Trying To Keep Up With The X9 Combine!

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Millennial Farmer

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Trying To Keep Up With The X-9 Combine in corn is definitely a challenge for Onyx in the grain cart and our 3 semi trucks! #Harvest2020 #JohnDeere
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Julian Piancatelli
Julian Piancatelli 3 soat oldin
La traducción es un poco el impedimento, pero al saber y entender un poco del tema, voy deduciendo. Hermoso establecimiento.
Julian Piancatelli
Julian Piancatelli 3 soat oldin
Me encantaría trabajar ahí. . . En caso de necesitar un empleado argentino y con ganas de aprender y trabajar. Acá estoy.
Adam Lane
Adam Lane 14 soat oldin
I love watching your boy running a tractor and maintaining speed with the chopper, good stuff! Props to him!
Kristin Branan
Kristin Branan Kun oldin
Joanne Morrison
Joanne Morrison Kun oldin
By cows
ducks4dayz Kun oldin
We are in northeast Arkansas and we get around 13% when it comes out of the field and I drive our grain cart too when I am out of school
Pinziee Kun oldin
How old is Onyx ? He's a great kid, who is happy to help you in harvest. You must be a VERY proud dad !
Antique Catfishing
Antique Catfishing 2 kun oldin
Millennial farmer....guess that makes dad Pre- millennial and the kids post=millennial? lol just joking
Lanny Flannery
Lanny Flannery 2 kun oldin
Child labor laws dont apply in Minn.LOL
Chet Lockwood
Chet Lockwood 2 kun oldin
That Boy is a Hand, he deserves a raise. There are grown men who couldn't keep up with the task he is performing.
Robe Hunter
Robe Hunter 2 kun oldin
This is my first video I have watched for your channel and I was wondering if my family can hunt there DM me on ig my ig is hunter.9714
Thomas 2 kun oldin
Only a millennial farmer can weld a tire non-millennials weld rims
Fuzzy 3 kun oldin
Zach, Onyx needs to have something to look forward to next year . How about a trial run on the X-9? This young man can take whatever you throw at him.
B Ski
B Ski 3 kun oldin
Hell yea, kids gunna be a pro framer!! Awesome job!! Wish more kids were like this instead of glued to there phones!!
Desertfun4all 3 kun oldin
Awesome job Onyx. Only problem I see is to much Green. Lol. The Welkers and Cole the Cornstar made me say it. Be safe and God bless.
Judee Dufresne
Judee Dufresne 3 kun oldin
Yay Onyx! Love your family and your channel♥️
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick 4 kun oldin
I agree with Mark S. Onyx is the Millennial STAR
Sam Samuelson
Sam Samuelson 4 kun oldin
Is that Monsanto corn?
Peyton Nolte
Peyton Nolte 4 kun oldin
Boss back home in NW Iowa talking about 13% moisture in corn
Maxstmaxx Gaming
Maxstmaxx Gaming 4 kun oldin
Good video keep it up
Janie Bitter
Janie Bitter 4 kun oldin
Steve E
Steve E 4 kun oldin
Got new digital moisture meters! Keep them calibrated every year!
Miguel Cortez
Miguel Cortez 4 kun oldin
All you lazy sit on your butt all day farmers eat junk food constantly. Real farmers eat real food
Nancy Kelsh
Nancy Kelsh 5 kun oldin
5:31 is so funny
Griffin Wiegert
Griffin Wiegert 5 kun oldin
Let him do some tillage!!!!
Donald Stotmeister
Donald Stotmeister 5 kun oldin
The girls are very impessive. Work harder then most adults.
Donald Stotmeister
Donald Stotmeister 5 kun oldin
Onyx... You Rock!
БО МЖ 5 kun oldin
Хорошего урожая
БО МЖ 5 kun oldin
Ok Russian Nikolai
Jeremy Hosting
Jeremy Hosting 5 kun oldin
I want To. Farm. How much would. A John Deere combine cost
Janek Bender
Janek Bender 5 kun oldin
How many acres do you have?
