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Some of the nicest harvest weather we've ever had suddenly changed over night. The snow blower and snow pusher might be a necessity.
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Nominate Your Local First Responders: Best point of contact at your department? What equipment does your department/responders need? Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments? Any other information you think we might find useful? Please send request to
Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
Funds raised will be distributed to rural first responders to purchase grain bin rescue systems and training.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Master Pipe Layer
Master Pipe Layer 2 oy oldin
Is Sam wearing a vest?
Niall Cam
Niall Cam 8 kun oldin
Beau Koktan
Beau Koktan 22 kun oldin
@Millennial Farmer lol
Random Nature
Random Nature 2 oy oldin
Baldek Kapusta
Baldek Kapusta 2 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer Hi, can you write me the varieties of maize you sow that yield the best and at what humidity? I would like to start sowing maize on a larger scale, but I don't know which varieties to sow ??
Def Leppard RockBrigade
Def Leppard RockBrigade 2 oy oldin
The Green Giant. :)
HALE BURNSIDE MD 20 kun oldin
SORRY FOR THE DUMB QUESTION... except for cost , is there a reason why the large open work area is not paved?
itz moinmeister
itz moinmeister Oy oldin
I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 3.5 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Tayne78) as your invitation code.
Christopher Kauffman
Christopher Kauffman Oy oldin
Sam sounds like a salesman.
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley Oy oldin
This is a choice video with your son on your sled 🛷
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley Oy oldin
Cost benefit analysis for growth requires polygamy and multiplication of posterity. Everyone needs a superior hp robot
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley Oy oldin
Grow planting to fit tractor hp. A professor paradigm
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley Oy oldin
We must find a way to be in new equipment for 5 years minimum
Jesse Alms Presley
Jesse Alms Presley Oy oldin
Which 600 horsepower tractor will be guaranteed 5 years?
slacko 1971
slacko 1971 Oy oldin
@5:44 is that a real wood fire or just a fire effect? It looks awesome.
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 2 oy oldin
That’s why I’m not really a fan of quick hitches. Only thing they’re good for is a big implement that you can’t easily move and that would be more difficult to hook up without a quick hitch.
Nidia Moreno
Nidia Moreno 2 oy oldin
Just wondering, how tall are you? 🤔
Denny dirksen
Denny dirksen 2 oy oldin
Always exercise hydraulics. "Thats what she said"!
Nagyok Nagyok
Nagyok Nagyok 2 oy oldin
Case Ih! 👌😘
Tom Buhr
Tom Buhr 2 oy oldin
You might try back dragging the snow with bucket and it would smooth out aswell
mike bergen -
mike bergen - 2 oy oldin
Love Youre Vids
Pubudu Lakshan
Pubudu Lakshan 2 oy oldin
Harry Robinson
Harry Robinson 2 oy oldin
Nice purchase Zach
Hunting with Alex
Hunting with Alex 2 oy oldin
Are local fire department could use some grain bin rescue training my dad is on it and I know they have not done it in a long time
fit4ya1975 2 oy oldin
Do you use anti-gel additive in your fuel? If so whats kind have you found to be the best? Thanks to anyone in advance.
jeff wilken
jeff wilken 2 oy oldin
So typically!! Hum and haw forever trying to convince yourself there's a way we can work today instead of just taking a few hours off we do the same here. 🤣
fran karl
fran karl 2 oy oldin
If you want to try a great strip till machine with the ground up there try a soil worrier from ETS.
The Burnhams
The Burnhams 2 oy oldin
Play Doh and driving a grain cart! Who ever said farming wasn't varied (and interesting..)
Cary Enmon
Cary Enmon 2 oy oldin
Do y’all have any cotton dirt up there?
Justin Timothy
Justin Timothy 2 oy oldin
Should have thrown that bushing in cab it would have hooked right up
timothy Stephens
timothy Stephens 2 oy oldin
We had a new 5115r do the same with the but we lost loader and. 3 point function you could cut the tractor off and restart it it would sometimes work John deer finally did fix it but took a month to figure issue out
Gary Manske
Gary Manske 2 oy oldin
Don't forget to pick up a Millennial Farmer Limited Edition AgCam from Zach's store. (A portion of the purchase goes to the Grain Bin Safety Campaign!
Zane Olinger
Zane Olinger 2 oy oldin
Weld a piece of 2in pipe to the cutting edge. wont move as much drive way when your pushing snow
Parker Rittgers
Parker Rittgers 2 oy oldin
Be careful lifting the 3 point with other equipment - at least on a Cat1. The connecting pin is not tied to the piston. If the pin drops it will jam without allowing the piston to travel properly. Easy $2500 fix (ouch). Parker, displaced Iowa farmer in Alaska.
