Shout Out To All You Farm Kids!

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Shout Out To All You Farm Kids! #GettingItDone #FutureFarmers
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Nominate Your Local First Responders: Best point of contact at your department? What equipment does your department/responders need? Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments? Any other information you think we might find useful? Please send request to
Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
Funds raised will be distributed to rural first responders to purchase grain bin rescue systems and training.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

edward howard
edward howard 7 soat oldin
I am 13 and I like on a farm on the uk and the only thing I am allowed to do is feed the cows there foder beet
Pierson Heckendorf
Pierson Heckendorf Kun oldin
not that muck responsibility ya hes only driving a 100,000 tractor
BobbyGaming884 YT
BobbyGaming884 YT Kun oldin
Who's A Farm Kid Here?
Mike and Christy Anderson
Mike and Christy Anderson Kun oldin
thanks my son is a farmer he is in ohio
Sourav Arora
Sourav Arora Kun oldin
Which country
Flips The King
Flips The King Kun oldin
I wish I could drive a tractor, Im 12 y/o rn
Siripon Runkaputi
Siripon Runkaputi Kun oldin
1)Thank You for your hard work & feeding me. 2) Thank you for training your son to be a productive young lad
BigBalls Gaming
BigBalls Gaming 2 kun oldin
Thanks for the shoutout
Mary Kirk
Mary Kirk 2 kun oldin
right here
Maskin 016
Maskin 016 2 kun oldin
Good job son and dady. . 😱😱😱
Bukk Willdd
Bukk Willdd 2 kun oldin
One bright spring day, when I was fresh out of school, I went with dad to the hay field. I had already scouted places to explore when everyone was working, and I figured I'd be goofing off. I was wrong! One guy who I became good friends with later asked me if I could drive. I said, "Lord, no!" I was about Onyx's age, and I was driving by the end of the day.
Christopher Craig
Christopher Craig 2 kun oldin
Jkoooooool .8.p
Cameron Batten
Cameron Batten 3 kun oldin
I subscribed to you
00UncommonSense00 3 kun oldin
I grew up this way. There was a local farmer who would hire kids in the summer. We would each have a 5 gallon bucket, we would spread out across a field and just start walking, picking up rocks and when your bucket got full, we had an old Farmall with a front loader following behind and we would dump our buckets into it. Man, I must have walked 50 miles a day! lol that's what it felt like. Sun up to sun down and I made .80 cents an hour. At the end of the day, we would go and pick up our $10 and head home. I finally worked up to driving the tractor and up to $1.25 by the end of summer. Now kids are driving million dollar rigs and programming their tractors to follow a GPS system.
Laxman 4 kun oldin
Cool farm videos i love john deere💚💛
Brayden Jany
Brayden Jany 5 kun oldin
It is so scary to be the one turned loose and drive a tractor all by yourself
Its Adam
Its Adam 5 kun oldin
Thanks I’m from Ireland and I love your video’s and I drive my grandads tractor to and I’m 12
Chaun McGuire
Chaun McGuire 5 kun oldin
Was that ole randy the master pipe layer on the radio??
hetoro hiiri
hetoro hiiri 5 kun oldin
I'm farm boy and nobody respect me and I'm 13
Steve Burks
Steve Burks 6 kun oldin
I do believe that he is proud of that youngin and he has a good reason to be
Hunter 747
Hunter 747 6 kun oldin
Nice grain cart also we just have a bunch of gravity wagons but it gets the job done more money for bigger cab tractors
Hunter 747
Hunter 747 6 kun oldin
I like his hat I think everyone needs a welker hat
Ry Farms
Ry Farms 6 kun oldin
i am eight in i drive the grain cart
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 6 kun oldin
Raise them right, with a sense of responsibility and work ethics ✅ Don’t worry Onex, you will get a New Diesel Pickup truck for all of that at 17... 😎👍
Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz 7 kun oldin
You make good videos
CODY MEYER 7 kun oldin
That is me I am a farm kid
ktm_braap braap
ktm_braap braap 7 kun oldin
Thank you sir!
bigfatboyfarms 21
bigfatboyfarms 21 7 kun oldin
Onix be wearing a Welkers farms hat in a millennial famers video
Gerard Connolly
Gerard Connolly 7 kun oldin
Can I be a shout out in a video
Dan Trumbo
Dan Trumbo 7 kun oldin
Being a Great Grand-Father this is naturally my favorite that you’ve done! Also I just ordered a Yankum Rope, thank you for the referral and discount. Farmers appreciate saving money and looking out for one another!
