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Millennial Farmer

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Shawnee thrift
Shawnee thrift 2 oy oldin
Stuck again 👎👎🤠🤠
Laurie Norgate
Laurie Norgate 5 oy oldin
thats not good to do
James McCowan
James McCowan 6 oy oldin
V. V. V v. V. V. V.
Lance Grambo
Lance Grambo 7 oy oldin
From the peanut gallery in the back seat “ good driving Mr Jim Jim”😂😂
Justin P
Justin P 8 oy oldin
Jim always gets stuck cause hes doing the most work! ;p
Maine Man
Maine Man 10 oy oldin
Good for you Becky, at not having the ridiculous drama about the word moist, that so many other woman have about the word.
iBelieve 11 oy oldin
Bob Robert
Bob Robert 11 oy oldin
conor tobin
conor tobin 11 oy oldin
Northern Redneck
Northern Redneck 11 oy oldin
Awesome video Mrs. Millennial farmer
Parxody 11 oy oldin
Tiffany Olson
Tiffany Olson 11 oy oldin
Case couldn't do that
J PR 11 oy oldin
“I believe they are making a plan”... famous last words from time immemorial lol
Brayden Eaton
Brayden Eaton 11 oy oldin
Hey zack btw case has problems but they don’t get stuck all I’ve seen is Deere being stuck
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 11 oy oldin
Good job millennial mommy
Dustin Chaffins
Dustin Chaffins 11 oy oldin
Why does it always seem like these green machines are always getting stuck!!! If it ain’t red leave it in the shed 🤷🏼‍♂️
Farmnorway 11 oy oldin
So when is that wheel tractor going away
EveryStudent 11 oy oldin
“It is what it is”
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner 11 oy oldin
You have such wonderful toys
Susan McCloud
Susan McCloud 11 oy oldin
How did those tress you transplanted do? Did they grow or die?
Charles Kittler
Charles Kittler 11 oy oldin
Tracks rule simply fact and now you know .🎃😎👍
Mike Zahnow
Mike Zahnow 11 oy oldin
Doesn't matter who was driving the cart really. Very wet fall and machinery is getting stuck all over the place. I got the city's grader stuck in a ditch last winter lol.
ALUCARDBOND007 Gaming 11 oy oldin
Love how your son said "A Case would not have done that!" That was awesome! LMAO!
Noah Behm
Noah Behm 11 oy oldin
Zack jinx it with yesterdays videos said jim didn't get anything stuck this year haha
Owen Nielsen
Owen Nielsen 11 oy oldin
didn't even dump the cart, easy!
The Technician
The Technician 11 oy oldin
I bet Zack is out drifting the combine.
Aatu Sijainen
Aatu Sijainen 11 oy oldin
Haha, gotcha bois! CEO is looking! xD
byamrcn 11 oy oldin
Great catch Mrs. MNMF, well done. I think they need you out there cracking the whip!
Scott Warrington
Scott Warrington 11 oy oldin
Sounds like the kid is already brainwashed by Dad.
josh hubbard
josh hubbard 11 oy oldin
Zach!!! She said it was mooiisstt.....
J. Hruby
J. Hruby 11 oy oldin
Good work Mrs. Millennial Farmer. Even got a "moist" in there.
Scrappy 11 oy oldin
A case would not have got stuck
CREEK SQUAD 11 oy oldin
U raised ur kid right when thay said "a case couldn't do that"
frktrk1808 11 oy oldin
Brent W
Brent W 11 oy oldin
What a waste of my time watching this
Ezequiel R. Gutierrez
Ezequiel R. Gutierrez 11 oy oldin
Zach ... this video should be called: "Moral and spiritual support of the family ... from a distance!" hahahahahaha ...
Lennis Sytsma
Lennis Sytsma 11 oy oldin
And nobody got hurt!
c parrott
c parrott 11 oy oldin
sure looks shloppy... and moist!
Ryan's Schweikhardt
Ryan's Schweikhardt 11 oy oldin
Listening to the kids in the background makes this commentary much more interesting 😆
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 11 oy oldin
Wider tires might help the grain carts.
dbjerrum 11 oy oldin
Finally some good camera work and some good content
Baldrick 11 oy oldin
I thought it was only RED machines that got stuck
Toby Walker Sr.
Toby Walker Sr. 11 oy oldin
That was funny. It's moist! She's great! You've trained her well ;)
Magnacharger07 11 oy oldin
🤣😂🤣 yeah mrs millennial farmer 😅😂🤣😂😅. Then a little voice a case could have never done that. Great little snippet. Hope the little ones had a good time truck or treating!! Love the millennial farmer!!!!!
freethinker52 11 oy oldin
i wonder. can a farmer get a disaster payment for that from the government?
mitchell bliss
mitchell bliss 11 oy oldin
How the heck did yall dodge this snow??! We have almost 3 inches that landed here in Milwaukee on Sunday night! Yall get anything there in MN?
TransitBiker 11 oy oldin
Front wheels pretty well in the moist soil.
John O
John O 11 oy oldin
We call that 'temporarily disabled'. If you got out without digging equipment, you weren't stuck, you were 'temporarily disabled'. Try it sometime, it isn't as disheartening as saying "I got stuck".
Oppermong 11 oy oldin
Aww Jim, bless him
Grant DuBridge
Grant DuBridge 11 oy oldin
What are they doing in an empty field?
Denis Colbert
Denis Colbert 11 oy oldin
J D 11 oy oldin
If it were painted red it would not have gotten stuck.
hawkeye0203 11 oy oldin
Looks like your Trick or Treating weather was much nicer than ours here in Michigan. 35 degrees, windy and heavy wet snow. Kids didn't enjoy it too much, but job done anyway!