Nathan Livengood
Nathan Livengood 5 kun oldin
Onyx is going to make one great farmer. Wish more kids got into it. At that age they absorb so much it takes them no time to learn how to do something.
Twin Bros
Twin Bros 6 kun oldin
I am a farmer
pete smyth
pete smyth 6 kun oldin
Mumma millennial looks perpetually puzzled..
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor 6 kun oldin
You have a smart boy there! He's paying attention and learning what works best for him like following that smashed row to keep himself centered. I was 7 when I started driving tractors but it was an old John Deere 4020 pulling harrows or a fertilizer spreader then at 9 was driving 10 wheeler potato trucks under the potato combine to the cellars then at 11 was driving the semi trucks and @14 was driving semi's down the highways with my daytime only drivers license. He's going to grow into a smart and hard working man. He's already doing more than most men already. You're great parents raising your kids with good work ethics and giving them responsibilities to learn from. Wished more parents done the same for their kids and the world would be a much better place.
Uncle Deez
Uncle Deez 6 kun oldin
I'm just amazed at how old that little man is. Dude is a specimen!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 6 kun oldin
I'm 15 and have been grain cart runner for probably 3 4 years tell onyx he does a good job and that everyone gets nervous around he trucks.
Tyler McPherson
Tyler McPherson 6 kun oldin
The left Half of Jim's mustache is always M I A
Richard A. Kaiser
Richard A. Kaiser 6 kun oldin
Great job by that young man. Really enjoy your videos !
Keith O'Leary
Keith O'Leary 6 kun oldin
You have really good children I hope through all your finesse and big toys you and your wife take time to rejoice in ur real treasure
Heidi Fritz
Heidi Fritz 6 kun oldin
Now I know that kids have been operating farm equipment for eons, but it's beyond impressive to see it firsthand.
iBelieve 6 kun oldin
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 6 kun oldin
Hi your son is an awesome guy created to your family love the videos 👍
Jackson Mcgaughey
Jackson Mcgaughey 6 kun oldin
I’m the same age and run grain cart also it’s always my fault
Darren Jordan
Darren Jordan 7 kun oldin
That X9 is a beast in corn!
Deer stand hunter Tree stand
Deer stand hunter Tree stand 7 kun oldin
Have y’all ever had deer problems?
Lyle Alexander
Lyle Alexander 7 kun oldin
Way to go Onyx!
Noah Fulford
Noah Fulford 7 kun oldin
im 1o and im a farmer and i drive tracters
Reyals Hanneman
Reyals Hanneman 7 kun oldin
As Zach has issues with too much corn material going into the X-9, let's all remember the many farmers across the midwest that are having problems with NO corn going into their combines. God bless em.
ThePunisher 7 kun oldin
"Im surprised its moving" Now thats gold!
Wheelin SC
Wheelin SC 7 kun oldin
I am sure I speak for a lot of us here but, damn I am proud of that boy. We have been around and watched him turn into a farmer which is super cool... GREAT JOB MOM AND DAD!
Ayden Baker
Ayden Baker 7 kun oldin
“Surprised it’s moving” 😂
Jeff Maxie
Jeff Maxie 8 kun oldin
That awesome seeing your kids having fun working at a good teaching moment keep it up girls good work means longevity of life
Jonah Place
Jonah Place 8 kun oldin
RN4VETS NY 8 kun oldin
I think it is so cool to see your son working side by side with you! I worked for a farmer when I was 15 and he taught me so much about farming and life. He made me the man I am today! I became an Air Force security force soldier and then a RN for the Veterans Administration. It is dads like you that set kids to be successfull. Maybe someday an invite will be offered for me to visit lol not a stalking. I am also a volunteer fireman in NY and any information you have on silo safety i would love to see it. We have several silos in the area and would to see your safety program
Kim Tallman
Kim Tallman 8 kun oldin
Hi my name is Caleb and my friend showed me a video of yours and now I can't stop watching your videos
Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons 8 kun oldin
Things you cant unsee lmao
Chip S
Chip S 8 kun oldin
Deere guys, always making excuses for equipment
AssuredPond 8 kun oldin
Ever since he pointed out the spec of dirt... I cannot unsee it.
