Test Plot and NEW 8RX and John Deere Planter Review

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Millennial Farmer

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Test Plot and NEW 8RX 410 and John Deere ExactEmerge Planter Review- Today we plant our test plot and I give a full review (LIKES AND DISLIKES) of the New John Deere Equipment.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes 16 kun oldin
The elite objective genetically peep because tom-tom anecdotally unite upon a friendly cafe. small, ajar mailbox
Richard Hoehne
Richard Hoehne Oy oldin
We donated.
john kovac
john kovac 2 oy oldin
little sprayer on mirrows and heated to keep clear would be great feature on mirrows ,john deere engineers are you reading this? i hope so lets make john deere better than compition !by simple upgrades
john kovac
john kovac 2 oy oldin
cant afford to donate but keep hitting like button
john kovac
john kovac 2 oy oldin
did you see her keep looking in camera in tractor with ya like shes new movie star lol
john kovac
john kovac 2 oy oldin
got love scaring your wife in ditch thinking she is going over and get chevy commet ha ha
john kovac
john kovac 2 oy oldin
usaly tractor gets stuck first ,with that awesome track tractor wow amazing show
Rain Vihalem
Rain Vihalem 4 oy oldin
16.oomin .60 times per second ar u sure
RandySpengler 4 oy oldin
"Auf wiedersehen" :D Love it.... Greetings from Germany :) ;)
S. Ashcraft
S. Ashcraft 5 oy oldin
Good analysis on the equipment.
Blake Bullard
Blake Bullard 7 oy oldin
She was nervous because you were in a Chevy😂
h Singh
h Singh 7 oy oldin
i watch ur same video thrice and never get bored
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina 7 oy oldin
Ok thays the saddest thing that is real, things aren't socially expected anymore, what's wrong with us, are we that much weaker then we were 30 years ago, and it must be true, cause look at the world's people today, better off economically but not mentally or just as humans, wonder if be better ( supposedly that is) is worse, hatd times has away of building character, wonder if we are to good for us to have the go to get'er dome anymore
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina 7 oy oldin
Just a question , do you think cover crops will help with soil construction and drainage compared to a field be open for 5 to 6 mouths, just wondering if thise things have been thought or or considered. Thanks brother, God bless
RetiaryWorm471 8 oy oldin
How interesting halfway through the video I get a Dakota macro ad with Zach great ad!
Mitchell Stadnik
Mitchell Stadnik 8 oy oldin
How much is the resale value affected on that 8rx ,with a soiled restroom
zt wench
zt wench 8 oy oldin
Good job Zack, nice camera work
Anthony Levens
Anthony Levens 8 oy oldin
I enjoy watching your videos. February of 2019 I had a stroke. Doctors think I had two strokes but they know I had one for sure. While I was in the hospital with the stroke I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Now I sit at the house and enjoy people's videos. Love the big green machines!!
David Whitmore
David Whitmore 8 oy oldin
I like watching your UZpost channel you very experienced
Man you better lay off those energy drinks those things are really bad for you.
Ken Gordon
Ken Gordon 8 oy oldin
I would like to know why the 114 "nayers" are nay-sayers.
Luis Villa
Luis Villa 8 oy oldin
Literally found your channel today, Sunday, May 3, how stupid expensive is your farming equipment
Isaac Weeman
Isaac Weeman 8 oy oldin
How to fix all your Deere planter problems... Buy a White planter
iBelieve 8 oy oldin
iBelieve 8 oy oldin
Richard Weber
Richard Weber 8 oy oldin
What was wrong with Smoky & and the Bandit ?
Joe Achberger
Joe Achberger 8 oy oldin
Seat cover....???? I drove for 13 years ,....it's not something I would say about my wife,......but then I'm not a millennial. Love your videos , and you drive the correct color tractor.
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 8 oy oldin
I wouldn’t mind going with your boy and his friends to run those gopher traps. That sounds like it’d be a lot of fun. He’d have to be the boss though. He’d know a lot more about it than I do lol
OldenWize 8 oy oldin
501K subs on 5/1. coincidence? ... I think not. Congrats to all of the group.
Konner Moen
Konner Moen 8 oy oldin
You should have gotten itec set up on that thing.
Kevin Benecke
Kevin Benecke 8 oy oldin
As I listened to you say about the donation, I noticed on 4/30/2020 it's saying you have 500K+ subscribers. 👌👌CONGRATULATIONS!!👌👌🤩🤩🤩
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul 8 oy oldin
It's "veederzan"
Tim Baltzer
Tim Baltzer 8 oy oldin
Congrats on 500,000!!!!!!!!!!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 8 oy oldin
That there tractor is more complex than my plane. Pretty damn cool.
Echo 8 oy oldin
Jesus man can you stop promoting that planter like crazy already? I mean this is starting to feel like a 27 Minute commercial rather than a video about farming.
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols 8 oy oldin
The tractor sounds like the chevy 1500 pulling a load, constantly up shifting
Jesse B
Jesse B 8 oy oldin
Awesome video and great content sir !
