Our First Day of Harvest 2019!

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Millennial Farmer

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First Day of Harvest!! We're finally in the field and going hard. Expecting MORE rain in just a few days we're racing the clock about to crank out several long days in the combine. Fighting the mud has been a challenge but the J&M Grain Cart handles it amazingly well. New Podcast released today! #harvest19 #offthehusk
Off The Husk With The Millennial Farmer Podcast
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Chyna Copeland
Chyna Copeland Yil oldin
I think it is amazing what you do and so very interesting 😀 I also respect what you do and love it . 💗 I send yall lots of love from Alabama ❤️
Mike Coker
Mike Coker Oy oldin
Roll Tide!
Conman 13
Conman 13 5 oy oldin
Conman 13
Conman 13 5 oy oldin
IMT Elat
IMT Elat 7 oy oldin
Chyna Copeland
Chyna Copeland Yil oldin
Your so very welcome 😃😉
A Person
A Person Kun oldin
Science of water vs mud: Water is (effectively) incompressible. So when you drive over water-soaked soils, the water prevents the mud from being able to shear and break apart, because the mud cannot compress as much as it can when there isn't standing water. Think about your soybeans behind you in the hopper, that's the mud. Put your hand into them and they move out of the way. Now, imagine pouring concrete into all the gaps between all the beans and then trying to put your hand through them; it wouldn't work. The water is the concrete in this example. It serves the same purpose, it causes the same result.
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 4 kun oldin
HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I got ta tell ya. I love the finger snap cut over.....so funny there.
Barry Tonner
Barry Tonner 7 kun oldin
Other people use a small saw to cut down trees!....lol
The Boeing Aviator
The Boeing Aviator 17 kun oldin
“Some of the other combines” means a Case IH 😂
james holmes
james holmes 28 kun oldin
Zach, in this video, there is a perfect square in the field that wasn't planted. There is a field by my farm with a square like this. Why isn't this spot planted. It is at the 5:33 minute spot. Thanks.
Cole Lusher
Cole Lusher Oy oldin
Like your map on farm SimBut the Big shop and little shop Doors won’t open
Jesus Vigo
Jesus Vigo Oy oldin
Es un sueño todo eso 😍💚💛🇦🇷
Farms Hoffman
Farms Hoffman Oy oldin
That air reel is the best investment on ur Draper header . We have one ,
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 oy oldin
Soybean dust sucks
SCOTT WAYNE SR 2 oy oldin
I hate facebook. I'll just watch UZpost.
TGSGAMER 2 oy oldin
Just turn those machines into Case and this channel is perfect ;)
Lawnoof MM2 DEV
Lawnoof MM2 DEV 3 oy oldin
You float on water and sink in mud
Dan Panchuk
Dan Panchuk 3 oy oldin
Love the header
Lothian bus gamer
Lothian bus gamer 3 oy oldin
I love seeing your videos
Richard Sweat
Richard Sweat 3 oy oldin
Too many adds.
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson 3 oy oldin
Not a farmer but I enjoy watching the team work and work ethic.
Jerry Gross
Jerry Gross 5 oy oldin
I just love your green equipment
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 5 oy oldin
I guess I should stop putting rocks in farmers fields for fun.
kitty cat gammer Williams
kitty cat gammer Williams 6 oy oldin
I'm not a farmer . My dad was a farmer he worked on prunes and honey dew melons. My grandpa was a rancher cattle and hogs. So ranching / farming is in my blood. I love the machinery and fixing problems. I'm a mechanic. Good family show lots of information.
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 6 oy oldin
Why are you tracking askew to your rows?
Micah Harman
Micah Harman 6 oy oldin
That fuel trailer was a demo
Teamswitch Tv
Teamswitch Tv 6 oy oldin
I watched an ad before this video from Dakota Micro with Millennial Farmer
Arian Bouman
Arian Bouman 6 oy oldin
Soil with water on it is hard
Professor raccoon
Professor raccoon 6 oy oldin
Me and my grandpa just finished are first field for harvest Hi from northern Minnesota
Chase ONeill
Chase ONeill 6 oy oldin
Genevieve Frederick
Genevieve Frederick 6 oy oldin
Let's go amarica on harvest
Darrell Barrick
Darrell Barrick 6 oy oldin
I wanna learn that snapping trick!!!
