New Woods Equipment Batwing Mower

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Millennial Farmer

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It's really starting to feel like summer around the farm. Living the Life in my long socks and cargo shorts. #DadBod The crops are looking excellent and we've begun spraying. Our new Wood Equipment Batwing Mower is awesome. Rhiannon got a new toy too! @WallsOutdoorGoods #GreaterThanAllOutdoors #Polaris
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Deebo Dixon
Deebo Dixon Oy oldin
Such a cool dude and a cool dad as well! Whenever in Vegas would love to buy you a beer!
Hubier Mccain
Hubier Mccain Oy oldin
Can you do a review on all of your Powersports
Keyra Smith
Keyra Smith Oy oldin
it is good
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 2 oy oldin
that manual tube was very cool wish everything was like that
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris 2 oy oldin
if you spray your fields with glyphosate, doesn't that kill your corn too?
Makenna Grace
Makenna Grace 3 oy oldin
Justin Noonan
Justin Noonan 3 oy oldin
B/: g. N
Joe McGuckin
Joe McGuckin 3 oy oldin
What’s a ‘tile job’?
slimdan 4 oy oldin
If you don’t mind, can you do a video on how you grease it? I can’t find one on UZpost
JackMacLupus 4 oy oldin
Just a question: Whouldnt a John Deere Gator have been better for the kids? Or is that still too big for them? I mean, they surely have fun with the Polaris but imagine when they get a bit older and want to help on the farm, then they surely could use something with a loading bed or so.
Henry Pfeiffer
Henry Pfeiffer 4 oy oldin
Is the Bush hot still for sale? Details? I have had that same woods batwing. Best kier out there
Michel Picton
Michel Picton 5 oy oldin
Awesome video!!!!
dean harrower
dean harrower 5 oy oldin
White socks and shorts. What next RED tractors
chandler o'conner
chandler o'conner 5 oy oldin
You’re just like me trying to hook the pto drive shaft up to a bush hog after fighting the shaft for 15 minutes to get it splined up “ I need to take a breather”.
chandler o'conner
chandler o'conner 5 oy oldin
I work for John Deere and those would be nice.
Tractor Add-Ons
Tractor Add-Ons 5 oy oldin
@chandler o'conner you can have a look at my PTO Adapter.
Camden Neilan
Camden Neilan 5 oy oldin
I like when he was reading the manual
Kevin Millin
Kevin Millin 5 oy oldin
Enjoy your videos ,you all certainly stay busy .I am also A HUGE VIKINGS FAN who lives in south central Pa .Keep up the vids and ill watch em
Drew Houston
Drew Houston 5 oy oldin
well darn, dented the blade and now it's all "wrinkly"
Hunter Slaughter
Hunter Slaughter 5 oy oldin
Wd40 and John Deere's new machines are the best in the world
AASparkChaser 5 oy oldin
The Donald thanks you for keeping those tires looking new. Now go mow The White House lawn with that Woods mower.
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 5 oy oldin
The kids ripping around in the background was awesome.
Bret Pearcy
Bret Pearcy 6 oy oldin
Stop playing with your dipstick
Alex Duke
Alex Duke 6 oy oldin
What kind of tractor toes are those I've never seen them before? They look good!
ARSAL FARM 6 oy oldin
Sion Murtha
Sion Murtha 6 oy oldin
Dude, you need to try a mcconnel batwing
Feluke 6 oy oldin
Zach there is something wrong with right shaft on Batwing mower. It shouldn't have so much runout. Check it out.
Daithi 7 oy oldin
Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits
50centgunit3 7 oy oldin
not being rude but spraying roundup how is that safe
Jennifer Chafos
Jennifer Chafos 7 oy oldin
Happy fothers day and do a new video
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 7 oy oldin
How the hell did you dent the back of the blades?!
Andy Hutch
Andy Hutch 7 oy oldin
PTO guards turning is illegal in the UK
scottmann farms
scottmann farms 7 oy oldin
No crop oil?
Name 7 oy oldin
I have the same razer
mwnciboo 7 oy oldin
3:27 "Hey...Hey...You ok?"
LynnTheOkie 7 oy oldin
nice tractor
Steven Linsley
Steven Linsley 7 oy oldin
We have used woods batwing mowers as a stalk chopper for the last 30 years on corn. They work great. only issue is trash buildup on top but cleans off easy.
Steve Cochrane
Steve Cochrane 7 oy oldin
Why won’t why won’t not turn out well for me why
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul 7 oy oldin
We have a saying any man who comes to work wearing isn't going to do any work
Carl Stevens
Carl Stevens 7 oy oldin
We have a bat wing topper, it's a beast. Like 15ft cut, it's great, only issue we had, the prop shaft u/j has movement in, after 100hrs. But they are great.
Andrew_Playz 7 oy oldin
I won't make fun of how you free everyone has different styles that they like. Btw love the videos!
