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Millennial Farmer

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Snow Removal-How Not to be an idiot!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

K Dove
K Dove 12 kun oldin
Mommmmmm!!!!!!!! 🤣 Cole will be proud. 🤗
ricky milner
ricky milner 5 kun oldin
@Millennial Farmer 0000l09
Michael Galligan
Michael Galligan 8 kun oldin
@Millennial Farmer, Minnesotans always think they're above Iowans, and that's true....on a map. Happily subscribed, Zach.
Tanner Family Farms
Tanner Family Farms 11 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that's soooooo, "Old School"..........
FullGlutenDonut 11 kun oldin
@K Dove Every boy calls for mom no matter how old haha.
Jaime Boutin
Jaime Boutin 11 kun oldin
@Millennial Farmer oh cole really is not that good lol
Kaden Sundercock
Kaden Sundercock 8 soat oldin
I love your Videos 😍💖👍😎💗
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love 9 soat oldin
The focus is because your camera sees more background than not background. Therefore focusses on the background as it thinks that's what you want. If you get yourself more central in a shot and try to take up a little more screen space with your face, you should find it improving. Experiment with a hand in from as I describe and see if it helps....
Collin Thacker
Collin Thacker Kun oldin
"I don't like snow removal" but we love it
Jim Martin
Jim Martin Kun oldin
Hey Becky -- what group is that playing under the montage (about 11:00)?
Carter Lorch
Carter Lorch 2 kun oldin
What is the model and year of the red polaris on the trialer.
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot 2 kun oldin
Ah, snow removal on uneven surfaces can be a bit of a chore. I've been eyeing those *sectional pushers from Arctic,* they look neat. There's this guy on UZpost, goes by the name of Stanley "Dirtmonkey" Genadek, and he seems really happy about them.
Timothy Lane
Timothy Lane 3 kun oldin
Who's got a truck full of blotter acid? Lol
Timothy Lane
Timothy Lane 3 kun oldin
Lot of work to move some snow! You just leave that on for the winter?
Tom Davison
Tom Davison 4 kun oldin
I always worry about your pups getting squashed by a tractor.
John Connor
John Connor 5 soat oldin
Don't worry, the tractor will be just fine if the dogs decide to run underneath the equipment.
Martin Miller
Martin Miller 4 kun oldin
A thrd arm SURE comes in handy when hooking up a quick hitch!
Richard Thome
Richard Thome 4 kun oldin
That’s because it’s a Deere
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 4 kun oldin
Nope to many long commercials
Kameron Hammond
Kameron Hammond 5 kun oldin
Hello, if you keep lifting weight with a held breath you are gonna get a heart attack. You will destroy your cardiac muscle. Position yourself, mind your back, hands on weight, inhale a deep breath then slowly exhale on lift. Importantly, avoid as much lifting, up or down, as you can. Lifting any weight over 40 kg (~90lbs) is not to be taken lightly. Best wishes, I hope this is a weight off your mind ;- ) I lift . . .
ANDREWBAILEY Yeeyee 5 kun oldin
I'll kick the pin in or kick the 3 point arm on a pin with my boots instead of hitting it with a hammer
Kratos GodofWar
Kratos GodofWar 5 kun oldin
Typical millennial lol, try to work smarter, not harder, your back will thank you for it. A bit of common sense goes a long way as well.
Kiel Carson
Kiel Carson 5 kun oldin
You started the skid steer and the dog barked, and I instantly went "I don't think John Deeres are supposed to make that noise"
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 5 kun oldin
Looks like you need another set of hands
Andrew Rafert
Andrew Rafert 5 kun oldin
That was a good Drinkin Bros episode you were listening to 😂
Keith Westbrooks
Keith Westbrooks 6 kun oldin
You need your stunt double to do all that heavy stuff!
Keith Westbrooks
Keith Westbrooks 6 kun oldin
You know those who design this stuff never plan on working on it!
Gavin Quist
Gavin Quist 6 kun oldin
With the amount you lose the go pros you should probably put a tracking device on them
sammy cl2
sammy cl2 6 kun oldin
There is no snow in. Uk 😭 I would like to live in America
48retrop 6 kun oldin
My God! I see all that "Green" equipment around their place and I can't help but think these guys must be indebted to John Deere for the rest of their lives.
Alyssa Willenborg
Alyssa Willenborg 6 kun oldin
Where do you live
Stef Grootlipman
Stef Grootlipman 6 kun oldin
i have a question. Why do American/canadian tractors all have these really small tyres
watchtheirhands 2
watchtheirhands 2 6 kun oldin
In my area, that amount of snow is referred to as "a light dusting" and a lawn tractor would be suffice should one want to bother with its removal.
J Skadal
J Skadal 6 kun oldin
Hahaha go pros got a gogo !
