Millennial Farmer Gets Schooled By Case

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Millennial Farmer

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Millennial Farmer heads to the land of Hockey Pucks and Maple Syrup to cover Canada's Farm Progress Show. Lots of interviews, a quick speaking engagement and a 22,000 farm tour!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Jorge Velez
Jorge Velez Yil oldin
Ok I gotta say this. I am so far removed from farming. I am in hospitality (hotel sales & marketing in the concrete jungle of the Dallas-Ft Worth area of North Texas), I work in an office at a hotel all day long, visit with guests, make visits to corporate accounts, and rarely break a sweat. But your videos are riveting! I really should be in bed, as I have an early morning tomorrow, but your most recent upload had me glued to the screen. Not sure if you ever get to North Texas, but if you do, let me buy you a beer. Texas can make a great craft brew.
Anna Sims
Anna Sims 3 oy oldin
hdhdhdlmumt yiy wwuwuw wzzwww0ww
Lars Erik Larsen
Lars Erik Larsen 8 oy oldin
Jorge Velez å
imlost19 Yil oldin
dude im a lawyer in miami and im looking up how much it is to buy a small used tractor. i live in a condo
LS Killer
LS Killer Yil oldin
Sounds like you want to plow his back 40.
jeff debernardi
jeff debernardi Yil oldin
I know right.... I'm a General Contractor out of San Francisco area,,,, (why am I watching this????) this guy is alot of fun. The humor he finds when the "wheels" are falling off is classic. Great guy.
tvins 26 kun oldin
Case IH is beeeeeessst
Kenneth Scofield
Kenneth Scofield Oy oldin
Must have been nice to taste some real beer eh?
Ben Fairhall
Ben Fairhall Oy oldin
Sign me up for the blonde from fbn 😬😎
Landon Fishburn
Landon Fishburn Oy oldin
Your cool Millennial Man
Ampl1fy Oy oldin
2000 acre is a big farm in uk its just like 200 mostly on family farms haha
Larry Cater
Larry Cater 2 oy oldin
you now have UZpost competition... I love "Laura Farms" as well..
Joseph E. Fuytinck
Joseph E. Fuytinck 2 oy oldin
I do like what you do 👍
Vincent Menard
Vincent Menard 2 oy oldin
On the five dollar bill Its Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Tsar GoldBear
Tsar GoldBear 2 oy oldin
Mike Mitchell has about 40,000 acres I think in South western Saskatchewan which is absolutely huge
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 3 oy oldin
What the heck kind of beer was buddy feeding you lol.
Scott McArthur
Scott McArthur 3 oy oldin
I would love to see you test out a case combine
chipps1066 3 oy oldin
The Red Combine is NOT a Case!
randy dutka
randy dutka 3 oy oldin
Well this buy far has been best video of yours i have watched U in my home province sask glad you enjoyed farm progress show been there numerous times gd show case for local and major manufacturers great video from a seemly down to earth guy thks zak
Raymond Baumann
Raymond Baumann 3 oy oldin
I just notice the Fargo ND
James w
James w 3 oy oldin
I’m not a farmer but I do plant a very small garden ha ha ha ha ha ha I do enjoy your show
Cotefarmer33 3 oy oldin
There is some big farmers out here in Alberta as well. Our family farm got 21,000 acres. But in Saskatchewan have tons of farmers and they are massive lol.
Half Cut Garage IL
Half Cut Garage IL 3 oy oldin
Love it! Grew up in Regina ! Keep up the great work buddy!
Michael Courtney
Michael Courtney 3 oy oldin
You need to meet up with mike mitchell
Steffan Clark
Steffan Clark 3 oy oldin
"he just told us we were natural walkers you can go f*** yourself" LOL
George Isaak
George Isaak 3 oy oldin
Well the place the show took place in, was so huge i thought you were in an airport or something and then you said..." I was expecting it to be bigger" and i lost my jaw somewhere... 😂
Rick the clock cleaner
Rick the clock cleaner 3 oy oldin
Way to go kiwi. Your famous bro chur
Rick the clock cleaner
Rick the clock cleaner 3 oy oldin
Becky your editing skills are off the hoo.... husk? Lol awesome work. You guys are great.
