Spring Maintenance on The Farm

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Millennial Farmer

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Spring Maintenance on The Farm is always Essential and how could we get by without WD-40?! We're even keeping Onyx busy! There is a job for everyone on the farm. #PeopleGottaEat #WD40 #WD40partner #LiveLifeHandsOn
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Elisha Hodge
Elisha Hodge 3 kun oldin
Brittany Weaver
Brittany Weaver 8 kun oldin
I got 5,000,000 acres of corn
Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson 11 kun oldin
Why do you leave the pulley guards off the grain moving system? A dog could lose it's tail by walking by those pulleys not to mention anyone walking by with loose clothing.
David Stump
David Stump 13 kun oldin
paint it again go thur it make it a new one
Russell G'sell
Russell G'sell 13 kun oldin
You know it’s amazing How you get almost 1000 subscribers a day. Great job btw !!!
Mike Casey
Mike Casey 15 kun oldin
I'm no youtuber but when to school for agriculture mechanics. I'd love to help restore it.
Emily Engle
Emily Engle 15 kun oldin
Do both
VibeZ_Grady 2
VibeZ_Grady 2 19 kun oldin
Leave it how it is
Jaxon McFadzien
Jaxon McFadzien 22 kun oldin
A boy And his grandpa Bridgewater
A boy And his grandpa Bridgewater 22 kun oldin
JACK CONNOR 23 kun oldin
Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant 24 kun oldin
I feel like once the moline becomes less used you could restore it but not if it’s a everyday usr
Michael Bolin
Michael Bolin 26 kun oldin
regen, that is what the DEF is for
John Wythe
John Wythe 27 kun oldin
Yeah, I hate when those tabs break off too! You think they could make them a little better or come up with a new idea.
Tacticle Glass_900
Tacticle Glass_900 Oy oldin
Weller farms
BlaBoy Playz food gang
BlaBoy Playz food gang Oy oldin
Lol why do I think it is fs19 from the thumbnails? XD 😂
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton Oy oldin
Farm tractor repairs .....Dan Gingell and Rachel Gingell uzpost.info/vision/video/nb-X0rmBaJKpd5c.html
Clayton Ehlerding
Clayton Ehlerding Oy oldin
Me: Watching Zach People who can’t watch Zach: he is so dumb Me again: what did you say
KIng alphathe3rd
KIng alphathe3rd Oy oldin
The skid steer is in a high rpm for emissions regeneration
Peter Shute
Peter Shute Oy oldin
Get the android/iPhone app and switcher for your doors very cheap on amazon and use your phone 👍🤘
caper2x Oy oldin
Larson's Farms has an oil pit in their shop. Could one be helpful for you?
Cory L
Cory L Oy oldin
White lightning is awesome and thw moline isa treasure worth keeping
Kyle Haines
Kyle Haines Oy oldin
MRE style? There ain't no candy bars in MREs! Skittles, M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, yes, candy bars? No. Closest thing to that is the chocolate flavored first strike energy bar
Sean Michael
Sean Michael Oy oldin
Back in my day, we had to pump our grease guns... lol
Farms Hoffman
Farms Hoffman Oy oldin
It’s a big enough job checking everything before the season starts
Derek Cullin
Derek Cullin Oy oldin
9:10 restore the old girl!
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent Oy oldin
hi i love your vids
Micah Rizzuto
Micah Rizzuto Oy oldin
Parked Regeneration
William Riley
William Riley 2 oy oldin
Yep... REGEN...
Rural Tanks
Rural Tanks 2 oy oldin
keep it
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 oy oldin
Don’t restore it keep it original it ads character
pusher44 gmcjb
pusher44 gmcjb 2 oy oldin
RE. the Moline: what is the deepest ditch/ravine/cliff/mud hole/swamp/body of water you got?
Ryan McEnaney
Ryan McEnaney 2 oy oldin
You should do a 2020 farm walk around
Kenny Stokes
Kenny Stokes 2 oy oldin
I know im late to the party but I'd go through the Moline and still use it... you're using everything else with brand new paint, why not her as well?
Model2Reality 2 oy oldin
rebuild. DEFOLO
B C 2 oy oldin
Where did you get the air blaster from?
