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Millennial Farmer

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WE DID IT!! Thank you!! 500,000 subscribers! A couple days and rain planting resumes tomorrow!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Ghast kid Master dabber
Ghast kid Master dabber 11 kun oldin
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 24 kun oldin
i am one of those 500,000 subscribers and I'm glad I am, but for me "it's a little less talkin and lot more action please!...:-)
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 2 oy oldin
you are a class act with a wonderful family ALL my best wishes for you and family
Celina Halma
Celina Halma 2 oy oldin
Just so you know I am a farmer and John deeres are junk Fendt And Massey Ferguson are the way to go
Bruce Welty
Bruce Welty 2 oy oldin
A passenger that brings food is most always welcome
Randy Hamrick
Randy Hamrick 2 oy oldin
JACK CONNOR 4 oy oldin
You work hard for us Zach. You work hard for your family. You are alright!!!
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 5 oy oldin
Cute kid but the dog is cuter in the thumbnail
Randy MOGK
Randy MOGK 5 oy oldin
What breed of dog is ditch?
magyar127 6 oy oldin
Maybe there was some thunder in that culvert.
Bre Howe
Bre Howe 7 oy oldin
Bre Howe
Bre Howe 7 oy oldin
Elisandro Colombo Colombo
Elisandro Colombo Colombo 8 oy oldin
Gosto muito de seus videos sempre acompaho voce gostaria que me respondesse
Garry Davidson
Garry Davidson 8 oy oldin
Millennial farmer is fantastic,watching from South Africa.keep up the good work.
Tony Cabero
Tony Cabero 8 oy oldin
Congrats Zach!!!!
Craig Lyon
Craig Lyon 8 oy oldin
I am a new subscribed and I enjoy your videos very much. I am not a farmer but I grew up around farming. I understand about 10% of what you say but try to learn new things. My one question is why you do not plant wheat?
Jim Clary
Jim Clary 8 oy oldin
Congratulations, you do an excellent job, very interesting videos!!
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 8 oy oldin
Mark Kuhns
Mark Kuhns 8 oy oldin
He is the most under rated UZpostr
David Clifton
David Clifton 8 oy oldin
Zach so glad to see you hitting 500k! It is a milestone for sure. You have really gone above and beyond teaching the ag community.
Steven Gosink
Steven Gosink 8 oy oldin
I would love to see how you all manage the financials on your farm. I have been curious if you need to be wealthy to own and operate all the machinery you operate. I am also interested in knowing can a new person to farming with the right amount of land make a go of it or is that a recipe for disaster
Steven Gosink
Steven Gosink 8 oy oldin
is all the machinery on your farm due to the manufacturers showcasing their products minus the equipment you own
Skippy Jones
Skippy Jones 8 oy oldin
WOW THAT’S AWESOME... CONGRATULATIONS...Thank you for sharing your videos ...
Tristan Otte
Tristan Otte 8 oy oldin
Your supposed to lift up for rocks with a disc I broke the shaft on our because i hit a rock
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 8 oy oldin
Could you use your snapping magic on the corona virus issue, or at least open the areas in the states that can open now?
mini big digger
mini big digger 8 oy oldin
Love your content big thanks to you and John deer I'm from Ireland we don't see big machinery like this here thanks again
Alex Zackary
Alex Zackary 8 oy oldin
Congrats on the 500k!!! I enjoy watching your videos!! I live on some land in Hager City WI but rent it to the farmers. Ive always wondered what and how you guys do stuff and your channel has been full of great informational but comical material!! Keep on keeping on!
John Fleming
John Fleming 8 oy oldin
Question: is your inspector on the tractor spray operations do you recommend protection industry clothing as to spraying is high toxicity.
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 2 oy oldin
do what i do stay out of the area shut machine down to work on it use protraction when in a hurry to do a job.
coppfish79 8 oy oldin
Whoot Whoot 500,000 subscribers way to go!
Last Carolean
Last Carolean 8 oy oldin
Andersons and Johnsons, lots of you guys having descendants from Sweden 🇸🇪
Andrew Ash
Andrew Ash 8 oy oldin
Congratulations! You were the first you tube farmer I watched! I enjoy it a lot. You're a funny guy. Love seeing you visit my other faves like Cole the Cornstar and Welker. :D
YouSpedd 8 oy oldin
superb family, super farm, continuous work super job, I admire, of a son of farmers in France. 👍
rogue agent
rogue agent 8 oy oldin
i heared ur farm map is in testing
Cindy Connour
Cindy Connour 8 oy oldin
I thought I saw on Cole the Cornstar they moved those cleaners to be parallel
Matt Hoffmann
Matt Hoffmann 8 oy oldin
I've seen lots of farm equipment but never a sprayer with duals. 🤔
SubSonicGorilla 8 oy oldin
@13:08 You can’t budget?! Seems you and my wife have the same problem. .
