 hours a week you want to work.
stan giles
stan giles Yil oldin
$8000 normally , I would double that for John Deere , add on emergency call out , and add in a bunch of money for warranty , and managers boat payment
paul sanders
paul sanders Yil oldin
thats farming
Mike Bonge
Mike Bonge Yil oldin
Great video. I would never guess axle bolts breaking. Just like working on a drilling rig
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