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Millennial Farmer

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Useless Millennial- How typical is it for a 10 minute job to turn into a 4 hour long job?! New Semi on the farm and planting some native grass and flowers in the wetland mitigation.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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chandler wolfe
chandler wolfe Kun oldin
Can you please edit out whenever you're cold dating like the park whenever you like gets Can you please edit out whenever you're cold dating like the park whenever you like gets stuck where are the where Can you please edit out whenever you're cold dating like the park whenever you like gets stuck where are the where Can you please edit out whenever you're cold dating like the park whenever you like gets stuck where the where we think it's like you know so Yeah weird
chandler wolfe
chandler wolfe Kun oldin
I know why shorting out has the wires inside had they were wet some Sometimes they get wet isn't I just short out and I should cut the wire and that what spot it's dogs shorting out now say I'm thank
chandler wolfe
chandler wolfe Kun oldin
Can I say something and I know the reasons why shorting out
ThatGuy77 13 kun oldin
sometimes if you round a allen key hole you can pound in a torque star bit and it will back out.
archuka1 28 kun oldin
With your environment when putting nuts and bolts back on equipment try some anti-seiz on them -- ya its kinda messy and gets everywhere but it works great when taking things back apart -- ESPECIALLY on stainless steel or when connecting two different metals like steel and aluminum -- just saying
Teaghan Jackman
Teaghan Jackman Oy oldin
me and my dad watch you all the time and don't forget Walker Farms
William Barnett
William Barnett Oy oldin
Your a great dad and your kids are amazing and the time you spend is crazy. Your great.
Peter Bartczak
Peter Bartczak Oy oldin
You could've popped them shrubs with the fork on the skid steer so easy
Deebo Dixon
Deebo Dixon Oy oldin
Man you’re always moving! What I like is you always have time for the kids! Cool dad! Feel like I know the entire family now! & Jim! Lol
DuB Jay Da 3rd
DuB Jay Da 3rd Oy oldin
The magic of dpf or not
john regrut
john regrut Oy oldin
Thank you for these videos its very educational.
Aaron Talley
Aaron Talley Oy oldin
Not even a smile when you said “file the shaft”. Lol. This is my second time watching your channel from the very first video!!
Crystal Cupp
Crystal Cupp Oy oldin
K work for The Most High
K work for The Most High 2 oy oldin
I am new to the channel, but Illa cracked me up when she said you should close the door to keep the bird's out. Kid's are so observant sometimes. God bless.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 oy oldin
Zack's father's reaction at 7:33 lol
Tammy Fletcher
Tammy Fletcher 2 oy oldin
What do you do to teach your children farm safety? Always wonder when I see them around those big trucks and machine. Was hoping you had suggestions for other families thanks
George Isaak
George Isaak 2 oy oldin
Awesome video of course ! Hands down on your last statement about the beer !!!! Cheers pal !!!
T Nels
T Nels 2 oy oldin
Cut off wheel and split that inner bearing in half. I know you were close to that gear, but could get most of it and finish with a grinder. Could've saved a lot of time. Idea for next time.
Jordan Halliday
Jordan Halliday 2 oy oldin
Should just use the Torches to cut that bearing off
Bruce Welty
Bruce Welty 2 oy oldin
It sucks when you lose your balls!
Seth Green
Seth Green 2 oy oldin
You are the only person on your channel who I watch
Scott Pittsinger
Scott Pittsinger 2 oy oldin
bearing cutting torch...burn the sleeve off pay attention to your shaft... ill burn nuts off bolts... practice it
Sagala Aya
Sagala Aya 2 oy oldin
Dieter Lethmate
Dieter Lethmate 2 oy oldin
Blue wrench
Nicholas Fick
Nicholas Fick 2 oy oldin
Take a cut off wheel put a slit into the inner race at an angle, take a air hammer with a sharp chisel and split it. Comes of easy and quick
Lawrence Forbach
Lawrence Forbach 2 oy oldin
As a retired Union Boilermaker I would of used a burr grinder and just ground out the set screw. Like you tried to drill out. A small burr on a pencil grinder would be a good thing to have.
S.S.E-4 2 oy oldin
just all my life dude, all my life.
Rich H
Rich H 2 oy oldin
Lol...”I should get like a prize pr something.” We all have had days like that.
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace 2 oy oldin
That a pretty sweet shirt but might want to lay off the cardo a little and not skimp on the curls but, it is what it is 😜 Love the channel and keeper between the rows
matt harper
matt harper 3 oy oldin
4:20 put a nut half way on the bolt before hitting it with a hammer to protect the threads on the bolt
James Rolfe
James Rolfe 3 oy oldin
That's a pretty red truck good job at the church hafta agree with you though i like the t800 better also
Paul 3 oy oldin
Don't worry. It has happened to me more times than I can count. Unlike you, I have a boss who likes to phone me right when my mood is at it's worst to ask me what is taking so long. I have come perelously close to telling him to take his job and shove it up an orifice in his anatomy that doesn't get to see much light and try doing it himself. Then I remember never to let my temper get the better of me. Stop, do something else and then come back to it later with a fresh mind :)
Miloš Stojanović
Miloš Stojanović 3 oy oldin
10:20 It’s red...