SubSonicGorilla 8 oy oldin
@ 12:48 Didge was like, “Where are you going? This affects all of us man!”
Doug Marquette
Doug Marquette 8 oy oldin
On your planter what are those arms fir at the end of the planter
Colby Levreault
Colby Levreault 8 oy oldin
8:30 “dornation” congrats Zach nice to see that people are still interested and wanna learn more about farming and it’s so awesome of you to make a generous donation like this! Keep up the great content
andrew sarles
andrew sarles 8 oy oldin
We used to get rocks stuck in the duels on the tires constantly! A few times we had to loosen the tire to get them out. What a pain in the ???
Lincoln Reeves
Lincoln Reeves 8 oy oldin
I'm surprised a farmer like that s does zero cussing
iBelieve 8 oy oldin
Jaundre Opperman
Jaundre Opperman 8 oy oldin
Can you please explain to us how the tractors work an how to operate it...im sure alot of people will appreciate it? By the way...i love your videos💪🖒
Jeffrey Main
Jeffrey Main 8 oy oldin
Thats awesome. Congratulations. Thank you for farming.
Robert Bourget
Robert Bourget 8 oy oldin
You're an informative and superb speaker and you speak my language. Greetings from your neighbor, Wisconsin!
BB 8 oy oldin
Hello from mossley ENGLAND what does your corn and bean crop go to? is it food or fuel. Also in my pot i have just put some tyson f1 ,What do you think , MANY THANKS.
Kevin Speltz
Kevin Speltz 8 oy oldin
what made row cleaner plow the other day? what was wrong
Cole Davenport
Cole Davenport 8 oy oldin
When can your farm be on farming sim?i would love to play on that
Lee Griffin
Lee Griffin 8 oy oldin
Where can I find the Farming sim map ?
MizznDizz 8 oy oldin
Congrats on 500k! Love the content! Thanks for your generosity, especially in tough times...
Nick Ardoin
Nick Ardoin 8 oy oldin
I got a big chunk of concrete hung up between the outrigger and the rear tire on a Case 580C backhoe when I was in high school. Boy if that wasn’t a fiasco getting that thing out of there.
Donald Whyel
Donald Whyel 8 oy oldin
Man I don't even like John deere and here I am supporting you. Like people have said its the way you present and get in dept with what you're doing. Yall definitely keep us interested
Shohel Rana
Shohel Rana 8 oy oldin
Brother, can I get your email address to email you?I had some important things for you. Please tell me what can be done to contact you
Kris Bower
Kris Bower 8 oy oldin
Fantastic on 500K Zach, and family! Awesome!!! And already up another 4K. Let's roll!!!
Pete Davis
Pete Davis 8 oy oldin
Well done you guys
Robert Fay
Robert Fay 8 oy oldin
*GARDENING DONE EASY "Back to Eden Film": **www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B0845RJ6GR/** (OR) "How to Grow a Vegetable Garden - Back To Eden Organic Gardening Film" - **uzpost.info/vision/video/b9iIs7ehhqSDhmQ.html** | As a fairy tale dream, what if there were enough good, free, municipal-sourced mulch-worth wood-chips to cover your fields after harvest; and the chips held the water and the ground became serviceable for planting no matter the total "moisture" | no more expense of fertilizer | and insects went away | and having to water went away | and less and less and less wood chips were needed over time.*
Lauren O'Connor
Lauren O'Connor 8 oy oldin
colin pettit
colin pettit 8 oy oldin
Hi Aussie Col here Your a lucky man Zac make sure you tell your family and give Jim a beer
Farmnorway 8 oy oldin
Can i donate even though im notfrom the US?
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 8 oy oldin
Your creeper seat in the shop scares me!! That thing is a quick way to get a colonoscopy the bad way. Love the videos and keep them coming!!
Emma Amundson
Emma Amundson 8 oy oldin
So cool seeing a farmer from my area of Minnesota! My dad is a farmer too!
R Martin
R Martin 8 oy oldin
Congrats, that's a lot of subscribers.
JTN- Minn
JTN- Minn 8 oy oldin
"The Andersons are going on the 60" Boy have I heard that saying a million times farming the last fifty years.lol Congratulations on the 5000 cwts of subs.
Damon Harvey
Damon Harvey 8 oy oldin
Not to brag or nuthin......buuuut ...pretty sure I was the 500,000th subcriber.....So...just sayin...ahem...shwag...ahemm,,,...
Jeryn Struebing
Jeryn Struebing 8 oy oldin
y do you open the arms
Beginners guide to bass fishing
Beginners guide to bass fishing 8 oy oldin
I’m now at 3 subs zack
Peter IJmker
Peter IJmker 8 oy oldin
It suits at 13:05
Bill Royston
Bill Royston 8 oy oldin
Where and what are you selling you corn and beans for?