Logan Connerton
Logan Connerton 8 kun oldin
Wow im binge watching this videos i like there family so much this is just incredible
Matheo MAFKP
Matheo MAFKP 9 kun oldin
Jepp Jepp Jepp Jepp×4
Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt 9 kun oldin
Hes all good running a grain cart and tractor lol put in the grain and help you clean it out gotta learn the farm top to bottom
Billy Lowther
Billy Lowther 9 kun oldin
You must trust Onyx loads to leave him in charge of an rt
Noob Kayak Fishing
Noob Kayak Fishing 9 kun oldin
can tell ya i can sleep good at night knowing Onyx (sorry if i butchered the spelling) is the next gen to provide for this county! my kids are quite younger and i hope they get as excited about helping me out as much as Onyx is about helping his family out!!! Miss being out in Glenwood for work! great people small town atmosphere!!!
Brock Calabrese
Brock Calabrese 9 kun oldin
I love how Onyx is giving his mom tips. He knows soo much already. Hell he even said “show them” when he was telling his mom ab the corn. Future farmer UZpostr in the making. So cool
Brock Calabrese
Brock Calabrese 9 kun oldin
“Suprised it’s moving” that one got me 😂.
Tom LtColDaddy71
Tom LtColDaddy71 9 kun oldin
My 11 year old girl is the best farm hand one could ever hire. Runs a cart as good as anyone, but I will say this, my tribe of 6 is a lot more into the animal side of farming. We hand milk some mama cows every morning, and a few goats to boot. We're a "seed and feed" operation and run a CSA that is both veg and protein, so we're a lot different, a bit more of the hippy dippy stuff, but we love your videos. I dream of a shop like yours, and also a storage system, because I know that my feed operation could never grow at a rate big enough to cover losing our contracts for organic. The seed operation is small. We sell seed 30k bags of organic hybrid seed per year. It doesn't bring anything even close to what a bag of say Pioneer seed does. But I won't even sell anyone a bag unless we've tried a few things out small scale and found out what would work over a few years. Which means we give away about 10k bags, but it builds a really great customer base because we can be extremely effective. Keep on keeping on MM.
Lauren West
Lauren West 9 kun oldin
Case is way better than John Deere
Shock 9 kun oldin
Hahaha onix:supposed it’s moving.go John Deere
Andrew uhlman
Andrew uhlman 9 kun oldin
I know you probably already know this/ maybe it wont work on the x9 with the folding head but what we do when we get a build up like that is we put the auger and feed belts in reverse to see if it will come loose/ fall out. Again i dont know if you can do that but if you can and you didn't know there is an idea.
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman 9 kun oldin
Thats some responsibility for a young man. Excellent work, be driving the combine next. 💪👌👌👍👍
Aiden Cox
Aiden Cox 9 kun oldin
Onyx is a really good grain cart driver.
Bagíra Gaming 2
Bagíra Gaming 2 9 kun oldin
Your son can also shoot something from the cabin and he is lucky, so this is how I can ride for a rider 6 times a year. I live in the Czech Republic, it's in Europe
John Angus
John Angus 10 kun oldin
That is just so swet to watch yo must be so proud
Duncan Callens
Duncan Callens 10 kun oldin
FFA PRESIDENT! Like a boss Onyx! Keep gettin’ it buddy!
János Szabó
János Szabó 10 kun oldin
Very clever cute little boy. Congratulations to him, he loves agriculture. Greetings from Hangary
Eric Wetzel
Eric Wetzel 10 kun oldin
Tip for Onyx: Don't ever leave home. His life was mine growing up. Exactly doing what he is doing. My father ran about 3500 acres growing up, part his and part custom combining and drilling. Mom delivering our bologna lunch every day to dad and me and his hired hands. I left after I graduated. Biggest regret of my life. Stay at home kid. Take over that family farm. Just watching this brings back that smell. The sounds and sights of being out in the middle of nowhere at night harvesting, combining, cultivating and discing.
