Tell Me Otherwise-Crusted over Grain Bins

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Millennial Farmer

4 oy oldin

We have a lot of grain to haul over the next 6 weeks so the trucks and hoppers need maintenance. Tell me otherwise-Crusted over Grain Bins and spoilage, why it happens and how we stay on top of it.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Landon Clemen
Landon Clemen 4 oy oldin
I love your podcast off the husk
Seb Fontana
Seb Fontana 27 kun oldin
Herold Tinnel
Herold Tinnel 2 oy oldin
Hey girls and boys boys and girls what's happening Millennium farmer my name KaTy has the the way and let's do everything right let's keep on going and if everybody knows is the men Millie farmer is it know how to ride her his bike a bike that's not powered buy battery there's actually a new one out that it can help you so you won't have to do pedaling if you get put on helper mode in this pedal by it yourself but peace out I'll see you later and I love what his channels are I like Tom I like combine I like old tractors now
Chase ONeill
Chase ONeill 4 oy oldin
Landon Clemen j
Ravenview Farm
Ravenview Farm 4 oy oldin
Field Work podcast ain't bad either!! ;0)
Dylan Portner gaming
Dylan Portner gaming 4 oy oldin
John w
John w Kun oldin
Starting fluid and a match will set that tire...
Lucas Crisp
Lucas Crisp 3 kun oldin
Playing on your map whilst watching this video!
James Rolfe
James Rolfe 4 kun oldin
Awesome flags love em
rob peters
rob peters 8 kun oldin
WD 40 is NOT a very good lubricant. In a pinch perhaps but It is best suited for use as a water displacement spray for use on electrical components like a distributor cap and its wires. It prevents water/humidity from building up causing electrical issues. True story. WD-Water Displacement. 40 was the 40th formula/mix when initially designing it. As for the bearings and it’s related components, a chain lube would be better suited but there is no getting away from the dust building up from being on those back roads. .
Rose White
Rose White 10 kun oldin
you seem to have a lot of breakdowns? Is i old age or modern American standards?
Ryan Pavlosky
Ryan Pavlosky 14 kun oldin
I saw you had rows going one way then rows going another way why is it set up like that?
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
MN. STEEL - Andrew K. 18 kun oldin
Your friend for seating beads back onto rims is a 5 gallon "CHEETAH" air can that utilizes a 3" ball valve to seat the tires. I used to be a commercial tire repair guy for about six years.
SparkeyDogfish 19 kun oldin
Nice to see you are hanging the American flag correctly. Lots of folks don’t understand. 👍
Humble Auto Service
Humble Auto Service 24 kun oldin
For filling duels on semi trucks, I cannot recommend getting a set of crossfire's enough. Fills both tires at the same time, equalizes pressure and has a blow off valve in case a tire pops. Look them up on amazon, around 65$ per set of duels. Also, I personally use a clip lock on air chuck and a ball valve on a hose, and when the crossfire lines up, close the ball and then go pop the chuck off. That way my face is not two inches from the tire when it goes bang.
Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez 27 kun oldin
Good afternoon
Miles Boehmer
Miles Boehmer 27 kun oldin
We used dawn dish soap on our hoppers,put it in squirt bottles ,
Patrick Lavoie
Patrick Lavoie Oy oldin
Since I see you are using WD-40, you could probably put some in the valve stems while you inflate the tires on truck so that the stem doesn’t seize.
Tracy Grice
Tracy Grice Oy oldin
Fluid Film works great
MrDodgeman2011 Oy oldin
I play farm simulator 19 and I cannot find your map but I can find the welkers farm
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer Oy oldin
weres the ol peter built
Henry Dening
Henry Dening Oy oldin
CRUD Chalk River Unidentified Debree. Canadians watch too.
Charles Chris
Charles Chris Oy oldin
After you fill your bin and run the air little bit core it! All your fines moved to the center especially corn bins
willard moore
willard moore Oy oldin
flat tire-starting fluid and a match
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Oy oldin
I notice you have better stuff on your shelf to lubricate and especially prevent corrosion ---FLUID FILM. Why aren't you using it? Wouldn't they sponsor your video?