Q2bFF 3 oy oldin
We run 18k acres n wheat 6,000 in alfalfa and run the cows on 27 k acres deeded. 58k more with grazing rights. Some of those farms up there are 70-80k
makmelaf 4 oy oldin
18:40 "...just told us we were natural walkers, you can go f--- yourself!" LMFAO!!
Jack Warde
Jack Warde 4 oy oldin
“He told us we are natural walkers. You can go f*ck yourself” I died laughing!!
Dustin Moses
Dustin Moses 4 oy oldin
You should come to the Farm science Review in London, Ohio. It’s a great place to check out the newest equipment, technology and watch the harvest and tillage equipment in action!
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 4 oy oldin
disapointed they never ever said, HOLD MY BEER AND WACH THIS! LMAO
David McGennity
David McGennity 4 oy oldin
Your video,s are interesting and informative even for us non-farmers and your kids remind me of my kids before they grew into monsters!
Brendan Hayes
Brendan Hayes 5 oy oldin
Good lord, 22,000 acres! My father in law farmed around 2500 in North Dakota and we thought that was big.
Peter Shute
Peter Shute 5 oy oldin
Should come to Australia,see some of our small farms lol 😂
Charles Torrez
Charles Torrez 6 oy oldin
I enjoy watching your videos bro keep up the hard much from East Texas
Robert Payne
Robert Payne 6 oy oldin
In South Louisiana Hebert is pronounced ABEAR
Ann Teve
Ann Teve 6 oy oldin
Great vlog! As a suburbanite, it’s really interesting, informative and-remarkably-entertaining. Who knew that riding along in a tractor could be so entertaining. Mind you, you’ve cut out about 8-10 hours of the boring bits. I think your vlog is valuable in creating a wider awareness of just what is involved-on a day-to-day basis-in producing America’s and Canada’s food.
Jarron D
Jarron D 6 oy oldin
Ever since playing farming simulator and watching your videos, makes me wish I got into farming 🚜
LSgaming420 6 oy oldin
why don't you start a program with the usda to help get 1st gen farmers into farming. tons of people like myself would love to farm we just have no idea where to start
Rory Wynhoff
Rory Wynhoff 6 oy oldin
Great fun watching your videos 👍 I miss farming.
fpoasec 7 oy oldin
I like that Deere Sam knew more than just his product - he knew the application of his products. He knew your farming industry and why his particular product was needed. I'm in medical IS systems and don't know squat about farming, but sales is still the same. I'll take a sales guy who embraces and lives my industry over a "product expert" any day.
Bajs Lol
Bajs Lol 7 oy oldin
Väderstad sweden leta goo
Greg 7 oy oldin
I hauled a lot of grain in Manitoba along with here in western Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Montana. Canada 🇨🇦 has some big farms with acres of crop. I miss hauling grain and have enjoyed your videos you do.
Dustin Fulks
Dustin Fulks 7 oy oldin
New Holland owns CaseIH but Deere owns Deere so go with green
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 7 oy oldin
Who the hell named that City? Haha
Nathan Pratchler
Nathan Pratchler 8 oy oldin
Are you coming to next years farm progress in regina
Sask_Red Neck
Sask_Red Neck 8 oy oldin
Man he’s was only 1 hour south of where I live
Pieter Scott
Pieter Scott 8 oy oldin
jacob Hammer
jacob Hammer 8 oy oldin
We have all case ih tractors but your case ih jokes are funny
Mark Isom
Mark Isom 8 oy oldin
You should meet up with Mike Mitchell. He's another big farmer in Saskatchewan that also does a you tube channel like you.
Haliax 8 oy oldin
17:50 Okay but can you not buy forwards for fertilizer?