Chill Ill Will
Chill Ill Will 6 oy oldin
I saw the dodgeball reference at 2:04 "it's sterile and I like the taste😂 is it reasonable that you drink kickstart, no, but it's sterile and you like the taste.
TheBigCheese 7 oy oldin
Watching your older videos, stuck inside during the Great Quarantine of 2020. Your humor made me laugh and I learned a lot. Thanks man.
him her
him her 7 oy oldin
How many acres you farm?
Gavin Burkett
Gavin Burkett 7 oy oldin
The reason why going through water is better is that it cleans the mud off the tires.. when we harvest rice it is usually muddy and we sometimes leave some water on the field that way it’s easier for the combine and tractorss
Adil Meh
Adil Meh 7 oy oldin
what is your country
LARRY HOFER 7 oy oldin
how many bushels does your new cart hold
JEDI RAMPAGE 7 oy oldin
If there’s water standing. There is a bottom...it might be belly deep on the combine but it’s there lol
Dean Armour
Dean Armour 8 oy oldin
That new grain cart is Bad A$$
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber 8 oy oldin
When she's wetter, the better 🤫😜
yypBobbie Cheaney
yypBobbie Cheaney 8 oy oldin
Your Dad has the best voice and attitude. He is impressive how hard he works at his age.
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 8 oy oldin
look like welker new cart sept color
Павел Громико
Павел Громико 8 oy oldin
Очень крутая техника у Вас!! Всех благ!))
Robert Newland
Robert Newland 8 oy oldin
Do you like the tracks better then the duals both tractor and combine.
Robert Newland
Robert Newland 8 oy oldin
I always wanted to be a farmer. However I wasn't born into a farm family and as you know it's impossible to get into farm without family. In the past I worked in the farming industry. The farmers I met were the cheepest people I have ever met. I probably not a good farm then.
The OTTOMATIC 8 oy oldin
I love your vids!! Keep up the grind!....god bless usa and our farmers!! Yahhhhhh YEEEETTT
Mycal Y
Mycal Y 8 oy oldin
One time our john deere ate a fence post but it did not break it but did not come out the back so we had to climb inside it and get it
DaBurntToaster 9 oy oldin
I imagine its easier to drive through water rather than mud because a layer of clay is likely preventing deep penetration of the water when you see a pool of water above, so your tires hit the clay and keep going, but if you have 6 feet of dirt before theres any clay or anything else to hold the water, then you end up with more mud
Robert Wing
Robert Wing 9 oy oldin
What do think of Global Warming,, also,, with all the equipment,, the cost and all,, can you make a profit'''''''''''; ?
Jeremiah Quinlan
Jeremiah Quinlan 9 oy oldin
Man you are not the stereotypical menial. You are smart logical HARDWORKING. You are a real kick ass farmer. Trump 2020
Braden Mcmenamy
Braden Mcmenamy 9 oy oldin
Geebs Kerbal
Geebs Kerbal 9 oy oldin
Is the dryness of the beans important for weight or quality because they get dried eventually anyway do they not?
scott handley
scott handley 9 oy oldin
I farm out here in west Texas and I just gotta say, thank you for being an advocate for agriculture. So many folks think farmers are sneaky and are trying to feed them “poisonous GMSs” you give some transparency to how we actually work and what we do. Doin good work my man
Robert Payne
Robert Payne 10 oy oldin
From an old a boomer clay soils and crop residue stick to bare rubber and continues to build usally it builds up right in front of the tire.. water acts like a teflon coating helping shed the mud
Chris Fendley
Chris Fendley 10 oy oldin
The water is sitting on a hard pan and not draining. Rip it with a deep sub-soiler and you will get stuck. lol
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 10 oy oldin
Nice observation on the mud. I'll be thinking on it. Not the answer but one thing that happens in mud is the treads gum up. Splash the tires with water first and the mud is less likely to stick. Right? Maybe a soil expert can explain the rest.