Prjndigo 2 oy oldin
Next bin you build get yourself another 2 feet of soffit panel drop around the sides at the top to stop the wind from blowing rain up in like you left the top down in a cabrio. At worst you'll break even and your kids won't catch lung diseases from the mold.
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg 2 oy oldin
put them other sides? i dunno flag etiquite, farm first on right? looks good to me! plus i loved my pedal car, took it to bed with me but wowser - happy lad!
BeenJamminMon 2 oy oldin
"Don't wanna break a rubber" ............ LOL
David Farley
David Farley 2 oy oldin
I have a question if the chemicals are not dangerous why worry about the wind another UZpostr said he could not spray because of the wind and the neighbors gardens something smells like fish
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 2 oy oldin
Because if the wind blows the chemicals into someone's garden, those plants could die. They are chemicals meant to kill plants that we don't want in our field....
Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy 2 oy oldin
You mentioned “volunteer corn” in this video. What is volunteer corn? From what I have read it sounds like a type of weed. Obviously it’s not. The pictures of volunteer corn I find look like regular corn. Will it produce corn if allowed to mature? Help this non-farmer understand volunteer corn. Thanks, Jim
Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy 2 oy oldin
Sorry. Disregard the “ Obviously it’s not” comment”.
Rollin Bull Farms Gaming
Rollin Bull Farms Gaming 2 oy oldin
Like how farms work and welker farms has done is played farming simulator so you should too
Blair Armstrong
Blair Armstrong 2 oy oldin
Try spraying some wd-40 on your fishing lure. Seen some older native Americans up in Athabasca using it lol makes sense when the main ingredient is fish oil
bob2000and10 2 oy oldin
10:55 is that no seatbelt I see
SCOTT WAYNE SR 2 oy oldin
WATCH YOURSELF ON THIS! > Spray WD40 all the way around that rim. Put a match to it quickly. It will blow the tire back on the rim. skeeda
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch 2 oy oldin
Tire: is completely deflated Zach: needs a little air
David Kramer
David Kramer 2 oy oldin
Zach, don't know connection but wonder why manscaped ads popped up twice during your vlog. You must be satisfied customer!
Thunder Plays
Thunder Plays 2 oy oldin
Zach you are playing farming simulator everyday
Nico Busse
Nico Busse 2 oy oldin
7:48 Bill Burr moment right there!
Craig Every
Craig Every 2 oy oldin
You are correct on the Farmers First flag. Beautiful message but it’s not an American flag so it’s not subject to the code.
Craig Every
Craig Every 2 oy oldin
I absolutely love that you wouldn’t drill a hole through an American flag. Much love from Wisconsin my man.
kendanielone 2 oy oldin
Have you got a flag of Minnesota?
Jason Harper
Jason Harper 2 oy oldin
Dan Marceau
Dan Marceau 2 oy oldin
You American flag is backwards. Your welcome from a friendly Canadian, lol.
Jacob Baird
Jacob Baird 2 oy oldin
It’s so refreshing to see kids being kids again, they have no idea how important that jump rope is.
Brian JOnker
Brian JOnker 2 oy oldin
PB blaster is so much better than WD40
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 2 oy oldin
I didn’t catch it early this year. I spent many hours fighting to unload decent corn. Just because I didn’t check early. Never had more then a bit of spoiled against North wall.
beans magee
beans magee 3 oy oldin
Grain bins make me nervous... a guy 30 minutes from my place died a couple of days ago. He was walking on top of a crust and he went down. Scary stuff
Cameron Offen
Cameron Offen 3 oy oldin
Yeah I call it normal wd
Cooper Viney
Cooper Viney 3 oy oldin
I can do a tour on that map if you would like
Model2Reality 2 oy oldin
what it called?