Niclas Allard
Niclas Allard 3 oy oldin
The church name.. Norunga, might that be the name where the settlers from Sweden came from?
Koen 3 oy oldin
If you use WD40 on a sealed bearing it will only attract more dirt. And also, if you want to hammer on the end of a bolt with an metal hammer, to prevent the threads from going bad, it is always wise to put the nut on with 75% of the threads
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry 3 oy oldin
10:17 Made in Winfield Alabama
nathan ruud
nathan ruud 3 oy oldin
Future reference just cut the iner part of the bearing off with the torch u would have been done in 10 min
Jason Elson
Jason Elson 3 oy oldin
A 1
kitkat 3 oy oldin
Id rather patreon than ad
John Wythe
John Wythe 3 oy oldin
Yeah, it is always the last one you take out and in the most inconvenient place that is stuck. Hallelujah! Lol!
World through a windshield
World through a windshield 4 oy oldin
i've found that if you replace one bearing in a system replace them all because the other one isnt far behind
Roger Lane
Roger Lane 4 oy oldin
Light beer...what a tease!
Roger Lane
Roger Lane 4 oy oldin
At least it's bottled and not in a can. We'll give you credit for
David Hunt
David Hunt 4 oy oldin
What would a t-shirt cost and send to Danmark?
David Hunt
David Hunt 4 oy oldin
Do you sell your products to us Europeans?
David Hunt
David Hunt 4 oy oldin
please clean the Go-pro camera lens the piece of shit is annoying :-(
John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt
John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt 4 oy oldin
Coors Light is better!
John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt
John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt 4 oy oldin
Just had to get mad at it...... or....... what would dad say if he saw ya. Hit it like a man! LOL
The Mighty Rev
The Mighty Rev 4 oy oldin
Zack it seems like any maintenance task on vehicles/machinery built in the last 20 years is both overly complicated, and designed to be replaced rather than repaired.
Chandler Milstead
Chandler Milstead 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one that had a black dot on the screen?
Wyatt59.we Edwards
Wyatt59.we Edwards 4 oy oldin
Looks like a mouse running around in the hopper
dudethatworks2487 4 oy oldin
Been a mechanic for 18 years. Paccar is the 2nd worst engine ever
Felisindo Rodríguez
Felisindo Rodríguez 4 oy oldin
7:45, your hairy arm pits hurt my feelings...
Jeff Marett
Jeff Marett 4 oy oldin
Torch it off brother. Cutting torch will cut that without killing the shaft..... If you are careful.
bruce campbell
bruce campbell 4 oy oldin
Almost daily.
Roy Simmons
Roy Simmons 4 oy oldin
JackMacLupus 4 oy oldin
When seeing this i'm thinking of the good old tool expectations meme: XD
bill warren
bill warren 4 oy oldin
Spider on lens
Lira Neph
Lira Neph 5 oy oldin
I hope you 'helped' the chipmunk when your kids were gone because a broken back isn't exactly 'doing okay".
Lawnoof MM2 DEV
Lawnoof MM2 DEV 5 oy oldin
Is your dad's name Nathan or is your name Nathan and you don't like it cause you like to be called Zach
SCOTT WAYNE SR 5 oy oldin
I quit drinking in '76. Been dry sense.
Earnhogg 5 oy oldin
I used to work at a fertilizer plant and this was a common problem...bearings would go out constantly and you could just about bet the inner race would never come off unless it had been bathed in Never Seez....the trick is, take that acetylene torch and heat the bearing race red hot and then hit the oxygen while holding the torch tip perpendicular to the collar...stay on the oxy until you trim the collar all the way across...the trick also is to heat it as quickly as you can so you don't get the shaft too hot...that way you don't nick the shaft or melt it with the torch...I got pretty good at it as I had a lot of practice...I could even melt the pillow block and the outer race out of the way without having to bust it off with a will encounter some burning grease doing that though...try it sometime with a scrap shaft with a bearing on it ...I think you'll be amazed!...Also, it's been mentioned to use a cut off wheel...that's essentially what you would be doing with the torch without the fire hazard...that method will also work if you have room to use it. Good luck!
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman 5 oy oldin
"At least there's two of them. Grow up Zach" ROTFLMAO!!! Love you sense of humor bud!
Sean B
Sean B 5 oy oldin
next time take your die grinder cut the sleeve down the shaft on two sides the take a chisel punch and smack it those are harden steal and will break easy
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 5 oy oldin
grate to see you supporting veterans. i worked along side U.S Marines (MRF Darwin Australia) at 1CER Darwin Aus... grate times. now i am working the family farm 15,000 acres of grain and i love it.
gunner1811 5 oy oldin
Good luck with the Paccar motor. Not impressed with the ones I’ve seen. They seem to throw a lot of warning lights real frequently.
r v
r v 5 oy oldin
I don't know why you wouldn't just blow a slit in that bearing race and be done with it, especially since you had it lit anyway.
beans magee
beans magee 5 oy oldin
Lol at 16:00, he was about to swear. But he remembered he was on church property. I can totally relate!
richard dubuc
richard dubuc 5 oy oldin
why didn`t you use the new jd with loader for shrubs ?
