My Daughter got a New Combine!!

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Millennial Farmer

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We got a NEW Combine! Kidding!!! Isla got a new TOY combine. However we did spend two days putting a NEW Crary Wind System on our John Deere 9870 Combine. I also finished up some last minute maintenance that needed to be completed before harvest. Sorry about the click bait...Not sorry. #greenmachine
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Tyler Caldwell
Tyler Caldwell Yil oldin
Ready to see the S780 in the field! Some people must not be following you on Instagram, it’s not clickbait
Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson 6 oy oldin
your local animator oi
Halai Hemant
Halai Hemant 6 oy oldin
@your local animatory 5
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy Yil oldin
ssshhhh, don't say anything
Samscre 681
Samscre 681 Yil oldin
@your local animator are u an Terraria fan
your local animator
your local animator Yil oldin
Mike Francis
Mike Francis 7 kun oldin
Honestly theres a reason I got rid of deere the fact they screwed us all on being able to diagnose our own equipment pissed me off. Ill neber go green again after that.they changed the on board diagnostic program so we have to haul every machine to them for diag. Pissed me off enough to sell 4 machines and go to case.
Michael Coulombe
Michael Coulombe 8 kun oldin
The views from the farm make me homesick for Minnesota.
Charles Hempton
Charles Hempton 20 kun oldin
She did in a way
Charles Hempton
Charles Hempton 20 kun oldin
Sniperzboss 22 kun oldin
Good to see some good ol' Minnesota farmin
Gary Kenny
Gary Kenny 24 kun oldin
Larry Cieslak
Larry Cieslak Oy oldin
I am a retired truck driver. I hauled one of those from Wisconsin to Minnesota and it was one of my favorite loads. I appreciate all you farmers. America's backbone. Excellent video really enjoyed!
LS Emergency RP
LS Emergency RP Oy oldin
She is so cute
Luce Ferrari
Luce Ferrari Oy oldin
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Jonah Mitchell
Jonah Mitchell Oy oldin
hey i love your vids
Railer Man23
Railer Man23 Oy oldin
I’m a little late but you sir have a supercharged Draper belt platform👀
David Rasch
David Rasch Oy oldin
Is it true the only thing a farmer can't fix is the weather?
NANI Mahesh
NANI Mahesh Oy oldin
How much pires sir plz tell me sir
Thomas Henry
Thomas Henry Oy oldin
Hello From N. Ireland, I have seen all your Video's and they are brilliant.
Ayden Loper
Ayden Loper 2 oy oldin
no it is
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper 2 oy oldin
Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes 2 oy oldin
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Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes 2 oy oldin
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rnedisc 2 oy oldin
My god, the work and manhours that goes into just getting the combine optimized. Farming looks hella expensive.
Kevin Morin
Kevin Morin 2 oy oldin
As an Alaskan commercial fishing (welded aluminum) boat builder and having never spent a minute working "crops in dirt" I find the channel fun, entertaining and Mill'Farmer a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for posting and entertaining.
Curt Swenson
Curt Swenson 2 oy oldin
Do you have 3 rt
Nikolai Townsend
Nikolai Townsend 2 oy oldin
Man Zack, you must have done everything you could to look like you were busy doing something other than just holding the camera! Great video, keep farming.
Tiger 2 oy oldin
Nice to see that your daughters combine was a brand new machine and didn’t have issues when carpet harvest started
Deebo Dixon
Deebo Dixon 3 oy oldin
I’ve never farmed in my life! As a matter of fact I’m from Compton! But I watch these episodes every night! These videos are very interesting and fun too watch! I’m addicted!🤷🏽‍♂️👀🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
Tri Pacer
Tri Pacer 3 oy oldin
Need to quit bragging about that rain! haha Hasn't rained here for years & years....
Lands Farm
Lands Farm 3 oy oldin
Got some dirt on my boots!!
Denis Renaud
Denis Renaud 3 oy oldin
Isla is adorable. I'm not a farmer, I'm a retired software developer but I still love your videos.
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 3 oy oldin
Fun Watching , nice edits and music co// great content !
Lucas Derrick
Lucas Derrick 3 oy oldin
great video wind sisterms are very good but a payne becuse you cant see the trailer when you put the header on it
Dirt bike madness
Dirt bike madness 4 oy oldin
i would recommend a Dewalt grease gun they work better
thomas white
thomas white 4 oy oldin
Do people really believe your b's
Jeff JohnsIsland
Jeff JohnsIsland 4 oy oldin
Could you hang the covers with cable ties to the spot where they should be installed?