Nick Babinski
Nick Babinski 8 oy oldin
Why aren’t you guys running both planters?
JDdriver95 8 oy oldin
lol why did you speak german?XD "auf Wiedersehen"....:D
Mateo Cabodevilla
Mateo Cabodevilla 8 oy oldin
Algún argentino
Peter Zweck
Peter Zweck 8 oy oldin
Hey Zach, those individual down force hydraulics and electric cutoffs are great, but must cost a lot of extra money. Do you think you will be able to see enough of an increase in yields for a reasonable ROI?
Sven Dueck
Sven Dueck 8 oy oldin
Are you getting a 16 row corn head to harvest the test plot??
Farmnorway 8 oy oldin
Ita a brand new tractor, needs 500 hours to break it in
CAR PARTS 8 oy oldin
4:57, who did she learn that from LOL.
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 8 oy oldin
I wonder how often someone runs off the end of the field because they’re messing with the monitors?
VorpalElixr123 8 oy oldin
Swach ?? Lol
Justin Louwagie
Justin Louwagie 8 oy oldin
So.. back to a 8 row head??
#farmlyf - The farming of Duncan Crawford
#farmlyf - The farming of Duncan Crawford 8 oy oldin
Coffee in a can? What kind of barbarians would think of such a thing??
mcd5082 8 oy oldin
Awesome tractor and video as always
Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings 8 oy oldin
Just wondering, does the planter pull hard or is the tractor pretty much overkill for it?
Joshua Wendell
Joshua Wendell 8 oy oldin
Next week's video summary: Zach complains about show planter speed after returning to the 24 row.
Troy Peel
Troy Peel 8 oy oldin
This an FYI for Ms. Mellenial farmer, just listenign to the latest podcast at work, (on lunch don't worry) and wanted to clarify not all of Canada gets milk in bags. Heere in Manitoba, we buy it it 4L jusgs, which would be about a gallon. I know for sure Ontario uses the milk bags, and maybe more Eastern provinces? I don't think much of the west does though. But can confirm Manitoba uses jugs. This has been your Canada facts update brought to you by me.
Robert Murray
Robert Murray 8 oy oldin
Keep putting out the videos I love them
FarmBoy Karsten
FarmBoy Karsten 8 oy oldin
Hey I recently found this channel you may know my bro Sven I just wanted to say I love this channel even though you farm John Deere and not Massey Ferguson
Mrs Cake
Mrs Cake 8 oy oldin
Hey Zach, you can see if the rest room is free from the back of the cab, saves you waiting around in the cold ;-)
we got done helping a guy around here put in a test plot
ML Farming
ML Farming 8 oy oldin
He is also using passive implement guidance (2nd Starfire on planter) to steer implement in straight line ;)
Richard M
Richard M 8 oy oldin
About 35 year's ago they don't anything like this that tell and show everything pretty soon you could use a remote from your house to drive your tractor like a video game
Marv 8 oy oldin
You might consider getting a drone for the gopher trapper and get him going doing some video from aloft of your operations. Check out Sonne Farms site for examples. Corn harvest, putting up hay, etc. are really great from aloft. Been following him for a couple months.
Philip Michel
Philip Michel 8 oy oldin
Singulation? Isn't that what she said?
Marv 8 oy oldin
Just found (and subscribed) to your site, like what I've seen so far. Look forward to digging through past videos, some entertainment while "sheltering in place" from the corona virus. Spent many hours on John Deere 70 in the 1960s working summer fallow in Western Nebraska, so farming has a place in my heart. Viewing your operation reminds me of Mike Bloomberg saying he could teach anyone to farm. Just dig a hole, drop in a seed, cover it up, and add water. Sure Mike, let's see you hop into the cab, fire up, and plant some corn.
Alan McPhearson
Alan McPhearson 8 oy oldin
love the videos
Nate the Hoof Guy
Nate the Hoof Guy 8 oy oldin
How do you make a business plan on $3.00 corn? Serious question.
Tom Hull
Tom Hull 8 oy oldin
Are all your seeds going in the right way up? ;)
Agricultural Equipment Review.
Agricultural Equipment Review. 8 oy oldin
This in similar to my Channel. Please Check it out.
g j
g j 8 oy oldin
Just wondering why your notdoing social distance ,, havin another person not a family member in the cab ??.
RKR Production's
RKR Production's 8 oy oldin
21:20 I have the same shutter with my bobcat. Not sure what it is but I know exactly what your talking about
michael haas
michael haas 8 oy oldin
You could make music with all the different times from the engine hum differences.
FennyGunner 8 oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer When the world isn’t broken anymore I think I will buy a plane ticket and come and work for free .... Cheapest way I can get to drive your tractors 😂
Digtwo 8 oy oldin
we say ground sheet.