Redneck Lifestyle
Redneck Lifestyle 10 oy oldin
You need a Tic Tok
Vert1x 10 oy oldin
You a good farmer
bobby Troy
bobby Troy 11 oy oldin
woah at 16:00 i didnt know seth rogan was studying for a new role as a farmer... Lmao. shit!
Jay Urish
Jay Urish 11 oy oldin
Anna needs to be a bigger co-star to your channel. She could be your navigator in the tractor.
Mike Muniak
Mike Muniak 11 oy oldin
How many acres you you guy take down in a day corn or beans
Wilbur Romero
Wilbur Romero 11 oy oldin
Is it just me or did Jim sound like Homer Simpson at 10:05
ch6470 11 oy oldin
I have always dreamed of getting in a big combine and spending the whole day harvesting. Our old 12 Ft Gleaner is nothing like what you have. Well I'm 71 already so I guess that won't happen. Love watching you though.
waterskiingfool 11 oy oldin
We make it to the end of all your videos. My two boys love watching farm videos. We watch all your episodes. Sadly we are three weeks behind
cody miller
cody miller 11 oy oldin
Hey zach I'm a farmer in northeast mo and I'm wondering what radios are you using? We currently dont have radios in our machines and at times I wish we did. Maybe could you do a video on them and why you use radios over cell phones? Thanks
Zappa 24
Zappa 24 11 oy oldin
Not a Farmer but Love all things Machines
Robert Bulot
Robert Bulot 11 oy oldin
I’ve often wondered what Minnesotans did when they weren’t here in Palm Springs playing golf!
Lane Loftis
Lane Loftis 11 oy oldin
good job I love Mountain Dew kickstart
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 11 oy oldin
Water keeps the mud from caking up too bad around the tire treads and it generally isn’t very sticky when there’s water involved. That’s what keeps you from getting stuck as long as you keep the wheels straight and just truck on through it without stopping. Just mud with no water is where problems tend to develop
Riley Tommaro
Riley Tommaro 11 oy oldin
Mud is, obviously, ground that's saturated with water, making it soft, visible water is a result of harder ground
Sebastián Kigelman
Sebastián Kigelman 11 oy oldin
There was too much sunlight to call that "a morning" :P
Kevin M
Kevin M 11 oy oldin
I can relate and understand everything you say...being a farmer as well
Kevin M
Kevin M 11 oy oldin
Although I farm in the Mississippi Delta
grainne Fogarty
grainne Fogarty 11 oy oldin
Larry Wiegel
Larry Wiegel Yil oldin
Driving thru water probably helps wash the tires off and doesn't let the mud stick to them which helps with not getting stuck.
Dylan Kehr
Dylan Kehr Yil oldin
I am a farmer, my grandpa owns a dairy farm and my other grandpa has a small hay business. I'd like to take over that hay business and combine grain as well. You have inspired me with all your cool videos to reach my goal. My operation will be no where near your size, but I love the farm life. You are the best actor out there on youtube, keep making videos and I'm ready to watch the next one.
jeff wilken
jeff wilken Yil oldin
Got a chance to catch up and watch you...went to a MacDon few years ago, no more air system. 👍👍 Reel will pick short beans right off the cutter bar without touching it.
jeff vangor
jeff vangor Yil oldin
alot of pods in the tank,is that the best the jd can do? just messing with you, even tho im a red guy.
I will donate 1mill if y’all Get me to 50k
I will donate 1mill if y’all Get me to 50k Yil oldin
This might become my most entertaining channel
Gepke B
Gepke B Yil oldin
You asked why you get stuck more easily in muddy spots than in spots with water: i think that in spots where is water on the field the ground is very hard/solid and thats why you also don’t get stuck so easily in those spots.🤔
andrew sarles
andrew sarles Yil oldin
If it holds water it's more compacted than the wet spot that doesn't hold water! It has a bottom! They way it looks fall tillage isn't going to happen there?