Jan R. Miesse
Jan R. Miesse 4 oy oldin
OimngNo my kids
todd mccowen
todd mccowen 4 oy oldin
our town outlawed maintain dew ,eats up your gut .
Nowadays Ayden
Nowadays Ayden 4 oy oldin
Ok so does the dog not look like a big buck :20
Dustin Swartz
Dustin Swartz 4 oy oldin
God bless electric grease guns.
Douglas Haussler
Douglas Haussler 5 oy oldin
She's adorable, not as adorable as my Granddaughter, but pretty adorable. You're a great Dad!
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 5 oy oldin
🦜au - Guy in city i bought a Lamborghini $1/2 ml 🚜 Farmer Fptt i drive a john deere Mars Rover harvester 😅 from a small tractor i drove on a farm in 70s to one these New type wud take me ages to learn to drive so many Buttons😲 just to sit in one wud make my day
Sawyer Hurlburt
Sawyer Hurlburt 5 oy oldin
They are to control the header.
Sawyer Hurlburt
Sawyer Hurlburt 5 oy oldin
I new that on our farm.
I love y’all
Karin Knudsen
Karin Knudsen 5 oy oldin
man i gives me memories we had this old cart with a massive barrel on top with the greese inside and hade a hand pump so i was pump boy while my use the hose. man it sad that they went bankrubt last year D:
Curt 5 oy oldin
We need every American to watches videos like yours, so we all can understand where food comes from, and appreciate the nonstop hard work that goes into it!
Werner Danler
Werner Danler 5 oy oldin
My God. The technology involved in farming since I was a kid. Unbelievable.
Karen Schneider
Karen Schneider 5 oy oldin
Why is the dog limping?
Steven Brennick
Steven Brennick 5 oy oldin
From what I can tell John Deer is an evil empire. Using software to crippled farmers.
Dale Petersen
Dale Petersen 5 oy oldin
Honestly. Anyone who farms like this is taking the Bank for a ride.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 5 oy oldin
Thanks for letting me know how it really is.
Xxhyper10xX 5 oy oldin
Yes zack It rains some times
Kaleb Schutte
Kaleb Schutte 5 oy oldin
You make everything look easy 😉😋😋😋😋.
Kaleb Schutte
Kaleb Schutte 5 oy oldin
You should run a 1100 were gonna get you have a peterbilt.
Britishman85farmer sub to djgoham
Britishman85farmer sub to djgoham 6 oy oldin
Can you send som rain to south Saskatchewan Canada
ike peters
ike peters 6 oy oldin
I just hooked up with your videos so I’m not sure which state you make home !!!
Henrik Knudsen
Henrik Knudsen 6 oy oldin
I would love to see this on a non Big Tech platform. Please.
Henrik Knudsen
Henrik Knudsen 6 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer What I want is to watch your videos on a non Big teck platform. Big Tech Facebook, Google with UZpost etc. Has a political stance and deletes material, based on ploitic views. Which is not a free platform, but a content provider. Despite being exempted by law from liability. (Because it should be a free platform) That is, it is actually against the rules. To censor. But they are too big to sue and have political connections that keep it going. The best I can do is remove as many of mine as possible and hopefully some of others' 'clicks' on Big Tech platforms. Thanks for your videos. And to ask.
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 oy oldin
What do you mean?
Just Me2
Just Me2 6 oy oldin
26:06 poke it and ask.... 'are you alright? are you ok??'
Eddie Stobart4life
Eddie Stobart4life 6 oy oldin
i love the kittens so cute and dogs are a lovely breed (i live in england uk )
T B 6 oy oldin
Send her to husband home before make more damage c😆
Prjndigo 6 oy oldin
with a little adjustment on the air heads and the concave you can rake leaves with that thing
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 6 oy oldin
Thanks sir love what you do for us out here in the world
James McKay
James McKay 6 oy oldin
Thanks for the explain..
Roberto Navas
Roberto Navas 6 oy oldin
Honestly I’m so interested on getting a farm but I got 0 experience I don’t have no idea how it works but I do have a farmer simulator on my ps4 maybe that can help me 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
James McKay
James McKay 6 oy oldin
Just what does the Wind System do?
Tiger 6 oy oldin
Hahaha she threw a fit in a latter video about not getting a tractor toy. Nice that she didn’t have to take out a loan or finance it. I mean you even get a header trailer with it. That’s a bargain
Elmer Sully
Elmer Sully 6 oy oldin
"Good help is hard to find", funny how we never get to hear the last part, "hard to pay as well "
maddipati sai krishna
maddipati sai krishna 6 oy oldin
I love ila among all😍😍😘
Reese Boutin
Reese Boutin 6 oy oldin
Reese Boutin
Reese Boutin 6 oy oldin
I’m trying to poop
Reese Boutin
Reese Boutin 6 oy oldin
Hi bro
Mr Varus
Mr Varus 6 oy oldin
Leaving your child in the cab whilst the engine is on and you working on the header is one of the most stupid decisions you have made so far. p.s. I love your videos.