Ron Cronenwett
Ron Cronenwett 8 oy oldin
If it ain't red leave it in the shed
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 8 oy oldin
You’re wearing a wire. Maybe you can interview Trump.
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 8 oy oldin
I have never heard of Vagina Canada.
Chiara Giacomel
Chiara Giacomel 8 oy oldin
don't tell me someone's wife wasn't angry
Save the United States of America
Save the United States of America 9 oy oldin
I really thought case was out of business....Kind of a relic of the farming industry....
GameRecker52 9 oy oldin
I luv case
To Him
To Him 9 oy oldin
This was fricken awesome!! Big timer🤩🤩😎😎 Top job yet again Zach. I was on the edge of my seat during the ‘Red’ segment!!🤣🤣🤣 All the best bud and keep up the great work on and off camera✌🏻✌🏻🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴
AssDust 9 oy oldin
queen city of canada and the city that rhymes with fun. im a saskatchewanian too.
Greg Baker
Greg Baker 9 oy oldin
Have always loved tractors & farm equipment, work in the heavy highway construction industry. You're videos are great!
Joe Fahrenschon
Joe Fahrenschon 9 oy oldin
the western canada farm progress show is a great show used to go every year and work one of the booths
Rylan Waldner
Rylan Waldner 10 oy oldin
I’m a JD guy, but I gotta say that high speed disk is a protill painted green
Jaco Truter
Jaco Truter 10 oy oldin
We farm in sout africa and plant 21 000 acres soybeans and 42 000 acres of corn , a bit more challenging farming over here😉
Con Huberdeau
Con Huberdeau 10 oy oldin
Watching EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO.... in sequence from the beginning. (At some point I have to write Zach a letter and explain why....) I was hoping to finish all the videos before the magic 500K.... but it happened too fast, and at the same time that I was watching the video where Zach happened to be touring a farm literally minutes from where my family farm was. Coincidence???! Congrats Mr and Mrs MF!
Dave Part
Dave Part 10 oy oldin
She said New to the channel and the industry. Zack, Great video. Great family. Great channel. Thanks for showing us around and educating me.
BrokeFarmerJohn 10 oy oldin
I would love to run a farm. I know how to farm, I have the passion to farm BUT nobody is gonna give me a few million dollars to get started. I have family members that are farmers but there isn’t any money in it for me, I have volunteered just to be out there. There is 3 guys trying to make a living off 600 acres on that farm. I hobby farm, I have chickens, cattle and dabble in vegetable farming, I’m HUGE in antique tractors. I’m in Ohio, I figured it would cost me 15 million to buy 2000 acres here, plus equipment for my buddy and I to make about what we are making now outside of AG. That hurdle is just too large or I would be a farmer.
Lyle Davis
Lyle Davis 10 oy oldin
From an old farmer from Nth Qld Australia you look like you could use a bit of a suntan.
H3R3T1C 10 oy oldin
That's just John Deere in a nutshell. They take a "compact disc" to a show and mount it to a 9RT, which is the last thing that you would ever see pulling a compact harrow. 9RTs are for big shit like 2-part Seeders, straight-plows, rippers and such. Using a 9RT for a tiny implement like that is like putting a hard-cast on a paper cut lol.
H3R3T1C 10 oy oldin
Farming is a whole different game in places like the Prairie-Provinces and Australia. Their fields are beyond massive, and so is their equipment. You should see the types of rock-pickers they use in Australia. They're almost as big as Earth-Mover bins.
Paul Del Giudice
Paul Del Giudice 10 oy oldin
Go green 😎
STONEDay 10 oy oldin
You came to Canada after legalization and didn't even look at hemp combines. Uses hockey sticks and maple syrup to bale it up eh. One harvester you don't want to be in if in it catches fire cause you won't give a shit in a real hurry! lol
Adam Scott
Adam Scott 10 oy oldin
Go Kiwi 🇳🇿. Awesome hearing how big these farms are 👍
Aberdeen Belfry
Aberdeen Belfry 10 oy oldin
Tracy is smoking
Ian Paxton
Ian Paxton 10 oy oldin
You're a voice that needs to be heard in agricultural
Caleb Washburn
Caleb Washburn 10 oy oldin
Your so right about the impact social media can have! I'm a builder in NH and don't farm at all. We don't have big farms where onlive so I find it so interesting and incredible what goes into an outfit like yours!