Rami Khuda Rezai
Rami Khuda Rezai 2 oy oldin
3:12 thanks i have corona now
DodgyFPV 2 oy oldin
Universal equipment is for another universe lol
B C 2 oy oldin
4:15 "Universal" is code for Chinesium garbage.
B C 2 oy oldin
We had our earliest ever ice storm in Oklahoma earlier this week. 2" of ice in some places, over 400K without power, we spent 2 days in the dark ourselves. Now it's going to be back in the 60s and 70s. LMFAO
Def Leppard RockBrigade
Def Leppard RockBrigade 2 oy oldin
Kids push boundaries. Zach was just annoyed because Onyx was on it and Zach wasn't lol. Smart kid, worked hard, does his school work, plays with the old mans toys.
Cary Enmon
Cary Enmon 2 oy oldin
Can’t get him to answer me back. Guess because I’m from the south lol.
Huntersvids 2 oy oldin
I think your loader arms might need greased
William Davis
William Davis 2 oy oldin
I literally tried to duck away when you sneezed, 😬. Dang Yankees trying to give us southerners covid, lol. Luv the LSU PURPLE cast!! Be safe guys!
Syntheziz 2 oy oldin
Damn dude! That’s a lot of snow!! 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Harvest-Help Contractors Limited
Harvest-Help Contractors Limited 2 oy oldin
Nice One Zach big love
NZ Lyona
NZ Lyona 2 oy oldin
I have CSWS ... Cold Start Withdrawal Syndrome.
Derek Cullin
Derek Cullin 2 oy oldin
14:42 Did you say Cullin?? Like my spelling or like Colin Or Cullen? Just wondering cuz nobody spells it the way we do. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kevin Roper
Kevin Roper 2 oy oldin
Who said you could ride that thing? “Me he says!” Haha
drifter XD
drifter XD 2 oy oldin
Whis the owner of this company
rich 570
rich 570 2 oy oldin
I have a neat picture of me snapping the hitch pin off the bowl connected to our quad trac 580.
John-Paul Teatero
John-Paul Teatero 2 oy oldin
Zack think we can see the jd 8rx engine
Jonathan Langlois
Jonathan Langlois 2 oy oldin
John Deere is American. The rest of the world uses the metric system. In Canada, we've got this weird situation where some things are metric and some things are in freedom units. It's the most annoying thing ever. If it's anything other then a John Deere blower, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the issue.
Paul Ripley
Paul Ripley 2 oy oldin
Your helmet??
random videos gaming
random videos gaming 2 oy oldin
I love onyx's reasoning for taking your sled.
Brayden Juel
Brayden Juel 2 oy oldin
y is there a case on the farm
Rico Venter
Rico Venter 2 oy oldin
I love your video's
Ryan Fockler
Ryan Fockler 2 oy oldin
You need a 9620 RX it is a Beast
Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens 2 oy oldin
So much to do, weather not cooperating. Life of a farmer! Enjoy channel. Becky, great job editing!!!!!
Rajat Thakare
Rajat Thakare 2 oy oldin
Best video sir I'm Indian farmer nice video
Caleb Welte
Caleb Welte 2 oy oldin
I'm subscribed but I mostly watch UZpost on the laptop or family tv and I'm not logging in when I watch. So it isn't that half your viewers aren't subd, its half minus 1.
romina spyrou
romina spyrou 2 oy oldin
I had a motorbike crash today
oumadmike1 2 oy oldin
mmm big gulps eh... welp see ya later
Wyatt Allen
Wyatt Allen 2 oy oldin
Do a sled video
rrddaa lleenn
rrddaa lleenn 2 oy oldin
y did jd change the name from 8410rx to 8rx 410?!
ITZ FuRy 2 oy oldin
Usual john deere stuff
Eddie Johnson
Eddie Johnson 2 oy oldin
a lil blow torch wide that whole up half inch universal too me i move and set mobile homes until about 10 years ago all the movers were having isuses with axles with so i ask dad when i was 13 if we cut them in half and slide a pipe over them so we have a 2 foot play so we have alot of different sizes to chose from
momo 2 oy oldin
If you keep having problems with that Deere tractor (the one that the snow blower was attached to) you can deliver it to me. I will put it to good use on my measly less than two acres. :P Also lowkey I thought his son was going to walk over to the truck and get in and drive off when Zach went off on the snowmobile LOL
Grant Hartley
Grant Hartley 2 oy oldin
Always enjoy watching
Rob Hakeman
Rob Hakeman 2 oy oldin
Zach aren't you glad you got done with what you have harvested. There saying for us in the next 10 days 50's and 60's and we got 5 inches over the weekend and it is all gone here in Nw Iowa.