Bret Pearcy
Bret Pearcy 3 oy oldin
Put the boy to checking those tires
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 3 oy oldin
Its so cool to see your channel grow. Never been so entertained watching someone change a bearing or hook up a trailer. LOL And how old are you? I don't think you're a millennial LOL more like a baby boomer. LOL
Geo Thomas
Geo Thomas 3 oy oldin
Are you sure it's the magnets and not the aluminum?
Geo Thomas
Geo Thomas 3 oy oldin
Why does everything sink at your place? And unless you completely unload the silo's the old corn never gets touched.
Dylan Holzman
Dylan Holzman 3 oy oldin
4:19 .. that’s a daily struggle I have to deal with lol
newbee509 3 oy oldin
"So hon, what did ya do today?" Got about 12 hours????????
Prabhliv kaur Gill
Prabhliv kaur Gill 3 oy oldin
Love ur videos from Punjab india
James wolfe
James wolfe 3 oy oldin
James wolfe
James wolfe 3 oy oldin
Fields arpujd my house in indiana are all ready past knee high some are head high or higher
J. Rovey
J. Rovey 3 oy oldin
Just out of curiosity, when you set the moisture level on your grain dryer before the grain goes in the bin to a lower percentage level, would that reduce the amount of grain rot in the bin?
John Doe
John Doe 3 oy oldin
"Corrosion BLOK" is the best product for electrical terminals, plugs and connections. It's made in Canada.
Andrew S
Andrew S 3 oy oldin
What kind of watch are you wearing?
Adam 3 oy oldin
Great idea on flags # America
Hunting with Alex
Hunting with Alex 3 oy oldin
Are corn is about to tassel in Iowa in spots in the field’s there are tassels
FatBikeRacer 3 oy oldin
Dunkirk NY on the red truck, that's near me. Why sleeper cabs?
Landyn Heng
Landyn Heng 3 oy oldin
I've seen pictures of the map I can't wait to play it
Tanner Krcil
Tanner Krcil 3 oy oldin
Well the middle part of the bottom unloads before the tol👌🏻😂
Gijs Vermunt Agrifotografie
Gijs Vermunt Agrifotografie 3 oy oldin
2012 with 2000 hours?! Our fendt from 2010 has 5700 hours and thats low in our area.. (europe)
Jason Rich
Jason Rich 3 oy oldin
I have 2 daughters and 2 sons. Both girls are teenagers now and are real handfuls! Hahaha. Good luck.
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson 3 oy oldin
I can agree with you Millennial Farmer that you need some air in this tire. LOL .. hehe. although it is only on the bottom of the tire that becomes flat .. LOL. hehe
Johann Orri
Johann Orri 3 oy oldin
Mostly Peaceful
Mostly Peaceful 3 oy oldin
i hope that crusty shit doesn't go in our food
1nm1 3 oy oldin
FYI: I don't see the links in description to the UZpost video tours of your farm simulator map???
Molb0rg 3 oy oldin
woow. really nice idea to collect youtube farmers on farm simulator, yeah.
James Shaw
James Shaw 3 oy oldin
We r already hip high on the corn
Molb0rg 3 oy oldin
how much spraying costs per acre? as chemical goes
Jerry 3 oy oldin
I was told I needed more exercise. You think I could take a shower in WD40? You know, To get me moving? Also, Yes. Gee, Kid's got a lot to say. I wonder where she gets that from...
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 3 oy oldin
Getting stronger magnets might not make a difference. The strength of the magnet also depends on the thickness of the material you are attaching to. If it’s too thin like most cladding it will never stick very well
Steven Hoffmann
Steven Hoffmann 3 oy oldin
Mr Zach, 2 things I would like to mention. Hopefully you read this. 1st is the plug on your electiric Cord from your truck to trailer. Here in Northern Wisconsin, much like where you live, we deal with corrosion on all electrical connections due to the chemical they use on our roads in the winter time. An old trick I was taught was dunk the whole end into diesel fuel. It helps clean them up and also helps prevent corrosion. Item 2, and you probably already know this, but the American flag is to be displayed higher than other flags. It's the most important flag of our country and it shows proper respect P.S. enjoy your videos.
