Why you should always wear nice underwear!!

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Why you should always wear nice underwear!! Just another day on the farm, the J&M cart is all ready to go! Check out our most recent episode of Off The Husk Podcast with Snowmobile legend, multi Winter X Game Gold Medalist and mad man Levi LaVallee. LaVallee was the first to attempt a double back flip in snowmobile competition and holds the world record long distance snowmobile jump of 412 ft!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

wolf pack
wolf pack 9 kun oldin
Liked the ending lol
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock 11 kun oldin
6:00 MF- "I'm just so gosh darn proud!" Meanwhile Mrs. MF - "That boy's going to drive me to an early grave!"
Henry Zimmerman
Henry Zimmerman 17 kun oldin
I know the feeling!
Joey Campbell
Joey Campbell 17 kun oldin
Sign should say trespassers shot on site not permission only 😂 millennials
Pete Schiavoni
Pete Schiavoni 18 kun oldin
That podcast clip was funny as heck!! They cracked me up!! Levi is amazing on a sled!
Chris Darting
Chris Darting 23 kun oldin
What's up with the thumbnail?!?!? lol
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 25 kun oldin
I think Zach made his point without saying a word about it when he went out and shot his rifle.
Kelly Priice
Kelly Priice 25 kun oldin
I hot snapped into an ad
Chief Stones
Chief Stones 27 kun oldin
Onyx snapped me right into a commercial.
OUTTA TIME 28 kun oldin
Your dad is a big help to you. I really enjoy watching you go 100 mph all day, multitasking to make the operation as efficient as possible.The corn farmers I was around years back seemed to drink a lot of beer and worked when they thought someone was watching.😜
Cameron Miller
Cameron Miller 29 kun oldin
I finally listen to the podcast and absolutely love it! Especially since my old home town of Warroad Minnesota got brought up! Will be listening to more for sure!
Welsh Farms
Welsh Farms 29 kun oldin
Hahaha 😂 did Onyx just win the Daytona 500 or what?!?! Lol 😝
chris zag
chris zag Oy oldin
should really be car pooling, that gas pig of a truck just for one person to get to work. maybe look into an EV or a prius.
Bernie Schoep
Bernie Schoep Oy oldin
auction record jd 4455 quadrange 12000 hours sold for 29000.00. jd 8430 one owner 2009 model with 1550 hours sold for 160000.00
C T Oy oldin
Got a regular Tony Stewart there....
Ragrle Graggle
Ragrle Graggle Oy oldin
That kid needs more power and he agrees. lol
James Morris
James Morris Oy oldin
I want a refund, onex snapped me into an ad.😂
Rick Barrows
Rick Barrows Oy oldin
LOL...great story : )
mkijeep4x4 Oy oldin
Where can I find one of those little white go carts/side-by-side!?
Southern Farmer85
Southern Farmer85 Oy oldin
Awe hell just go commando! No Fear, No shame! 😂
Ram Miller
Ram Miller Oy oldin
We do not seal milk in bag man butt did laugh my ass off when I heard that’s
Steven Horne
Steven Horne Oy oldin
I did stop the video to read your new sign..
Matt Spooner
Matt Spooner Oy oldin
LOL i have a very similar story, 3 weeks ago I crashed my dirt bike broke 3 ribs, and had a huge gash in my leg, well they had to cut my pants off right there on the side of the road. Clean underwear came in handy that day. 7:25 ohhh yes Xrays hurt more than the accident did
Gordon MacKinnon
Gordon MacKinnon Oy oldin
denny marquart
denny marquart Oy oldin
That's one way to spread the gravel
Justin 'J Money' McClure
Justin 'J Money' McClure Oy oldin
"permission only" sigh, say waaat.
farmer864 Oy oldin
3:46 money shot
Brett Guffey
Brett Guffey Oy oldin
Weird seeing dad with a cane. Love the Channel Zack
Matt Corcoran
Matt Corcoran Oy oldin
You have the RZR turned all the way up yet?
kathie vanos
kathie vanos Oy oldin
How is your dad & his new knee doing?
James Bartley
James Bartley Oy oldin
Dang, kid snapped me right into some ads 😂😂
Nick S
Nick S Oy oldin
I wish my dad would be proud of doing donuts in the driveway
James Thomas
James Thomas Oy oldin
I think u need to checking the steering on the cam. It seems to only do donuts.
Yooperdude906 Oy oldin
Levi is such a nice guy!! Always a true fan appreciated!!