Bill Royston
Bill Royston 8 oy oldin
Can you tell us what chemicals you are use on your corn and soybeans / Same goes on the fertilizer that goes on your corn and soybeans
Burt Brooks
Burt Brooks 8 oy oldin
Great pic of ur daughter and doggy 👍👍
Bill Royston
Bill Royston 8 oy oldin
You do a great job with the videos!
Bill Royston
Bill Royston 8 oy oldin
I planted with a JD-4020 in 3rd gear / JD-7000 no-till 8-30 (we had lime stone rocks to deal with in the Shenandoah rive valley in Virginia)
T F 8 oy oldin
We're watching you plant while we sit this year. Last two years we've been done in Manitoba while you play in the mud. This year you have us beat by a month...but it will be -4 during the night all this week. Hope your corn stays in the ground for this week. Happy planting...
Stephen Rausch
Stephen Rausch 8 oy oldin
I appreciate your vidios, learned a lot, thanks and keep them coming!
John Woods
John Woods 8 oy oldin
So pleased for you Zak. 500k who ever would have thought. Well done to you and your family, you deserve it for all your hard work. It's helping to promote farming here in the UK as people get to know your channel too, so man I'm delighted for you. UK Farmer
# Gabriel
# Gabriel 8 oy oldin
jesse shawn Otte
jesse shawn Otte 8 oy oldin
Good job Zac on your 500k subs, and donating to a great cause! Jason
Bro-Dirt 8 oy oldin
Our Krause VT tool has bars so you can’t pick up those pesky rocks.
Edward Fritz
Edward Fritz 8 oy oldin
Great video. Congrats on 500K
Boerie Erasmus
Boerie Erasmus 8 oy oldin
Well done with hitting the 500K subscribers! Enjoy the videos, keep it up!
Russell Schafer
Russell Schafer 8 oy oldin
Congratulations. Keep it up.
Feral Crafter
Feral Crafter 8 oy oldin
Drinking bros pod cast is not worth watching, I'm sorry. I've watched the first two minutes of a handful of pod casts ... and I think a 2 minute video of chimps poo-flinging would b e better. Sorry, I couldn't get past that.
Micheal 8 oy oldin
so guys we did it
Dolton Robinson
Dolton Robinson 8 oy oldin
So wait who else kinda wants to see Welkers farms come the the farm
Isaac Rummell
Isaac Rummell 8 oy oldin
You guys need to get a hagie sprayer. What kind of tips do you run? We removed all of our tip filters and have less problems now. We were told if it makes it through the main filters it will make it through the tip
josh torgerson
josh torgerson 8 oy oldin
Congratulations on the 500,000+subs👍Nice to see real people doing well on youtube.
Restoration Farm
Restoration Farm 8 oy oldin
Congratulations on the 500k subs! I like watching you and a couple other farmers on YT from you visiting a number of different farmers that create on YT to you donating 5k to a charity says a lot about the type of man you are and your morals. Top notch guy.
Andrea Cress
Andrea Cress 8 oy oldin
Question. What is different in the tools between planting beans with your system vs how you plant grains with say a P556 drill? I’m very curious in the diff ends in tools?
Brady Bjorum
Brady Bjorum 8 oy oldin
I mean 8r with a front motor on it that would look really cool
Big Bocephus
Big Bocephus 8 oy oldin
Congratulations on 500,000 subscribers!
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair 8 oy oldin
I just don't see any way to remove all the rocks. At night not seeing then seeing the damaged machine can't be fun and games. Kids are a handful but still need attention. I bet school teachers can ask for more money when they do return to work. Some may have found other kinds of work creating shortages. We must be making headway on this. Any words or pearls of information. More a statement than anything. Just be glad when done and people stop judging others. I think that once it is over, prices will pretty much hover over new highs
389Sky 8 oy oldin
My previous employer had John Deere sprayers and we always took them screens out of the tips.
Bill Rawlins
Bill Rawlins 8 oy oldin
Wait Wait, do I see a fresh haircut?
David Puls
David Puls 8 oy oldin
God bless you andJohn Deere Zack, you have a good heart!!
Mike White
Mike White 8 oy oldin
Zack, you should go visit Mike Mitchell in Saskatchewan. Good channel, he farms 40,000 acres. And Congratulations !!!!!!
Travis Goff
Travis Goff 8 oy oldin
Your welcome Zack! Good luck with your crops and be safe! Do you dry land farm? Here in Northwestern Wyoming we irrigate most of are crops
Lance Bass
Lance Bass 8 oy oldin
Congrats Zac. I have been here since the beginning and I’m not planning on going anywhere!!!
Jake Farrell
Jake Farrell 8 oy oldin
Congrats on 500k subs I’m glad to be apart of it
Dan VonBehren
Dan VonBehren 8 oy oldin
Count your Blessings. Good or Bad . Get up everyday. As my Dad used to say Get Up. Show Up. & Never Give Up.
matthewrenshaw 8 oy oldin
LOL 6:15 white socks
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