Carter Joseph
Carter Joseph 7 kun oldin
Brian Short 21
Brian Short 21 7 kun oldin
michael ball
michael ball 7 kun oldin
I a fan of course 💪🏿💪🏿
Terry Stephens
Terry Stephens 8 kun oldin
I think you have reason to feel really proud of your young fella - he did an excellent job. He looks very much like his grandpa. 😃👌👌👏👏👏❤️
Charley McDill
Charley McDill 8 kun oldin
Well I am a very very country kid!!
Aaron V
Aaron V 8 kun oldin
My friend is a farmer and she is a kid
William Gainey
William Gainey 8 kun oldin
Who goes onto these videos and dislikes like tf
Mark Killam
Mark Killam 8 kun oldin
I’m a farm kid
Leslie Wentz
Leslie Wentz 9 kun oldin
Onyx you are a good driver
The silent era
The silent era 9 kun oldin
What John Deere did you ride around 0:55 ?
Gages Equestrian Vlogs
Gages Equestrian Vlogs 9 kun oldin
The dog intros never get old
Michael wood
Michael wood 9 kun oldin
What about the first responders I am a firefighter for greenwood fire and rescue in Crawford county PA
FUSION J 9 kun oldin
Yes I am farmer kid yessssssssssssssssssssss
John Redden
John Redden 9 kun oldin
You need to check out griggs family farm UZpost channel and check out his accident he had in his case combine
Xrs850 10 kun oldin
Is being 33 still count as being a farm kid? 😅
Conner Butler
Conner Butler 10 kun oldin
Today the nose of our head came apart
Conner Butler
Conner Butler 10 kun oldin
I am such a big fan and I was devastated when I saw that farming simulator 19 on Xbox one is not coming out with your map
mason miller
mason miller 10 kun oldin
And I'm not driving eny of our challengers
iBelieve 10 kun oldin
mason miller
mason miller 10 kun oldin
I'm 13 and I'm not eny of our challengers.
KING TUT 10 kun oldin
table 10 kun oldin
I lived in Michigan next to a farm
the awesome man adrik
the awesome man adrik 10 kun oldin
I am a kid thanks
Owen Mason
Owen Mason 10 kun oldin
im a farm kid it da best i drive the roller it is fun and easy
Lachlan Warner
Lachlan Warner 10 kun oldin
I am a farm kid from Australia but we run cattle not grain
Eimantuks Eimantuks
Eimantuks Eimantuks 10 kun oldin
Yay i got shoitout im farm kid
Liberty Red
Liberty Red 10 kun oldin
Hopefully I can someday
Liberty Red
Liberty Red 10 kun oldin
It’s cool watching a kid drive a half a million dollar tractor I’m kinda jealous
Liberty Red
Liberty Red 10 kun oldin
Have onix film a video of how to drive the grain cart tractor
Riley Benson
Riley Benson 11 kun oldin
I play hockey also
John Brownell
John Brownell 11 kun oldin
We were all farm kids at one time so I am very impressed with his maturity. But please stress grain bin safety I had a cousin crewed in half in a grain bin from a floor sweep auger.
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis 11 kun oldin
Any idea where I can get some of that "gravity" that you are using? I sure could use some to transfer some fluids. lol
mhamad garde
mhamad garde 11 kun oldin
Luke Grisham
Luke Grisham 11 kun oldin
im a farm kid but i have a small farm with 2 cows but more in the Future!!!!
josh baumann
josh baumann 11 kun oldin
Thank you so much onyx for shouting out us farm kids im 12 years of age i farm with my dad in Australia doing hay and i drive the tractors like you so shoutout to you to onyx!!!
Darrin Storm
Darrin Storm 12 kun oldin
how old is onyx
Javier Betancourt
Javier Betancourt 12 kun oldin
Philip Aldridge
Philip Aldridge 12 kun oldin
Hi Zack, tell your boy from me I think he is top dollar for driving the tractor and grain cart. He will soon be running the show. Cheers Phil 😀
Noah Langenfeld
Noah Langenfeld 12 kun oldin
I might have to invest in one of those organic oil relocation devices. Seems like they work pretty well!