Dylan Zimmerman
Dylan Zimmerman 11 oy oldin
Don’t hook it up to the suit case weights you will pull the engine off
jdude5786 11 oy oldin
This is the best video in a while.
john johnerd
john johnerd 11 oy oldin
I know how u kids like em shloppy!!!
MalakaiC111 Cripps
MalakaiC111 Cripps 11 oy oldin
Poss357 11 oy oldin
Jorge hernandez
Jorge hernandez 11 oy oldin
Them deeres always getting stuck lol
ROY cracker
ROY cracker 11 oy oldin
I haven't seen any red ones stuck 😒✨
luke saylor
luke saylor 11 oy oldin
lololol "A case wouldn't of done that" taught him well
Ginger Inventor
Ginger Inventor 11 oy oldin
Yep kid, Case would definitely not have gone done got stuck!
sorina verde
sorina verde 11 oy oldin
forecast for today: Jim got stuck, yet again!
Tricky Dicky
Tricky Dicky 11 oy oldin
If that was Jim, well done we knew you could do it.
christian sealand
christian sealand 11 oy oldin
Dammit, Jim!
Haydn Drew
Haydn Drew 11 oy oldin
Why post the video with such bad sound quality?
Haydn Drew
Haydn Drew 11 oy oldin
Your sound is terrible in this video
MrBiggerThanYours 11 oy oldin
Shannan Mcconachy
Shannan Mcconachy 11 oy oldin
Do you always give becky a spare camera to catch these moments?
tomhcody 11 oy oldin
biggles754 11 oy oldin
Ayyy Mrs Millennial Farmer, nice work :) Do a special episode for us telling us about you and your role in running the farm/channel?
Adam Whetren
Adam Whetren 11 oy oldin
Trade Jim for leg arms from @welkerfarms inc ?
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 11 oy oldin
Yay!!!!! Bad for u great for utube. Lol. Thanks
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson 11 oy oldin
And Mrs Millennial farmer for the win! Tell the kids thanks for waiting so we could see!
barrettgpeck 11 oy oldin
Hey Becky and Z... that's only mildly stuck.
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 11 oy oldin
Dang it Jim getting the tractor stuck again so disappointed lol not really good work guys getting it unstuck
Brian Barnes
Brian Barnes 11 oy oldin
Love the impromptu MrsMillenialFarmer edition! Holy Buckets! We had 3" of snow in northern IL on Halloween. Glad you didn't!
Richecks 11 oy oldin
Too much candy in the wrinkly grain cart! Happy Ween!
Retired driver
Retired driver 11 oy oldin
Mud very moist
Paul Gimenez
Paul Gimenez 11 oy oldin
For Pete’s sake Beck you said moist
pharmmech 11 oy oldin
i do believe the wife has a stronger MN accent ya know
Crap 11 oy oldin
The women just sound sexier that's all. Love a midwest lady.
J PR 11 oy oldin
pharmmech lol. I was just thinking that, don’t chya know
Dale Cornelius
Dale Cornelius 11 oy oldin
No costume shots? Boo
Andy Mulligan
Andy Mulligan 11 oy oldin
If Jim didn’t get the tractor stuck who did it ??
Bob Earl
Bob Earl 11 oy oldin
Your carts need power rear wheels like Europe
camino LA
camino LA 11 oy oldin
Thanks Becky...Looks like you have some competition Zach. Lol.
thedonleroy 11 oy oldin
Yep know what that's like. Done that 3 times so far this year. Once on beans & twice on corn. Different driver every time. Never any fun.
Elijah S.
Elijah S. 11 oy oldin
One of the kids "HOLY BUCKETS a Case couldn't have done that"🤣🤣🤣......MOIST😁
Mike Clemens
Mike Clemens 11 oy oldin
Really. A full 50-60,000 lbs on the cart? With a tiny tractor, set up for DIASTER. We're running 30,000 to the truck with a 620 QUADTRAC and have no trouble. By the way, the TRACKS haven't let us down yet.
anthonybinning 11 oy oldin
Your not stuck till it sits over night !
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds 11 oy oldin
Happy Halloween all!! ;) Trick or beer.
Greg Adomeit
Greg Adomeit 11 oy oldin
What about the new cable set up on the combine.
Aedan Schoer
Aedan Schoer 11 oy oldin
Yeah you are right case does suck
John Smith
John Smith 11 oy oldin
Tracks for the win.....
Art Ayers
Art Ayers 11 oy oldin
Thank you Miss Becky for taking time to share this event. And thank you kids for not being too upset that she held you up from trick-or-treating to share this. #poorjim
charles gross
charles gross 11 oy oldin
For Pete's sake beck! The kids want candy! But so do the youtube viewers hahaha!
Rob & Jamie Whiteford
Rob & Jamie Whiteford 11 oy oldin
Gezzz Becky!!!
Edward Nelson
Edward Nelson 11 oy oldin
Seei think I know what happened here is mama did way to good a job of helping you with the videos. And she just did you dirty. Hahah. Also I'm probably wrong. At least that's what my wife thought
Gear review With kye
Gear review With kye 11 oy oldin
I think it’s stuck
Steven Walls
Steven Walls 11 oy oldin
Becky how do you feel when Zach brings his pet ducks out in these videos
LYNETTE McSweeney 11 oy oldin
What’s the Petersons farm Bros tractors stuck song I bet you can feel really relatable to it
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