Rickrocks777 3 oy oldin
For that skid loader that would be my luck too your not alone!😂😂
Musicaholic Central
Musicaholic Central 3 oy oldin
Timmy Smith
Timmy Smith 3 oy oldin
Restore it
Drew Mattrisch
Drew Mattrisch 3 oy oldin
Good Works Tractors UZpost Channel
miles luther
miles luther 3 oy oldin
man when you get to the point where you use oil absorbent to clean up soda you know you've made it in life
Micheal Dey
Micheal Dey 3 oy oldin
Deboss garage would be a great help with you tractor
TYPOGRFX 3 oy oldin
the skid loader idles high when its cold. are skid steer does the same thing
John Melluso
John Melluso 3 oy oldin
I would. I would also like to come out and photograph the farm and the fields being worked
William Davis
William Davis 3 oy oldin
Y’all really ought to put a coating on your shop floor, they make great epoxy that will last a lifetime. Sure makes getting up spills and stuff easily, comes up easy no stains. Makes sweepingly easier, you get up almost all the dirt and dust. The dirt doesn’t have a surface to grab. They make it where you can do it yourself.
William Davis
William Davis 3 oy oldin
Buy some rubber snakes and place them up on the beams and you’ll have way less birds in the building, less bird poop.
Marie Buckley
Marie Buckley 3 oy oldin
I do feel
Elizabeth Wolf
Elizabeth Wolf 3 oy oldin
Restore the moline
Cris Knipscheer
Cris Knipscheer 4 oy oldin
What’s that call thing called?
Alfix norge
Alfix norge 4 oy oldin
Black Lives Matter
Luke Keasey
Luke Keasey 4 oy oldin
I would restore it!
Hairy DairyMan
Hairy DairyMan 4 oy oldin
Rebuild it and still use it. That's the way I'd go
For the John Deere skid steer you have to turn the speed all the way done so it isn’t in high idle
salty 101
salty 101 4 oy oldin
Make the MM mechanically sound, the paint can be done any time. It would be nice painted, but still used as a daily driver.
Tobey Lewis
Tobey Lewis 4 oy oldin
I'm in a bad mod also your asum
Kelley Farms inc
Kelley Farms inc 4 oy oldin
It’s exhaust burn off all the newer skid steers do that and they say you shouldn’t shut it off but it’s ok
Kristen Klingenberg
Kristen Klingenberg 4 oy oldin
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) 4 oy oldin
Zack why don't you go ZWAVE ?? so you can use any of your phones as garage openers on top. One time install and bamb you have your problems solved and you even can open and close it while you are anywhere in the field too. and it is a hitch receiver Zack :-)
spanglercd 4 oy oldin
Leave that mm alone. Its gonna last forever at your place anyways. Its always shedded and never beat up and it will only be original once. Every fair in every county has dupont overhauls sitting in rows. Yours is full of character just like the men who drove them. No rtk guidance needed to make a crop.
Ian Monsour
Ian Monsour 4 oy oldin
you should paint the shovel green and leave the part yellow like make it look like John Deere
Teba 4 oy oldin
Wd 40= problem solver to every Aussie problem😂😂😂
Olive Clavin
Olive Clavin 4 oy oldin
Use it!!!
Upload re-upload
Upload re-upload 5 oy oldin
Why tracks not tyres???????
Adam Dyck
Adam Dyck 5 oy oldin
it would b cool if you restored it
Cullen Podolan
Cullen Podolan 5 oy oldin
Yes restor it but still use it
John Patton
John Patton 5 oy oldin
I say fix it up now before it becomes to much work in time and cost.
Jan Jablonski
Jan Jablonski 5 oy oldin
DPF reset
Power Equipment Guys
Power Equipment Guys 5 oy oldin
Repaint it and make it look good millenial!☺
Hume Farms
Hume Farms 5 oy oldin
If you ever need parts for the Moline try Korves Oliver in Waterloo IL or Mibach tractor in Creston Ohio
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 5 oy oldin
Great video!
Keith and Halle Hankins
Keith and Halle Hankins 5 oy oldin
Restore to original condition
Sean Williams
Sean Williams 5 oy oldin
Looks great.