TimmyRandy's Emoji Network Channel
TimmyRandy's Emoji Network Channel 13 kun oldin
“Little buddy seat aint built for big guys like me” pfft thats nothin, id rather sit in that John Deere buddy seat than a CaseIH 7120 Magnum buddy seat, that thing is small and sucks when you hit a bump
StarRobin 13 kun oldin
Great job Onyx!
Franklin County Forage
Franklin County Forage 13 kun oldin
I feel like the subscriber goal went up slightly since the last video...
Karsten Farms
Karsten Farms 13 kun oldin
Hey Zach, I’m Karsten a 13 year old farmer from South Africa, I’m 13 years old and already trying to make videos, this title got me worked up
Ken Oesch
Ken Oesch 13 kun oldin
Great to see your son running tractor & grain buggy .Kind of jealous seeing that sitting at my desk .Started running an international H on uncles farm at the old age of 8 .Brings back great memories .
Angel Burke
Angel Burke 13 kun oldin
nice job kid
plane games
plane games 13 kun oldin
do you have merch
Justin Mills
Justin Mills 13 kun oldin
It's so cool to see a young man get his wings and fly solo. Proud father and grandfather.
Anox 13 kun oldin
Give him a farming saitek wheel
dudethatworks2487 14 kun oldin
I am honestly at ease for the future of farming. Thank you for all you do Zac and family. I lived in a farming community in northern Illinois for almost half my life. My family came from farming but had to sell out in the 80's. I am hoping to get a small one in the next few years. Thank you again for being awesome and keeping it between the rows.
Catharina Lausen
Catharina Lausen 14 kun oldin
Did either you or Anex (please excuse spelling) know he was wearing a Walker Farms hat!😀
micheal thiel
micheal thiel 14 kun oldin
Big gulps hey?!
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 14 kun oldin
I got choked up.... They grow up so fast. He was so excited to go harvestin.
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 14 kun oldin
The boy is getting old.
jerry helton
jerry helton 14 kun oldin
Onyx is awesome on tractor
John O Hanlon
John O Hanlon 14 kun oldin
Even farmers in Ireland I love the way onyx is wearing a welker farms hat
Kobsasil Eeyarplh
Kobsasil Eeyarplh 14 kun oldin
Andrea Droessler
Andrea Droessler 14 kun oldin
Me and onox are the same age
Andrea Droessler
Andrea Droessler 14 kun oldin
I'm a farm kid that helps with cows and pigs
porkypigdestroyer 14 kun oldin
hay my dad is a pig farmer in the uk so that mens i can not drive the big kit me well gellos of Anox
Pam Fyffe
Pam Fyffe 14 kun oldin
Onyx (?) did an excellent job!!!!!
Wesley Ponder
Wesley Ponder 14 kun oldin
Love to see these farm kids training early. When I was old enough to reach the peddles my first tractor to drive was a 4640 john deer lol
Matija Kovač
Matija Kovač 14 kun oldin
Thats how we all little farmers started, proud of that kid !
the awesome man adrik
the awesome man adrik 14 kun oldin
Trump 2020
jj3961261 14 kun oldin
Reverse the wires on your fans then run the sweep augers add it will vacuum out most the dust from the bin for the most part. It does work.
BandSK 14 kun oldin
Brings back memories! This made me smile
oumadmike1 14 kun oldin
love all the dumb and dumber references!
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne 15 kun oldin
Need to do more Dumb and Dumber quotes!
Terror Griller
Terror Griller 15 kun oldin
90% why i watch is for the Dumb and Dumber references. “Well, see ya later!”
John Carle
John Carle 15 kun oldin
Les Brooks
Les Brooks 15 kun oldin
I grew up on a wheat farm eastern Oregon I drove Cat D6 9U from about eight my only problem was starting the gas donkey engine. Had an accident as 9-year-old driving a 54 dodge pickup with 150 gal. diesel tank first thing neighbor said when he came long was most would try to steer back to the road and would have rolled I knew to just point downhill and bring it to stop. I took over the 55H for harvest at 12 and dad drove the truck we did not need hire hand I cut about 1500 acres.
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