Michael 8 oy oldin
What is the hp on the 8RX
GRI Digital Media Marketing
GRI Digital Media Marketing 8 oy oldin
There are not things that they said in Smokey and the Bandit that are NOT socially acceptable anymore...I disagree with that...I am sure Larry the Cable Guy would agree...remember this is America! Now put the pedal to the metal at 10MPH and get to planting...watch out for those Cojacks with the Kodak! 10-4
plane iron
plane iron 8 oy oldin
Rumormill has it that JD is got a 850hp X9 combine coming to a field close to you this fall..the most powerful combine made to date are u ok with that..just jokin
Lyn Wessel
Lyn Wessel 8 oy oldin
Not a rumor.60ft head, 2 large rotors.Mike Mitchell channel has a preview. Rolling it out in May.
Hunter Shaull
Hunter Shaull 8 oy oldin
Could you do a video on AMS and things of that nature in the fall?
Karly Heidemann
Karly Heidemann 8 oy oldin
I see no reason to run row cleaners when your grounds is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Lol
Dean Danielson
Dean Danielson 8 oy oldin
Hi Zach, a wonderful video on both the planter and the tractor. You take it through all the paces doing what you need to do and critiquing as you go along. The technology on the planter is incredible and you show what it's doing and when it's not working well. The tractor is fantastic yet you let us know what are the few shortcomings that probably need changing. I love the screens, the smooth and quiet ride, and the fabulous lights -- all of which you highlight. John Deere has to be very pleased with an authentic, realistic, and honest evaluation of both pieces of beautiful green equipment. Thanks, Zach for what you do for both farmers and manufacturers. - Dean from Edina
thetribber 8 oy oldin
It was also great to see that the washroom goes where you go! Sweet!
Farm Cinema
Farm Cinema 8 oy oldin
Adjust the Droop setting in the transmission page. Lower the percentage to make it respond faster. We’re running a new 8r e23 this year and we love the transmission so far!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 8 oy oldin
I'll be tuning with this, thank you!
Seth Logsdon
Seth Logsdon 8 oy oldin
We unplug the solenoid on the ccs blower on our deere planter for plots instead of blocking hoses.
NZ Lyona
NZ Lyona 8 oy oldin
Is your old man able to view the planting information remotely (without needing to contact you) or is that information reserved only for the displays in the cab?
B C 8 oy oldin
10:20 Daaaaaaaang
How does that work-16 row planter-12 row head on the combine
Lyn Wessel
Lyn Wessel 8 oy oldin
RTK guidance keeps the guess rows pretty accurate.
Bradley Mincey
Bradley Mincey 8 oy oldin
Drinking bro's!!!!!!! That podcast is almost as good as that off the husk podcast! Lol
David Peckjr
David Peckjr 8 oy oldin
Does the increase speed make a difference in fuel usage
Fonk_Sr 8 oy oldin
I hope you you eat/drink better off camera than you do on camera.
Tom N
Tom N 8 oy oldin
Amazing how precise the planter is at that speed and the ability to monitor all those functions real time - unbelievable. Thanks for showing how you establish your test plots with the different seed varieties
Nolan McCarthy
Nolan McCarthy 8 oy oldin
Should take a trip down to Prince Edward Island Canada and check out our red dirt quite diffrent compared to anywere else
Daniel Hayes
Daniel Hayes 8 oy oldin
I did not get a warning about that montage. I was not ready.
Ranwolfalfa 8 oy oldin
Well, I maid myself feel stupid. I asked you about having your farm on Farming Simulator 19 or 21. I just now seen it is coming soon. OMG!! I can't wait. I'm getting a gaming laptop that was to be here this past Saturday. I hope sometime this week. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.
Wes Jacobs
Wes Jacobs 8 oy oldin
3 I thought 14 was the problem
Alan Kenneshaw
Alan Kenneshaw 8 oy oldin
Frank the Tank... It's so good once it hits your lips...
North Dakota 322
North Dakota 322 8 oy oldin
"It is not my planter or I would not drive this fast" 😂
Full Throttle
Full Throttle 8 oy oldin
pharmmech 8 oy oldin
What, no bathroom ratings? sad 😁
Chris Hann
Chris Hann 8 oy oldin
Great video, I would like if you did one one the history of your equipment from when your dad started to date
Marcus Koone
Marcus Koone 8 oy oldin
Its not uncommon in any new vehicle or impliment for a bunk/defective sensor to come out n not play.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 8 oy oldin
Thats great that you got your little guy trapping gophers.Thats something i would have loved to do at that age besides shoot them with the .22 lol
Retired At Last
Retired At Last 8 oy oldin
Zach, curiosity has got the better of me. Last year you had an excellent video titled: "Trigger Warning " 415,683 views•May 24, 2019 You told us how you didn't vote for and I would have approved of that. My curiosity is now, with what has transpired since you did that video, what do you think now? Would you like to up date us? Thanks!
Blacksmith 04
Blacksmith 04 8 oy oldin
11:11 "it's a Chevy, it's got it" felt that man, love my 03 1500
Trevor Pracht
Trevor Pracht 8 oy oldin
How will you take out the test plots this fall when you planted with a 16 row and have a 12 row corn head?
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