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer 5 oy oldin
Can I have a job on ur farm lol
Chad M.
Chad M. 5 oy oldin
if I strip an allen out I pound a torx bit of appropriate size in the hole and that usually gets them out or atleast gives you a second chance to swear at it
Craig Every
Craig Every 5 oy oldin
Miller Lite 👍
Craig Every
Craig Every 5 oy oldin
The new equipment is great but there’s just something about the old iron that’s very satisfying.
Nick The Pond King
Nick The Pond King 5 oy oldin
All business is, is solving problems 👊👊👊
Simon Pruszynski
Simon Pruszynski 5 oy oldin
Allways polish your shaft before sticking it in to stuff... wink wink.
Charles Holecheck
Charles Holecheck 5 oy oldin
Would like to talk to you about a possible barter to come work with your family on your farm.
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 5 oy oldin
Do you ship to Canada? I’d like to buy one of those hats. I heard about your channel from Cole, I’m looking forward to going back and watching from the start. Cheers!
WorldMaxGta YT
WorldMaxGta YT 5 oy oldin
2:50 lube
Lawnoof MM2 DEV
Lawnoof MM2 DEV 6 oy oldin
Yeah small jobs
Sheryl Beckett
Sheryl Beckett 6 oy oldin
what a puh
Benjamin Lenz
Benjamin Lenz 6 oy oldin
I have broken more than a couple of screw extractors
Nunster's Place
Nunster's Place 6 oy oldin
To get the bearing race off use a air die cutter and start cutting the race and make sure it turns red hot and it will snap in half before cutting all the way through.
billy willie
billy willie 6 oy oldin
How do you sign up or join farmers veterans association
cronje van der merwe
cronje van der merwe 6 oy oldin
Hay. I have an idee for your rodend program. Get a python from florida
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 6 oy oldin
Hey car you're just asking for these chunky canning overhaul it in a million miles you're just asking for you're asking to throw money out the windows I wouldn't drive a truck with Pat Carter wouldn't Rusticana on a combine on back of a semi on back of an ethical trailer you put it on there it might make the engine go dead my naughty store thank you
Walker Bryan
Walker Bryan 6 oy oldin
I was hoping when he got the bearing off the shaft he would punt it across the shop.
Buda Farms
Buda Farms 6 oy oldin
My soon to be brother in law works on a farm that grows those types of seeds
E DieselDad
E DieselDad 6 oy oldin
Yup, I used to tell my wife how long a project may take, now I just say it's done when it's done.🤦‍♂️😜
Landon stinky
Landon stinky 6 oy oldin
Did you sell the other red truck
John Olver
John Olver 6 oy oldin
Heat one side of the inner race red hot. And hit it will a chisel length ways. The chisel mark will expand the race slightly and it will fall off. No damage to shaft
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Gordon 6 oy oldin
Wow, you even used the moline and left the Deere with cab at home.
James Van Tuyl
James Van Tuyl 6 oy oldin
Is that your first purchase of RED Farming equipment? Shouldn't have worn Randy's shirt when removing those bushes...
Black Bart
Black Bart 6 oy oldin
Your method of working on the trailer dollies is correct. Do not force it just get a bigger hammer.
ken berscheit
ken berscheit 6 oy oldin
get yourself some anti -seize and use it on everything you assemble , if you ever have to remove it , it is well worth the small cost , especially helpfull with dissimiliar metals in contact with each other
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 6 oy oldin
A card is a junkie motor I wouldn't want them even in my truck even in the Peterbilt or Kenworth for any of the truck because you're nothing but junkie Motors I don't care what it says if you can haul it over to a million miles is nothing but a class piece of junk thank you
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 6 oy oldin
Yeah pack hard to junkie motor I wouldn't have it yeah there be Millennial farmer made a big mistake when they got that truck especially when it's a fleet old truck it's got seven hundred thousand miles on in the heads have to be redone on it you guys are just going to have more breakdowns and anyting out of the world that'd be throwing more money out the window I would have just bought me a halfway decent one better one than that when you guys bought
mahalo_my _dudes
mahalo_my _dudes 6 oy oldin
Bruh the chipmunks legs weren’t working
Andrew Inbody
Andrew Inbody 6 oy oldin
So you actually are a "hayseed farmer."
jk432897 6 oy oldin
An old farmer liked to say, "Don't get made. Get a bigger hammer."
George Goertzen
George Goertzen 6 oy oldin
Safety glasses would have been a good idea! Anytime you work UNDER something, wear safety glasses. You only have 2 eyes and you look a lot better with both.
Jeremy Shoemaker
Jeremy Shoemaker 6 oy oldin
Depends on how many LITE’S I drink. But it’s a good sign off!!!
elaine hildebrand
elaine hildebrand 6 oy oldin
Safety glasses!
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