Zues Toots
Zues Toots Oy oldin
Did you make it to Brown County Speedway double header? We had a bad night. Friday. Got into a little bit of something that moved the whole rear end over 4 inches. The car was pretty much beat to hell after the season so we packed it in, watched Saturday in the stands. B Mod that made 390hp at the crank on the dyno
Caleb Reynolds
Caleb Reynolds Oy oldin
Can I get your map on Xbox one
Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens Oy oldin
Good to see your Dad back!!!! Been missing him. He is a joy!!!!! He just needs to be cautious during harvest. In and out of stuff. Enjoy
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter Oy oldin
I grew up in Minnesota every time you say Glenwood I go yeah I know where that's at my Uncle lived on a acreage or something but he rented a trailer that was parked out there I just wondered how many people from that area ago I'm from here I can find your house how many strangers show up
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor Oy oldin
It seems like all the farmtubers are getting fans dropping in unannounced lately.
The Virginia Farmer
The Virginia Farmer Oy oldin
Hey Zach, I really hope John Deere will provide you with a John Deere X9 combine for a little bit curious to see how it runs!
Vernon Hillis
Vernon Hillis Oy oldin
12584 310th Ave Lowry, MN 56349 is millennial farmer address.
Martin Carranza Lopez
Martin Carranza Lopez Oy oldin
Hola saludos de aquí de mexicali no me pierdo ningún video de tu canal
TheRealKiddo Oy oldin
Ok i’ll admit i hadn’t listened to off the husk but the last section made me go listen to the whole episode
John Isles
John Isles Oy oldin
My mother had 2 sayings, 1 never leave the house without showering and clean undies. The other was if your not in bed by midnight you might as well come home.
pdqbach55 Oy oldin
Holy underwear. Ha! All levity aside, health care workers I have been around will tell you they have seen it all. Nothing surprises them. 😁
Edward Niemyjski
Edward Niemyjski Oy oldin
them underware
Edward Niemyjski
Edward Niemyjski Oy oldin
my wife told me i had balls made of steel,i asked her how come,she said she alwas finds rust in them.
William McConnell
William McConnell Oy oldin
You should do a grain bin system tour.
Jesse Daniels
Jesse Daniels Oy oldin
Now teach him how to use a box blade and hell never need you.
Deep Speed
Deep Speed Oy oldin
Haha I keep getting Ford commercials for you buy a superduty lol PLEASE
Jeremy Grant
Jeremy Grant Oy oldin
Onyx's finger snap seems to be broken, it started the commercial rather than skipping ahead.
Hayden Holliday
Hayden Holliday Oy oldin
Another great videos , And awesome Facebook posts as well , like to see the challenger planting or new farm tour
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming Oy oldin
Only true ogs know what the first thumbnail was on this video
Bret Pearcy
Bret Pearcy Oy oldin
Football Sorry Zach, but look like the Colts are kicking the Vikings azz lol
Peter IJmker
Peter IJmker Oy oldin
6:03 it needs more power...
Cooper Tuttle
Cooper Tuttle Oy oldin
You should collab with Peterson farm brothers
Johndeere Farmer
Johndeere Farmer Oy oldin
That ladder on the j&m is slick i looked at it and thought man that would be kinda tough on an old man but it slid out, i like it
Mickey Cochran
Mickey Cochran Oy oldin
I broke my left fibula and sat in the emergency room for 1.5 hours before x-rays and it gory real bad when they moved me around 😮😖😫
Jacob Hancock
Jacob Hancock Oy oldin
What’s wrong with your dad using a cane?
Keith Westbrooks
Keith Westbrooks Oy oldin
Good to see you dad up and about. Just now catching up on your videos since we had power outage during hurricane Sally. Now to pickup the pieces after the storm.
James Farnham
James Farnham Oy oldin
Ugh...I don't watch TV to listen to the radio....get it?
Wes Jacobs
Wes Jacobs Oy oldin
5:15 what does the sign say?
Theo gootjes
Theo gootjes Oy oldin
You know one of your finger snaps would make your commute into work alot faster!
James Emmenecker Sr.
James Emmenecker Sr. Oy oldin
Get that kid racing.....we started our youngest boy at 4 in a kiddy kart. His older brother started after he saw his little brother competing. Then into Quarter Midgets... we transitioned because our older boy flipped his kart and that trip to ER. " That guy "...A Comedian gave us one of our family mottos. If it is going to be funny later it funny now. Your ability to laugh at yourself makes your channel awesome. I was the ER kid going up....at least you didn't have forms already printed up with your name on it. POR...press on regardless...
Redeemed Farmer
Redeemed Farmer Oy oldin
What happened to your father? Great videos
brian payne
brian payne Oy oldin
Maybe you could get that other snowmobile legend and one of your fellow Mn farmer's Frans Rosenquist on the podcast.
Massimo Pecile
Massimo Pecile Oy oldin
When the beans stop to fill himself? When there are no more leaves?