J Skadal
J Skadal 6 kun oldin
Spay the inside of the pusher with WD 40 and the snow won't stick
J Skadal
J Skadal 6 kun oldin
Use the skidstear to pick up the quick attack, because in a few years you won't be able to do it, ask me I know !
J Skadal
J Skadal 6 kun oldin
I would have been very happy moving snow just with the buck!
Watts Tommy
Watts Tommy 7 kun oldin
the second one is always a lot easier [snap] ha!!!
Shane Carrell
Shane Carrell 7 kun oldin
Hahahaha I'll be sure to remember those rules to live by. Good stuff brother, keep em coming.
Steve Brekken
Steve Brekken 7 kun oldin
Just like harvest. Make sure it's not ready for when it's go time. Lol.
Roger Mengi
Roger Mengi 7 kun oldin
mchl8 7 kun oldin
Some fun I guess it all good, I wanted to ask your daughter I think it was she had a cast on her arm. How is she doing on that experience and or the end result.
videoguy1981 7 kun oldin
Was that an Ice Cold Coors light in your hand?
Jason's Snow Plowing
Jason's Snow Plowing 7 kun oldin
sweet equipment and a dream building/shop
John Barham
John Barham 7 kun oldin
My pto has a change gear, not the shaft.
John Barham
John Barham 7 kun oldin
isn't it satisfying when you hit a pin and it goes home?
Tractor Cambodia
Tractor Cambodia 7 kun oldin
t5jerry 7 kun oldin
i know your dog`s are "machine aware" , but isn`t it a bit risky using the snow blower with dogs about, so MANY blind spots on that tractor......................
James McKay
James McKay 7 kun oldin
Zack, Why don't you have a Scandinavian Minnesota Brouge. Where did your Parents fail you?
Matthew Craig
Matthew Craig 7 kun oldin
Polaris = 💩💩💩
Everhard Ridder
Everhard Ridder 7 kun oldin
Use to run deere . Try a fendt 724 or 714 . Love that tractor. It will make hooking up equipment and switching equipment soooo much easier than a deere. You can store all your settings per piece of equipment. Open quick hitch 3 point arms. And pto speed selection in cab also neutral pto . Just put small 1000 on all your equipment and a way you go. Have not missed my 7530 for a second
iBelieve 7 kun oldin
Ryan 8 kun oldin
Do you have the same tractor of us
DigginLife21 8 kun oldin
Taste The Rainbow
Taste The Rainbow 8 kun oldin
Did I see big equipment being used to get another piece of big equipment to be put on another big equipment ?
K.J.Ray 8 kun oldin
9:44 Hey, there's nothing wrong with a truck full of acid. Always be prepared.
Marshall Thews
Marshall Thews 8 kun oldin
"I have no real passion for snow removal." How could you not! It's great fun! :)
Darian Folk
Darian Folk 8 kun oldin
I've come across a video from Donut Media - Everything you need to know . In this episode it was John Deere. Is it true that John Deere and farmers are going through court system about the right to work and fix John Deere equipment they own . Or your thoughts. If you have already discussed this I have missed that video and would watch it to hear your side . Really enjoy your videos and similar farming UZpost family videos.
Big Shlonggooo
Big Shlonggooo 8 kun oldin
What work boots y’all running on the farm. I need some new ones
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn 8 kun oldin
Where was "six" too plow that yard??
Your Canadian Brother
Your Canadian Brother 8 kun oldin
i would love to play with all that snow in your fields. gimme a jonny and coffee and you got an employee for life ^-^
Ryan Cronin
Ryan Cronin 8 kun oldin
I could volunteer to move your snow for you with our x394 if it just had a snow pusher on it
Mack Mardikian
Mack Mardikian 8 kun oldin
"In our next video, we look at snowmobile trailers!"
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 8 kun oldin
Nothing runs lke a DEERE and montage was very cool
JackMacLupus 8 kun oldin
11:02 Well, if i whould live near your farm i whould totally do the snow removal for you! Especially since YOU have snow what you can call snow. I have not much snow where i life. Sadly i life in europe so thats not an option...
Crossbow Hunter
Crossbow Hunter 8 kun oldin
Buy a socket called a crow foot they are made for tight spaces like what you had on your tractor it will help a lot
David Moore
David Moore 8 kun oldin
We just back our trucks into a ditch here in Michigan if we ain't got a snow pile loading dock. Works pretty good, unless u got shit tires..
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 8 kun oldin
hey you clever modern guys note when you use a means of tightning bolts the golden rule is a lever is to be no more than 16 times the bolt diameter at 40-60 lbs foot of toque use the correct spanner and you are most likely get it tight enough with out busting a bolt is also under tension and it also has to handle the bits its holding so go careful
Cap 8 kun oldin
Is it weird that watching you struggle with implements makes me want to play farming simulator?
joann ford
joann ford 8 kun oldin
Fun to watch you play with tractor and scraping up snow to load your snowmobile and clean your driveway
Cherno Bog
Cherno Bog 8 kun oldin
Nice equipment
Steven Long
Steven Long 8 kun oldin
Did you get a new truck?