Francisco Nz
Francisco Nz 6 oy oldin
EFn HIPPIE! Cut that hair!! 😂🤣 (I have no problem with hippies just FYI ☮️)
Paul Gribben
Paul Gribben 7 oy oldin
Now we know where the money is, Ila is loaded!
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker 7 oy oldin
Make sure Isla never gets hurt by the farming equipment.
Miles Thomas
Miles Thomas 7 oy oldin
To anyone from the UK that is old enough, I think the title of the video would immediately recall the comedy/parody folk pop song "The Combine Harvester", made famous in 1976 by "The Wurzels", certainly the line "Cause I've got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you the key" The original promo even has a John Deere. The Wurzels come from the rural UK West Country and sing in a strong Somerset accent (which nowadays is not heard so much, like other UK rural accents).
Napalm182 Napier
Napalm182 Napier 7 oy oldin
U must be paying ur daughter good.
alex bromberek
alex bromberek 7 oy oldin
Anyone know how much another user for fieldview is besides 249 for another FieldView Drive device
Will Dobie
Will Dobie 8 oy oldin
When you spiked your trailer brakes parking the grain truck, it hurt my soul a little
JerryBeatfreak 8 oy oldin
Make a small magnet whiteboard somewhere in the shop. Write the tractor name on one piece of magnet strip, computer model/number on another. Easy to move around, and you don't have to go and double check.
سوريا الوتين
سوريا الوتين 8 oy oldin
Love USA 😘🌹🇺🇲
Don Williams
Don Williams 8 oy oldin
LOL, Isla is such a little cutie... Kitty too heavy...
Derek Hooker
Derek Hooker 8 oy oldin
I don’t know much about farming but always knew it was hard work. Thanks for the technical stuff loved all that info
alvin peters
alvin peters 9 oy oldin
try doing any repairs with that system on its not exactly fun, im not sure how many times ive caught my back on it or my head lol
wfdix1 9 oy oldin
It’s official! I’m a city boy. This has been a foreign language to me. LOL
Raynona Bohrer
Raynona Bohrer 9 oy oldin
Someday your daughter will be the chick bait, Dad are you ready? Oh I can say prayers for your family! Lol
Harley Man
Harley Man 10 oy oldin
It would be so nice to be a Rich Farmer.
Alex 10 oy oldin
I thought he was serious
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS 10 oy oldin
Ilah will bring in 2/3 of next years crop with this machine if ya'll just let her free to gitter done boyo.
Josh T
Josh T 10 oy oldin
You should have a spreadsheet app in your phone. You should set it up to track what is where
randomdom 10 oy oldin
I love the ad on this vid it was millennial farmer doing an ad for cameras
C H 10 oy oldin
Only forgot the grain bin plates once - aged 16. New season - hard lessons straight up!
Zachary Shorter
Zachary Shorter 10 oy oldin
Cattle and hay farmer from Indiana and no crops
Shane Snouffer
Shane Snouffer 10 oy oldin
You also forgot to get the two little green things that you originally went looking for, when you got side tracked
Nathan Halls
Nathan Halls 10 oy oldin
Our bean header came with the crary air system
Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons 10 oy oldin
2nd tine i watched this video when i clicked on it i was like darn it he got me again lol
Darwin Risdon
Darwin Risdon 10 oy oldin
This guy is one busy farmer!
Rich Pochintesta
Rich Pochintesta 10 oy oldin
New subscriber, great to see there are still hard working American families
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover 10 oy oldin
Nearly ran over the poor dawg with that new glimmerin combine
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover 10 oy oldin
You're quite the talented mechanic mr millennial
Corey Scheaffer
Corey Scheaffer 10 oy oldin
Can i ask where ur fram is located
Robert Reznik
Robert Reznik 10 oy oldin
Seven mph is too fast to harvest. Hitting a badger hole will put the operator into the roof or the unloading auger into the cart.
Brayden Eaton
Brayden Eaton 10 oy oldin
Me gets a add about Dakota micro cameras and he’s I. It
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS 11 oy oldin
Yah ilah, I am just lifting up the pto shaft not good to push a button right now. My kids were good about that since I have my arms still.
TrulyUnfortunate 11 oy oldin
Man your daughter is adorable!!!
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