David Kottman
David Kottman Oy oldin
@ yellow pods
Andy m
Andy m Oy oldin
Mum used to tell me . Put clean pants on in case you get run over by a bus ! I think if your about to get run over by a bus the pants may not stay clean ?? LOL
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) Oy oldin
Anna doesn't give a FUDGE because there is no ball rolling around for her to play with.... and you do BORING work too ....... LOL How do I know ..... I have myself 2 GSD girls which are named Roxy and Sarah .....
A YL Oy oldin
Firstly, I would like to say that I enjoy this channel and watch all your vids (time permitting). Its a nice window into the daily life of a crop farmer who suffers from millennium-iters 😊 Having said that, I would like to put my vote in for a fuller/longer video. It seems to be comprised of "highlights" of your day with some small clips of just 1-2 sec long. I want to see more of the "boring bits". Thats my sixpence! Peace.
michael dolton
michael dolton Oy oldin
5:50 Proud daddy 😀
Kalon Johnson
Kalon Johnson Oy oldin
Where is the yard update?
stixgail Oy oldin
Damn that kid really threw that damn side by side in there hell yeah
stixgail Oy oldin
@Millennial Farmer Yes sir you have a good rest of your night man
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Oy oldin
Like father like son! 🤣
Carlos Zeldenrust
Carlos Zeldenrust Oy oldin
Go commando. Never any issues.
timothy winters
timothy winters Oy oldin
All you Farmers keep voting Democratic. Then complain to America 🇺🇸 that your getting screwed. Your screwing your self. When your own citizens burned your city . Wake up Trump 2020!
camino LA
camino LA Oy oldin
I really wish you had a pair of safety glasses on when you do some of this work.
waterskiingfool Oy oldin
Onyx is going to be trouble when he gets a driver's licence. Good to see your dad back in the farm
camino LA
camino LA Oy oldin
I see strings on that hoodie.
how many combines do you guys have
BlaBoy Playz food gang
BlaBoy Playz food gang Oy oldin
Lunch menu for January 1st 2021: wear nice underwear to continue reading this Potato salad and onions with some nice underwear mixed all together lol
simpleguy4family Oy oldin
Wash that poor sprayer hiding in the back corner
Randy Ackerberg
Randy Ackerberg Oy oldin
Just wondering what the sign says going down the driveway? Couldn't make it out on the video.
I like John Deere
I like John Deere Oy oldin
I saw you on a Spotify ad
chad harmon
chad harmon Oy oldin
What’s wrong with dad?
Steven Fournier
Steven Fournier Oy oldin
You should check out Jessica Brock's channel, in her latest vid-she stole your skip ahead snap!!!!!
Sam Harris
Sam Harris Oy oldin
The thumbnail had nothing to do with the video??
travis fairbanks
travis fairbanks Oy oldin
Harvest is here down in Illinois. I work at an elevator and we are starting to work weekends. It’s harvest season
Ford TW35
Ford TW35 Oy oldin
How do i listen to your podcast in Ireland
Tracy Gossett
Tracy Gossett Oy oldin
I doubt you'll answer, but I was noticing large rectangles in various locations in your corn fields (via Google Maps), do they serve a purpose? They're large like the size of a trailer, I was thinking maybe they're there so you don't get lost in the field. I dunno just seems odd, don't worry I'm not stalking you, was just curious if I could find your place on Google Maps; I did and won't share it because everyone deserves their privacy even celebrities.
Stacy L
Stacy L Oy oldin
Have yourself a good little driver there. Looks like he’s having a blast. Great to see he’s allowed to be a boy. To each there own I guess but too many now a days are sheltered and not allowed to be young boys. Man the things they are missing. Great job !
Derek Benoit
Derek Benoit Oy oldin
That boy need the Can-Am
Uncle Deez
Uncle Deez Oy oldin
Kid's a little stallion
ChatCat Oy oldin
I always wear nice underwear because you never know.....
Kobus Booysen
Kobus Booysen Oy oldin
Don't like the podcast at the end of the video but love your videos
fraser cruickshank
fraser cruickshank Oy oldin
I love the podcast so much, BUT!!! when are you going to film it for youtube!!! Haha I find it hard to get through a full episode while just listening lol need to see you guys on the screen!
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh Oy oldin
Onix might be a better driver than me, holy crap that's a cool toy he's got. I'd probably be dead if I got something like that at his age
Keydan Asefa
Keydan Asefa Oy oldin
Where is the next episode
Bryan Ginder
Bryan Ginder Oy oldin
Coming Soon to the Millennial farmer store, holy undies with the MF emblem on them!!
Alex Abeyta
Alex Abeyta Oy oldin
I hope your child wears his seat belt. It's a snap.
Super Gamer
Super Gamer Oy oldin
I made your farm in farming simulator 19
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