Chrisd5341 3 oy oldin
zach what kind of watch do you wear?
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 3 oy oldin
He should use the Graphite coating for the trailer belly doors.
Ronto Goldlust
Ronto Goldlust 3 oy oldin
The American flag looks great vertical, but not so much the Farmers First flag. Like you said, not only is the Union on the wrong side, but it makes it awkward reading it. Maybe hang them both horizontal, with the USA flag on top and Farmers First flag on the bottom?
Peter Loewen
Peter Loewen 3 oy oldin
Lost a neighbor cuz he climbed into a bin of wheat - while by himself- to break up the crust - and while the auger was running..... enough said....
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 3 oy oldin
Thank you for hanging the flag correctly. Too many people don’t know about that.
waterskiingfool 3 oy oldin
You should still have a safety harness on and be tied off to outside. So dad can rescue you. Daughter is learning from you to avoid house work.
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott 3 oy oldin
I was in Minneapolis St Paul this past week, and thought of you.
ed duffer
ed duffer 3 oy oldin
minnesota isnt windy.. its just that michigan sucks and air has to go somewhere in a vacumn
Rhonda Jungwirth
Rhonda Jungwirth 4 oy oldin
You guys need Mack trucks
Empty Head
Empty Head 4 oy oldin
Go to Amazon and get a 4 pack of refillable wd-40 sprayers and a gallon can of wd-40. You'll thank me later 😀
Sammy Armstrong
Sammy Armstrong 4 oy oldin
hey zack do you know how wd 40 got its name
Phillip Imbesi
Phillip Imbesi 4 oy oldin
"That's a lot of gymnastics information"... that I wasn't really listening to :)
oumadmike1 4 oy oldin
appreciate your respect for the stars and bars! God bless!
Jay L
Jay L 4 oy oldin
CRUD @6:10 Crusty Rusty Unreachable Dirt. Hides in corners, gaps, and generally anyplace you can't reach easily. I liked your explanation to Onyx. Good father/son stuff !
Casey Fisher
Casey Fisher 4 oy oldin
What happened to the 9560r?
Our House
Our House 4 oy oldin
theda850two 4 oy oldin
,,, Thank you for your respectful and reverent display of our Red, White and Blue. I'm not wild over the adulteration of the US flag with the farmers 1st flag but I can tolerate it. I do not tolerate the Gray ones with one "colored" stripe,,, that is simply an abomination and adulteration of our national symbol. :( I realize that not all courts have respected the flag protection act of 1969, but if you want to lump yourself in with those who want to disrespect the flag in any way possible such as defecating on/or any other disgusting thing you can think of then you're in that group.
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch 4 oy oldin
The American Flag goes to the observer’s left.
Nate Olson
Nate Olson 4 oy oldin
The two best tools to have in your toolbox, duct tape and WD-40. If it’s moving and it shouldn’t - duct tape it, and if it should move and it isn’t - WD-40 it. And you said the exact same thing after I wrote this, I should have let the video play a little bit further before I started writing.
Cody Olson
Cody Olson 4 oy oldin
How can I get some MF stickers?
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick 4 oy oldin
What is Tile flags for, I know before you say it, to mark tiles but what are the tiles for in a field?
chuck Gnades
chuck Gnades 4 oy oldin
we got no no jobs....OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!! look at the fun bags on that hose hound....yea....he must work out
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 4 oy oldin
We’ve been having thunderstorms every day for the past week the weather in Minnesota looks nice.
Jeff Silberer
Jeff Silberer 4 oy oldin
Kroil is my go to lubricant!
Mike Mayfield
Mike Mayfield 4 oy oldin
Starting fluid with get that bead seated O’L Son .
Darren M
Darren M 4 oy oldin
Thanks for updating about the farm on console
Dillon Rose
Dillon Rose 4 oy oldin
It will prevent corrosion....but it will not replace grease.....and it will attract way more dust/dirt......but then again I dont have a sponsor...good job bro
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