Sprayer Oil Leaks

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Millennial Farmer

5 oy oldin

Another busy day on the farm- Trucks going in and out-Aphid Spraying, Bin cleaning and Garage Door Repairs.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Modestas Mickus
Modestas Mickus 3 kun oldin
I watch a lot off your's video, it's amazing, the farm is so cool, best off luck😃
Richard S
Richard S 19 kun oldin
Happy birthday
AllMuscle1 Oy oldin
I've been looking for a product to take away the squeal on my garage doors. You just answered my prayers. I had been using the gel version of WD-40, but thankfully, I'll try the dry lube and see what happens. Thanks, Zach!
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Oy oldin
Now you're ISO 9000 Lift Master Garage door controlled certified.
Party Playz
Party Playz 2 oy oldin
you dont know what hot is my summers are 110F
Conman 13
Conman 13 2 oy oldin
Can’t wait for your map to be on Xbox
Camden Weirich
Camden Weirich 2 oy oldin
Imagine being that popular to get sponsored by wd 40
ago deo
ago deo 3 oy oldin
Roundup??All these chems are in our food. Not smart. Capitalism everywhere. Even if we die?
helipilotuh1 3 oy oldin
Keep them belts covered, a good friend of mine lost several fingers as a child in a grain bin belt.
Mark Bols
Mark Bols 3 oy oldin
I know this is a older vid. Just catching up. But those seal's deere use on sprayers are "special" and if you use off the shelf or general o rings they won't last but a few hrs. They sell a kit for sprayer o rings that has everything you need. Worth the money when you own a deere sprayer.
CAYDEN KRAUS 4 oy oldin
Hey aren’t you the guy that used a angle grinder to cut off a oil filter
jobe paliew
jobe paliew 4 oy oldin
Is FBN roundup or something else, happy birthday to Isla
m rad
m rad 4 oy oldin
Let us know when that ranger starts acting up and you can't shift it!
Jaydev Prabhu
Jaydev Prabhu 4 oy oldin
Watching from bombay
I am goping to seeif can find a comparison for repair on machinery by brand!!
mohit vekariya
mohit vekariya 4 oy oldin
lots of love from india
mohit vekariya
mohit vekariya 4 oy oldin
hello , i'm farmer from india , i'm very happy to see that machines which u have , that very amazing
Farming 4G
Farming 4G 5 oy oldin
Those solenoids and valves can be very finicky.... don't think I've seen them spew oil like that, usually the valve quits working correctly in which the implement doesn't lift or lower (stuck technically)
waterskiingfool 5 oy oldin
I'd be willing to stop wash all the windows on my way back from farming in ND. Kids would love to meet you
Gino Martin
Gino Martin 5 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/pap906tpdoRvnGg.html How do you feel about the right to repair act going around the country?
Wesley 5 oy oldin
Big question to anyone behind on videos, what is the name of his Farming Sim map? And if it's even on console? Really wanna run some of the JD's he's demoed on his map. Would be neat.
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 5 oy oldin
I have work in a tomato farm before and is hard work ..did it many years ...so much respect for our farmers 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
michael haas
michael haas 5 oy oldin
i like these episodes better with the pops playing his part
Janet Tomkow
Janet Tomkow 5 oy oldin
I enjoy winter on the farm...all the machinery is put to bed and doesn't break down..lol
KrypT Hero
KrypT Hero 5 oy oldin
That oil filter change is coming back to get you zack😂😂😂
Tha Real Life Struggles
Tha Real Life Struggles 5 oy oldin
Where does military and navy waste go such as Manneuar and there urination if clean and healthy can look merger
MARIANO 5 oy oldin
Zack 1 vídeo por semana ? , vamos has un esfuerzo y trata de volver a tener más regularidad por lo menos cada 3 días para los fans que te seguimos hace años , Un abrazo desde Argentina.
VIDEOMED 5 oy oldin
And Kudo's for replacing the shields. I remember some 20 plus years ago, reading about an accident at a dairy farm. A woman was working around belts and pully's, She had long beautiful hair....which got caught up in the pully's. I won't repeat what happened to her, but It was horrific. I believe she recovered fully, thanks to some gifted doctors. So Shields are good !! peace
VIDEOMED 5 oy oldin
Treasure these years while your kids are young....especially the "single digit" years....because time goes by so fast, and they grow up and choose their own paths in life. You will think "Geez, I can remember when they were just kiddo's" .Where did the time go" ? peace
BT ennis
BT ennis 5 oy oldin
Love the vids recently. Can’t wait to see harvest this year. Quick question, being that you and your family farm is “‘mostly” John Deere. Do you have any thoughts on the “controversial” John Deere right to repair situation that’s been on going with farmers like yourself?
iBelieve 5 oy oldin
iBelieve 5 oy oldin
iBelieve 5 oy oldin
iBelieve 5 oy oldin
Chris Geddings
Chris Geddings 5 oy oldin
Where do you have the camera mounted on your sprayer
Hemi Power
Hemi Power 5 oy oldin
John Deere needs to bring you out a new sprayer
Jonathan Larson
Jonathan Larson 5 oy oldin
Keep eem between the rows
yu haibin 糜烂
yu haibin 糜烂 5 oy oldin
I want to be your family because I am a lonely homeless five years old boy who was abused abandoned by his parents,although I have been 29 years old, I cannot work and live as a normal person, Because I was also Self-absorbed, that made himself disabled.