Aidan Ward
Aidan Ward 5 oy oldin
the minneapolis moline would look awesome restored
Bob H
Bob H 5 oy oldin
You you should have your Friend's son rebuild it.. The one that has all the tractors..great. Tribute for your Dad..sons name started with a J
INK'D RAILS 5 oy oldin
I vote that you restore the Minneapolis Moline, as it would be a restoration for a rare tractor. Plus your tractor (6175) can do the jobs the Moline use to do.
Roger Laubhan
Roger Laubhan 5 oy oldin
When I was growing up "mid 60s" we would remove the roller chains from the combine roll them up in a bucket put two big hand fulls or grease "no tubes back then" on top then a quart or two of oil and heat the whole thing up. Stir to liquify the grease then put away till next spring. The grease/oil got inside the rollers they were lubed! Very messy in the spring to get them out and ready to use.
Adrian Deltoro
Adrian Deltoro 5 oy oldin
When I get frustrated I say suffering side orders of seaweed salad
Matt K
Matt K 5 oy oldin
Thumbs up for cleaning the drain pan after use. 👍👍👍👍👍
Frederik Herbots
Frederik Herbots 5 oy oldin
Welker's farms just started up their moline and are going to restore it later on.
Chris Wubs
Chris Wubs 5 oy oldin
Restore the moline, but only the parts that need to. I shouldn't make it shiny new, but bring it into a state where it is able to work for another few decades without losing its legacy
George Goertzen
George Goertzen 5 oy oldin
Did I just see some perfectly good cardboard go in the garbage? Compost it if you can't be bothered to recycle it! You have kids! Don't make their children and grandchildren clean up your mess!
George Goertzen
George Goertzen 5 oy oldin
Use it. It's an old workhorse. They hate to be left in the barn while you just use the shiny new one.
Khaffit 5 oy oldin
you are kinda treating your kid like an NPC
Not You
Not You 5 oy oldin
I am waiting for that day when you make a video while clean shaven.
Bill Ambrose
Bill Ambrose 5 oy oldin
I would definitely restore it
MJ SOULT 5 oy oldin
Re do it
Jonah Brenneman
Jonah Brenneman 5 oy oldin
Have welker farms come down and help you restore it!
Fleet Manager
Fleet Manager 6 oy oldin
I own a Minneapolis Moline G1000, keep it as patina..original is best. I have a shop that works on only MM Oliver White not too far from be. Good machines. mine is a propane powered one.
Cp 4440
Cp 4440 6 oy oldin
I would restore it
Ron Wolford
Ron Wolford 6 oy oldin
I love seeing your beautiful little daughter in your videos. Enjoy her while you can, she will be grown and off with her own life before you know it. Make memories!
John Williams
John Williams 6 oy oldin
Regen usually takes 15 to 20 minutes
John Williams
John Williams 6 oy oldin
Never turn it off while in regen trust me ! Usually pops the sensor and you dont want a big bill replacing that !
Farmboy0726 6 oy oldin
Daggerwin does a restore channel for equipment
cobrasvt347 6 oy oldin
Skid is doing a re-gen. Won't take it long to finish. 👍 30 mins or so
TOM V 6 oy oldin
Fox up the Molene even if you use it.
Joe Carlson
Joe Carlson 6 oy oldin
New viewer.. Really enjoy watching. My granddad was a farmer in NE Kansas. Many happy memories from my 3 week summer visits. That was in the 60s. Now retired from public service (Oregon Public Health) and living in Texas near my daughter and 3 grandsons.
Antique Tractor Repair
Antique Tractor Repair 6 oy oldin
Do you run a waste oil burner to heat the shop?
Jaron Jober
Jaron Jober 6 oy oldin
I think you'd like deboss garage
Dillon 6 oy oldin
I dropped my 10mm socket in that bobcat void before never knew it was there before that never forgot about it after
Jim Craig
Jim Craig 6 oy oldin
Restore the 🚜
rswany16 6 oy oldin
Keep the Minnie Mo the way she is in workin clothes, i find when i paint mine i don't want to use them as much. That is a super cool and rare G750!
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