NeverKnow Outdoors
NeverKnow Outdoors 10 oy oldin
Unreal what technology has done to farming an machinery today.
Demogorii 11 oy oldin
Kiwis are cool
JP Cantalino
JP Cantalino 11 oy oldin
wait why does he not like Case IH?
David Grant
David Grant 11 oy oldin
LOL Do you ever wander into Brandon, Mb for the Winterfair? or AG days?
rope trick
rope trick 11 oy oldin
thank you for your great videos. I do have one request of farmers. Especially farmers that have crops that are on major highways. For us none farmers it would be nice to know the name of the crop you are going. In Clark county Washington which I 90 goes right through the middle of they put signs on the fence of what is going in the fields. I know a fair number of crops by sight but having the name of the fence is a good learning opportunity for the general public. It would be nice way to have farmer educate the people of a small part of what they do. Thank you for being farmers as you are highly needed in this country. Keep up the great videos.
Greg Dore
Greg Dore 11 oy oldin
The reporter was cool
Paul Giordano
Paul Giordano 11 oy oldin
Does that pro 1200 monitor have a tractor icon in green?
•shallow Sushi•
•shallow Sushi• 11 oy oldin
I live around Regina Saskatchewan
dustyforsyth 11 oy oldin
Hey I live in Regina haha
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson 11 oy oldin
Shout out from new Zealand
Graham Sobieski
Graham Sobieski 11 oy oldin
We have a John Deere 1890 air seeder
Alex the Bobo Games!
Alex the Bobo Games! 11 oy oldin
Us Canadians love our space!
The Buiscut Master
The Buiscut Master 11 oy oldin
You should have asked about the quadtrac
CN Neenah subdivision productions
CN Neenah subdivision productions 11 oy oldin
case the best
Aseinou Yil oldin
lol whens this case engineering going go into their skid steers
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson Yil oldin
Milllennial Farmer. i se some more VADERSTAD Machinery that are made in Sweden. not fare from Were I live in Sweden..
Matthew Randolph
Matthew Randolph Yil oldin
Man I just found your channel a week or so ago and I’ve been watching non stop ever since. Such a great channel. You are a great guy and it shows through the camera. Keep it up. I don’t know why there’s not a channel on tv dedicated to farm shows like this. It’s great. Thanks for what you do for us farmers.
Pratwurscht Gulasch
Pratwurscht Gulasch Yil oldin
you're actually pretty good at acting :)
Dylan Olson
Dylan Olson Yil oldin
How often do you go to the convention
Richard Belcher
Richard Belcher Yil oldin
Was at the IL Farm Progress show to learn about seed treatments. Their venue was massive. I wish I knew more about equipment because that is what the show predominates.
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Yil oldin
Hey !! My frend i wan to Buy 1 combine recomended by you gimy your cell phone. Please . Of course used. One Best oportunity
Peter Hennigar
Peter Hennigar Yil oldin
Glad to see that you come to Canada on wild trip, if y’all can come to Nova Scotia you see a lot smaller farms , avg farm here is about 1000 - 1500 acres.
BigFoot Bubba
BigFoot Bubba Yil oldin
2:35 for a second there I thought that was Stalin on the Money.
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Yil oldin
Did she say Virgina?
recore austin
recore austin Yil oldin
Finally some farm equipment John Deere lol 😂 facts 💯
D and F Garage
D and F Garage Yil oldin
You in love with case yet mn.
Whyatt Bueler
Whyatt Bueler Yil oldin
You guys need one of those 9620 RX machines oh boy quad tracks all the way
Dewayne Miguel
Dewayne Miguel Yil oldin
Vagina Canada? I want to go there lol
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