Jack Book
Jack Book 3 kun oldin
Solid and ~relate-able~ comment my dude. I didn't grow up on a farm, but I love seeing Onyx get after it. Reminds me of my upbringing... just with more Deere! I'm sure ZJ's gonna get that kid a quality education, but I hope he finds his way home to carry on the family tradition!
WM Mindset and Financials
WM Mindset and Financials 10 kun oldin
Raising him right
Beda12894 10 kun oldin
Love watching that kid working
jared hoalst
jared hoalst 10 kun oldin
Onyx has many of his grandfathers mannerisms.
Chris White
Chris White 10 kun oldin
I love this Video !!!!! 1st time subscriber , now a Lifelong viewer .. your Son Onyx is Definitely a Wealth of Knowledge, and major asset to yalls Harvest operation
Joseph Vasquez Murillo
Joseph Vasquez Murillo 10 kun oldin
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 10 kun oldin
power line full of hydraulic oil (high pressure)
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 10 kun oldin
weld tire
Darius S
Darius S 10 kun oldin
Found my most favorite farmer. Don't worry Zach, he is featured on your channel. Well done Onyx.
Motty Stern
Motty Stern 10 kun oldin
Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers 10 kun oldin
Farm families are the backbone of our country. With all the bad stuff that is going on now this is refreshing.
Wolfs Rain
Wolfs Rain 10 kun oldin
Zombieland Kill of the Day!
x_Dude 10 kun oldin
Kid can be proud, 10y and already putting his weight in. Stay safe all.
DL541 10 kun oldin
I got take Mom with me on a locomotive at work a few times. She's behaved kinda, well she tried, maybe she didn't, naw she was her normal self.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 10 kun oldin
He looks just like his grandpa.
Griffin Ott
Griffin Ott 10 kun oldin
You said "Videotape"....Gen X Wanna-be
Stricken Rapture
Stricken Rapture 10 kun oldin
Onyx on the red machines. "I'm surprised its moving" lol I love it
David Weilein
David Weilein 10 kun oldin
Air locks are so deafening!!
Joel Meyer
Joel Meyer 10 kun oldin
Found this a few years back, and it always makes me chuckle: So God made a grain cart driver On the 8th day, God looked at his paradise and thought… “I need a man that can be responsible for the mistakes that everyone makes. I need a man that is expected to read minds and a man that is to be everywhere he is expected twice as fast as possible.” So God made a grain cart driver. God said… “This man will have to be patient, for he will get his butt chewed like he’s a dog, for simply not being able to see because of the glare of the Sun. This man is expected to have the same view of the cart as the combine driver does, even though he is inside the tractor in front of that cart. He needs to be a man that can make a miracle of a 1000 bushel per minute auger unload at double that and be expected to knock his teeth out driving back in the field to the combine at nearly road speed.” So God made a grain cart driver. God said… “This man will be solely responsible for not spilling grain, but also smart enough to run over skips in the field so it looks clean. I need this man to be able to understand hand gestures that change every day. I need this man to hold his tongue when he’s told it’s all his fault and be willing to grease the combine every day.” So God made a grain cart driver
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson 10 kun oldin
We are pulling 15%-16% just a bit southwest of you. Great corn this year!
Patrick Legare
Patrick Legare 10 kun oldin
Nice job Onyx, I have a John deer but I will never be as good as onyx
real madrid scania 4 ever
real madrid scania 4 ever 11 kun oldin
The person who is reading this comment i wish you great success health love and happiness i am from morocco have a good life for everyone here God bless United States of America ^^💟🕇
Divi Kumar
Divi Kumar 11 kun oldin
New to channel, you and your kids doing great
bilodef66 11 kun oldin
Your kids are all so adorable. 👌🏼 You guys are doing such a great job with them.
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