Alvin Langford
Alvin Langford 7 oy oldin
Hope it is better than the 7' pull type brush bull we bought about 5 years ago. Gearbox seal went out after about 150 acres caused by the blade pan being warped according to the dealer. I know Bahia grass is tough to cut. We have never mowed brush with it so must of been warped form the factory. No warranty coverage. Now after about 300 acres the deck is cracking around the mounting points for the axel. Dealer Ocala Tractor in Ocala Fl. sucks by the way. Sure wish Bush Hog or Deere made a 7' pull type.
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 7 oy oldin
Shit, I cannot find my sunnies, you are too white!!!
Aaron Easley
Aaron Easley 7 oy oldin
Listen I’m not a framer by far but I use to pass by a lot of Farm on my route. But I have a lot of respect for all framer for what all you guys do. Now for u sir thanks keep me interested in what you have going on
Gavin Foster
Gavin Foster 7 oy oldin
how many feet is your bush hog mower and how much do you want for it please call John Foster at 620-423-4078
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 7 oy oldin
Great video!
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
I would like to own one of those go kart things
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
nice mower
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
but I never rode in a tractor before but I want to
Kevin Grove
Kevin Grove 7 oy oldin
I love John Deere
Holst 7 oy oldin
Very nice mower. I think, it would look much better, in John Deere yellow :)
Jaxon Hockey
Jaxon Hockey 7 oy oldin
Zack I’m for Albert Lea man 12 in of rain in 1 week
Shawn James
Shawn James 7 oy oldin
Those soybeans are coming, and they're coming hard!!
gordon hoffman
gordon hoffman 7 oy oldin
You the man Zach! Farming is in my blood too. Started watching all your videos and it never gets old. I always liked thrashing corn and beans. I love your equipment you and your Dad have, smart choices. My Dad passed away a few years ago and we farmed next to each other when I was growing up. We farmed in Michigan different conditions but all else the same. I still could jump in the tractors and go. Jim and I could share stories. Please keep explaining your craft I love it. John Deere all the way. I wish I could do more to promote just how much you learn about life while taking the huge risk you take to invest in the soil and seeds to make a living. You have it figured out man!
Billy PINER 7 oy oldin
70's... so stinking hot! lol
Kenyen Jeffers
Kenyen Jeffers 7 oy oldin
Can you pls do a 2020 shop tour
Everyday Zach
Everyday Zach 7 oy oldin
Also, @5:18 in the background, your single phase transformer box is sloping. Those boxes have a very toxic oil in them that will kill everything around it. I would keep at least 2-3ft clearance around that box at all times. I used to inventory and open those boxes for awhile. Just my opinion but i have seen what happens when they overgrow. Actually, i have photos still lol. i could send you and show you them.
Everyday Zach
Everyday Zach 7 oy oldin
Doesn't roundup cause cancer?
Ronald Piper
Ronald Piper 7 oy oldin
I wonder if the speed on the wings be nice if you get into a fence or big rocks. Lift fast just a thought
Ronald Piper
Ronald Piper 7 oy oldin
Maybe a pull behind for the girls. Save woods for big stuff. Lol
Ronald Piper
Ronald Piper 7 oy oldin
Zach you fix pool she will let you mow your extra yard. And she will let you trim it all also
Wes Farms
Wes Farms 7 oy oldin
When we got our Woods Batwing we ordered it for 1000 PTO. It would wear out the wing blades in about two hours. After three sets of blades, we found out that a 540 splitter gearbox was installed by accident so the wing blades were running about twice as fast as they should have been. They fixed it though. Good mower now!
Indigo REEEkid
Indigo REEEkid 7 oy oldin
Zach around farm equipment “Whatever” me “holy crap this is big”
IH682D 7 oy oldin
I won't make fun of your long socks, but I will make fun of you using DeWalt and not Milwaukee!!!!
Buck3127 7 oy oldin
Are you gonna be doing any videos on FS 19/farming simulator 19 on your map Comment
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 7 oy oldin
Man full throttle those girls are taking after there dad need for speed how fun
Ron Wolford
Ron Wolford 7 oy oldin
Make fun of you because of cargo shorts? It's in the 90's here in south Texas. My legs haven't seen the sun since 1983 when I had sever sun burn and sun poisoning. my legs turned black and the skin split open. NO MORE SHORTS!
Janusz Farms (Hay and Grain)
Janusz Farms (Hay and Grain) 7 oy oldin
Def a mnmillenial mower Zack 👍 wish my baler was that easy
waterskiingfool 7 oy oldin
Kids looked to be having a great time with the new toy. Millennial farmer I think was more excited about the new mower. How do you think The Squad did showing off your farm?