Bill Bouman
Bill Bouman Yil oldin
would be interested to hear exactly what adjustments on the separator system (ie. beans are becoming drier) you need to make to correct for blowing the beans out the end.
Al Testic
Al Testic Yil oldin
I always figured since you can't compress liquids standing water will keep your machine elevated. You definitely feel safer in the water than driving right next to it. Usually...
Aaron Keller
Aaron Keller Yil oldin
Why aren’t you using the new combine
Patrick Njogu
Patrick Njogu Yil oldin
Hi am looking for a used bailing machine. Can you link me with one. Thank you
Braylon Swartz
Braylon Swartz Yil oldin
How many inch tracks you got on that 8rt
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Yil oldin
Maybe the reason driving through water is better is because water is incompressible?
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy Yil oldin
At 8:50ish it’s ok to have submerged soyl legumes BUT not ok with a little dew on them; if you use your draw strings from your hoodies around the stems you can to wipe off the “mOISTURe”
farlinj Yil oldin
My 11 year old son was asking why you spit out the beans and not eat them
greeley879 Yil oldin
You will discover that draper header is very good at digging dirt lol. I know I learned the hard way, and still dig up the odd lump from time to time.
Mike Boesker
Mike Boesker Yil oldin
Non farmer. I'm a equipment Auctioneer. I appreciate your point of view for buying. Helps me sell equipment.
Artem Gavriluyk
Artem Gavriluyk Yil oldin
Смотрю видео . Очень хорошее предприятие , ухоженная техника и классная команда 👍👍 молодцы !!!
D J Yil oldin
I'm not a farmer, but I noticed that the treads on the tractor, versus the cart are facing in opposite directions (at the 2:13 mark). Can you tell me why?
Clarence Seigle
Clarence Seigle Yil oldin
Morning zake iam not a farmer but I really like watching your you tube films I like seeing your kids and wife hope they grow up farming wish you all the luck butch
Harry Myer
Harry Myer Yil oldin
I'm 74, had no clue about farming. My wife and I are full time motor home snow birds. Often we travel through the farming heartland. We've seen farmers planting and harvesting and got curious about how farming works. That's why I watch and enjoy learning g about your family and farming. Curious why the wet low field can't be filled with soil from the dry high parts. I understand the soil is thin over clay, it could be costly, time consuming and done by errosion, any other reasons? Loved the install of drain tile. Thanks for your hard work, love your sense of humor.
Feral Crafter
Feral Crafter Yil oldin
Just snap your fingers and make the field dry, if you've got that power.
Chonko Farms
Chonko Farms Yil oldin
I think you need to speed up your fan you have a lot of trash in your grain tank
Chuck Vsetula
Chuck Vsetula Yil oldin
Small farmer from south western Ontario, Canada. Enjoy watching the big equipment and interesting to see real time conditions in other parts of the US. Keep it up!
Bill Loman
Bill Loman Yil oldin
Driving through water is safer because there is a firmer base underneath it, thats why its standing water. Mud has no firm base or the base is deep enough that you can get totally bogged down because the bottom is deep enough the water cant just sit there.
Dre C.
Dre C. Yil oldin
Love your videos!
Awenda Yil oldin
Beautiful work. moisture level isn’t as bad as predicted. hopefully you’ll cut a lot before it rains. Good stuff!
R Shotty
R Shotty Yil oldin
can I come duck hunt all your mud puddles your making in your cut fields? :)
Mod Squad
Mod Squad Yil oldin
I'm a city feller lmao. Not really I only work with cattle.
Paul Kate
Paul Kate Yil oldin
Have you seen the 10th generation dairymans last video. Lol he said he "felt like the MN millennial farmer. Big timer" haha.
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