Brian Walter
Brian Walter 8 kun oldin
Zach, with the 3pt...I think you should have switched the quick hitch arms, left side to the right and vise versa as they have a slight curve to them....
NelLil TopTurkey
NelLil TopTurkey 9 kun oldin
I've been lacking on video but it appears you got a Dmax now... pretty sweet my neighbor across the street has one and I was in aw when he ran the specs by me
Ronald Jennings
Ronald Jennings 9 kun oldin
Oh and I like the music but you got to quit losing those things you're giving me a headache dropping me like that📷😵
Ronald Jennings
Ronald Jennings 9 kun oldin
You ain't crazy you're just silly that's what happens when you start talking to a GoPro😁🚜
Jeremy Shoemaker
Jeremy Shoemaker 9 kun oldin
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 9 kun oldin
7:29 Yep, I do that all the time and nobody hardly ever gets it.
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 9 kun oldin
James Cullen
James Cullen 9 kun oldin
Did you get a new pickup?
Julian Adams
Julian Adams 9 kun oldin
I know a couple of guys have mentioned the music in the montage, not seen what it is though?. great video as usual.
axel larsen
axel larsen 9 kun oldin
Have you considered instead of removing snow to spread gravel? In Norway (where they deal with alot of snow) instead of removing it every other day or salting which just degrades everything they spread gravel on top so it isn't slippery, and when it finally melts the gravel is cleaned up again which you wouldn´t even have to do since you have gravel underneath.
rijsa55 9 kun oldin
Skid steer works good for taking off and putting on quick hitches, you learn that when you get older and back is shot!!
TJand08 DOES GAMING 9 kun oldin
You should have your kids play Farm Sim make a gaming channel for them
Kobee Brooks
Kobee Brooks 9 kun oldin
go pro '' I see you hahaha''
Juan Rempel
Juan Rempel 9 kun oldin
Looking forward to the Sony .... I like mine so much more then GoPro
Karlmartin Rolfstad
Karlmartin Rolfstad 9 kun oldin
Welcome to norway😁
Село i Я
Село i Я 9 kun oldin
farming Central
farming Central 9 kun oldin
Love your video Zack
Al Nagy
Al Nagy 9 kun oldin
That's alot of work just to.move snow. Using the bucket would of saved ya a couple hrs I'm sure
Wayne Blake
Wayne Blake 9 kun oldin
Why don’t they have all that snow blower on the front of the tractor ?
Crown Vic Police Interceptor
Crown Vic Police Interceptor 9 kun oldin
Everyday I’m up early like a farmer. An my parents used to joke about that they got a nerdy kid mixed up with farm kid cus I’m 4 or 5am ready for breakfast an get the day started. “ Hard Work Forever Pays “
Oliver Somerville
Oliver Somerville 9 kun oldin
Cole will be proud
John Lott
John Lott 9 kun oldin
Being a Southern guy and totally warm natured the snow in the northern areas would drive me crazy. When I was younger I volunteered to go to Vietnam in order not to go to Germany, I hate snow but you seem so happy in that cold stuff.
Travis Steinkraus
Travis Steinkraus 9 kun oldin
Well I'm glad that when you loaded your sled you didn't stuff the skies through the box. Have seen that happen. Those snow pushers are a real time saver. We have one on a 6420 and on a payloader.
Larry Ruemmele
Larry Ruemmele 9 kun oldin
unnecessary groan at 3:34.
Disarray 9 kun oldin
Lmao. I thought for sure you were gonna yell for meatloaf
James Smith
James Smith 9 kun oldin
Muscling things around like that and you will end up like Leg Arms.
Ryan Eckard
Ryan Eckard 9 kun oldin
Did I miss the video of the new truck somewhere?
ZxMushy13 9 kun oldin
Did u get a new truck
greg rourke
greg rourke 9 kun oldin
Am I missing something! Please explain!
Shaw Lewis
Shaw Lewis 9 kun oldin
Hey millennial farmer im thinking of a career choice. Which is easier. NASCAR driver or farmer
Kevin Fischer
Kevin Fischer 9 kun oldin
How much do you want for your rims you took off
Corbett Boaz
Corbett Boaz 9 kun oldin
should ask Stanley to come up there and do it for you. He mentioned something about a joint video.
Austin Corbeil
Austin Corbeil 10 kun oldin
You did the cole the cornstar mom joke
Joe P
Joe P 10 kun oldin
haha love when u chug a chill water. lol
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