Myers Tree Farm
Myers Tree Farm 2 oy oldin
Green paint for the win!
Dalton Mendoza
Dalton Mendoza 2 oy oldin
Can you make more racing videos
SKBMisha 2 oy oldin
HA!! The proper nomenclature!! Name the movie!!
AA7YA 2 oy oldin
Your boy gave you the most honest answer when asked who gave him permission to ride your sled. LOL
B 2 oy oldin
"man that baby's got some weight to 'er" That's what she said.
larry smoker
larry smoker 2 oy oldin
Almost wiped my eye lol
jdtractor man
jdtractor man 2 oy oldin
Quite the winter wonderland around your place. Looks a lot like Christmas😁.
al 115
al 115 2 oy oldin
just listened to the new, Off the husk podcast. Who brings a cooler out ice fishing?
Zeek Durhman
Zeek Durhman 2 oy oldin
You are an awesome Dad!! Boys are tough, independent like Dad!!
Tim Twitch
Tim Twitch 2 oy oldin
Dad's sled is always the one his boy want to ride !!
Tipp Agri
Tipp Agri 2 oy oldin
If you dont mind me asking when did you take over from your dad
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 2 oy oldin
Dad is still very active with the farm
Nikka Fish
Nikka Fish 2 oy oldin
Haha this is 100% farming nothing ever goes as planned but hey at least your equipment is newer and nicer then mine!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 2 oy oldin
Can't complain about the newer machines but yes farming never goes as planned!
Kasey Ginther
Kasey Ginther 2 oy oldin
its back the 8rx'
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard 2 oy oldin
Maxwell Bishop
Maxwell Bishop 2 oy oldin
Bless you lol 😂
drifter XD
drifter XD 2 oy oldin
Bless you
logan williams
logan williams 2 oy oldin
I felt the Covid hit me rite in the face when you sneezed lol pretty much scared me
Wesley Monke
Wesley Monke 2 oy oldin
My dad got to demo a 8410rx with a planter
enivek 2 oy oldin
Have you tried turning on the AC button (with the heat level where you want it) to try to alleviate the fogged windows? Works in a car.
AK47 2 oy oldin
Get a 9r or 9rx
Martin Davis
Martin Davis 2 oy oldin
Welcome to farming
reddragon S101
reddragon S101 2 oy oldin
Hello, I’ve been watching your videos for 3 days. Your videos are awesome. You just got a new subscriber, keep up the good work 😁
Rico Venter
Rico Venter 2 oy oldin
Hallo I am from South Africa kan you say hallo to me in the next video i'm more than 6 years SUBSCRIBE to you
Quigster 2 oy oldin
Your rear 3-point was rubbing in the full up position. Inside of the arms.
goldsupertoilet 2 oy oldin
Yooooo. Where did you get those bungees from???
SLlandscape 2 oy oldin
1:27 that's what she said😉
Adams Farm Videos
Adams Farm Videos 2 oy oldin
Y do u not have 1 mill yet
Bergen Nicholson
Bergen Nicholson 2 oy oldin
I love the Dumb and Dumber references
Greg Ashton
Greg Ashton 2 oy oldin
No helmet? Somebody knows better, I'm sure. Safety first.
AgTech 45
AgTech 45 2 oy oldin
Surprised that red thing started you must have had the booster on it for sure 😛😝
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 2 oy oldin
It’s so cool seeing these different types of implements ( seeders/sowers/cultivators/disc harrors etc) I’m honestly quite fascinated by it all.
DRFowler 2 oy oldin
Tried to nominate my Fire Department but the email got kicked back. Found out that we are getting grain bin class rescue class and a local farmer offering to donate equipment an gear. Thought you like to know about the email though. Keep it up, your doing awesome things.
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 2 oy oldin
I think the 3 point just needed some “ persuasive movements “ from the skid-steer . 👍🏻
Pete Page
Pete Page 2 oy oldin
HE'S HILARIOUS!!! "Whooo said you could touch MY sled???" "Umm.....I did. .... I let it warm up for FIVE miiiinutes." Lol! And you know he DID TOO! 4:57...4:58...4:59........ Then him standing there all bummed, watching you wheely off... LOL!!!!
Benjamin Lenko
Benjamin Lenko 2 oy oldin
That 3pt, we’ve had issues in the past where if you lift it up all the way up with a quick hitch on it pins itself on the 3pt sway point bump stops.
Nick Knickerbocker
Nick Knickerbocker 2 oy oldin
🏁‼️More Dirt Track Racing"‼️🏁
Charles M. Ogle
Charles M. Ogle 2 oy oldin
Good looking John Deere equipment! 😘🚜😀 Mike from Missouri
We're Going to Finish Harvest One Way or Another!
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