Farmboy762 5 oy oldin
I have 4830 it blows that o ring under there quite often after it did it the first time gotta get it tight just carry a box of o rings with ya
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 5 oy oldin
I love it when your dad is just laughing at you LOL 😂 there is nothing better than working with your pops. That's how it is with me and my dad. Our fathers can teach us a lot. Like a bottomless pit of knowledge. We won't ever get these times back my friend! 🙏👌😀
Jerry Moore III
Jerry Moore III 5 oy oldin
Mark Maehler
Mark Maehler 5 oy oldin
never never is the finger wipe clever, squeeze hose had a pinhole , filled to his elbow in seconds, faster than the warm oil and pain could be felt
Cassidy Knudsvig
Cassidy Knudsvig 5 oy oldin
good videos
Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly 5 oy oldin
The joys of 30 series sprayers. At least 3 oil leaks a year on ours
April Iza
April Iza 5 oy oldin
Grease Zerts
Ben 5 oy oldin
"i dont like heights at all" also climbs ontop of massive grain bins
Patrick Quilter
Patrick Quilter 5 oy oldin
i learned this spring not to use the cheap Chinese oring kit from the hardware store, go to deere and buy their kit
Scott Reps
Scott Reps 5 oy oldin
Happy birthday
Frankie Taylor
Frankie Taylor 5 oy oldin
God bless America farmers ..👍🏻
Dangoman Ez
Dangoman Ez 5 oy oldin
If you're in Northern Indiana during your travels stop by Clunette Elevator Co Inc free coffee & popcorn won't be disappointed
Holly Smith
Holly Smith 5 oy oldin
Happy birthday iala
Nigel Morrow
Nigel Morrow 5 oy oldin
Happy Birthday Isla enjoy
Adam Prochniak
Adam Prochniak 5 oy oldin
Happy birthday Zack
Michael Max
Michael Max 5 oy oldin
I thought the " always something " thing was a boat thing .
Dag Iver Tokerud
Dag Iver Tokerud 5 oy oldin
Finally!!! the shields are back on over the belts and pulleys. I have been watching in horror the open belts and pulleys and have been praying that no one would get hurt. Good Job Millennial Farmer, Thumbs Up.
Lillie James
Lillie James 5 oy oldin
Hello! I am doing an assignment for my Agriscience class where I need to interview a farmer. It’s only 7 questions. Would you be willing to help me out? If so, my email is lillie.james@boonevilleschools.org. Thanks so much!
Carlos Castilho
Carlos Castilho 5 oy oldin
Bom dia Foi atingido pelo vendaval Como esta as lavouras
Matt Huey
Matt Huey 5 oy oldin
I watch UZpost videos for all types of fixing things!🤣💯💯
Ryan McPherson
Ryan McPherson 5 oy oldin
Happy birthday
Ryan McPherson
Ryan McPherson 5 oy oldin
I’m glad u are a John Deere farmer
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen 5 oy oldin
Zach what does the WD stand for in WD-40??
Bluecollar Outdoors
Bluecollar Outdoors 5 oy oldin
I fall asleep to this thank you for helping me sleep 12:15 Regina Saskatchewan
Bluecollar Outdoors
Bluecollar Outdoors 5 oy oldin
P.S 12:15 am
Randy Lee
Randy Lee 5 oy oldin
Not a farmer but my wife’s family farmed almonds for years .I love watching because I love farming of all kinds and it’s so awesome to be able to watch your videos that are family friendly
Dusin Bonnema
Dusin Bonnema 5 oy oldin
How do you convince your equipment to have all the year's breakdowns once?
Kustom '49
Kustom '49 5 oy oldin
I love your doggies... and your content... thank you!
cody miller
cody miller 5 oy oldin
I drive a 4830 everyday and about once a week I find a bad o ring. Thankfully John deere sells a kit with all the o rings and I have it! Lol
samiiboy1 5 oy oldin
Maybe you need an automaton on the farm? 😉
Laatu 5 oy oldin
Cake opening and present eating 🤗
Steve Lovett
Steve Lovett 5 oy oldin
Happy late birthday 🎂🎈🎉💐🎂🎉🎁
Aidan Dillon
Aidan Dillon 5 oy oldin
You guys need to do a live stream in the sprayer
Jake Weismantle
Jake Weismantle 5 oy oldin
365 more days till next year‘s hockey tryouts you got to toughen up Zack lol Happy Gilmore reference
Paul C. Sachse Jr.