Henry Richards
Henry Richards 7 oy oldin
You are an amazing channel could you please do a 2020 equipment tour
Tomas Mikalauskas
Tomas Mikalauskas 7 oy oldin
5:50 if you think thats hot here in ill its 94
top hauler
top hauler 7 oy oldin
is the corn resistant to roundup
Valley view Acres
Valley view Acres 7 oy oldin
I see johndeer hasn’t changed their little spring clip on the pto that goes sliding off the only pair of old pliers you could find in the back of the truck sending it 50 feet into the air out of sight......., *eye twitches*
dblvee63 7 oy oldin
Owen Barrett
Owen Barrett 7 oy oldin
Zach- “It’s in the 70’s today, it is so hot out” Me who lives in Georgia- 😐😑😐
Owen Barrett
Owen Barrett 7 oy oldin
Sixth Lord- exactly
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord 7 oy oldin
-Tennessee 70 degrees? What is it, December?
Pat Kelley
Pat Kelley 7 oy oldin
Well in January the windchill can get to seventy below here so it all evens out.
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh 7 oy oldin
Hey Zach, what speed do you do your tillage at?
Josh T
Josh T 7 oy oldin
Cargo shorts , long socks, revenge of the nerds part 4
Noah Laye
Noah Laye 7 oy oldin
"3/4 inch" thats not what becky measured last night
Todd Jacobs
Todd Jacobs 7 oy oldin
I use to build/weld those things in Oregon,Illinois back in the 90's
Jeffrey Merrick
Jeffrey Merrick 7 oy oldin
just watched your first video on youtube... can you get that 9r again
Lawrence Kiel-sr
Lawrence Kiel-sr 7 oy oldin
Possible solution for displaying the flag, place some mounting brackets on a few implements for a flag. Your fields are miles apart and more community patrons will enjoy.
Hugh Albright
Hugh Albright 7 oy oldin
I know how it is to be proud. My 8yo son has taken a liking to running our mini excavator. He's getting good!
Daniel H
Daniel H 7 oy oldin
Ill trade you, heat index of 106 today in central Texas
John K
John K 7 oy oldin
Nathan Snell
Nathan Snell 7 oy oldin
I enjoyed your videos! Keep up the good work, and the hard work that you guys do in the fields! Also a man after my own heart for wearing long socks with shorts keep it up!
Billy Rush
Billy Rush 7 oy oldin
How old is your son?
curtis person
curtis person 7 oy oldin
I'll show you a bat wing
Straight Pipe Acres
Straight Pipe Acres 7 oy oldin
We have that damn lambs quarters up here too!! Isn't it bad this year when the wind gets down to 40km or 25miles/hr a guy thinks its a pretty good day to spray hahahaha. Man what a windy bugger of a year. Its been blowing all the rains right past!!! Have a good one buddy
Political Boffin, PhD
Political Boffin, PhD 7 oy oldin
I've been watching these videos for awhile by Minnesota, probably because of my life history with farming over many years. My best high school friend died a couple of weeks ago. We both grew up on a farm near Corunna, Michigan. We went off to school. I got drafted into the Army, sent to Vietnam, and blown up. My friend went into the Army came back, got married, and had 3 beautiful girls. One of his daughters died from cancer 18 months ago leaving behind 3 young children. Watching Minnesota's family growing up reminds me of my family and my friend's family. Time goes so fast. My friend was a field representative of Case Tractor for 35 years. He covered states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and others. He loved his God, Country, and Family. Minnesota might not read this, but for posterity I wanted to remember a dear life long friend with a beautiful family. What can I say after a 60 year friendship? Cherish every second. MF, your family is very precious, my sincerest regards.
Eliaszowe Animacje
Eliaszowe Animacje 7 oy oldin
Really sad for your loss.
Adam Weingart
Adam Weingart 7 oy oldin
Don’t worry I wear cargo shorts with long sock too
Ti Ri
Ti Ri 7 oy oldin
Batwings are a sensitive subject atm be careful! PS: looking forward to mowing your lawn on fs19
T.Money11 7 oy oldin
That 6r needs rear fenders badddd 😬😬
Ernest Fries
Ernest Fries 7 oy oldin
#forthefarmers Busch Latte
Hayden Ison
Hayden Ison 7 oy oldin
Do you know that you got a map in farming simulator 19
Hayden Ison
Hayden Ison 7 oy oldin
Bill Hooker
Bill Hooker 7 oy oldin
What cargo shorts with long socks?
loren golliher
loren golliher 7 oy oldin
Enjoy your channel by the way millennials don't sweat they glisten lol props looking good we're sending you a little moisture tonight
iBelieve 7 oy oldin
iBelieve 7 oy oldin
Fishing Master
Fishing Master 7 oy oldin
Your in farming simulator 19
Split 7 oy oldin
In southern Minnesota the corn is already a foot tall
Grubby1 7 oy oldin
When we were growing up, my dad always told us that picking a rock up like that will cause all of your babies to be born "Naked"! And for that mini 4 wheeler and "Doughnuts" , our power play things always came with a garden rake to fill in the holes and slide marks in the driveway. Seriously, we quickly learned to stop doing those fun things. I love the new equipment but it"s all downhill after you get the first scratch on it! Love all of the videos!
RealAmericanGaming 7 oy oldin
The farm sim game map for your farm is in beta right now
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