Paul C. Sachse Jr. 5 oy oldin
Zack, you need viton rubber o-rings.
Mark Sinn
Mark Sinn 5 oy oldin
A mods at Grand Forks Friday night !!
Leakproofcow88 5 oy oldin
Thumb'd up for shield safety. Kids like their hands lol.
Dean Danielson
Dean Danielson 5 oy oldin
Hi Zach, Tara from Beaver Vineyard gave you a nice plug today. You're world famous which is great for a western Minnesota farm boy. Well done. Well done. I think I'll be using the WD-40 product you mentioned today on my garage door. It makes a big noise and complains every time if open the door. Cornstar Cole got whacked with the 90+ mph winds yesterday. Glad they missed you. - Dean from Edina
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 5 oy oldin
Always an enjoyable watch Zak.....but, these adverts, are doing my head in!!!
Not You
Not You 5 oy oldin
You boys are busting balls! Enjoy the hot summertime! It sure beats winter.
Cole Weidemann
Cole Weidemann 5 oy oldin
Probably a lot of people
Nick Poole
Nick Poole 5 oy oldin
Those solenoids take a very specific O-ring and those O-ring kits very rarely have the right one. I drove a 4730 that would keep blowing the same one underneath and thought we were putting the right size on it from one of those kits until we actually ordered the kit from Deere and put it on. Didn’t have anymore trouble with it. Just wanted to give you a heads up
Gage Lykam
Gage Lykam 5 oy oldin
I can relate same with trucking always something
Max Browne
Max Browne 5 oy oldin
hey zack how heavy are those liquid tanks when there full
MegaBoombo 5 oy oldin
Lone Pine
Lone Pine 5 oy oldin
Ohhh those quality John Deere O rings. Nate looked disgusted.
Hookmaster 5 oy oldin
Women in farming uzpost.info/vision/video/rsh_tJNkY3d-emA.html
Matt Heaton
Matt Heaton 5 oy oldin
Have you ever cleaned out the leg boot? It’s a nasty job and if you have done it then I missed the video.
Tools, Trucks and Tech, with Mike
Tools, Trucks and Tech, with Mike 5 oy oldin
I can relate, because it's always something in the trucking business. It's always amazing that a 50 cent O-ring (and we have the same type of issues) can bring down a 100k machine.
C Mike C
C Mike C 5 oy oldin
Morning Anna and hey are you ok never seem to get old to me. And put your seatbelt on... I like you alive.
aaron lentz
aaron lentz 5 oy oldin
I wonder how many other Aussies are in the comments here, only one way to find out.... Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 5 oy oldin
We had our cutter, baler and rake tractor down in one day.. Farmin is fixin.
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 5 oy oldin
You should have done a Billy Madison, "I'm the smartest man alive!" shout after fixing the door
NoMorePain1Deep 5 oy oldin
That's crazy glad to see everyone's alright. I work customer service for coops this storm was no joke Illinois got it bad several trees and lines down. Crazy to see this in ur video after working the storms.
Nathan Halls
Nathan Halls 5 oy oldin
Will you be demoing a x9 combine this fall
IowaFarmer 5 oy oldin
Have you all seen a lot of weeds up there as well? We had a bunch of weeds in our bean fields and are assuming we had some resistance this year to our chemicals. We had to do a lot of walking in our seedbeans....
Oklahoma Farmer
Oklahoma Farmer 5 oy oldin
Dang, I feel like you’re having the EXACT problems I have with my sprayer!
Scott Fabel
Scott Fabel 5 oy oldin
I need some of that WD-40 dry lube for my mountain bike chains. I use some teflon dry lube, but it's not cheap. I've tried dry lube for RV's and window frames, and that works pretty good.
bert sweere
bert sweere 5 oy oldin
I'm having the same issues this year with our 4830, found out my dad put accidently put hy-gard oil in instead of 10w30
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 5 oy oldin
Plug your wd 40 more often
Noel Hohberger
Noel Hohberger 5 oy oldin
God if I know I need a laugh I know who to watch lol
DD2 5 oy oldin
Wow, a millennial that knows how to use a shovel!
AgTech 45
AgTech 45 5 oy oldin
The spools on the solenoid valves come a touch loose due to vibration and then damage the o-ring causing those leaks it’s just the way it is and check the taper of the block that you had the second o-ring blew out on there may possibly be a little Knick in it that caused it to go again and you should NEVER check a oil leaks with your hand
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